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[VIDEO]It's good to be the in-depth guide to Tryndamere (SPOILERS, you're jungling.)

written by KaizoMK

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    This starts you off at full health with 10% crit.

    An excellent passive, exactly what you need early game, not all that important late game, as you should be building almost 100% critical chance.

    Bar none, your most important ability. Things bloodlust gives you:

    -Early game damage
    -Ability to stay in the lane/jungle indefinitely
    -A way to get some buffer health after using your ultimate and escaping

    You will most certainly max this out first, and after you put three points in it, your jungle will become a hell of a lot safer.

    Mocking Shout
    Your chasing ability. Two things you need to keep in mind:

    -The slow only works if they're running away
    -This reduces the attack of enemy champions in the area as well

    Not as important as, say, living, but very important. Max this second.

    Spinning Slash
    This is both your wallhax and your distance closer. The damage is pretty sweet, but not nearly as important as anything else that you have. Get a rank of this at level 2 and forget it.

    Also, don't forget that the cooldown on this is reduced by 2 every time you crit, which is very important if you suddenly have to run away or, I don't know, need to catch up to someone, and there's a minion standing next to you, begging to be critted, or something. :P

    Undying Rage
    P.S. it's lecture time.

    This is what makes you capable of carrying your team, of getting kills you normally couldn't get.

    That said, you almost never want to put yourself in a position where you have to use this, unless the kill will be worth it, or you're absolutely sure you'll get away. This is good if you're in an even fight with someone, and you need to tip the scales with something, not for going down in fiery, deepsy glory.

    Things that ruin your day:

    -Ignite (especially since the nerf.) Ignite is the number 1 worst thing that can happen to you, because you can't heal through it at 1 health.
    -Chain CC (a.k.a. mad stuns yo.) The point of endless rage is to live for 5 more seconds. It's pointless to live for 5 more seconds and not do anything, and then die.
    -Exhaust. It nerfs your movespeed and your damage, although not as badly as being stunned.

    Keep this in mind, in case there's that one guy it'd be convenient to blow up before you engage a fight. If the only one that can really mess with you is Fiddlesticks with ignite and blue buff, coordinate a plan with your team to om nom him so he doesn't have the chance.



    -Wriggle's procs are magical and not physical, meaning you don't critically regain life off of minions. On the other hand, it also has 18% lifesteal, which is neat.

    -BF sword cost reduced by 200, Cloak of Agility cost reduced by 50. Infinity Edge gives more AD and 5% more crit. Pretty big deal, overall buff.

    -Changed a few things, added a few sections. I'm extremely handsome.

  • Introduction/Why should I bother reading this?

    This is a guide on how to play Tryndamere, in a way that takes every aspect of the character into account. This is going to be lots of theory and lots of guide, so if you love Trynd as much as I do, and aren't playing him as well as you should, read this.

    This is very much a working guide. Through all my testing, I'm still tailoring things to my liking, trying to get it all down to a science. I'm very open to suggestions/theories and such, as this will be the best Trynd guide EVRAR.

    So basically, I want ratings, comments, critique, and questions concerning anything that's not clear enough.

  • So what's the deal with Tryndamere, anyway?

    He scales amazingly with items, focusing crit, attack speed, and damage, and can be one of the hardest carries in the game. So why isn't he OP/banned every ranked match?

    I'm not going to lie. At level 1, he's pretty gimp. He's not very strong, he's squishy with no escape mechanisms or way to really farm. Most good players will zone Trynd easily enough until about level 4 or 5, when he still struggles a tad. He shines around level 9, when he can use bloodlust healing to stay in the lane, and when he has *something* to increase his damage output enough to farm properly.

    The problem most Trynd players have is getting past that early stage. They either don't get nearly enough farm, or they feed. He's really bad in the lane until, you know, after the laning phase.


    I bet you're asking "Well poop. How do I fix that then?" The answer is simple.

    You have to jungle.

    ...well I mean, you don't *have* to, but it's only the best way to do it. It's also, you know, what this guide's about. :P

  • Jungle Tryndamere is best Tryndamere

    Jungling effectively negates your early game weakness by giving you a chance to farm to your heart's content in the place where people can't really mess with you (shut up, I know jungle ganks are rather common, but bear with me.)

    Tryndamere can effectively jungle safely (given the runes and masteries I set forth for you) and gank well (with red buff you can slow people. You're picking your targets, so since you have the advantage, your foe will run from you, giving you the benefit of your W slowing them.) This will carry him through the laning phase, and honestly get him better gear for mid-game.

    From there, it's regular ol' Tryndamere, beatings and all. A small portion of this guide will cover jungling, and will include a video. The rest of the guide will be made up of building him, and other things Tryndamere players should know.

  • Runes/Masteries

    Masteries as shown. 21/0/9, taking physical carry stuff, and jungling stuff. Simple.


    Runes are the tricky part, and you need a certain amount of crit to jungle.

    You get 10% from his passive, and 2% from masteries. I haven't tested exactly how much crit you need to jungle, but I roll with about 27% of it, including 15% from runes. My page at the moment:

    x9 Crit Red
    x9 Armor Yellow
    x9 Crit Blue
    x2 Crit Quints
    x1 Movespeed Quints

    In case you're interested, 9 Crit yellows=2 Crit Quints.

    I use the armor to assist my jungle because I skip wriggle's when I jungle. If you don't have the armor, you will need wriggle's for a safe jungle. If you decide you're going to get wriggle's, I'd consider using your quints for movespeed and your yellow for crit, as the movespeed is very valuable to you.

    EDIT: I have been using wriggle's a lot more often, honestly it's a good item to spend the money on, despite the lack of crit.

  • Summoner Spells

    You *need* smite to jungle. Even if you didn't, smite gives you jungle control, which is vital to any jungle.

    Ghost is your most valuable spell, as it'll let you chase and run away effectively.

    - This is a great counterpick if you're doing ranked, and a good substitute for ghost if your team is very CC heavy. Ghost is better because working a QSS into your build is easier than working in a ghostblade, as movespeed early is hella useful, and the anti-cc is better later on.

    Things to consider:

    - A little extra CC, more so for your teammates than yourself, but useful for ganking nonetheless. I still prefer ghost, honestly.

    - Not a bad jungle spell, I use it on Warwick. If you're rocking wriggle's, consider nabbing this for more map presence.

    But why not....

    - You have a wallhax. Having a double flash might be useful, but ghost is just a lot better for wallhax folk.

    - the extra bit of deeps for the gank is always neat, and if you spec in it you get AP, which is pretty good for the heal on your Q. Other than more kill, which you don't need, there isn't a big use for this.

    [spell_icon=fortify] - A very useful spell, but you don't need the extra jungle power, and you're better off letting someone else carry it.

    - Better left for support. And you best be dropping wards like teemo drops mushrooms. Especially exploding wards. So awesome.

    [spell_icon=rally] - You're moving around way too much for this to be useful.

    - I only use revive on Twisted Treeline. True story.

    - I used to rock lane Trynd with this, as it was a nice emergency heal to get you through the early times when you can't heal off harassment. Sucks after early game, though. Don't get it.

    - You know, I think they should give Vlad mana on April Fool's Day. Just sayin'.

  • Skilling Order

    Q is your healing and damage, by far the biggest priority.

    The slow on head chickens increases with level, so power level this second.

    Your spinning slash has an okay damage scaling, but we only want it early for the utility, so get a rank at level 2 and ignore it.

  • Get to the jungle guide already!

    Be warned, your silly face might question everything I say, but watch the video and try it. It'll pay off. Also, pay attention to when I specify to eat your stacks. As a rule, you want to get the best ratio of live versus kill.

    With the above setup, you're ready to roll. Once you spawn, level Q once and pick up a Vampiric Scepter. Now before you say "Sorry, I think you meant to say "cloth armor," consider that when you crit, you get twice as much health back as you would ordinarily. Combined with your Q, and the fact that you're strong enough to clear the camps relatively quickly, you will survive with a moderate amount of health, or at worst barely survive it.

    At any rate, move to the bushes near the wraith camps, as that'll be where you start. When minions spawn, smite the big wraith and kill the others. You'll end up with somewhere between 4 and 8 stacks. Most of the time you'll end up with 7, it does somewhat depend on luck.

    Hold onto those stacks and rush over to golem camps. Attack a golem, and don't consume your stacks unless you get the golem to about half health, or unless your stacks are about to run out. After killing a golem, you'll hit level 2, pick up spinning slash. Finish the other one, between spinning slashes and wailing on it. Afterwards, eat your stacks and run to wolves.

    Protip: if you can, you'll want to clear wolves without smite. It'll make a difference slightly later in your jungle.

    Now, the safe thing to do is wait for smite to come off cooldown , smite-spinning slash the big one, and then finish the camp off. If you're at a third health or more, you can go ahead and attack the camp safely, though, and you should. After you finish this camp, you'll hit level 3, level Q again, and then eat your stacks, as you're going home soon.

    Now, if you didn't have to use smite, go smite a little lizard over at your big golem and then run away. Either way, port home now.

    You should have somewhere between 350-385 gold, depending on whether you could save your smite for after wolves or not. Buy Boots of Speed, and then a Health Potion if you're able.

    Anyway, run back to wraiths and start it when they come up, spinning slash whenever you're able, and focusing the big one first. At this camp, eat your stacks whenever you're at 8 stacks. Then run down to golems, smite one, and then clear that, healing from your stacks there as well.

    **At this point, if you managed to save your smite for the mini lizard at golem, you'll have just enough XP to hit 4. Otherwise you'll be just short. If you hit 4 and bot is ripe for ganking, go for it. Otherwise, continue your jungle.**

    So you're continuing your jungle. Clear wolves without any sort of issue, because you're a baller. In this camp, hold your stacks for blue buff. After clearing wolves, go to blue buff and attack a little minion. If you crit, start attacking Golem. If not, attack it once more and then attack Golem. This is your emergency *I need stacks* creep. If you start to get low on health, consume your stacks and kill this weakened creep. Things are not very dire here, in fact don't use smite even if it comes off cooldown, unless you're really worried about jungle ganks, which you rarely ever are.

    Once you have blue, you'll start to realize how amazing CDR is on Trynd. Q is on a low cooldown, and at 6 and onward, you'll love being able to join teamfights more often. :D

    Anyway, make your way back to wraiths, which will be spawning soon, and clear them. If they haven't spawned yet, feel free to just start red.

    This is honestly your toughest fight. Clear the minions and then fight the big Lizard. You will have to strike a balance between healing and having the critical damage. The potion will aid you in this. If you start to get frightened, eat your stacks, preferably waiting until they're somewhat high up. The cooldown on Q still makes this a relatively safe fight.

    From here, you're even more set up to gank than you were before. Also, at this point, you can farm wherever and whenever the hell you want, because you're Tryndamere, and your right arm is a lot stronger than your left arm, and that gives you +10 to your awesome stat.

    You will want to roam the jungle, farming and looking for opportunities to gank and to push. Your next order of business is to rush Zeal, Berserker's Greaves, Phantom Dancer, and Infinity Edge, in that order.

  • Jungle Theory

    **The only way to mess up a Tryndamere's jungle and force him into the lane is to take his jungle. This is because he's not dependent on buffs to jungle.**

    Because of this, you have some freedom as far as when and where you jungle. If you try to gank blue and fail, you don't lose anything aside from time. If for some reason you fail at red when you have blue, your jungle won't suffer much. If your opponent steals your buffs, you can still jungle, although now they have buffs and you missed out on the XP.

    My jungle video's been out for a while, and I have had plenty of people try to gank my jungle at key points, and to this day only one's succeeded (it took the entire team, though, meaning they lost some XP advantage in their lanes.)

    Just remember:

    -Small camps respawn every 1:30
    -Lizard/Golem respawn every 5 minutes (need to be at least level 4)
    -Dragon respawns every 6 minutes (requires Phantom Dancer to solo)
    -Baron respawns every 7 minutes (should be done with the team)

    Keep these in mind, both to steal buffs and to avoid having them stolen. 7 minutes into the game you should consider checking out your opponent's blue and warding it, because you have nothing to lose by trying, except potentially dying.

    Also, level 6 is the end of your strict regiment of jungling, and the beginning of free farming, which happens to take place largely in the jungle. After this point, do not withhold buffs from other players who can put them to better use. Red is insanely useful on you, as it makes your ganks a hell of a lot more powerful. Blue is insanely useful on you, as it gives you epic cooldowns for all of your cooldown-based abilities, including your crazy heal and your lol1healthnoob ultimate. But if that Lux is lusting for blue, or that Caitlyn wants some red buff, by all means give it to them. Devour the minis, weaken the buff, and then run away. If it makes you feel better, you can go push the lane they left to get the buff and steal all their farm. :P

  • Wriggle's discussion

    I've fallen in love with Wriggle's again, so I'm dedicating a section to talking about it real quick.

    Razor gives you +15 attack and +23 armor, and a 15% chance to eat a minion, for 1000 gold. For an extra 525 gold, you get 14% lifesteal, an extra 8 damage, an extra 7 armor, and 20% chance to eat a minion, plus a ward every 3 minutes.

    Since you're getting a vampiric scepter, you would pay 1075 gold for 23 attack, 30 armor, an extra bit of lifesteal and that nice passive.

    If you get this, it'll be pretty sufficient damage, allowing you to rush a phantom dancer without suffering a lack of damage, and you'll be warding as you please (all awesome reasons to get wriggle's.) If not, you'll be spending that 1075 on something else, like, say, a pickaxe, or that zeal.

  • Core Build (Infinity Edge vs. Phantom Dancer)

    I'm just going to come out and say it. Rushing Phantom Dancer is more important than rushing Infinity Edge.

    There are several reasons for this:

    -Phantom Dancer is cheaper, and gives you more critical chance than Infinity Edge, something more important than the critical damage and attack damage of IE.

    -Phantom Dancer gives you a whole faceload of attack speed, which synergizes very well with critical chance.

    -Phantom Dancer gives you extra movespeed, which synergizes well with jungling, ganking, and having a whole faceload of attack speed.

    -Early game, your Q gives you quite a bit of damage all by itself. If you decide you're getting wriggle's, which is very cost effective as far as damage goes, this'll be all the damage you need until you finish your phantom dancer.

    That said, Infinity Edge is your very next item, after Berserker's Greaves and Phantom Dancer.

    As of patch v1.0.0.115, Infinity Edge gives 25% crit and 80 damage, which is sweet. Honestly, I'd say Wriggle's>zerkers>zeal>IE>PD works well enough.

  • Items/Item Progression [Infinity Force Tryndamere]

    After you finish IE, you'll want to grab another Zeal, for more of all the stuff you love. At this point, you can decide whether you want Sheen or Phage, depending on your living vs. killing needs (phage for the health, sheen for the extra damage.) Ultimately, you will be working toward Trinity Force, which will make your damage output absurd, your crit chance very close to 100%, your movespeed a little sweeter, your heal a little better, and...your damage output absurd. And that extra mana's pretty boss too. Just on a tangent, let's look at the damage, based off of percentages of your base attack:

    Normal attack: 100%
    critical damage (normal):100%
    Extra critical damage (Q at full stacks):36%
    Extra critical damage (IE): 50%
    Extra damage from Trinity force: 150%

    At full Bloodlust stacks, with your core build, a normal, Tri-proc'd attack does 436% of your base damage. And trust me, hitting something for 1k damage *is* as awesome as it sounds. Especially if it's a tower.

    With this, you can hump champions, one-shot minions with ease, push towers with no hassle at all (barring champion resistance, see: hump champions) fight back waves of super minions indefinitely, rape jungles, backdoor towers, and hump champions.

    At this point, I usually just stack Bloodthirsters, but anything that helps you kill stuff works. Survivability might not even be a bad idea, but honestly I'd only recommend it under conditions of heavy CC, or some other hard counter to Trynd.

    Early game/jungling build:
    Mid game build:
    End game build:(/)

  • Other Items to Get

    Your core build as Trynd is IE, PD, wriggle's, and boots. The items you get after depend on the enemy team.

    : This is almost crazy necessary if the enemy has two or more characters stacking armor, especially if they are characters that need to die quickly, or are chronically in the way. This'll help you eat EVERYTHING.

    : An excellent item for, you know, just increasing your attack speed and movespeed. Good for capping your crit if you don't get TriForce, good for backdooring, good if you're having trouble chasing people.

    : You don't do damage when you're CC'd. If you're always getting focused, using this after all the CC is blown will let you keep on blazing.

    : Getting this right after the core will get you some neat survivability in 1v1 fights, along with a lot of AD if you don't die.

  • Farming

    This is sort of tricky. Basically, you need to hold the X key and then right-click an area in a straight line that cuts through a wave of minions. This'll allow you to run to the spot, auto-attacking anything in your path.

    Seriously, after phantom dancer/IE/both, that's basically what you do. I put this section in solely for the purpose of being a smartass. :D

  • Tryndamere's Role / Team Composition/Strategy

    There's no specific guideline to sticking him in a team composition, but do have some common sense. It's okay to have Tryndamere and Ashe on the same team. It's not okay to have Tryndamere, Ashe, Yi, Jax, Yi, Pantheon, and Yi on the same team....actually, 7v5 sounds pretty awesome.

    But I digress. Tryndamere fits in pushing comps, ganking comps, healing comps, luring comps....for the most part, stick to the basic rules of team comp and you'll be fine. Make sure you have a tank, make sure you have at least an AP carry, and try to have some other beefy people. It's okay to have a ranged physical carry and Tryndamere on the same team. Honestly, I prefer that just so that I'm not the only source of damage on the team.

    In team fights, you'd jump in somewhere right before your other carry does, or right after or alongside your beefy deeps. Focus the biggest threats first, obviously, and stay with your team. You're bloody good at chasing, but your crazy deeeps will keep your team alive in the fight based on sheer elimination of your opponents. If someone wants to pull gypsy shit and jump back into the fight, let them, because they won't get away from you a second time, especially if your entire team decides getting Shaco buff is a great idea.


    Outside of team fights, you roam like a boss. Rushing Phantom Dancer means you're faster than everybody before they have full builds or can get coordinated enough to 5 man gank you, and it also means you push quickly and generate bloodlust stacks faster. The further you push in, and the more of them that are missing, the more exponentially in danger you are. If you're pushing hard:

    -You should take a ward or two, and put them in locations that would help you plan an escape route.

    -Plan an escape route ahead of time. Don't be afraid to escape through their jungle, as it's sometimes safer, but know where you can spin through walls, and know where your enemy will show up.


    Later in the game, you should only be pushing out to the river, or further if your towers are still intact. If your team establishes that you should backdoor:

    -You should take wards with you if you have slots for them.

    -You should backdoor only when the enemy team is together pushing, and only if your entire team is up.

  • Pros / Cons


    -One of the hardest carries in the game (nearly the best damage output in the game)
    -Great pusher
    -Great ganker
    -A fair defender, adept at clearing minion waves, including super minions
    -Great chaser
    -Decent escape artist
    -Due to the two things above, combined with his ult, he's an astounding tower-diver


    -One of the hardest carries in the game (heavily item-dependent)
    -Is very weak early game [we do try to negate this with jungling]
    -Melee-range squishy
    -Characters with built-in healing reduction will make it harder for him to prolong fights (Katarina, Miss Fortune, Gangplank, etc)
    -Unable to effectively team fight or tower dive without his ultimate.
    -Endless Rage no longer outlasts ignite, making ignite an unavoidable deadly counter to a focused Tryndamere.

  • Important things you need to know

    For those of you who don't understand zoning, please watch this obligatory tutorial video by Shurelia:

    Your zone of control is melee range, plus a little more than half your spinning slash. Your biggest issue is that to get someone in your zone of control, you often have to be in the zone of someone else, often of several others (the bane of a melee character). This is only a problem because you're a squishy carry, and it's solved by your ultimate, proper spacing, and good use of your spinning slash to enter and exit zones quickly.

    -Your basic combo is spinning into range (preferably through whatever you're trying to kill,) attacking until they start to run, putting a chicken on their head so they can't run, and then beating their face into the ground.

    -You are extremely item dependent. If you're not farming, pushing, or killing, you should be dead or the game should be over. The only other thing you should conceivably be doing is putting wards up, which you should be doing while pushing or farming. On a side note, I've never actually dropped a ward while killing someone before. I'll try it next time I'm eating a team with a twitch on it.

    -You do not initiate on an entire team. That is your tank's or initiator's job. If one person's overextending into range of your spinning slash, you can initiate on them, but do not chase them into the enemy team, or into the FoW with the entire enemy team missing.

    -If you're not needed in any sort of team engagement (team push, teamfight, defending against impending doom,) you should clear any sensitive jungles that are available, and/or you should clear out the lane closest to your tower.

    -You have the ability to backdoor, which increases in a way directly proportional to how well you complete your build. If your team is doing badly in teamfights, or is very good at forcing stalemates, or both, consider pushing a lane and/or backdooriig.

    -ABOVE ALL ELSE, The first step to being a good Tryndamere is knowing how to run away.

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