Veigar Build Guide

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written by Proralf

Veigar Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    *This guide is still under construction*

    Hi, I am Proralf.

    This Guide is some kind of, in my opinion, personal improvement of Warlucith's Guide.

    I am not English-speaking, so please forgive me if there are some errors in my text.

    So, why personal improvement?
    I always liked to play Veigar but did not know about how to play him or what items I should get e.g. in which order. So while reading Warlucith's Guide I found myself more useful and powerful when playing Veigar.
    Recently I tried to vary items and / or skilling order and now I feel like being even better. As a piece of advice my style of playing LoL is : Less safety but more dangerous! So :

    IN THIS GUIDE VEIGAR IS A LITTLE MORE FRAGILE, but when played right and/or your team is going to keep you alive it is no problem (at least for me).

    So enjoy reading and testing!

    Currently i am very busy with a couple of collegiate projects, so i am sorry for developing my guide so slowly.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries :

    I always like to go with 9/0/21. Im pretty sure you can vary alot on how it will fit your style. As for me, I like to have these 5% increased mana, increased movement speed and 1g/10sec.

    Runes :

    As for quintessences i am going for 3x Greater Quintessence of Potency . These 15 AP are giving you a little more power in early for harrassing enemies and making it more easier to last hit minions with Baleful Strike.
    You could go with Greater Quintessence of Fortitude or Greater Quintessence of Vitality as well, it depends on your play style. But as I said i am not a big fan of these runes, because if you need some survivability there are enough items to get.

    You sould go with Greater Mark of Insight because we need that 8.5 magic penetration. I do not prefer any other marks on Veigar!

    Here you can use whichever Seals you like, but DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING : Greater Seal of Focus or energy seals as they would be completely useless on our build.

    I like to go with Greater Seal of Clarity because in some situations I run low on mana e.g. early game.

    So the same goes for Glyphs. DO NOT USE Greater Glyph of Celerity or Greater Glyph of Focus.

    Here I am using Greater Glyph of Force to gain alot of AP over time. In my opinion it synergizes the best with Baleful Strike which we will be using through the whole game.

    It is because we will reach 40% Cdr with masteries and items. See 6. Items.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Referring to Warlucith's Guide :

    I also use Flash and Teleport.

    You could use any others but I suggest to, at least try this combination. Flash provides both defensive and offensive possibilities and Teleport helps you to get items without being slightly underleveled. With -15% cd on summoner spells its usable quite often so you almost will not have to waste time to reach your lane.

  • Abilities

    Veigar's mana regen is increased by 0.75% for each 1% of mana missing.

    Veigars passive is quite useful because if we run out of mana we will get a significant mana-regen boost.

    Baleful Strike
    Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing magic damage. If a unit is killed, Veigar gains some ability power permanently.

    This will be our main farming skill. If possile last-hit every minion or monster with it whenever possible.
    If you do not, Veigar would not be terrily weak but you will notice quite the difference that you WILL deal less damage. And that is not what we want.

    Dark Matter
    Veigar calls a great mass of dark matter to fall from the sky to the target location, dealing magic damage when it lands.

    As I call it, "Fist of Heaven" or "Bhudda's hand". Just something that falls from the sky hitting our enemies heads. In other words :
    A really nice AOE with high damage output to farm minions and of course kill enemy champions. At least you have to get used to it so it will not miss. This skill is an important piece of Veigar's Combo.

    Event Horizon
    Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for a short duration.

    In my opinion, this skill is one of the best CC in LoL. It is not as important as Dark Matter for our Combo, but if you have caught an enemy champion, it will make it much easier to kill him. Not only just that, you can use it in so many ways. For example :

    Getting ganked? Stun and hopefully get out of there alive.
    Getting chased? Prevent enemies from passing an area.
    Your mate Nunu puts his ulti? Make sure he will deal max damage!
    Your mate Jarvan went in? Make sure enemies can not retreat!
    so many ways of using it...

    Primordial Burst
    Blasts target enemy champion, dealing a large base amount of magic damage plus 80% of his target's AP.

    With this skill you do not have to be afraid of any other AP-Champion. It deals a high amount of damage to a single target. It is another important part of Veigar's Combo.

  • Skilling Order


    If you do not like it you sure can change the order but I think that this is the best.

  • Items

    So this is where it is getting more interesting.

    Starting item(s):

    Doran's Ring
    Amplifying Tome + 1x Health Potion
    [item=Meki Pendant] + 2x Health Potion
    Boots of Speed + 3x Health Potion

    Using the masteries and runes (AP quintessences) shown in 2. Masteries + Runes Veigar will start with the following stats :

    437 HP - 320 Mana - 17 AP - 11 Mana/5sec - 9% Cdr

    In my opinion, Doran's Ring is the best item for our guide to begin with. It provides some extra HP, AP, Mana/5sec. So it would be :

    537 HP - 320 Mana - 32 AP - 16 Mana/5sec - 9% Cdr

    Note: You will obtain Deathfire Grasp a little later when starting with Doran's Ring but since Veigar is the Tiny Master of Farming it will not be that long.

    Early shopping guide (starting item Doran's Ring)
    1. Doran's Ring (starting gold price: 475)
    2. Boots of Speed and [item=Meki Pendant] optional Health Potion (price: 740 gold; without pot)
    3. Sorcerer's Shoes and Amplifying Tome (price: 1185 gold)
    4. Deathfire Grasp (price: 1785 gold)

    0. Doran's Ring (optional)
    1. Sorcerer's Shoes
    2. Deathfire Grasp
    3.[item=Morello's Evil Tome]
    4. Rabadon's Deathcap

    This build (without Doran's Ring) will provide us with following things :

    +20 magic penetration - 377 AP - +22 Mana/5sec - 35% Cdr

    Including runes and masteries we will have at lvl 18:

    +28.5 magic penetration - 446.8 AP - +36Mana/5sec - 40% Cdr (actually 44%)
    (Your AP wont just be 446.8 because we are Q-Farming the Minions and have a lot more AP. Indeed when I have these items my AP are between 500 and 800).

    Additionally we have another 15% magic penetration which brings us to an average 28.725 magic penetration. (Enemy champion with 30 magic resistance). So this means :

    We will almost completely pierce the enemies armor!

    If the game lasts longer we will see that we still have 2 slots available. These items should be game specific.

    Enemies are stacking magic resistance
    Void Staff : Get this item. Even when playing other AP champions, you should prefer this to Haunting Guise. Why? We will have 49% magic penetration. So if we get this item, we will be quite dangerous even for tanks because our damage output will significantly increase!.
    Abyssal Scepter : I do not like this item. Well I do but not when playing Veigar. I mean the magic resistance is quite nice, but since we do not have that much HP its not that useful for us. The "-20 Magic resistance aura" is not that good too, because we want to kill enemy champions from a distance. We do not want us to be in the center of the fight, just imagine what it would look like :-).

    Enemy champions are trying to get me
    Dude, it is really annoying in late game. But now we can act as a decoy so we should get some extra HP and / or resistance.
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter : +500 HP, +80 AP + slowing effects. This is a great item if you want to increase your power and be more secure at the same time.
    Rod of Ages : Oh boy... its quite late to get this item to benefit from its max. effectiveness. If you really want to, you should get it earlier.
    Zhonya's Hourglass : Well, the same goes for this item. It maybe will safe our tiny ass but think of it. Will Tryndamere really switch the targets, when the active has ended?

    I have to max. my damage output.
    In this case you should get Void Staff and one of the following :
    Mejai's Soulstealer : Up to 180 AP but we DO NOT need that cooldown reduction.
    Lich Bane : When having about 800 AP a nice damage boost when auto attacking plus increased mana and movement speed. Veigar likes this item. Me too.
    Archangel's Staff : When getting this, Dark Matter looks like a nuclear bomb. Well it does not look like but it feels like...

  • Veigar's Combo

    With our combo we will nuke casters and / or squishies. This is how I am doing it:

    Without Deathfire Grasp :
    2. Event Horizon Try to stun him.
    3. Dark Matter Put it instantly over him when he gets stunned.
    4. Baleful Strike Deal some serious damage.
    5. Primordial BurstDeal some more serious damage.

    With Deathfire Grasp :
    1. Baleful Strike Deal some damage.
    2. Event Horizon Try to stun him.
    3. Dark Matter Put it instantly over him when he gets stunned.
    4. Deathfire Grasp To significantly lower his HP.
    5. Primordial Burst Nuke him.
    6. Baleful Strike If he is still alive, its will not last very long until it is off cooldown.

    If you are succsessful your victims should feel like this :

    External Image
    External Image

  • Working in the team

    Basically, any of your teammates should initiate a fight. But thanks to Event Horizon we could help our mates to initate. How? Later on I want to upload some pics and videos so here are some theories :

    Our team and the enemy team have gathered and a teamfight is happening soon. You really know such situations. If you manage to stun an enemy, your mates have the possibility to move to a better position or initiate a teamfight.

  • Farming

    Here are some tipps :

    1. Last- Baleful Strike-hit every minion and / or monster because we will have a lot more AP later.
    2. Later on Dark Matter is strong enough to knock out caster minions. Well you can do it. But it is really better to Baleful Strike them. Exception You are trying to stop a huge wave on enemy minions and, of course are using Baleful Strike to last hit every minion from that huge wave. Keep an eye on the map because some teammates may come your way to kill your minions. So it is better to Dark Matter them instead of giving away a lot of money.

  • Creep Jungling

    Have you noticed Dark Matter's huge range?

    At about lvl 10 when playing mid and you dont have much time to leave your lane, drop Dark Matter on the wraiths. It should insta-kill them so you will get at about 70 extra-gold without leaving your lane. Else if you have time to farm a little use Baleful Strike.

  • Summary

    Veigar's job is to knock out strong enemy casters and squishies. When initiating a teamfight you are capable of nukeing a champion with our combo increasing the chance of winning the fight.

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