Kayle Build Guide

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Kayle - The Shieldgirl Girl.

written by Choo

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    GOD I absolutely hate being generic. IT'S SO GOD DAM BORING. Gahh.. I really suck at selling my guides, I'd make for a terrible business man =.=.. I've looked over many guides previous to this and they all follow a similar structure... And I feel like I am going to turn into one of those sheep.. Rather than the fucking hungry bear that chases those bitches down.

    So.. Who's Kayle? What does she do? How is she played? What is her roll? What is she good at? How do I play her? How should you play her? How can you improve? All very valid questions, would love to go into them all, but my time is very limited. I really can't be here all day typing this guide for you.

    1. An angel
    2. Heal, slow and protect
    3. Well
    4. To heal
    5. Healing
    6. Well
    7. Well
    8. Easily, by reading my god damn guide.

    Eh so.. I guess one could say,

    Kayle is awesome, she shields people.

    Be sure to watch this in HD as the quality can be quite poor otherwise.

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    Is Kayles passive. This allows Kayle to turn into the beast she is. With:
    30% of her Attack Damage being converted into Ability Power.
    And 15% of her Ability Power being converted into Attack Damage.

    This effect only happens once, adjusts according to AD and AP, will not cause an infinite loop.

    This is Kayles single target ranged nuke slow. Slowing people down and belting the crap out of them always works. Use this in synergy with Righteous Fury.

    Divine Blessing
    Heals X amount to the Champion it is cast on. This also provides a temporary speed boost. Great for that extra burst of speed.

    Righteous Fury
    Turns Kayle into a ranged magic damage dealer. Did I forget to mention it makes her a beast?

    Turns whoever it is cast on into an unkillable bird cage. Only able to cast on allied Champions.

    Godness lasts:
    2 seconds at 6.
    2.5 seconds at 11.
    3 seconds at 16.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries can be seen here
    Runes can be seen here

  • Summoner Abilities

    I recommend mobility oriented summoner abilities. Kayle can play and will play an awesome support role so long as you are alive. So speed and positioning are vital when playing her. Ghost will give you speed for chasing and fleeing. In general a champion that is too fast to be hit is always a pain. Good catching her after a slow.

    Another important summoner ability. Again mobility oriented. If Kayle gets locked down by any form of crowd control. It can often be fatal. Like many of the great Champions in the game, she doesn't have any get the fuck outta here button. So an external one is always a great addition. Again, chasing, escaping and ganking.

    I normally look on Ignite as an "I was too lazy/shit to do the amount of damage it provides" button. If you do take Ignite, you may as well take it in the Mastery Tree. On a side note, as covered in my Annie guide, a kills a kill. And anything that helps your team progress to a win is a good thing. I may "not like" something for whatever reason, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't do it. ^^ Like buying any of the Snowball items.

    Probably most useful early game as it allows you to obtain a level advantage. I'd honestly never take improved Clarity, unless, wait no, never. Infact, don't take Clarity. Just get some mana regeneration runes. IF ALL ELSE FAILS ^^(above)^^ Buy mana potions when you go to lane? You do have a heal. Substitute Health potions for Mana ones.

    Teleporting.. What can I say? Here there everywhere. Used in sync with something like Heimers turrets, Teemos shrooms, Shacos JITB or wards. You can appear anywhere quickly.

  • Items

    What items should I buy on Kayle?
    Good ones! Because if you have good items, you will have a set of stats. So this is what I suggest.
    See this is what I was talking about, I hate being a god dam sheep, most the of decent guides are all like "build this for AD teams, this for AP teams". God I hate sheep.

    So build the following:

    Sorcerer's Shoes
    Berserker's Greaves
    Mercury's Treads
    Because you need 1 for each foot and the extra for your hand or face. No I AM LISTING what you can take. If I see anyone with 3 Boots I'll personally end you.

    Sorcerer's Shoes would be taken in the same scenario as [item_text=Beserker's Greaves] where the amount of mobility, heals and dps you can provide is greater than the time you get disabled for.

    Mercury's Treads Strongly consider these boots every single time without fail. The CC reduction will really save your life. I almost feel like I should not recommend any other boots Merc Treads really are where it is at.

    Nashor's Tooth
    Guinsoo's Rageblade
    Trinity Force
    Banshee's Veil

    Optional last items
    Rabadon's Deathcap
    Zhonya's Hourglass
    Infinity Edge
    Hextech Gunblade

    What does this give Kayle?
    Attack speed.
    Movement speed.
    Critical chance increase.
    Critical damage increase.
    Mana regeneration.
    Attack damage.
    Ability power.
    Spell shield.
    Life steal.
    Spell vamp.
    Slowing attacks.
    Cooldown reduction maxed.

    And you say "That looks expensive, how will I ever farm up this much?
    Realistically, I wouldn't expect someone to farm up all these items in one game. And god help whoever has to play against the Kayle with those items. Most games I have played with Kayle are ended shortly before or after Trinity Force is complete. Seldom do I make it to full build.

    Just because the items are listed in this order, doesn't suggest that you build in this order. Mix the build up, find out what works for you. The Banshee's Veil works well as stated in the Summoner Abilities, Kayle has no escape, so anything to stop her from being locked down will work well. I have made a suggestion of items. I would go into what to grab versing X team.. But.... I'll never be able to list all the possibilities.

  • Pros / Cons

    ~Ability power Kayle~
    All of Kayles moves, beside her ultimate, scale with Ability power.
    Ability power also converts into attack damage.
    Stronger heals.

    Playing Kayle this way means that her Reckoning is her main source of damage. Which is ok, but ultimately turns her into a one hard hitting skill slow bot.

    ~Attack damage Kayle~
    High damage from auto attacks.
    Attack damage converts to Ability power on a higher ratio than Ability power to Attack damage.
    Combined with Righteous Fury it makes for quite a scary display of damage.

    Ability power is lower than the Ability power build.
    Heals lack in comparison.
    Damage from Reckoning is reduced significantly.

    ~Hybrid Kayle~
    What to say? You know I don't even have to say anything, I'll explain through song.

    Yes I can't believe I put this in here either.
    Kayle gets high Attack damage.
    Kayle gets high Ability power.
    Heal heals decently.
    Reckoning hits decently.

    Unlike other people that are all like AHHAHAHA NO CONS UBERWINZ0r. Of course there are Cons and it's as simple as the other ones.

    You'll never hit quite as hard as Pure AP with Reckoning or heal as strong.
    You'll never hit as hard with an Auto attack compared to an Attack damage Kayle.
    But you'll always have exactly what both never manage to optimize. Good ratios on both Ability power and Attack damage.

  • Working in the team

    VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT. Next to learning to last hit a minion, POSITIONING IS ESSENTIAL IN HELPING YOU GET BETTER. Even when you are pushing a lane, you should always take note of your minimap. Watch your side bar up the top left that displays allied Champions health bars.

    Take note of how close you are to people
    You can walk around with a skill ready to be cast
    Try using smart cast keys for healing and ultimates
    Learn which "F" keys relate to which allied unit. This means if everyone is cluster fucking in a team fight and someone needs a shield but is covered by player models, knowing what "F" key this particular Champion is on will make your life so much easier. Remember that "F1" refers to you always

    Do none of the following:
    Run in front of everyone else
    Be at the front
    Want to make it across the finishing line before everyone

    What did you learn?
    Don't be at the fucking front. Be a good support, stay out of harms way. LIVE, HEAL, SUPPORT. Like real life, people that give first aid to people are always told that their safety is priority number one. If you are putting yourself in danger.. How can you help effectively? Kayle has plenty of function from a far. So don't jump right in there, leave that for the crazy Rammus or the spastic Garen that wants to spin V 5. Just play cautiously, Kayle can be quite fragile.

    But don't play so cautiously that you don't get to provide any damage either? Making sense? Good. If not go play Alistar and do nothing in between your cooldowns.

  • Unique Skills

    Her ultimate? I think this is unique, it prevents the unit from taking any damage. I dunno but.. Having maxed CDR... Leaves her with a 36 second ultimate that lasts for 3 seconds(assumed level 16). So considering 3 seconds of that the person is invulnerable. 33 seconds. I honestly don't think you can beat that... Such a short cooldown for such an awesome skill.. If placed right, anyone could eat ALL of the enemies damage and live.. How demoralizing is it to "not have enough damage" to kill a team? Or more so have all of it negated?

  • Farming

    A lot of people have problems with farming, it isn't hard to do at all, on any character. Even ones that people typically complain about(Soraka, Poppy, Blitzcrank). You just need to setup a Custom game by yourself, or with a friend and practice in one of the lanes.

    Good farming + Gold + Items + On your champion = Raping them faster = Bad joke here

  • Conclusion

    Guides won't help you unless you know what you are actually doing. They will only provide you with insight about someones experience with a Champion that has not been your own. So you take this persons advice trusting that it is right.

    I have played many a game with Kayle, I acknowledge their are better players than myself out there, I would simply be happy if anyone took anything that I have written and thought about it for a minute or more. You don't have to be a great player to have the mindset of a great player. League of Legends is a game based on strategy and character management. One is a shield, one is a sword. This metaphor refers to Strategy and Character Management. Strategy is a shield, a plan if something is to go wrong. Managing your character is the sword, you use this.

    It doesn't matter what strategy you use, if your character isn't managed well, you will lose. I could ramble for an hour, a day, a week, it doesn't matter. Some people change others don't.

    Check here to see what I am talking about
    I suggest you take a look and at least watch 1 video.

    So, I hope I haven't bored you. This guide has taken me a while to do, not because I am lazy, well, partly, but I got messed about a bit. Women... What can I say..

    Kayle has so much potential, she supports well, she dps' well, she is a great all-rounder. And again her ultimate is unbelievable. If used well, she can provide some of the most annoying saves, initiates and escapes. Ever get focused while Crowstorming on Fiddle? GG.

    As usual I'd like to give a special shoutout to,

    GIRLSTAR - Check her guides on LeagueCraft, also her youtube channel here.

    SamSam, for not being a douchebag like a certain other individual(COUGH DIANA COUGH) and being the amazingly awesome person she is. :) Go Sam!!

    And last but not least for whom this guide is dedicated to, =) Alicia.


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