Shaco Build Guide

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RHadox's Fairly In-Depth Guide to a Semi-High Elo Shaco

written by Hado

Shaco Build

Table of Contents

  • Quick Guide

    Important Notice
    At the current time all numbers aren't working in this guide, I suggest looking for a different guide at the moment. Links and images with numbers in the URL aren't working so unless you want to read a block of text without numbers in either go somewhere else. :)

    Seems I got rid of the whole quick section guide gonna have to rewrite it... Will add more as I remember what I did lol.



    Starting items

    Core items
    / /

    Offensive items
    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor][item_icon=Stark's Fervor]

    Defensive items

    Other items
    [item_icon=Oracle's Elixir][item_icon=Elixir of Agility]

    Skill Order


  • Introduction

    Hi, I'm RHadox, obviously.
    Shaco is a squishy, jungling assassin and one of the hardest champions to master in the League. Play him like a ninja and use your cunning to outsmart the enemies! He is renowned for his early ganks that can the snowball the game to victory just from the 2nd minute of the game. A good Shaco will make the enemy team cower and sit by their turret in fear all game.
    I didn't play Shaco much pre-nerf but have took a liking to him, I have played him in 1900+ rating solo ranked on EU and my current rating is 2100+. If you are looking for a quick read, this is not the place to be. This is my first guide, hope you enjoy. :)
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  • Update Log and Soon to Come!

    Update Log got replaced with masteries for some reason so I'll be restarting it here from the latest patch...
    Skarner Patch: In trying to fix one of Shaco's numerous bugs the AI for JitB's has gone strange again. So they now attack the furthest target away. I think Riot are gonna fix this... so for now I'll just leave it in the update log.
    This patch the JitB's also don't aggro themselves on to neutral camps so now you can stack them under red while doing Reginald's route, making it rather effective at the moment. In fact you ought to put your Jacks there right now otherwise the AI will go weird and attack the small lizards.

  • Abilities

    Attack from the back, good for early ganks when every point of damage counts. Animation cancel while attacking and red buff/shiv slow will keep you on their back. Helps with neutrals when you get JitB to aggro creeps.

    -Doesn't work on buildings
    -Works on the back 180 degrees of heroes, neutrals and minions.
    -Don't underestimate the extra damage

    *A wild Shaco appears*
    Your escape mechanism and chasing tool. The crit does surprisingly good damage so don't underestimate it. Attack from the back for best results. Usable over walls. Use this spell to dodge enemy skill shots. It makes juking easy and dying hard. Walking towards a wall when enemies are chasing then deceiving another way is a great way of juking, especially against champions with a flash ability trying to chase you down when your low. My favourite thing to do is to dodge Shen taunts if you time it too early he won't use his taunt, if your too late you'll get taunted while your invis and run back to him.
    Predict the enemies movement and outmanoeuvre them.

    Using some summoner spells break the stealth e.g. smite. Others don't e.g. ghost, flash.
    My guess would be ignite and exhaust also break the stealth but I haven't tested it.
    Edit: Ignite doesn't pop deceive, Exhaust does. (Credits to Hydro Globus)

    -Orange puff of smoke from where you start which enemies can see through fog of war and bushes.
    -If enemy outspeeds you by alot (e.g. Highlander + Ghost Yi) going the obvious route is the worst way to run, unless they're one step ahead of you and trying to go the non-obvious way, lol.
    -Jump over walls
    -You are vulnerable after deceiving in if the enemy focus you

    Jack In The Box
    Tool for jungling, scouting and CCing. Always put behind the enemy when ganking so that if they flash your fear will catch them but no so far that if they run back they don't get feared (use on their escape route). Always put behind neutrals when jungling unless in their terrority and you want to scout behind you when doing their creeps. Always lay down these when you have blue buff but don't feel that you have them use on every cooldown, put them in useful positions not useless ones. If you put points into this it does alot of damage to jungle creeps.

    -Roughly 2s before fear after placing one down
    -Fear can make them run any way - not reliable
    -Hits nearest target when faced with options
    -Lasts 2 seconds before disappearing
    -Drop around to scout and to run to when you need to escape
    -If your on blue side, put a box over the wall onto dragon and you will just be able to see him.
    -Squishier than you

    Two-Shiv Poison
    Your slow and "finisher" (although finishing with it isn't always best). However use after one or two auto attacks on your early ganks. This is to slow them so your JitB fears them just as they get out of fear range and with luck they'll turn back to you. Scales off AD but still kinda weak late game as its only a 0.5 AD ratio, but early-mid game it will be your main source of burst damage. Help your allies out with the slow, you can turn invisible. :o

    -Help allies by shivving enemies for the slow
    -Reduced chance to hit only works on minions and neutrals

    Yup, theres two of us. The damage of your clone is often underestimated. Don't suicide it unless its for a kill. Baiting won't work, there are plenty of ways to see through it. The element of confusion can be very useful with the clone if you pop it when your beating down on someone.
    Remember though if your chasing you will have to catch up due to its casting animation and then they may get away. However it is orange puff of smoke that lets you particle dodge spells. Thats the true beauty of Shaco's ulti. Use your ulti as the spell projecting is incoming you can basically dodge every spell that has travel time. It's often hard to pull this off in a full-blown vŅ team fight with everything else going on, but practise makes perfect! Also can be used when they are chasing to block things like Mundo Cleaver for your allies or yourself.

    Good micro ensures kills. You can do early towerdiving with a semi-competent team using this. As the first tower bullet is about to hit you use your ult then instantly ALT-CLICK your clone on the enemy hero and prevent yourself attacking. Tower should aggro onto clone.
    If not run out of tower radius, wait for tower to switch to clone then instantly decieve onto the enemy. While this is happening you have to micro your clone to basically predict where the enemy is going. Auto-attacking clone won't explode for damage due to its tiny range. Unfortunately the way League of Legends is done this kinda micro is tricky and while your moving the clone follows you and other retarded things like that. Of course don't tower dive when people are heading towards the scene etc.. but you can use this to towerdive better than quite alot of other champions as the tower hitting your clone will benefit you if you blow it up on their face.

    Also you can use this to help in your juking Hallucinate, Decieve and instantly send the clone the other way. Some sharp players will catch the slight movement of your clone and be onto you though so the clone can give you away easily when decieving and juking.

    -Can be used to particle dodge (completely evade all effects of a spell or attack in the air, use ulti just as the particle is about to hit you)
    -Use for the second of immunity if deceive is just about to be up to help save your life. (Try deceive over a wall or something as your clone will instantly go to follow you, to give away your location like a spy.)
    -Use for more damage especially as clone will proc on hit effects
    -Clone does not have buffs on him
    -Auras no longer stack with clone
    -Use for pushing towers, dragon and baron

  • Masteries

    External Image
    x9 Abit of armor pen helps alot with early jungling and will do more damage than flat AD, flat crit or attack speed on both neutrals and champions.
    x9 Armor is pretty vital for jungling, not much to explain.
    x1 Every little bit of health helps on Shaco and for me its often the difference between life or death. If your not a fan on the nerfed hp quints feel free to take armor pen, attack speed or movement speed quints instead.
    x1 If you are confident with Shaco and don't need B HP Quints (or something else like that), I strongly advise you take ArP Quint. This will give you B ArP, the exact amount of armor lizard has at level 1.
    x1 "Lolwut". Thats what I thought at first when I combined this rune from my B tier one runes. Combined with the 2 blues this gives you 60 extra mana. Starting with red and having the mana to lay an extra JitB or use decieve can help alot with early ganks.
    x2 More Manas!
    x7 These are the runes which I think are more to your discretion if you want to use them or not. I feel like the marks and seals are pretty non-negotiable. But for the free manaz and glyphs you can swap them out. The other blues I'd recommend: flat crit, flat MR, flat CDR, flat AD or even more mana (another ů߽ more mana from either blues/quints is useful if your using Reginald's route).
    x7 If you don't want the extra MR these are probably the best other choice as they will speed up your jungling and still be useful throughout the game.

    If you are starting out as Shaco, these runes aren't mandatory, they are just optimized (you won't need to buy them all if you want to play Shaco). The most important ones are ArP reds and armor yellows.

  • Runes

    External Image
    x9 Abit of armor pen helps alot with early jungling and will do more damage than flat AD, flat crit or attack speed on both neutrals and champions.
    x9 Armor is pretty vital for jungling, not much to explain.
    x1 Every little bit of health helps on Shaco and for me its often the difference between life or death. If your not a fan on the nerfed hp quints feel free to take armor pen, attack speed or movement speed quints instead.
    x1 If you are confident with Shaco and don't need B HP Quints (or something else like that), I strongly advise you take ArP Quint. This will give you B ArP, the exact amount of armor lizard has at level 1.
    x1 "Lolwut". Thats what I thought at first when I combined this rune from my B tier one runes. Combined with the 2 blues this gives you 60 extra mana. Starting with red and having the mana to lay an extra JitB or use decieve can help alot with early ganks.
    x2 More Manas!
    x7 These are the runes which I think are more to your discretion if you want to use them or not. I feel like the marks and seals are pretty non-negotiable. But for the free manaz and glyphs you can swap them out. The other blues I'd recommend: flat crit, flat MR, flat CDR, flat AD or even more mana (another ů߽ more mana from either blues/quints is useful if your using Reginald's route).
    x7 If you don't want the extra MR these are probably the best other choice as they will speed up your jungling and still be useful throughout the game.

    If you are starting out as Shaco, these runes aren't mandatory, they are just optimized (you won't need to buy them all if you want to play Shaco). The most important ones are ArP reds and armor yellows.

  • Summoner Spells

    Smite, take this every time. You will be jungling with this guide and smite is vital. "I can do blue buff without smite and just plant boxes" I'm sure you can jungle without smite but what happens when the enemy come and steal your buffs or pop your boxes etc. etc. etc.
    Main use: Securing/stealing buffs, dragons, barons. Increasing jungling speed.

    Your other options are quite open however....
    Ghost is what I normally take, it helps you get places and helps you run and chase, this will be useful in any game.
    Main use: Escaping/chasing
    Exhaust, if they have a physical carry and you have no exhaust, this can be helpful. Lets you vA alot better and makes ganks stronger as it slows by a pretty large amount. (Also reduces armor and MR remember) Take a point out of attack speed for exhaust mastery if your using it.
    Main use: Shutting down physical dps
    Ignite This can make your early ganks godly, however your late game will pay the price. If you want to uber-snowball a game take this. I mainly use this against teams with Vlad, Mundo, Soraka... you get the idea, especially if you don't have an ignite on your team.
    Main use: To counter healing effects

    Honorable mentions...
    Clairvoyance Your support should take this but sometimes you don't get a support or they don't take it T_T. I often like taking clairvoyance myself as people don't know how to use it properly. Having clairvoyance yourself means that you can take map awareness into your own hands too. Having good judgement you can follow an enemy jungler so your team does not need to fear for ganks while you can also steal their creeps.
    Main use: Map control
    Teleport I don't always take teleport. But when I do I prefer to use it to keep pressure on all lanes at once, works best if your team actually wards and puts a ward nearby or even on the lane. You probably know this already but you can teleport to your JitB so if your low on hp put a JitB near a lane and go for a TP gank if needed. However I think the best use of this is to save it to counter-gank and push lanes while being able to help the team if needed.
    Main use: Counter-ganking and split-pushing
    Flash, can be alright but if you need it you have misused deceive. Was useful when you could particle-dodge but at that time flash was viable on everyone due to particle dodging.
    Better options atm.
    Heal, pretty decent, but would be better on someone else. Gets weaker late game like ignite.
    Decent, but there are better options
    Cleanse can be good against heavy CC comps however you shouldn't really be in things like Amumu's ult and even if you do cleanse out of it, then what will you do? Either run away and be useless to the team or still die. I personally don't think it is useful. Although I'm sure you could argue that my other summoners are just useless too.
    May save your life but won't help your team

  • Skill Order

    You can switch deceive and shiv at lv and ƒ if your not going for a level gank and just going to jungle to ƒ. This is the skill order I usually use, you don't need to rely on JitB to proc fear and hit the right target for good ganks. The Shiv makes for a decent burst nothing spectacular and the increased slow helps abit for ganking and will still speed up your jungling. I personally prefer this skill order, it gives slower jungling however it gives the on-demand you don't get from the massing JitB.

    This is the alternative skill build you can switch the earlier points for early ganks etc. The main point is to mass skill your JitB. This gives you quicker jungling than the other build but less burst and stacking JitB in bushes is more viable with higher levels of it. The increased fear length is also sweet. Try both skill orders and see which one you like best.

    With all these skill orders it all depends on how the game is going, if you think you won't be ganking until feel free to put an extra point in JitB at level ă and then take deceive at level . (e.g. W-E-W-Q-E-R-E-Q-E...)
    Adaptation is key.

  • Items - everyone's favourite part of guides

    Starting items
    + either x5 or x4. If your new to Shaco or jungling get 5.
    Any other start would gimp you imo, apart from +x3.
    Even then if your boxes get popped, its gonna be a looooong game (or a short one because you lose so fast :P). If you don't start cloth armor and pots trips to shop are alot more frequent than they are, which is pretty frequent early on because we don't have sustainability until Wriggles.

    First buy
    Hopefully you get a kill and will be able to afford
    If not you'll just have to do with
    After this we'll be going back when we want to gank on full hp (ganking on low hp is bad, dying and giving buffs to enemy solo is the worst thing you want to be doing).

    Speedier buff killing, yay!
    - usually about 2/3 health potions

    Super Shaco to the rescue!
    // I usually only keep 1 or 2 health pots on from here. Going back to buy will be very variable from now on as you will be able to continuously jungle, if you have alot of gold you should still go back though. Try grab a Vision Ward here for dragon if your support has not got one already.

    (Why don't I get Boots of mobility? Mercury Treads give you the CC reduction you need and every bit of MR helps. Berserker greaves are really good for their price and if I'm not getting Mercury treads they speed up your jungling by a fair bit for insanely good value for money. Boots of mobility however only help you when your not in combat a.k.a. running from lane to lane. If you need to get somewhere fast I think you should have been moving earlier or stopped what you were doing, but try them if you want. I'm not saying they are bad, I just wouldn't get them every single game and that they are more situational.
    Note: I sometimes also delay my Mercury's Treads depending on the game, I often like to get some core items first.

    From here your items will depend on how the game is going and your team comp and their team comp, even little things like who is getting fed on their team.
    I'll now proceed to talk in abit of detail about each item that I would consider getting or get on a regular basis...
    My favourite item on Shaco, you can't go wrong with this item. Crit, ArP, Damage, Attack speed, Movement speed and even a helping of CDR. Pop this after using your clone when your on the enemy carry and start whacking away. You actually have a considerable amount of AD if you build this after wriggles roughly around 50. Same as a BF sword. Build the Brutalizer first.
    The item which I find myself to like the more I use it. The recent change is in my opinion a buff. We will be doing the same damage but we get more MR from it and it is cheaper. I like to build this after Wriggle's and then build a Hexdrinker after that against stronger casters.
    Another underrated item, 60% attack speed is alot of attack speed, more than phantom dancer in fact. Synergizes well with Ghostblade for some crazy burst and the passive works for your clone.
    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor] You can use this against heavy hp teams. Prime examples Mundo, Vlad. If I'm going for this don't build wriggles, just get the vampiric scepter for sustainability in the jungle and turn the razor into the bloodrazor. Your clone will proc the on hit.
    Another decent item, best for destroying carries combined with Ghostblade to get through all their armor. Clone will proc effect.
    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor] A decent item, I'd use it if I have quite alot of AD on my team already. Fits well into the Black Cleaver, Ghostblade Armor Pen Gang. Can also be used to replace Wriggles in extreme late game cases.
    Really good item, although gives no damage so afterwards you will need some more damage. This item excels when you are split pushing, the increased movement speed is invaluable (I think thats the wrong, oh well).
    Did someone say damage? Ta daaaa its me, Infinity Edge. Getting this after Ghostblade is sweet for insane crits but then your missing attack speed, thats where Phantom Dancer appears. Lolcrit build; Ghostblade, Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge.
    I don't get this too often as you won't really be attacking the tanks too much. If alot of people have 100+ armor or they have Soraka. Then this item will be useful. Another reason I don't find this item too appealing is that it only gives you the armor pen and the attack damage, spreading out your damage stats will be most effective.

    That sounds all nice and cosy farming up 10,000 gold to get these damage items and 1-shot people but most of the time not how the games are gonna go. After Ghostblade a defensive item is usually needed...

    Defensive items
    The best defensive item, you'll be getting this in most of your games when your looking for defense. Blocks a spell, great. Gives health and extra bit of mana doesn't hurt. The extra bit of health makes quite a difference on Shaco. Take this against teams with casters.
    Free resurrection, what a lot of people overlook is that this item gives alot more armor than magic resist so I use this against heavy burst physical type teams or just when I need armor. Res -> Deceive ftw Not always the best choice as it doesn't give you health.
    If no-one else has this, its very nice against physical teams. Armor and health will always be useful and a nice little extra bit of damage.
    Against suppression really and hard CC. Other possible reasons for taking is Mordekaiser. Banshee's Veil is usually superior though.
    Useful if they are really heavy on magic damage or against Karthus. Works nicely in combination with Wit's End for cheap MR, AD and AS.
    Not my first choice tbh, if you need armor Guardian Angel and Sunfire Cape are the choices I usually take. However if you need the HP and Armor and you have a sunfire cape already this is a fine choice. The active is pretty sweet when you jump into the middle of a fight.

    Debatable Choices
    It's abit meh. You don't need the slow. It gives the same attack damage and crit chance as Ghostblade except for 1400g more. So what are you getting from this extra gold:
    +30 Ability Power
    +30% Attack speed
    +250 health and mana
    +12 movement speed
    +Sheen proc
    What you are missing:
    -20 ArP
    -15% CDR
    -On demand 50% Attack speed and 20% movement speed
    The ability power and mana is wasted and the sheen proc is only off base damage. You also will not constantly be proccing the sheen. And the attack speed and movement speed is greater on Ghostblade when you pop it. There are better items due to Trinity Force's expensive nature, I would not recommend it.
    Edit: After playing some more Trinity Force Shaco and testing it abit more, it is actually a pretty decent item against squishies and the slow can actually help (Phage is pretty OP as it gives much needed health and some damage too). The Sheen proc I'm still not sure if it's worth it you'll probably get 2 procs max and the other stats are useless. So apart from trolling squishies with IE, Triforce one-shots this item is abit too much on the expensive side, the gold better spent elsewhere. However getting a random Phage is pretty good!
    [item_icon=Malady] It's a no-go, there are better items for attack speed and on-hit effects. Only possible time I would get it would be with Madred's Bloodrazor but even then its not my first choice.
    An alright item, but I'm not a fan. As already said on Last Whisper, spreading out your damage stats will be more effective and you only get damage from this item.
    [item_icon=Force of Nature] This is like the magic resist version of Guardian's Angel... except without the resurrection. Banshee's Veil will be better ɉ.ɉ% of the time(hyperbole ftw), however if you need more magic resist after Banshee's this is a decent choice, the movement speed is not wasted (the regen is though).

    [item_icon=Oracle's Elixir] If the enemy has a support with wards in their inventory or are pink-warding dragon. They probably know what they are doing. Or if every time you try gank the enemy runs off. Buy this. Oracles Elixir is really good on you, your the jungler and ganker you will be running around so you can get the wards while your at it and then you'll also know if your gank will fail.
    Don't die with Oracles. Once the wards are out of the way, your on your first step to an unnoticed dragon or gank. Even if they do notice, they will have to check and have no confirmation of where you could be.
    "All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him."
    -Sun Tzu, the Art of War
    [item_icon=Elixir of Agility] Get elixirs before big fights, even as early as E minutes. If you have spare gold when returning to base your first priority it to buy wards but if your team has enough (there's never enough) grab an elixir or two. After your core and late game you will have elixirs up for most of the time.
    Early game you will be carry lots of these around, use when your in fights and losing hp, not when your on 100hp already.
    You should be warding everywhere. With vision you won't die.
    If you can't afford to get an Oracles at least get this and put it on Dragon/Baron depending on how far into the game you are in.

  • Build Examples

    Build Examples
    Don't follow build examples, see whats going on and get your items depending on what your team needs but here are a few to look at.

    QQ gonna have to fix these builds eventually xd

    A typical build you will probably use most games
    You'll usually need a defensive item after your Ghostblade and games usually end around the time you have it. After your first couple of items you'll probably be buying red and green elixirs.

    Attack speed
    Madred's Bloodrazor and Ghostblade don't synergize super well but they're probably better than the other items you could be getting. Sometimes I just get Wit's End and full defensive items/maybe one more attack speed item.

    Anti-Caster/Wit's End
    Kinda self-explanatory will give you alot of magic resist, if I remember correctly it's almost ¯߽� MR. This is the build I'm actually using most often now.

    Insane Crits QQ
    This build will do some terrible, terrible damage. Giving you around Ƈ% crit chance depending on what runes your using.

    Armor Penetrator
    This set of items will shred the carries armor (or whoever else your attacking) like mad. Gives you ~o߽ armor pen using recommended rune setup and masteries with full stacks of Black Cleaver on them. You can replace Starks with Sword of the Divine and other stuff like that... These builds aren't set in stone.

    If all your doing the entire game is split-pushing and you know that is the role you will be assuming, this is a pretty solid build. Throw in a defensive item if you might be fighting enemies though.

    Madred's Bloodrazor
    I tend to get more defensive items after Bloodrazor (Warwick style :P). Making you tanky while dishing out nice dps. Some people like Wriggles -> Bloodrazor, I don't think it's necessary. Just get a vamp scepter for sustainability though.

  • Jungling and the right way to do it

    Lizard vs Golem
    I used to be a big fan of starting Golem and then going straight to their red awaiting them with lots of boxes but that was during the era of Revive Smite Eve. Starting with Golem is fine if you don't think you will be ganking, but you should be ganking so I don't start Golem. Also if you start golem the enemy can go take your red, then your put really far behind and your ganks aren't half as scary as before.
    This is why we start with Lizard. There are two ways to do this:
    ) Reginald's route - 2 boxes at small golems, rest at red, smite wraith, another box behind golems after golems going to red -> gank/wolves/blue buff.
    ) My route - † boxes at Red (Damn you jungle creeps with your increased magic resistance [only used to need to kill Red]), smite wraith then go back and finish red -> gank/small golems.
    Pros of my route:
    -Uses less mana
    -Much better if level 1 teamfight ensues or enemies try pop boxes
    -Uses less health potions
    Pros of Regi's route:
    -Alot quicker
    -Quick level 3 gank (you won't have mana for a shiv though)

    I use my route mainly because in more than 60% of the games I play people try to pop boxes. I can set my boxes to chain-fear the enemies or just stack them for insane burst on one target. Also it's alot easier for my team to defend my boxes when I don't have them spread out. However if you don't think the enemies will pop your boxes Reginald's route is just as good if not better.

    Example of chain-fear box placement.
    External Image

    The green circle is where I would stack boxes. This isn't the best example of chain fear, I would put boxes in the red circles and have my team stand there if you are sure the enemy are coming. Although before the fight have one member at each of the two gank points shown by the white arrow on the minimap for scouting.

    As a jungler you are responsible for ganks, map control and dragon. People are afraid of overextending because of us. As Shaco you can gank in very particular ways to avoid wards, especially if you know where they are. Before everyones first buy there will most likely be a maximum of ł wards from the support or even more likely none. This is when you get the first blood in minutes with your level ‚ or ganks.

    You will also have to hold lanes...
    The rules of lane holding
    Á) Don't die, seriously it happens
    ) Last hit, don't push the lane (unless you will hit the tower and the creeps will die before the other enemy hero is back) otherwise your stealing your solo's experience and gold, they won't be happy.
    ƒ) If you can't last hit, just hang around for experience (don't be greedy)
    ) If there is nothing you can do, don't go at all (no point running all the way from bottom to top to hold the lane for ą seconds)

    Recap of route: Boxes at lizard, Smite Big Wraith at 1:40, Finish Lizard and small lizards, Gank opportunity, Small golems, Gank opportunity, Small wraiths that are left, Gank oppurtunity, Wolves/Big Golem, Gank oppur... yeah you get the idea.

    -Always put boxes behind creeps
    -Always use health potions to keep yourself topped off
    -If dragon is up, don't be wandering off at top
    -If baron is up, don't be wandering at bottom
    -Don't waste smite when a dragon/baron fight is coming soon
    -Buff spawn timer = minutes
    -Dragon spawn timer =ņ minutes
    -Baron spawn timer = minutes
    -Neutral respawn timer won't start until all the neutrals there are dead, that is why when jungling in the enemies forest leave the least valuable neutral so they will have to wait a long time.
    -Similarly don't just leave half a neutral camp there or a small lizard at blue buff after you died there. Kill them ASAP for the respawn timer to start
    -Nuke big wraith, lifesteal sucks
    -Deceive over walls to save time when you have blue
    -Shaco is better on blue due to the nature of the jungle, however on blue side you have to go out of your way to gank top, whereas its more natural to gank top from the purple side.
    -On purple side (the one in the top right) put your boxes closer to lizard as it starts in the corner on the little semicircle or risk re-aggroing big lizard.

  • Jungle Recovery

    What to do when the enemy screw you over.
    Situation Status:
    Dire The enemy team popped your boxes, your failure of your team tried fight and got aced, including you when you tried to help. Their Warwick has done your red and gave it to their ranged carry who also got first blood and went to buy boots. Before doing your red they also somehow managed to do your wraith camp and small golem camp. Now Warwick has the nerve to try do your wolves but you manage to make him run with the help of your team.
    Plan of Action: Try get the help of your team to give a few hits on blue. If not possible either try do it yourself which will be risky. Or just stick to small camps and maybe leech some exp from lanes. Tell your team that you will be unable to gank for a while, although they should probably realize that.
    Bad Your boxes are popped and red is stolen. Finish off the small lizard if they left it. Do small camps or do blue with a few hits from your allies. Without red your ganking potential is lowered, without boxes the time before ganks is increased.
    Meh The enemies pop your boxes and scamper, grrrr. Best option is to have someone give you some hits on lizard, the more the better, to help with your red. You can use smite, if they are not walking out of exp you may as well save the smite though. You shouldn't be too far behind if they help. If they don't help you can do wraiths, golems and wolves. I would recommend you to smite wraiths as they lifesteal. You'll be level after that. Then go do a buff. (You can probably do a buff earlier but you'll need to heal after finishing it.)
    If your team is not protecting you and you know they are coming, you can also start putting boxes on blue buff.
    Happy Days The enemy don't do anything, yay! Or they pop your boxes and your team destroys them and you maybe get a kill. If you have enough money for Razor go back and buy it. If not get your team to help you do red if your not too low.

    Ask for your allies help, they will be invaluable when your boxes are popped.

  • Ganking

    This is about early game ganking as that is when you are at your strongest.
    Ganking person
    External Image
    Deceive when you are in the fog of war and run up to their back and get the crit. Then place the box at this kinda distance (max distance for placement) on their escape route as shown. (Place box nearer if your ally has some hard CC e.g. Sion Stun) Then start auto-attacking their back and shivving. (Animation cancel your attacks if you know how to)

    If your ally is losing the lane have him bait the enemy out, hopefully he knows his limits and doesn't die. If your ally is winning the lane have him back off abit while you are coming from behind. Works best with ally with CC (Flash -> Sion Stun/Malzahar ulti -> Dead enemy)
    If you are unsuccessful your ally will be ahead in the lane especially if the enemy is low. Remember to watch out for counter-ganks from other junglers.
    Never towerdive unless you are certain you won't die.

    Ganking bottom lane
    For ganking bottom lane (or the one with two people in), it is best to try run in from behind. Bot lane is often warded so take notice if the enemy suddenly retreat from the lane when you are coming. The enemy probably both have flash, so focus the one who is most overextended if they are both on high amounts of HP. If you know one enemy does not have flash it is best to focus them. Don't gank this lane when you are on low-ish amounts of HP as they will be able to quickly burst you down, especially if they have an ignite. You are very vulnerable after deceiving in.

    Some ganking/deceive paths
    External Image

    External Image

    External Image

    External Image
    Due to the nature of the screen shots, it looks like Shaco is squatting... Anyway, for the last deceive spot the enemy have to be overextending quite abit and you might need to pop ghost in order to hit them before the invis wears off.

  • Counter-Jungling

    I call it counter-jungling but really its stealing creeps. If the enemy is good you won't really be killing them in their jungle, although it depends on the enemy jungler. Say if you do Regi's route get to and then run to their red you may be able to pick up a kill but its risky. If the enemy have any sense on map-awareness, mid and bot/top lane will come to finish you off. Your mana pool is low and you won't be able to deceive. I find it better to play it safe and just steal creeps and buffs from them. If you get the opportunity to kill the enemy jungler, go for it. But for the most time my counter-jungling is stealing their buffs safely. Believe it or not, stealing creeps does make a difference.

    Wraiths are the safest camp to steal, as long as you have mana to deceive you can just hop away as the enemy come. Do not try steal creeps without mana to deceive, it's kinda stupid. Ward their buffs, it makes it safer. I usually steal the enemies buff when they are either healing, CV'ed on the other side of the map or covering lanes (so cheap lol). You have the most time in their jungle, if they die. Also, never do a buff without sight behind it. I've died countless times from enemies chain CCing from behind.

    Remember to leave one neutral so the enemy has to wait for the respawn (exception to this is if you think you will be able to get the next one). The neutrals will not respawn until all of them are dead, so the enemy has to kill them then wait. Buffs respawn in Å minutes. If the enemy starts at blue it will usually respawn around :ǂ�.

    Remember, if you are not seen on the map: All lanes have to watch out for your ganks (if they don't have wards). When you are covering lanes, they can play as aggressive as they want. It's this psychological pressure that you must keep on the enemy. (Don't overdo it by not showing up for the whole duration of the game.)

  • Teamfighting

    A small section on how to team fight as Shaco. You want to be focusing the squishy targets, preferably the ones sitting at the back at the fight trying not to be noticed. You can't just jump in or you will die.
    Wait for all the AoE's, CC's and spells to be used. Chain CC can and will kill you.
    Then, Deceive in, get the crit, and place a box down. Use your Clone and Ghostblade if you have it. Sometimes you'll want to save your Hallucinate to particle dodge a stun. If it's in a jungle area and you can get to the carry without using deceive, do so. The perfect time to strike is when the tank or an ally gets a CC on the enemy carry. They will probably Flash and Ghost away. Don't chase them, instead switch to the next priority target. If they come back Deceive into their face and kill them.

  • Split-pushing and how to nail it

    Split-pushing or rather just pushing, it technically should only be called split-pushing if my allies are pushing their lane too, which might not always be the case (they might be defending instead) or often called backdooring (which is technically when you kill the structures in the base without your minions) is one of things Shaco is known for. In this section I'll try to show you the right way to split-push (I'm just calling it split-pushing shhhh) and when to do it.

    "Should the enemy strengthen his van, he will weaken his rear; should he strengthen his rear, he will weaken his van; should he strengthen his left, he will weaken his right; should he strengthen his right, he will weaken his left. If he sends reinforcements everywhere, he will everywhere be weak."
    - Sun Tzu
    This is the principle of split-pushing. First of all when doing this you need wards up covering every possible point of entry to you. You need them to be quite far away so you have time to react. Once the wards are in place you just push, keep planting boxes in choke points.

    Know when to split-push. If your team can't hold a tower vą you should stay with them. If your pushing bot the enemy may try baron, thats why I usually push top lane when doing this. If enemy comes go into the jungle and if you can kill them wait for them to push abit and gank.
    If more than A enemy is missing just go back or wait for the lane to push to start pushing again.
    Remember, if an enemy is here that means its vĄ for your team. Often your enemies will send their carry to stop you push the lane, if this the case tell your team to engage. Other times the enemy might send a global to defend, that sucks. Just go push a different lane and be annoying.

    You should split-push when:
    -The game is equal
    -Your team can hold towers
    -The enemy has no globals/teleport
    -You will not die if they all come for you
    -Your team know what to do while the enemy is chasing you (baron/get towers)
    -The enemy is turtling and baron is down

    You shouldn't split-push when:
    -The enemy team is ahead and they can win a towerdive fight
    -They have strong initiation
    -Your team doesn't know what to do
    -You have no map control
    -You are carrying your team in teamfights
    -They have all turrets up and your team has only has base turrets
    -You've lost an inhibitor/base turret
    -The enemy has baron buff (it's still possible but it's more risky as they will should have an easy team towerdiving)

  • Pros (like me) / Cons

    -Awesome ganker
    -Scares the enemy
    -Jungles quick and can solo Dragon
    -Fun to play
    -Can solo enemies
    -Can push towers well
    -Ninja play-style
    -Lots of different item builds
    -Shouldn't die, seriously

    -Takes some learning especially when you first start
    -Very Squishy
    -Boxes can be popped which makes everyone sad :(
    -Gets owned in AoE
    -Not very good at anti-snowballing (if you get put behind, you have alot of farming to do to catch up)

  • Counters to Shaco

    These are the guys (and gals) to be scared of
    External Image
    Karthus does insane damage, and you are super squishy. Whenever you try go in he dies but he takes you with him, and then guess what? He respawns with your double buff, wtf! As Shaco you will be surviving on minuscule amounts of health, and Karthus has a field day with his ulti. You cannot afford to get low or you will die. It is possible to Hallucinate out of Karthus ult, however the timing is tricky though, I also need to practise dodging it.
    External Image
    Shen ruins your ganking, not much to say. He shields allies your trying to gank and possibly turns it into your death. Also he has good CC which makes us Shacos sad. When your trying to split-push he can defend the lane easily due to his taunt, while having a global up to save his team.
    External Image
    For some reason the Leaguecraft Soraka picture just looks plain weird so I switched it out for the proper one. Anyway... Soraka is annoying. +ȯ߽ armor, totally not OP at all. She can also heal all her allies which kinda sucks and silence you for THREE seconds lol. Silences are strong against you, you cannot use Deceive or Hallucination. Hers is instant so you can't even particle dodge it. You may as well call silences hard CC if you have a slow on you, they are secretly OP.
    External Image
    Cho has lots of CC. He won't even need another ally to help CC to get a kill on you. Make sure to not get hit by his stun. His silence is seconds long.... Then he feasts you. Don't be greedy when around Cho'Gath, kite him around abit. Edit: He just got nerfed abit, wooO!
    External ImageExternal Image
    The AoEfests you do not want to get caught in. You will probably be targeted or should I say, the ground below is targeted and you die as a consequence. You can deceive out of Malphite ulti if your expecting it. With Amumu just don't get bandaged and don't stand near him.
    External ImageExternal ImageExternal Image
    Watch out for burst casters such as these, they can drop you in a second before you even know it. Malzahar has a second silence as well as his combo which will drop you from full->zero if he gets abit of help from his allies. Kassadin has a Â. second silence as well as being able to chase you down with riftwalks, so you have to be tricky with your deceives. And Annie is just a classical example of a burst caster, there are plenty more ofc.

  • Summary

    And thats all folks. Thanks for reading this guide, please rate the guide and feel free to drop a constructive comment about anything; layout, guide, bad grammar etc. :) Hope it helped!
    Farewell or in the words of Gandalf, "Fly, you fools!"
    The End.

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