Zilean Build Guide

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Zilean, The walking bomber

written by hadez5000

Zilean Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Zilean is one hell of a champion to play. Most people call zilean noob, but the real zilean players know that he is pro when played good. In this guide (also my first) i will explain what i love about zilean and try to confince you also.

  • Abilities

    Heightened Learning
    This skill is what makes your team gain a slight XP advantage.

    Time Bomb
    This is litterally a bomb that makes your opposing enemy scared. Early game this skill makes enemy QQ about that you are OP and with my item set you stay OP and still be a damn hard supporter

    awesome ability. 10 secs cooldown on all other skills and 4 or 5 secs cooldown on lvl 5

    Time Warp
    with golem buff you can spam this ability to get fast over the map and slow enemy down. hell of a skill to escape ganks or chase

    Chrono Shift
    this skill is what makes zilean Zilean. This will revive the target of 500-900 (+3 per AP) what makes you one hell of a threat in teamgames

  • Masteries + Runes

    for masteries i take the standard caster setup 9-0-21

    archmage savery (3)
    crit thing (1)
    sorcery (4)
    spell pen thing (1)
    preseverence (3)
    dead hands (1)
    XP thing (4)
    mana thing (4)
    meditation (3)
    movement speed (3)
    CDR (3)

  • Items

    This is what makes the difference of a bad zilean and a good zilean.

    For items i begin to rush a rod of ages. After that quite a weird item you dont see use many zileans. I use a Zonya ring for it. Becasue you craze enemy with ur ult this item comes in handy just to freak out the enemy, also makes you undead for 2 seconds, can safe your lives. After zonya rush your boots of swiftness. I play alot 3 v 3 with zilean so i dont get more items after this. But i suggest you can take a rabbadon deathcape and a warmogs armor. i hear you thinking "WARMOGS ARMOR? WTF NEWB." but with your bombs you can rapidly charge this item and you will get alot of survivability. I also love deathfire grasp cus of the active and the cdr

  • Skilling Order

    prioritize your ult. then max your bombs, rewind and then your time warp

  • Summoner Abilities

    for zilean i like to use flash and ignite. flash to pop in/ out or finish an enemy/ safe an ally. and ignite to kill the low hp

  • Pros / Cons


    high survivability
    high damage
    great teamplayer
    also a good killer if played well


    most of the time targeted first.
    if you used your ult and they fail to kill then you will be called noob

  • summary

    This is my first guide. For improvements or comments leave it here

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