Jarvan IV Build Guide

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A super comprehensive Jarvan IV Guide(works i got"NEW"proofs)

written by CrilloG

Jarvan IV Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction:

    Jarvan IV is a very unique champion some think that he is like xin zhao, but u know as well as i know that is wrong. Now what im about to show u is how Jarvan works and which items i find best i will give u a screenshot over my super scores as jarvan.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I go with a 21/0/9 mastery setup. it is good for ur dmg and u dont need to be more tanky than my build offer u.

    for runes i use:

    If u feel that u need mp regen then i suggest u switch them for the armor runes.


    9x [rune_icon=Greater Seal of Defence]

  • Summoner spells

    For summonerspells there is to choices

    The first one to show how greedy you are, or if you play ranked and see this Dr. Mundo and want to be able for a 1v1 fight;)

    The second is an obvious choice, because u are a melee fighter and wanna get the enemy slowed, focused
    or disabled;)

    I will not suggest u to go anything but this. let me tell u why

    You really need because, your movementspeed is so low.

    Other ¨possible¨ choices

    It can port you out of battle, but if you pick this=GET otherwise u cannot run:(

    Why not farm, farm and help your team anytime they need you be at one place, be at another works great with or

    Okay not what i suggest but if you absolutely is getting harrassed so much and cannot stay alive then use this piece of shit. Btw it works together with :)

  • Items

    Good for the start it gives u armor and hp+regen. i like that shield.
    if ur getting stunned or slowed it helps u very much beside that it gives u some nice Magic resist.
    This item changes everything. when i get this i really start to rock the entire enemy is scared of me and i get many double kills 1v2 with this.
    After i get this item i have over 100 armor and MR and that is really lovely ur tanky and ur powerfull

    Now im giving u a choice. Here u can pick either [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor] for a better passive or u can go for a . depending on the enemy team ofc and ur needs.

    After that it is really ur choise what to buy my games always end just before i start building something else but if u get the madred bloodrazor i suggest that u get a



    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]


  • Pros / Cons

    + Jarvan is with the right item build good for both tanking and killing.
    + Good initiation
    + nice passive

    -Slow movement speed
    -Not big amount of mana or Regen


  • Working in the team

    Initiating with ur ulti is a very good way to start the fight and then u have the abilitys to knock enemys airborne and that is a good thing. But u also have an ability to slow enemys. If u have an ally who is running from an enemy then jump in slow him down i tell u, ur team will love ya xD

  • Farming

    Last hitting with ur passive will give u alot of minions and if u got mana or the golem buff then use ur Dragon strike and demacian standard to kill the minions easely this can be done first time at level 3
    putting 2 points in and 1 in

  • Abilities

    Martial Cadence
    This passive is so Great.
    and with the right timing it is good for farming, and it is very good against enemys because it has high damage=Great harrasing early game.

    Dragon Strike
    With some nice armor pen u get very much early-mid game dmg from this spell+the armor reduction maybe will be good with a black cleaver idk yet. but this spell is very nice because it has high damage and low mana cost=Great harrasing early game.

    Golden Aegis
    jarvans best survivability item it slows Enemy+giving u some hp and it is very good against ultis like karthus.

    Demacian Standard
    this flag is just good combined with a well timed dragon strike and ofcourse it is a good scouting tool.

    This is a very good initiation ability and a good way to get focused if u go tank or like me tanky dps.

  • Scores updating

    External Image

  • Film for you who think this is bullshit i have made this video( I know i started recording in the game)

    It is always like this when i play Jarvan IV;) it is Magic(^_^)
    Leave a comment to it please;)

  • Leave a comment and rate please :)

    I need some response for this build

  • Have fun trying this build u can perhaps add me im: Crillo


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