Cho'Gath Build Guide

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How to build a Nightmare. In-Depth look at a Mid, Solo Top, Babysitter, Tier 1 Jungler. by WaKKO151

written by wakko151

Cho'Gath Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This is a Solo que Cho`Goth Guide. Designed to be able to change the type of build you will play after the game has started.

    I have not been playing long. I am not the master with 1000's of games under my belt. I like a couple different champs. But my favorites are guys that can be built based on what the game requires. Jax for example only requires ninja tabi and his build is done. You can then build him to fit what your team needs. I play a lot of solo ques and being able to adapt while in game based on what you buy is really nessecary to get wins in that que. Another good example is Maoki. Who can be built similar to Cho'Goth in that he fills the tank, off-tank, or Mage roll based on the items you get him. So Cho'Goth is just the toon I have played the longest and enjoy the most. I am not LEET...and if you are looking for a guide that will tell you how to be LEET then you should uninstall LoL right now.

    I will Simply Show you how I build him. How I use him. And you will take this information and do what you will with it.

    I have been getting alot of feedback. I appreciate it. Some of the Cho`Mages are metioning that if you buy Boots of Swiftness and Movement quints you are a way better mage. The tanks are askign Why rush a Blasting Wand when you are such a better tank if you rush a Warmogs. I want to stress that this is not a guide for tank or mage Cho`Goth. This is a guide designed to build IN GAME (that means after you have locked in , picked your masterys, Have your Summoner Spells. Are in game, in the lane, activly looking at the other teams buy prioritys. It is meant to counter the whole damn opposing team. Not to one job in particular. It is flexible on purpose. It is meant to allow you to be a great mage, tank, or support tank, AS NEEDED after the whistle was blown. Solo Que is an ify thing. Sometimes you start building one way and relize that you can't do that anymore cause your main tank is new and its free rammus week. You have to adapt. If your whole team locks in as AD you can go AP and get upwards of 700-800ap and still be very hard to kill as the huge mascot of your team in the back throwing ruptures and helping chase. On the fly.

    Update 12/16/11:
    Its been awhile since I have Updated this guide. Honestly I havent't felt the need. There haven't been alot of changes that effect Cho`Gath. The Jungle update has just made it easier for us to jungle. Faster clearing, more options, killing camps ussually gets you more hp and mana then it took to clear the camp with no lifesteal. I still play this champ more then any other and he is still my favorite by far. Tier 1 Jungler, Solo Top, Mid, Babysitter, CC, Silence, Tank, and Mage. This guy has it all and is always a good choice.

    Update 1/19/12
    We will all die someday, but as long as I'm here I'm gonna help you if I can.
    I have added a "Meta" section in each section to explain why i wrote these things even further. These fall under the TMI category but some of you may need a reason why 1+1 = 2 or maybe you just like reading. Either way enjoy.

  • Change Log

    3/11/2011 Added Team Fight and Applying Pressure Sections.
    Added Snippet from Berzerk Dragons "Master Tacticianing with Swain" Named Psychological Warfare. Without his permission. XU
    Added "What Spec Should I be?" and "Why am I buying this crap?" Sections.
    3/24/2011 Added Jungle Cho section
    4/9/2011 Added "Food for Thought" section
    10/6/2011 Small corrections made. Making preperations to add a Dominion section.
    12/16/11 Small corrections and updates made.
    1/19/12 Added Meta Sections "Its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine."

  • Abilities

    This skill allows you to stay in lane. You are trying to get last hits for money anyway. Now you have the added benefit of also gaining HP and MP back from last hitting minions.

    This is your bread and butter skill. Try to keep enough mana to use this skill whenever its off cooldown. You can use this to setup ganks from the brush. It pops people up in the air and then slows them. If you build AP items it will also take a sizable chunk out of there HP. Cho`Goth is a mage. This is his main spell. Learn to use it.
    NOTE: Has a 1 AP ratio.

    Feral Scream
    Very effective to shutdown ability heavy heroes. Use it on tryn when he is low HP then feast. Use it after a rupture to ensure you get last hits or added damage.
    NOTE: Has a 0.7 AP Ratio.

    Vorpal Spikes
    Helps you farm. Max this skill last. Get it second. Very important early game in conjunction with your passive Carnivore. And can keep people away from last hitting themselves. Just don't count on it to do the bulk of the damage. Cho`Goth is a mage. AP increases his damage.
    NOTE: Has a 0.3 AP Ratio.

    Ah. Feast......This has made more then one Vlad, Tryn, etc...cry about how OP Cho`Goth is. It deals true damage. Negating enemy defences completly and its damage increases very nicely with AP. Use this to finish them off or scare them away from your squishes. End your rupture combo with it to ensure a kill before they hit the ground. As AP Cho`Goth I have killed a number of 100% HP enemy champs by rupturing, followed by feral scream and then feasting them before they hit the ground. Mastering this combo will make you a better Cho`Goth.
    NOTE: has a 0.8 AP Ratio.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Runes are simple.
    Reds = Magic Resist/Magic Pen
    Yellows = Mana Per 5
    Blues = Magic Resist/Magic Pen
    Quints = Your choice of either Magic Pen/Magic Resist/Mana per 5
    I personally like avarice Quints but I would recommend mana per 5 to help dominate the game early with constant rupture spam.

    Magic Pen is self explanatory. You want to bypass there defenses. Magic resist for early game so you can ignore mages. If you have played a considerable amount of games you will notice that mages early game harrass hard. Magic resist runes will help you ignore some of that damage and late game that little bit will help you ignore them even more. Mages hurt. Be prepared for it.

    Masterys are preatty simple too. You will want 9/21/0 for both builds. All you really need to make Cho`Goth shine is the 15% magic pen from the offensive tree and 21 points into the defensive tree because even as a mage the extra defense will make you harder to kill. And if you are alive then you can do damage. If you are dead you can just watch the game from a greyed out view. SO no matter what get the 9/21/0 build.

    The idea of runes is to do one of two things

    Idea 1
    I will use runes to make my champ better at the things he is good at

    Idea 2
    I will use my runes to shore up my champs weaknesses to make him a better all around toon.

  • Items

    This is preatty simple. And yet not at all.
    You start with a . Go lane. throw your moves out there. Don't be too aggressive but let them know you can push them around. You will be low on mana relativly fast. As soon as you hit 365g. Recall and buy

    Now you may be asking why?...but the answer is rather simple. Cho`Goth needs HP regen and Mana Regen early game to dominate his lane. He requires nothing else and his build is extremly intensive on cash. Philly gives you 5g/10sec. Its not alot. But its enough to help you out. If you don't have alot of great runes on your toons I reccomend getting the Greater Quintessence of Avarice runes on any item heavy toon becuase 8-9g/per 5 sec really helps get those items early and often. Philly will give you that + mana regen and HP regen. Simply nothing else will do. I ussually never get rid of it. But if i am full on items then i upgrade it to for more HP and regen + cooldown reduction.

    The next item you get depends on how you are doing. But if you aren't sure buy a . Alot of the items you are going to build will require this as a tier 1 component. is a great first item for tank and mage Cho`Goth so this is perfect item to get so you can dominate your lane even harder.

    A Special note: I sometimes put one point into all three of my mian skills and then won't level them until i buy the . Then I put all the points in to rupture. Go back to the lane and start hitting them for 3x the amount of damage it was doing last time they saw me. This will train them early that rupture is just an annoyance that can be ignored. Now with 40+AP and 2-3+ ranks in can make them pay for there assumption.

    If you are having a really bad game and our being forced off the xp and last hits(doesn't happen often with me but...)you can build [item_icon=Heart of Gold]. It adds and extra 5g/per 5 sec and builds in to later.

    After this if i am building tank i will go for a defensive item based on who I am laning against. Don't bother with the small magic resist or armor items get the or . By now you should have 0 deaths and maybe 1-2 kills. About level 10 or lower. You should now buy a and either make or . Now build depending on how the game is going.

    Later on you can turn your into , , , or .
    Later you can turn your into an , , or a [item_icon=force of nature].

    Some items to build depending on the situation you are in.

    Having trouble vs an AP caster?

    AD giving you a headache?
    VS attack speed champs build a and/or
    VS burst damage AD like Pantheon go with

    Got 150+ MR and Armor but still want to be more tanky? Buy or another .

    Getting Fed?
    Buy or if you are pro and can keep the stacks.

    If you are getting raped hard and focused every time you enter a team are doign a good job. Buy a and wait for the surrender vote.

    The Idea of items is one of three things

    Idea 1
    I will use items to make my champ better at the things he is good at and learn to deal with his flaws

    Idea 2
    I will use items to make my guy sustainable, then increase his strengths.

    Idea 3
    I will use Items to fix problems my champ is currently having.

  • Summoner Abilities

    For a mage you will want . It will let you postion yourself in team fights and escape ganks as you are not as tanky.

    For tank spec I would suggest as it can be used defensivly or offensivly and CC is your job so get used to it.

    Other spells that work good on Cho`Goth are for obvious reasons and . Before you get your runes the early game mana will be gone after 3 or 4 ruptures. No combos....feast isn't up cause no mana. Its just bad. Get if you are low summoner rank and can not afford to waste your IP on runes that will be replaced in a couple of levels.

    There are several different ideas behind Summoner spells


  • Pros / Cons

    Mage Cho`Goth

    Extremly tanky for a mage and yet still extremly effective. Flash feast will catch those pesky runners and your spells will not only damage the enemy but set them up for your friends to come in and easily kill them while they are slowed and silenced. Your damage is comparable to any other mage and your ult is on a relativly small cooldown and does a huge amount of damage.


    Must rely on a MAIN tank like rammus, Mumu, Shen etc... to protect you. You may have tons of HP but you are still kinda squishy. HP is not the same as effetive health and without a tank to scare them away from you when you get low you will die often. You will be focused first. Play like a mage because with this spec you are not a tank.

    Tank Cho`Goth

    You are by far one of the best Main tanks in the game. Your rupture will set the team up to kill the enemy who will be scared to come near you. Make sure you wait for the enemy team to overextend then hit them with rupture.... run up and silence. Immediatly when the team fight starts for sure hit the carry with Feast and they will run or die. Your job is to keep there attention. provide cc and be hard as hell to kill. So item choices based on the damage the enemy team is doing is your only priority after rilays. Rilays is not optional. It adds 15% slow to your feast and scream. It makes rupture slow by 75%. Get it and fast.


    Knowing what to buy is the most important part of playing a tank. The only con to playing tanky Cho`Goth is that most people don't understand how to tank. Seriously the guy is a great main tank. There are no downsides except building a thornmail when the whole team is AP based. Learn how to tank. Tanking is not just running into the enemy team and hoping they focus you then running away. Its controling the enemy team. keeping them away from your friends while keeping them in range of your teammates nukes. You are the most important piece of the puzzle. Tanking itself is a con because it is a really hard job to get right.

    using my advice you can decide what your pros and cons will be when using Cho'Gath. He is extremlly versatile and that is his advantage.

  • Build Example

    15% slow on all your moves. HP and AP. Everything that makes Cho`Goth great.
    If they have alot of CC or AP based damage dealers build Merc Treads
    MR, AP, and Mpen.

    These 3 items are good for any Cho`Goth build.

    For Mage you will want a Death Cap.
    For tanks you will want whatever it says killed you in the death review. If you die, LOOK AT IT. Find out whats killing you and build accodingly.

    Don't listen to me. Try things out. Don't use an item build. It is a weakness.

  • Building a Nightmare (Quick Reference)

    While laning make sure you take a look at what people are buying. Countering them is always the best way to win the game. They buy AP you buy MR. They buy AD you buy Armor. They buy MR you buy MPen. Are they winning? Play defense and stay with the group. They need you. Are you winning? Emphasize your aggresive side with more AP.

    You have to really understand what you can get away with too. You should not be dying more then 2-3 times a game. Make sure you keep 6 stacks of feast up as it adds 700 HP at lvl 18. Dying will lose 3 stacks.

    Learn how to zone out the other team and try not to auto attack unless you control the lane. You are not out to gank them during the laning phase and I can not stress that enough. You are there to get your money and xp. I would rather they stay alive the whole time but not be allowed any xp or gold until I hit 10. I recommend watching the tutorials on Youtube for Zoning and tanking. The basic idea is to get them on edge about coming out from there tower because they know you are going to pop them up in the air anytime they get close to the minions.

    Learn to hide your rupture beneath minions so they don't see it coming. Feral Scream when someone approaches aggresivly. It will stop them from harrassing you and once you get some decent AP it will do a nice bit of damage.

    So here is the breakdown.

    Start with Put 1 point into Go to your lane. Push them around and test them. See what you will be dealing with for the next hour. PRESS TAB. Look at what they bought. How many HP pots do they have? Whats there first item?
    When you hit lvl 2 put a point into
    When you hit lvl 3 put a point into
    365g, Recall and buy Go back to lane and annoy them harder.
    Wait till you get 860g. Buy a Now put all points you have saved into Rupture. Any left over points put into [spell_tect=Feral Scream]. Now your rupture will hit them about 3x as hard as it did before. You should now aggressivly control the lane. Let the minions push and then kill them starting in the back of the wave with the mages, making sure to keep them pushed off the wave and at there tower.
    PRESS TAB. What do they have now? is it AP or AD? Build accordingly. for MR and AP. Start working on your starting with either a if they are a problem and the [item_icon=Heart of gold] if they aren't killing you with AD.
    Next build a
    After this if you are going tank then you should buy a . If you are going Mage then you should build

    The idea here is that you want to be able to remain in lane and do what you need to do and only leave when you choose to. By having HP regen and MP regen you will be able to wait patiently for them to make a mistake and then take advantage of it. The whole laning phase is about controling the lane. Its just this strip of land but if you can control the minions then you can control something they want. Most RTS games have resources and in this game Resources are Minions. Do not forget that you need money to buy items and if you die the other team gets money.

  • What spec should I be?

    In char select I am always rushing to pick Cho`Gath. I don't lock in right away. If we don't have a junglar and we have alot of AP already locked in I Jungle Trundle. Because we don't need more AP. And Trundle only needs a Wrigles lantern and lvl 1 boots to be good at jungling. He can tank or dps later on in the game depending on how you build him. He also has alot of support spells.

    If you have alot of tanks and AD you can go Cho and off-tank or mage. If there are tons of carrys stay Cho and go tank. This last scenario is the most common in solo que. You will tank ALOT!

    While in game if you notice you are geting raped by magic and you are playing a mage GET A NEGATRON CLOAK FOR GODS SAKES! This goes for ANY TOON!!!

    Don't keep taking insane amounts of damage. Don't get more HP. Get something to defend against that particular damage. If you are dead you are not helping. You are basicly giving them 300 gold. Thats more then a dragon kill. Not to mention assists. Thats like 100-150g each player who did damage to you. Now you are losing xp and money because you are not in lane.

    However you should always turn and fight and unleash everything you got if you KNOW you are going to die. Why not waste all your mana and cooldowns if you are gonna die anyway. At least then they will fear the next time they see you and a friend.

    After you start the game and head to lane is when you should start thinking about this descion. I would say by the time you first back you should know which way you are heading. Then by the time you back the second time you should know for sure.

    When the game starts everyone picks there champ. Look at what your team is picking and make note of what your team is weak on. When the game starts loading make a note of the team compostion and what they are weak and strong points are as a team. When you start heading to lane press tab and look at what they are buying. By they I mean EVERYONE. Try to figure out what each guy is building and see if there lane is a good match. Decide who you should be attacking if there is more then one person in your lane. When people start buying items make a note of that. Look at how many minions players have killed and look at there items. you can kinda figure out how much he has on him. Look at the score board like its an Intel report for your army and there army. And when you notice a hole in all this info...fill that hole. Adapt to the fucking situation. Find the advantage and use it.

  • Why are you buying this crap??

    Basicly when you look at any toon you have to use your runes and masterys to fix some of the gaping wholes in your toon.
    If your toon is low on HP at the begining of the game you might want to get HP/5 or HP/lvl or Flat HP.
    If you are a mana user quints and Yellow mana regen runes are great.
    Tanks that use mana should get Strength of Spirit
    If you are jungling get [Mastery=Awareness] and at least +10 Armor Pen from runes.(Yes you can Jungle Cho)

    Now while in game....
    if you notice that your Udyr is out of the jungle and has started building alot of tank items....think off-tank then. Get a Blasting wand and build it into something after you finish your current item.

    If your MuMu is buying nothing but AP items then start buying some tank items.

    If your current tank is getting raped....SELL ITEMS and start tanking. Do it man. You can wait till he comes back to life and see what he buys next but, you finally getting to play Mage Cho for the first time in solo que is not worth a loss.

    If you are tanking and you are just super fed buy a Blasting Wand, Leviathan, or a Gank Book. The wands is your safe bet but Levi or Gank Book can be good if you have over 150 armor and MR already.

    If you Have over 150 MR and Armor Buy more HP. This will improve your effective health more then another negatron cloak or chain vest.

    Always build at least 1 HP/5 item besides Philly. Always. You have alot of HP but it takes a while to get it back to full by just last hitting and waiting. Buying an FoN or Warmogs is extremly important.

    I like to buy a Negatron cloak and turn that into an FoN every game I tank.

    Buy A Giant Belt and Build either a Warmogs or Rylis.

    Still have that regrowth pendent cause you fed so hard you never left your lane to buy a philly?
    Build it into a Warmogs, FoN, or build a Shul's your first back.

    Buy items to fill the gaps and screw over your enemy. Doing more damage is never the first measure you should take unless you are absolutly owning the enemy. Buying a defensive item is the first priority of any toon. If you just got back to mid vs Annie and she bought a gank book and you bought a negatron cloak she is screwed. You will not feed her and you will harrass her hard with impunity with philly and a negatron cloak. Good enough to flash + feast if mage or exhaust + ghost + feast.

    Again these tips go for any toon you play. If your on bot and tryn thinks he can kill you in 5 seconds under your tower...prove him wrong with a Chain Vest that builds into a frozen heart or thornmail.

    I could go on forever but I think that actually playing a toon for 5 straight games in a row will give you better results.

    Quite frankly if you are even reading this and learning I feel very sad for you.


  • Applying Pressure

    With HP and MP regen High after you get philly you will want to start being EVEN MORE AGGRESSIVE. But don't start trying to gank. Keep Harrassing them. You want to be aggressivly farming money, HP, and MP. You want them to not be able to do that. You want to CONTROL the minion waves.


    Work on your last hitting skills. One of the things i like to do is setup my rupture so that they have to make a choice. If I go for creeps i will put the rupture circle right in front of where i am farming if they are melee. This makes them choose to take the aoe stun, slow, damage, and hit me OR back off and let me farm. With ranged champs i put it so that they are standing in the back half of the circle. So now they can choose to hit me once or twice and get popped or back up and let me farm.

    Another good choice I like to give them is to put rupture right on them and make them run forward. This will allow my lane mate to get a shot at them, you walk up and silence. OR THEY BACK UP AND LET ME FEED!!!

    Getting the picture?

    Lane mates are also something to consider. In general, EVERYONE IS A GOOD LANE MATE!! If you have friends who play different chars and you are always high and mighty Cho'Gath, they catch on quick when to jump on someone. And when they are getting raped make sure to silence the chasers and rupture where they will be in 2 seconds to keep your lane mate safe. It is your #1 priority to feed though so do not die for there dumb mistake. Help them but do not die in the early stages if it can be avoided.

    Anyone with a stun, burst damage, aoe, heal, snare, ANYONE!!! works great for Cho`Gath. It really is amazing.

    You pop and your lane mate...

    pops empower and jumps on the target then backs off.

    Pops his shield and stuns him a 2nd time while you follow up with silence and he blows his shield.

    Runs to the dead center of where the rupture is drops a mushroom and blinding shots while you silence and teemo auto attacks chases.

    Morgana skills shots, drops aoe behind them while you silence.

    pops his siphon life, throws some aoe blood and puddles right as you silence. The puddle slows them so pop them again while he continues to suck there life.

    The list goes on and on...

    Cho`Gath only needs HP and MP regen to dominate his lane and the only one that ever gives me trouble is Caitlyn because her skill shot range is huge. No biggie. Just buy boots after philly. Tier 1 boots can get you out of her skill shot and help you setup more ruptures.

    Poppy Hurting you?
    Let her get at your tower . Exhaust then pop then munch. Tower will kill her and they fall for it. Believe me. They fall for it.

    Vlad or someone else giving you alot of problems with constant harrassment? Just silence them setup a rupture when they run and continue to feed.

  • Team Fights

    I have heard alot of people say that Cho`Gath is not targeted first because of his massive HP and tanking items. But I have a feeling these people don't play Cho`Gath. Even as Full tank Cho`Gath your moves hurt. ALOT! If you are activly harrassing and silencing right away in the big pile ups that happen in mid people are going to QQ and try to kill you. They will succeed to because you are the last to leave the team fight. But If done right you will die as your team mates are destroying the survivors.

    Team fights are about dominating your lane but with help from all your friends. Do not try to soak the damage. Dance around. The more HP you have when the real fight starts the more likly you are to keep your stacks. Continue to rupture spam. At some point it will lead to a couple of them getting popped. When that happens you move in to silence and your team follows suit. If they don't keep dancing until they get the picture. Once the team does jump them stand in the middle of the fray and auto attack and rupturing. Silence when it comes up.

    Your goal is to keep them fighting while watching your HP. If you start going under half start backing up if you are not seeing the enemy drop like flys. Start dancing and start again. You are more valuable alive by yourself with your whole team dead then dead with your whole team standing at the tower. You can defend the tower. They may not be able to.

    The reason why silence is so effective...Morde can't gain his shield....Akali can't dash....NuNu can't ult....

    If chamsp can't use there skills they become auto attackers for 3 seconds. The whole enemy team becomes less effective and it allows your team to get in there and really mess them up during that time. Just think how mad Tryn will be when he realizes he can't ult for 3 seocnds and he is taking a beating.

  • Psychological Warfare

    NOTE: This pertains to any Champ really. Use these as examples. I did not write this. I stole this from Berzerk Dragons "Master Tactianing with Swain" Guide. Some of you may not like these tactics but I think they are even more viable if pussy ass excuses like "Thats BS" or "reported" are all they have to come back with because I screamed NOM NOM NOM after every wonderful feast kil I get. It puts the opponent on edge. Causes in-fighting. And most importantly, it applys PRESSURE!

    19. Psychological Warfare by Berzerk Dragon
    You wanna know a secret? Swain has a hidden fifth spell! It's called all-chat, and it's very fun to use even if it does not work on the enemy.

    Soviet Swain
    This strategy only works if you are using the Northernfront skin. Although it won't have many effects on the enemy team, it's very silly and rather funny to employ. NOTE: Soviet Swain is not meant to be offensive to Russians, communists, or any other group of people. It is all in good fun and I apologize for anybody offended as a result of my posting this.

    How it works is you talk like a stereotypical Russian from 50 years ago. Refer to people as "comrade," heck, use it to end your sentences (delayed is even better). Call out your opponents whenever they make a bad move, occasionally belting out insults like "Stupid Capitalist pigs." Comment on how your opponents keep dying to "Real Soviet damage!" If they have their own Swain (not Northernfront) be sure to belt out "Soviet Swain is the only Swain!" every time you kill him.

    Hopefully, this should enrage the enemy team and decrease their gameplay accordingly.

    Gank Indicator
    Whenever you're about to gank someone, say something along the lines of "My bird is hungry" or "Let's just morph and eat them." Sooner or later, the enemy will realize that whenever you say one of those lines, a gank is incoming. What you can then do later on is randomly say your gank phrase when you're not actually going to gank. Some people will actually react and retreat, giving you a free Fortify.

    Another opponent, another disappointment
    Only use if you're doing very well. Taunt you enemy whenever they fail to do something to you. Failgank? "You do not mess with Swain." (increase the intensity every time you reverse a gank without getting killed) Juked an enemy? "I'm five steps ahead of you" (even better if you saved an ally in the process). Things like that are sure to make you a prime target from miffed opponents, allowing your team to work magic on them without fear of retaliation.

    Da Boids
    This doesn't actually do much, but it's absolutely hilarious. You need a Fiddlesticks and an Anivia on Vent with you to pull this off. What happens is you 3 go to gank some guy. Fiddle ults over a wall while you (in ult form) and Anivia flash over the same wall while spamming "CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW" in all-chat. Almost guaranteed to produce lulz.

  • Jungle Cho

    It is not only possible to jungle Cho`Gath, he is good at it. But the first thing you have to understand to jungle any toon is what YOUR ROLE is as the teams jungler.

    Alot of people don't get it. So lets discuss it real quick. Jungling is the act of NOT TAKING A LANE. Using the jungle creeps to level on and activly roaming the map for low HP toons or pushed lanes to help your teammates, when needed, to regain control or cement there control of the lane. Thru gank attempts, ward placment, and neutral creep control. They allow you to have 2 high level toons instead of one. If you are good at it then you will also be high level.

    Here is a jungler check list
    1. Put your first point into Vorpal Spikes
    2. Buy cloth armor
    3. Buy 5 HP pots
    4. Be at Wraiths by 1:35
    5. Smite the big blue wraith, kill the smaller creeps.
    6. Goto the Wolf camp. Start with the big wolf
    7. Point into rupture.
    8. Goto dual golem camp. Fight the golems and smite the 2nd one when it comes off cooldown.
    9. Recall

    From here you need to look at whats going on. You should have enough to buy boots. Your next descion is where to go next. This is what people screw up on. If you see a lane pushed back to YOUR tower thats where you need to go. Help that person regain dominance in his lane. You are the floater. Float! Get him in a good postion and then leave to kill some camps again. Most likly you will still have some hp pots left over. Use them. They are only 35gp.

    After that your goal is to gain xp and gold to stay competive while popping out and scaring the shit out of people who over extend. Make them pay for being aggresive. Manage your HP learn where to go when because you are a capable ganker, especially when you get your ultimate. You have everything a ganker needs.

    Here is your typical ganking scenario.

    Top lane is pushed back to the tower. You our level 6 and your solo top lane is level 4 or 5. He is getting pushed off the XP and money. The enemy team has no jungler so your top solo lane is suffering without your pressence. DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR SOLO LANES!!!! This is very counter productive. Rememebr the point of having a jungler is so the top and mid lane can be higher level mid game. If they are having bad games you have to help them. Its your job.
    Soooo... Ping the map to let them know you are going to attempt a gank. Hide in the bushes behind them if possible. Pop ghost run out of the bush and hit where the target will run wtih rupture. Silence them with feral scream. Run over to him and feast. Beat the piss out of him. Get out of there at half health. Your job is to regain lane control, NOT TO FEED!!! Hang out. If you regain lane control hide in a lane bush and recall if u need to. This will leave them thinking that you are still in the bush after you leave the lane. If you failed and they still have lane control you might have to bite the bullet and buy a regrowth pendent and lane with your solo.

    Having problems mid?
    Buy a counter item, most likly a negatron cloak, and take mid while your mid recalls and either starts to gank himself or comes back to mid lane with a counter item. Mid still getting whooped on? Lane with him. He will hate you so much but fuck him.....he is feeding there mid. So his opinion doesn't really count now does it.

    Jungling is all about map control. So ward placement is a huge part of your job. Make sure you ward dragon, both blue buffs, mid jungle entrances, and any bush that is often used by the enemy to conceal there movement. Wards tell you where the enemy is and our not optional. THEY ARE NOT OPTIONAL!!! Buy them. Knowing that the enemy is trying to take there blue buff leads to ganking that guy and getting a kill. Its the difference between THINKING they are doing baron and KNOWING they are doing baron. Seeing there life bars and KNOWING you can gank them. Thats not a small difference. And if you are going to jungle then its your job so just do it. If you don't want to then don't jungle. Its just that simple.

    Map control is a tricky thing when you are trying to save up for expensive items to tank or gank with. Knowing what to do and when is really hard. It takes alot of XP. You will not be good at it with any toon right away and alot of toons do it better then Cho`Gath. The only reason you should jungle is because you don't already have a jungler and still need an AP tank. Even then having Amumu(who is ussually banned in ranked games) would be a better choice.

    Cho is definetly a capable jungler. But his item's are expensive. Unless you actually get those ganks you might be suffering into mid game. If your team is doing good because of your sacrifice and our out there reeking havoc on the enemy then take advantage and keep pushing all the lanes. This will allow you to catch up late game in items and XP. If your team is doing bad consider hard counter items and defensive play.

    Update for Major Jungle Changes 12/16/11:
    I now normally start at blue. The jungle is now alot easier to handle. You can pratty much start anywhere. You sustainability is even better because Creeps our slightly easier to kill and your passive makes every kill become mana and health you get back. i would now reccomend buying armor + 2hp pots + a ward. This will allow you to get blue without being ganked or ward red and gank there jungler. I rarely use more then 3 hp pots when i jungle now and the extra wards just makes your start stronger.

  • Food for Thought

    Cho'Gath is an exceptional AP Mage/Tank. He can jungle, Duo lane, solo lane, and mid. He is IMO the best all around champ. He is not the best champ in LoL. He is not the best tank, mage, ap, jungle, or anything else either. He is my best toon. But I play alot of different champs. Every week a new one comes out and I start playing that one. Free rotation comes around and I want to master a new toons for the week. I think this is important. The more you know about the different toons available then the better you can teamfight with them or play against them. Its all about learning and adapting. Most of the feedback I have gotten from tells is that people read my Cho`Gath guide and it improved there gameplay WITH ALL THERE CHAMPS. I gotta say that made me preatty happy. So, I wanted to toss out some ideas for you guys to chew on. Litte bitty tips tricks and strats that can improve your overall gameplay. No matter what toon you are playing.

    Play one single toon for a fucking week straight. As much as possible. Whoever you are best with. Stick with them. Soon you will learn every single thing about them. Learn how much you can get away with. Go out there and make tons of mistakes sand learn from them. The key to getting better at anything is always practice and repetition.

    Deathfire Grasp
    If you are a pure ap toon then picking up deathfire grasp mid game will give you an extra ultimate. Every minute you can take about 30-50% of someones HP away with about 250-400 ap. It gives 60ap, 10% cooldown Redux, and mana per 5. If you need that shit and have a decent amount of AP already then DFG can be a great tool.

    If you have 200+ AP and auto attack then you should pick this up. It gives mana AP magic resist and will add your AP to your auto attack damage after every spell you cast. Champs like Sion, Nidalee, Kat, Nunu, etc... this really helps. This adds a considerable amount of dps to anyone who is ap based and auto attacks.

    Defense is the best offense. Its so true with anyone and everyone. Expecially toons that our not glass cannon DPSers. If you are dying then you absolutly need to build a counter item. It is a must. All you Ashe, Twitch, Anivia, etc.... PLEASE LISTEN.. or at least be on the opposing team. It is more important to survive then to kill someone.

    Normal Solo Que
    Its all about what the team needs. Playing champs that can build differently based on what your team needs and what the enemy is building is the key to Solo que. Do not yell at your team or say anything bad at all for any reason. I find myself breaking this rule but I do belive that if I wanted to talk to you I would doing it in ventrilo. Try not to type at all. Even MIAs are a real waste. You have Tab which highlights all seen enemy team members who are visible. You have a mini map. Use it. Spend your time playing and not talking. Playing in solo que requires a humble patient person. Sometimes no matter what you do you end up with the troll team or a bunch of retards who are all playing champs for the first time. It happens. Just keep playing to the best of your abilitys and lets hope this public court system is implemented soon.

    Ranked Games
    Don't take them to seriously. I mean it. If you haven't played a rank game before and our thinking about getting into it here are some reasons why you should. It keeps track of all your stats. Less trolls. Alot less. Serious gamers play ranked matches. Just remember what I first said. The only real difference between normal and ranked matches is the stats and the fact that its not blind pick but draft pick. Thats about it. I have to say that matches don't tend to be as long either. With either team realizing that they are outmatched and surrendering earlier then in normal games. Don't be afraid to jump in there. If you have never played a ranked match and you have a high elo from normal you will find that you are being matched with people of lower rank then you would normally be matched with. This can be a good and bad thing. But do your best and just give it a chance. I have met alot of people who never ever play ranked matches. They are missing out on alot.

    Champ Stable
    I think that everyone should have a stable of toons that they can play on demand at toon select. A group of chars that have there own rune pages and memorized masterys taht you can plug in real quick based on what others pick. It will improve your win loss ratio alot if you help out filling the gaps in your team. Personally I use the following champs for the following reasons.

    Trundle- AD Jungle tank or dps
    Amumu- AP Jungle tank
    Cho`Gath- AP Mage/Tank
    Renekton- AD DPS/Tank
    Volibear- AD Baby Sitter Off tank
    Mord- AP Mage/Tank
    Eve- Stealth AP Assassin
    Jax- Hybird Assassin
    Maoki- AP Tank/Harrass
    Rammus- Main Tank
    Tryn- AD Assassin
    Singed- AP Off Tank
    Sion- AP Stun Bomb
    Nidalee- Support

    I know its a long list but all you really need is one of the following
    1 AD Tank
    1 AP Tank
    1 AP DPS
    1 AD DPS
    1 Jungler
    1 Assassin

    Keep in mind that some chars can fill multiple roles based on how you build them. One great example is Sion. Who can be anything really. He can be AD, AP, tank, DPS, Jungle. The only thing he can't be is support.
    Having a couple of goto guys allows you to pick the right champ for your team. You should pick who you want to be by the 50 second mark in normal ques and then rush to pick your masterys, rune page, and summoner spells. 50 seconds is a good cushion. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND!!! after you make your choice stick with it. Remember you waited 20 seconds for them to make up there minds. If they change after that then what can you do. Switching and not having all your points set or the wrong rune page can ruin you.

    Other Guides
    The whole idea of reading a guide is to up your gameplay. With that in mind, I like to read guides just to see what people like to do. Some of the crappy guides can give you an idea of how people think in general. Even the worst guide may have a small tiny detail that you just never knew and will change the way you play from now on. And great guides provide you with some great ideas. You shouldn't follow any build to a tee unless you are testing that build out for the first time. In general you should read any guide, including mine, and take what seems good and you like from it, avoid what you don't and seems like a bad idea, and be fucking happy you can tell the difference. Here are some links to guides that have greatly helped me increase my gameplay. Only Notable mentions are present.
    (I have had requests already to be on the list. If you aren't on the list I will gladly read your Guide. But I can not gurantee it will be posted. Flashy pictures are nice but the guides posted under our exceptional. Not everyone can be on that list.)

    Burning Heart Amumu (Tank)
    Evelynn - cry me a river
    Heimerdinger - The Gordon Freeman of LoL
    A(n Overly) Comprehensive Guide to the Grandest Master-at-Arms
    Invinci-Kaiser REVAMPED + New TT Build 3.0; The ex-Premium Guide With a Semicolon
    Go Beast Mode with Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress
    Nunu's Frozen Jungle Hell
    The way of the Warrior - Pure DPS
    Pantheon, burst damage / survivability guide
    Poppy - A passion for the mallet (UPDATED!)
    Master of Assists (by Bguggs INN)
    The misunderstood angry Crocagator
    Daegen's Guide to Shaco; Death Isn't Funny (Outdated)
    Singed the Crazyman
    AP Sion, The Escape from Elo Hell
    GiRLSTAR's Kimpossibly Wordy Bukkake Sion Guide
    Tryndamere: My right arm is alot stronger than my left arm!
    In-depth jungler warwick guide
    One simple guide for Warwick

    I know you know this but I had to say it again so you will actually listen to it. You hear me, but you actually going out and trying these things is all you. More to come.

  • Dominion

    Cho can go top or bot. But to be honest I haven't played him alot in Dominion. I have been focusing on a really annoying AP Shaco build that keeps the focus on there mid all game and makes them fear the Crystal Scars Jungle. But he is an effective defender. I will have to play him a little bit more before I feel confident handing out anymore advice on this. i don't want to assume anything right now. But this section will be updated in the future and all feedback is appreciated.

  • Summary

    I am new to writing guides. I will be updating this guide as I play and patches come out. Just keep in mind that everyone plays there toons differently. This is how I build Cho`Goth. I wrote this guide for myself and friends. If you are neither and you don't like this build...keep it to yourself cause I don't care. Opinions are like assholes and alot of assholes have alot of opinions. Keep it to yourself. No One asked you.

    That being said I am open to feedback and suggestions. I will read comments and update this guide as I see fit. Thank You for reading. GL HF.

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