Malphite Build Guide

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Becoming junglephite or tankphite!

written by TK3poonpad

Malphite Build

Table of Contents

  • Quick Reference!

    Want a brief overview of how (Laning) Malphite is played, give this a quick read!


    Summoner Spells

    9/21/0 or 0/21/9

    Spell Priority
    , , ,

    I typically go Q, E, E, W, E, R, E, etc.... with above priority in mind.

    Items at Start

    Item Core
    OR ,

    Late Game Items

    Core Tanking Items vs Casters
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    Core Tanking Items vs DPS

    Late Game Options

  • Introduction

    Malphite is one versatile beast. He has the ability to initiate team fights, tank incredible amounts of damage (esp. early game), interrupt channeling ults, deal out some quick burst damage, and jungle if you play him right! I've played a few hundred games with Malphite with great success, but feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have on this guide. Enjoy.

  • Masteries

    If you plan to lane with Malphite, it is best to go with 9/21/0 or 0/21/9; your choice. It is essential to have those point in the defensive mastery in order to maximize the use of your skills.

    Jungling is also an option when playing Malphite. Make sure you read the runes section next, but you will be best off using 0/9/21 on your masteries for this scenario.

  • Runes


    These runes will give you the surviveability you are going to need to be your teams tank. Beefing up on defensive stats are key with Malphite as well because you will increase the amount of damage it takes to break your passive shield. Also, the more armor you have the higher damage you will deal out with your Ground Slam.


    Armor Pen is key when jungling, you should be able to jungle using the "laning marks," however you will not be as quick and will be cutting it closer than you'd like when killing the golem.

  • Items

    Items at Start

    Item Core
    OR ,

    Late Game Items

    Core Tanking Items vs Casters
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    Core Tanking Items vs DPS

    Late Game Options

    Items at Start

    Core Items
    [item_icon=Heart of Gold]OR

    From here you have many options. Depending on what your team needs, sometime I like to build a Frozen Mallet, however you will be ridiculed for it. Otherwise, continue with the same items listed in the laning build.

  • Skilling Order

    I typically go Q, E, E, W, E, R, E, etc.... with above priority in mind. It is also an option to start off right away with your Ground Slam and build it up similarly. It really depends on what you are laning against and how you choose to play.

    Ground Slam is obviously much better for farming multiple low minions at once, however seismic shard is useful for harassing at a distance and picking up minions if you are being kept back from the lines of battle.


    Jungle Skilling Order goes as follows: E, W, E, Q, E, R, E, etc... Getting Brutal Strikes at level 2 speeds up the time it takes you to kill jungle monsters significantly with its increased armor/damage active and the passive splash damage does not hurt either!

  • Summoner Abilities

    My personal favorites:
    - This provides you with some extra damage and killing ability to finish off pesky heroes (e.g. Tryndamere, Mundo, or anyone with a flash or invis)

    Also acceptable:

    This is 100% essential to jungling.
    or are the most appealing secondary options but my preference is flash because of its ability to jump walls in sticky situations.

  • Jungle Strategy

    First I will give you the order of the camps and then will go into further strategy detail.

    Begin at Blue buff golem, then dance with some wolves, continue to wraith camp, red buff, and finally the golems.

    Before picking up your blue, make sure that you and your team are patrolling (or camping) in bushes around to make sure you are not going to be ganked right off the bat. If you do not get blue on your first try, you are quickly gimped and will have to come back to it later. When killing blue, keep spamming your ground slam and use smite when its a bit under half hp for the kill. Make sure to use your health potion as soon as your rock armor crumbles to deter the amount of damage you're taking. Level up your Brutal Strikes and carry on through the forest.

    Make sure to use health potions as the previous one wears off, and if you continue unmolested you should not have more than two health pots left when you begin red buff. Recall after final ogres to purchase some items and feel free to pick up respawned camps, ward dragon (suggested against teams with jungle), search for other team's jungle, or gank lanes. Ganking, however, is not very effective until level 6 because you do not have any way to quickly initiate battle or stun the opponent.

  • Pretty basic tricks, but things you should keep in mind as you play.

    A few things to note when battling (or running):

    1) When you first turn level 6, you have the ability to kill just about any champion (of comparable level of course) when they are not full health. Make sure you have the mana and that ignite is not on cooldown when you level. Charge them with your , activate , follow it with a and and a few big rock punches and you should have a kill.

    2) You can use your flash and ult back to back and it will be very useful in some situations. For example if someone is getting away but it too far for your ult, you can flash closer and then ult. Also these skills have the ability to go over and through most cliffs/tree lines on LoL, so use that to your advantage.

    3) It is a near-must that you initiate team battles using your ult. During those long stand off near turrets when people are shuffling around looking for an advantage do not be afraid to throw yourself in on a squishy that has stepped out of place. Your team will follow and the fight will now be underway. Depending on the time of game, your shield will be able to absorb a few turret shots and you will be able to easily back down without dying.

    Keep these things in mind and you should have some great success using Malphite. I hope this was useful and please send me your construct criticism.

    TK3poonpad signing out!

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