Jarvan IV Build Guide

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Jarvan IV guide : They never knew what hit 'em.

written by stachooo

Jarvan IV Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I'm making this guide to let you enjoy playing Jarvan IV as much as I do. Note that this is just a guide, you don't HAVE to do exaclty as I say if you like something else better.

  • Abilities

    Martial Cadence
    This is Jarvan IV's passive. He does 10% damage to the current hp of an enemy on first hit with a maximum of 400 damage (note that this is dealt as Magic damage and can be countered by Magic Resistance). This is not the ability to focus on although it can be useful in some team battles or for first charge.

    Dragon Strike
    This skill allows Jarvan IV to increase the length of his spear do damage enemies on a distance. This skill gets bonus damage from your physical damage. Together with Demacian Standard this forms 1 of the most useful combinations in game because this skill allows you to get dragged towards your Demacian Standard and throw up everyone you get across, also dealing major damage. This is also your main spamming ability in fights, because you normally play Jarvan IV with attack damage. this will get a lot of damage output eventually and can hit different enemies.

    Golden Aegis
    This skill slows the enemy champions that are near it and gives you some armor as well. I barely ever use this ability for the armor that it gives. I rather slow the enemies with it to prevent a Cat and Mouse game.

    Demacian Standard
    This skill has Jarvan IV throwing a flag into the ground dealing damage and giving your allies and you an attack speed and armor buff for 8 seconds. Use this when pushing towers and to harass. Also Use this to do last hits when they are trying to get away. Together with Dragon strike this has different uses:

    -Catch up to a chase.
    -Jump over walls to get away from a Chase or to assassinate your enemies.
    -Do a lot of damage output.
    -Charge up to your enemy and get in front of them.

    If you have Jarvan IV you will probably love this skill. It allows you to leap towards your target, dealing major damage on hit and creating an arena to lock the enemy in. This is very useful because you can time it so when you do you will most likely be in the advantage. This also has several uses:

    -Drag out the 1on1
    -Drag out the 2on1 if your enemy is near your teammate.
    -Save your ally if hes being chased from a distance.
    -Disrupt enemy line-ups.
    -End the lives of squishy targets as soon as possible.

  • Skilling Order

    This is the skilling order I use:

    1. E: Demacian Standard
    2. Q: Dragon Strike
    3. Q: Dragon Strike
    4. W: Golden Aegis
    5. Q: Dragon Strike
    6. R: Cataclysm
    7. Q: Dragon Strike
    8. E: Demacian Standard
    9. Q: Dragon Strike
    10. E: Demacian Standard
    11. R: Cataclysm
    12. E: Demacian Standard
    13. E: Demacian Standard
    14. W: Golden Aegis
    15. W: Golden Aegis
    16. R: Cataclysm
    17. W: Golden Aegis
    18. W: Golden Aegis

    As you can see, I primarily focus on getting Cataclysm. Second I focus Dragon Strike after level 1. Third comes Demacian Standard. And last but not least is Golden Aegis

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I go 21/0/9:


    The 21 points in offense I find very useful because it increases your critical damage and critical chance, also some attack speed and auto attack damage makes it the perfect masteries to equip on Jarvan IV. ( I also put 1 point in Exhaust )

    The 9 points in utility are for mana and mana regen purposes. because you need this in early and late game to both stay in your lane as long as possible and to get just enough mana to ensure a kill once someone is running from you.

    For runes I go for more critical chance, because in early game it really helps to scare the enemies off with some Hugh crits. While in late games it just nukes that target down! in total this gives you 20 % critical chance:

    9x Greater Mark of Malice
    9x Greater Seal of Malice
    9x Greater Glyph of Malice
    3x Greater Quintessence of Malice

  • Items

    At the start of every game, Buy External Image Boots of speed, External Image 2 health potions and External Image 1 mana potion.

    When this is done, try to upgrade your External Image Boots of Speed into External Image Berserker Greaves. I recommend doing this first because not everyone has boots upgraded in early game. so to give you a chase advantage and to save your ghost for harder tasks.

    The second big item you need is a External Image Phantom Dancer. Do this for the big increase in attack speed, the extra critical chance and the extra movement speed which all three can be very useful.

    Now if you might have noticed, you don't have a lot of health yet. so for third item I go for a External Image Frozen Mallet. This for the very useful passive, the damage and mainly the health increase.

    The fourth item prevents you from dieing in a 1on1. External Image The Bloodthirster. This item I only get for the life steal it will give you.

    The fifth item is either External Image Youmuu's Ghostblade for the extremely big increase of attack speed, or a defensive item like External Image Thornmail or External Image Force of Nature. This is based on whether the enemy is attack damage (=Thornmail) or ability power (=Force of Nature).

    The last item to help you out will be External Image Madred's Bloodrazor to nuke that enemy down.

    This combo explains the title: They never knew what hit e'm.

  • Summoner Abilities

    For summoner abilities I use External Image Ghost and External Image Exhaust.

    The reason for this is because I find them the most useful.

    Ghost to either run out of your enemies or to prevent them from running to a tower.

    Exhaust to slow the target that does the most damage to you or to slow an enemy down to get in range for some melee attacks. This proves to be very useful when you have ability cooldowns.

    These 2 combined can make kills on it's own. That's why I always use them. This doesn't mean that you have to get these 2 abilities. If you think of anything better, then that's your choice.

  • Pros / Cons


    -Can pull out the 1on1.
    -Can pull out the 2on1.
    -is a Very good chaser.
    -Does nuking damage early and late game.
    -is Disruptive.
    -Gives you an advantage in team battles.


    -Has low health in early game.
    -Everyone has him(This can be temporary because hes pretty new at the moment).

  • Working in the team

    For solo-laning you should harass your enemy with Demacian Stanard until level 2. Once you turn level 2 you have both Demacian Standard and Dragon strike. Watch your enemy, if he goes between the range of you and your Demacian Standard, cast Dragon strike to throw the enemy in the air, do some damage and get in front of him, then start nuking him with your crits. Be aware of your mana and never let it run lower then 1/3 of your total mana because you can use this for better purposes then harassing:

    - If you find an opening on your enemy then you can use this to finish him off
    - If you get caught off-guard you can use this to flee.

    For duo-laning play aggressive, let the enemies feel some crits to scare them off. once this is done you can get some minion kills. Which can give you the mid- and late game advantage.

  • Unique Skills

    I have probably listed most of the combo moves for Jarvan IV above. But i'll list the main combo if you have no ability cooldown:

    (If you followed my Summoner Spells as well)
    |Ghost-Cataclysm-Demacian Standard-Dragon Strike-Golden Aegis-Exhaust.

    (If you use your own Summoner Spells)
    |Cataclysm-Demacian Standard-Dragon Strike-Golden Aegis|

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