Vladimir Build Guide

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The rivers will run RED (or: how-to-own'em guide to Vlad)

written by Jurij Malkav

Vladimir Build

Table of Contents

  • Why Vladimir?

    That's because he's one of most powerful and versatile hi-dam AP carry. And that's the 1st thing to comprehend: u'll be a HI-DAM AP CARRY, not else.
    You can dominate the match, and it often results you're a big killer/assister even in defeats.
    He's funny to play, 'cause u'll need to move a lot and be very active and flexible when facing other champs.
    He's not hard to master, is funny and effective.
    You'll scary 'em with ur combos and become the "zone limiter" for ur opponents, as well as dispatching scarying ganks.
    Then you farm like a monster, and it means rapid builds if compared to other champs.
    I'll not spend too much words explaining why Vlad is better than other AP carries, 'cause if u play him u already know that. Otherwise the most important thing in LOL is that u've FUN. So if u find other heroes that better suits to your playing style, or what else, then.. they are the best ;)
    This guide is written just to show u how freaky is Vlad with a bit of style in playing him. So maybe it's not the best ever or it's not so clear and so on. Feel free to comment and suggest.
    It's long to read as well!

  • Abilities

    Crimson Pact
    Awesome. That's what makes the real difference between you and other AP carries. And this difference is that you can stay in a teamfight longer, chasing your opponents, get quadra-kills and get out alive. Just please, DO NOT stack Health intentionally because of that: the ratio is balanced in a way that stacking AP is just more effective. Later (in the Items section) it'll be clearer.

    Your main cannon/bread'n'butter button is your Q. Low cooldown, high damage, great heal to yourself, no cost. Anything else? Yeah: zone-control button. It's the jab of the boxer. A very powerful jab.

    Sanguine Pool
    One of the most powerful W ever seen, but to use with caution due to its long cooldown and high health cost. It's a great weapon but it's the LAST weapon. That's because it's your way to flee if needed, making you untouchable even by AoE ultis (GP, Karthus, Amumu, Kat, so on). But it's contemporarily a great chase tool to catch the wounded dead-men-walkin in need of a recall. And to avoid dam burst in teamfights. The use of W is what makes a good or a bad Vlad.

    Tides of Blood
    The second button you press, it has to toggle with your Q as a trigger. Your attack will be Q+E, not Q nor E. Q+E and you dominate. Don't spam it too much cause that becomes expensive in terms of health, and you risk to find yourself in a fight at 70% health after farming. Oh..: is an AoE with the same range of your Q... and it hits invisible units.

    AKA the initiator. Don't go in a teamfight without using it. Hit at least 3 of the opponents and that's the way your mates will love you. You can even use it as a last resource when chased by someone that wants to die. Or to last-hit the running champ with 1-2 bars of health remaining. Anyway, don't waste it and don't be greedy.

  • How do i pack him? (Masteries and Runes)

    Usually i go 9/0/21 for masteries.


    That's because i both use and .

    I obtained good results also with a 21/0/9 with instead of Ghost but i find it a bit too aggressive, and i've felt the difference without the utility CDR. But it's nice as well.


    Anyway u can freely build a tree that suits you more. I find useless to fill up the defensive tree.

    For the runes, there are different options as well. These are my main:

    for marks, and u could imagine that.

    for seals. The AP per level ratio will be sweet.

    for glyphs. They'll avoid you useless CDR items.

    Runes "per level" and not flat AP/CDR: you will reach soon 18liv due to farming and 90% playing mid or solo, so this is a great improve. Flat CDR & AP are good choices as well, mainly in early game, but i prefer to hit harder n faster when the game rocks hard ;) U can easily manage early-mid levels in both cases.

    are the best. They grant early game survivability and u need it.

    Supposing that Magic Pen is the only choice for reds, i find Dodge% or Health for yellows and AP or Magic Pen for blues as good options. As well as alternative quintessences like Mov Speed or CDR or even more AP.

  • The main 6 buttons (Spells and Skilling Order)

    As said before, i both use and for D n F buttons.

    The first one is because i find it the best escape/chase tool i can have, and also synergizes well with W. The utility point gives it a nice boost.

    The second is my favourite. I use it a lot for popping in/out teamfights, flashing out bad situations, surprise-ganking, pop in their face to nuk'em with deadly combos and so on. Great spell.

    The 3rd choice (i almost never get it, just if i'm facing a Mundo or Trynda and my team is in lack of that) is . I think it requires an aggressive attitude i don't have. Later i'll explain what does it mean. It's nice anyway and maybe gives you some more kills, but.. if i find these situations my main Ignite is my R button.

    Then, other viable spells imho are and .

    The first one appears like a slot waster. That's not true at all: if well used (all game long in CD and well placed) it helps you and your team maybe more than any other spell (checking zones to gank, to avoid gank, to move in the jungle, to find the MIA dps waitin for the teamfight and so on).

    The second: i don't like it very much. Is useful for insta-save turrets or insta-pop to your team or enemies. U can use it if u're greedy to get more farming as well. But i'm not so greedy, and its cooldown is sooo long...

    Other spells are effectively slot-wasting. Included . I see many Vlads using it, and i totally disapprove. That's because the Q button already works as a small heal (small but every 2 secs more or less), then because Vlad is not supposed to stand in a teamfight like a tank. Is harder to kill than many other carries but the health goes down fast. It may save you one time giving you a kill when facing someone 1v1 in bad conditions, but i prefer to retreat and get that kill later owning a much more useful spell.

    For skilling order there's only ONE way and it sounds like that:

    Q W Q E Q R Q E Q E R E E W W R W W

    Not else. Just, if u want, substitute an E at lev10 with a W for a lower cooldown. I don't do that: it delays the Q+E combo.

  • Let's go to the shop! (***Updated!***)

    I'm updating this part after a deep testing section. In the past version of this guide, there were 4 potential builds. Because of Vlad's passive, you are still free to choose a build that suits your style but i found (thanks to suggestions) the "optimal" combination, and it sounds like that:

    Start with and a .

    On first trip back, you should be able to buy and .

    Upgrade your Revolver, getting the *core* .

    Depending by how much you farmed, you can either complete or purchase a .

    Go for your .

    Later on, i usually build a and and .

    Recap: .

    That's the way your game will never fail. It provides substantial power, mid game control and survivability.

    Viable items are also if you face heavy focusing casters, if the enemies are too fat and resistant, if u want to laugh watching the amount of life you steal them, if you get focused every time in late game and of course for the cool slow and for more health if you want. A great option in early game (or just after WotA) is also the good old , but you have to be sure on what you're doing and, by the numbers, it becomes effective later on. With the standard build here suggested, 90% of the times the game doesn't last enough to complete it.

    Don't substitute your core items with these ones, but freely swap the building order by the situation. Boots are a more flexible item, and even if i prefer for hitting harder, you can either go for , or even . The situation talks by herself so follow up your way.

    Learn, with the experience, how to use and uniques: these items can be a real boost if you properly master them, game changers in bad situations.

    Do not waste money with items like : even if it provides 1370 health and 45health reg per 5secs, the advantage you get is a poor 35AP when full stacked. It even lacks of armor/mr, making you a big stick of bloody butter. In addiction, the 45health reg per 5secs is pointless as you can switch it for Spellvamp. 20% Spellvamp provides, just with your basic 600dam spammable Transfusion, 240health reg/5secs.
    Every kind of item that mix up AP and armor/mr fits better for Vlad and his skills.
    In general, buying straight health is not a good idea: the passive ratios are (fortunately) not so balanced.

  • Dominion I (basic skills using)

    Vladimir is an active champ. He requires a lot of mouse clicking just for moving around your position. Never stand in a position, never be predictable, never be easily targeted. It's like boxing: half of the work is made by legs.

    The first skill you stack, the first you need to master.
    It requires a target, so if u press Q u see his range. That's your effectiveness range as well. In early game is important to understand the action distances between you and your opponents. The basic use is: autoattack minions OUT of your opponents range, with Q ready to strike. Strike your opponent just AFTER he used his main skill (and u DODGED THAT) and go back. Then do that again. You should use it as a passive threat. Being aggressive in early game means that you'll be ass-kicked while trying to go back after a bad placed Q. When you'll get damaged, and even for a little amount, stay back and play defensive using your Q on minions to last-hit'em and get healed or use it on your direct enemy just if under turret. That will mean Q+turret autoattack for them. When you're again in health advantage then u can move forward and go on.
    Its effectiveness grows fast when levelling up. You achieve the power at lev9 'cause its CD now is 2-3 secs. At that points begins your own mid game, your threat becomes active and scary and enemies (expecially the direct) begin to cry.

    You get a point of it at lev2, improving the skill just in late game.
    That's because saving our own ass is very important, and this is our main escaping tool. In early game we use it ONLY for avoiding combos or powerful skills, ganks and certain deaths. When doing that, don't waste time hitting an enemy but run straight to your turret and use your B or your Q again, u knowing what u need.
    You can use it to obtain a kill, but just when you're SURE it will result as a kill. Ex: R+Q+E -> your opponent is very low but he knows he might kill you with his combo so he tries that -> W combo-avoiding or chasing (and how sweet is to dodge MF/Twitch ulti appearing behind'em as the fuckin vampire we are)-> Q+E = opponent dies.
    When Vlad grows up with his Health the pool becomes enough painful for opponents. Is also useful when your mates are running, to slow and/or chase down their hunters.
    Remember to keep an eye to his cooldown, you must have it ready when needed. Remember: it ISN'T an initiating skill. It brings down 20% of your health, so u find yourself in the eye of the storm disvantaged and without your main escape tool.
    If you use it in a wrong way, the main result is that your enemy waits for you and bursts his whole damage.
    You'll learn "how" and "when" with experience. Before it happens, save it and use it carefully.

    The second skill you're stacking, the easier to use.
    It should act just as an autoattack after your Q. As said before, your skill attack should be Q+E, no less. And for the theory of its use just follow the above Transfusion explaination.
    It strikes for sure 'cause of the same range of Transfusion, doesn't need target so u can use it when turned back going to your zone limit.
    As told, it hits invisible units. U will know if they're around you just pressing E and watching where the tides go.
    It's an AoE, so good for teamfights and excellent for farming. Take just a look at his stacks. Even if it hits harder, you won't feel the regeneration boost while your health is going down: don't spam it too much.

    Not the best ulti ever, but a very nice one.
    The main use is the dam% taken by stroke opponents. It works when you're soloing as u start the 'final' combo with R, but is much more useful in teamfights. U can initiate throwing it in that bush full of enemies, as well as being the immediate consequence of your tank first attack move. Is, as other ultis, the gankin main tool.
    It releases a fair amount of magic damage after 5 secs, and it's always a bad strike for the enemies.
    The only risk with this skill is that you may waste it, aggressively throwing it at a single enemy when your mates are on him. Is a good range istant AoE, easy to place. So use it with calm and forget it just after, when you're attacking: its effects are on and your mates enjoy that.

  • Dominion II (advanced moves)

    So now that we know how the skills work, let's join them together to play.
    I'm considering a normal solo mid game.

    RIGHT CLICK A LOT, a lot and a lot like there's no tomorrow, then:

    Lev 1-3: , right click back, autoattack. Farm last-hitting n moving, make him waste his skill on minions and remake this move. If u're getting low health, stay back and use under your turret possibly upon the enemy champ, otherwise on minions.

    Lev 4-6: , right click back, autoattack. Care for enemy's combo and move as before. If u move forward to him and he escapes just on minions while going back, to farm better.

    Lev 6-9: As before, but you have ulti ready. That means: if the opponent becomes aggressive or not so wise to stay back and heal himself, get ready to go with + autoattack. Only if there are no MIAs and u can do it in a safe way. Make sure he will die, otherwise you'll have to run back and that's the moment u're more vulnerable.

    Lev >9: Now enters the main combo. The way we had 'til now is a slow but safe way to tear down his health remaining in advantage. We took measures on how much we hurt the enemy with Q+E, so now we have enough elements to know when to trigger that: in his ugly face keeping autoattack, and if it's not enough then again.

    If we are working on a lane with someone, we use the same tactiques but we help our mate with that. So we focus the same enemy, we protect him as we can when needed with , we use the bushes a lot.

    We can have some heal while trying to tower dive, but Vlad isn't a strong autoattacker (at least 'til u reach ) so we hit how much as we can and we go back waiting for other minions and farming the opponent's ones.

    Anyway we are well known as gankers, so we have to keep that name high. The first useful moment for doing that is just after lev6, when your direct bad hurted opponent goes to base.

    When ganking, the action is similar to the "main combo" posted right before: pop suddenly with your and make sure you hit as much enemies as you can with your , using on the weaker/more dangerous one and (now feel free to do that) spamming . The moment for using is when they begin to flee or if they are very close to death. When ganking, u have 2 choices: going in or going home. Passing seconds and seconds in a bush waiting for them to be near is a waste of time. If you fail that gank (no kills), at least you hurted someone and forced him to blue pill.

    When teamfighting, we don't need 'cause we're supposed to be already there. That's important: Vlad is one of the more powerful 1v1 champs, but LOL is a team game so we need to stay with the team (and the team needs us). Save your to pull you out instantly in case of need.
    In the same way, save your for the moment u get focused. During teamfight we begin with our beloved , then continue moving a lot to avoid to be targeted, spamming our attack. Usually i do circles moving around the brawl.

    In situations like "the calm before the storm", we move and move again but we make some zoning: close to your team but not so far from the enemies, so that we are ready to strike with every "bad click" of 'em.

    For escaping, the safer way is . If something is on CD just remember that you will not take any damage while in form, so take your finger on W and press it when the attack arrives. Every kind of attack: AoE ultis first, and Karthus will bite his nails. The pair of exceptions there are will be posted in the next section.

    Remaining alive is REALLY important. The key for a nice game is DON'T DIE. Feed'em and you lose. Hug your turret if needed. You may not kill, but DON'T DIE. First for stacks if you have it, then 'cause you are always a threat. You have to go away from bad fights at the right moment, running to your turret/nearest mate to help and going to base just if there's nothing else you can do (like 4 enemies alive tower-diving and you standing alone with 1 bar of health) or if the danger has gone. Kamikaze's way is a bad choice in 90% of the cases. Only admitted to desperately save your turret, but you have really to save it or your sacrifice will be totally useless. In this case, we use our entire burst , then to keep enemy slowed while turret hits and then try to kill him with usual . Of course use before that all, but i don't think it'll be available.

    For properly zoning, watch this 'cause is the best zoning-tutorial i've ever seen:

  • Dominion III (How to deal with... A-F)

    This section is dedicated to manage the game against main mid opponents you'll find. There isn't a more or less dangerous/difficult one: it's all in the player's fingers. My comments about that are personal, and i do think there is always someone better than me. That makes me playing concentrate, and you know the difference when not doing that.

    Is an interesting match. Her burst is higher than yours, but her health is lower. The main thing you should take care of is her stacks. She'll probably try to knock you down with her burst combo after lev6. But she got to stack it. Wait for her skills being used on minions, then harass her when they're on CD. Pay attention 'cause she got your same skilling range and her has got a very low CD and works almost like your , except for the fact she doesn't get a heal. And this is your advantage. Imagine to face yourself, stay behind when she can stun you, harass right after she uses skills for farming. Her reduces your damage dealt but..who cares? We don't spend mana for skilling, she does. You'll soon force her to go back, that means you'll soon start gankin the lanes. If she uses her burst combo without waiting for her stunning buff, remember that you got to avoid damage.

    Nice opponent, huge burst combo, hard to kill due to . If the player is a pro defensive gamer, u'll have many troubles. But she got 2 big weak points: she devours her mana and she's slow as a turtle, as well as her dangerous skill travels. The key for winning is to dodge it, and u can easily make it by moving a lot. If she strikes you then you're stunned and surely taking a nasty that chuncks half of your health, so be careful. You have to study how she uses it: probably she'll target a point behind you, striking certainly if you try to retreat. I find the best way to avoid it is to move continuously right/left. After lev6 she gains her freezing ulti, so u have to stand enough far for not being caught in it, blocked by her icy wall. If her full combo strikes, you're dead. Fortunately is one of the most difficult combos to place, and you have the usual to avoid death.
    Most common Anivias, as much fortunately, are aggressive and very squishy. They're greedy of kills and anxious to show how powerful their combo is, glass-made as they appear. Let'em taste your Q+E a lot, scare them. When you're sure about your attack effectiveness then you win. It's so funny to watch when they move forward, trying to lock you with sure to get a kill with , and you flash behind them making a pillow with their feathers, bursting out while they're in full panic and cooking their egg with Q+E.

    One of the easier to face. She's squishy but has got a good autoattack range, bigger than yours so consider that. If u see her studying the situation, be prepared for taking some crits due to her [spell_icon=Focus], but u should be free to manage the entire situation. Expecially 'cause her main harassing tool will be . Our moving tecnique now changes a bit, for the big area covered by this skill. What we do then is just to cover up with our beloved creep minions, using them as shields. Right after her W (wasted on minions) is the moment to strike her. The important is to strike, then go back and recover our health by skilling on minions. If we don't strike her, she'll probably activate her and we'll get a rain of arrows right in our nice butt. We don't want that, or at least we need her to take a lot of damage before she tries to do that. If she is enough fast and reactive to hurt us bad, we got the usual to avoid worse. And to avoid her damn as well, that she'll surely try to release when we're back turned and retreating, so just remember to be more careful after her lev6. Always make your team know when she reaches lev6. Don't ever attack her directly when u're slowed, and you win. That's all.

    A bit overstimated imho, but still a very good midder. Another autoattacker with range longer than yours, but usually she got a more static playing mode. Probably she'll stand in a position autoattacking, waiting for us to be targetable by : that's a hard-to-dodge skill 'cause it travels fast, but we can make it moving a lot and moving unpredictably 'cause it strikes on a straight line. When she just used that, we hit and rapidly go back taking as less autoattacks as possible for not being caught by her nice passive dam boost . We should really keep a movin'-jabbin' style, 'cause if she does expect our hard attack she'll immediately counter us with . Don't be too afraid of her : if u hit one of these is not a problem. I do that intentionally when i'm advantaged and she's back. Of course avoid to do that if you're not in a safe situation. As other longer-ranged champs we have to make our attack strike certainly, or we'll be kicked a lot while retreating. She's a very nasty kicker indeed, but her is useless with us 'cause we have . Just keep it ready at her lev6.

    Dangerous and painful, as well as slow and predictable. If she knows well how to do then could be a hard opponent. Like us, she moves a lot. And she strikes hard with her + . Our main advantage is that she runs quickly out of mana. But to make this happen we have to be very defensive. A bad attack move with her could be a ruin, 'cause her Q gives her a nice mov speed boost, poisoning us and triggering the E passive. So she got a Q+E attack like us, more difficult to place but more painful to receive. The second advantage then is she doesn't get some kind of heal from her skills but we'll be easily zoned out with if we act too prudently.
    When she reaches lev6, the risk is that she counters our main combo with , that otherwise won't work so well with our moving-a-lot tecnique. I suggest to wait 'til our lev9, when our harassing capability is full and out of her slow and squishy control. Wait for her blue pill to gank lanes, don't forget to call her MIA 'cause she's as well an extremely powerful ganker and don't forget this: if you're poisoned and taking DoT, use always your Q on minions while retreating. Oh, yeah, our 3rd advantage: .

    Uncommon encounter, nice harasser due to his passive , funny to face up. He'll try to target us almost all game long, clearing out our minion waves with his full-AoE skill arsenal, getting ready to flee with his that acts for him like our W. The key for winning, another time, is to move and move a lot, staying far enough from our minions. Our creep goes on, we move on the sides and we strike n go back. Standing too close to him could be dangerous: he'll mainly use his and then W behind us, putting our hurted champ between him and his turret in a bad situation. The cool thing is that he rapidly runs out of mana. But now, staying only in defense could mean taking tons of damage: he got a huge range, expecially with his . Don't waste your , but when attackin just give him no time to breath. Make sure u can kill him before the last combo. He'll probably dodge it with skills but will be forced to go back. Take advantage of that, and gank the lanes a lot. U'll overwhelm him for sure when your mates will help u. Fortunately, the majority of Corkis aren't pro (this champ is strong in early-mid but loses effectiveness in mid-late, like Urgot. Is so uncommon 'cause of that) and mainly they'll suicide hoping to kill u.

    A serious opponent, at same player ability it'll be a coin flip. He'll probably moves more than us 'cause his skills hit minions (and we use'em as shields as well) and through his we can be surprised and stroke or easily dodged 'cause it works like a . Our main teqnique, hit n go back, now requires a lot more concentration on zoning with minions. If we make a good zone work then he'll have little chances 'cause he'll find 80% of his skills wasted out. Advice your team when he reaches lev6, and take care: he'll try to finish you off while retreating. So when u retreat, continue moving a lot and eventually use your to dodge his whole-map range . Be aware: if u feed him u won't fill the gap so easily, expecially if he builds up AD/AS instead of AP so check him up often. That AD/AS build makes him more effective and nasty. Always focus him in teamfights, 'cause he'll be one of the main DPS burster and the most difficult to caught if he tries to flee.

    Another easy one, 'cause he does excel jungling more than any other position. 'Cause of that is an uncommon encounter. His main weapon in very early game will be , but u have to stay close to him to get this. If u get hit, go back rapidly: 'til lev 9 u won't harass him enough to take advantage. Another Fiddle's tool is . To avoid that just stay far enough from your minions creep to avoid its bouncing/silence effect. If he silences you, he'll probably try to attack. Go away when you're silenced, or u'll get a that'll put you in his draining greedy arms. Is very easy to harass him 'cause of your skills range. He'll get healed through minion draining, but u'll overwhelm him soon. Escape from his as quickly as possible, and always remember to make your team know if MIA. Is powerful but fragile, and hasn't CC stuff other than fear: consider that and don't be too scary, at same time don't be too aggressive or u'll easily be feared/silenced/killed. Move, hit, move, so on. CAREFUL: his keeps up working even if you're in pool form.

  • Dominion III (How to deal with...G-K)

    A common and easy encounter. The fact that his passive his made for to die already says enough. You can easily hold him, but you have to be careful of a pair of things. The main of these is , his fast, cheap and long ranged harassing tool. You'll never avoid it at 100%, but with a bit of movement you can easily dodge 70-80% of that bullshit. Move a lot and move unpredictable. The stantial zoning is not so useful now, 'cause if u stand in a point he'll rule. You have to go in&out, strike him as much as possible and zig-zag away on different directions than a straight line. If you strike and go back straight, your path is predictable and he'll play darts with his Q. With this style you'll probably avoid some , but if you get it don't be scared: continue to move a lot and hit him if he tries to chase you with . This last skill is quite weak in early game, so your skill damage should be bigger than his one. When he reaches lev6, always tell your team and keep your ready. If he casts that noob skill , your W will save you. If you're at full health you can either save your pool, 'cause in early game maybe you'll take more damage skilling than being stroke by Kart's ulti. You'll simply nuke him when your combo is ready. Remember: don't walk into straight lines and don't stand in a point. damage is doubled if it strikes you alone, so eventually share it with your minions by moving through'em. When he's dead, be careful of his 8secs free-skilling. During this time, if you don't have your W ready, use desperately minions to heal yourself and avoid death. The rest is dominion.

    Imho overstimated, but a good match indeed. For being effective she got to be aggressive, and aggressive players die. Her main weapon will be , and it's her curse too: we strike her right after her jump. Her secondary will be , but we're careful enough to stay out of her zone and to don't stand behind minions. If she boosts the skills with [spell_icon=Killer Instincts], the only thing that changes for us is that we don't use Q on minions to heal 'til we're debuffed. It's simple, just take your time and don't panic if she jumps to you. Strike her and go back, heal with minions and go on. It's even unnecessary to move a lot with her. The important is to strike, keeping a health advantage. If u don't have it, stay defensive 'til u're up again: she hasn't got pusher abilities. Take care: if she brings your health down, maybe she'll try to tower-dive you with so use your turret to defend and don't stand enough far to let her E+escape. Remember you got : that's the way to avoid deaths and to counter her feared ulti or to slow her under your turret. Feel free to nuke her when she tries unprudently to kill you: usually is something like or and . When she uses R you use W. After that, just release your arsenal and get that kill.

    If u find a good Kennen the match might result in a 0/0/0 for both players. Otherwise you win. He'll begin with . You can dodge it by moving or standing behind your minions. Enough behind to easily move away from run. His passive is
    triggered by every skill he uses (or by his 5th attack, due to the passive effect of ). If you get a mark just stay back enough to avoid attacks 'til it disappears, first 'cause his W doesn't work without marks, then 'cause the 3rd mark you get will stun you. His ulti , apart from the initial damage, will surely stun you so flash out of his circle and use your own W if needed to put you in a safe condition. Be prepared to kick that hamster-ninja ass, striking him when he runs towards you with his E. Zone him with your minions and hit him, just remember to go back if you get marked. The risk is that he stuns you while you're going for the killing combo, so if u want to use it just make sure that at least his ulti is on cd and that your health is high enough to avoid useless risks. But his E remains a great escape tool, so keep in mind that he'll not die so easily. In addition he uses energy, so he doesn't suffer mana lack problems.

    Hard autoattacker but easy to kill. His harassing procedure will pass through and . With these toys he'll gain AS, DoT, bonus damage and even more range. The main problem is that they're difficult to predict and impossible to dodge by mouse-clicking. The way is moving and zoning. You may think zoning against him is a hard work, but it isn't true: he is squishy as hell, so a good placed Q+E attack will hurt him a lot. Go away right after the attack, eventually using your holy W button. You'll have a very nice healing occasion, 'cause he is a rapid farmer so you'll find waves of minions under your turret free to drain. He'll surely try to target you while you defend, but that's the moment he is more vulnerable so hit him hard. Avoid, while moving around him, to stand in front of him or he'll use to slow and kick you. If he wastes the ooze, then he's even more vulnerable so remember that. When he reaches lev6, our fast moving becomes more important: is a spammable ulti with ridicolous range and he'll use it a lot. But his mana will run out soon. When he is low, is the moment to kill him. Recap: move a lot and strike him if possible, using minions to heal and avoiding to stand in front of him, move a lot when he's 6, kill him when he's low mana. Last 2 things: 1)don't hide in the bushes hoping to ambush: he'll find you out immediately with ulti and 2)as said he's squishy, so he'll suffer from minions autoattack: remember that when he tries to attack you.

    ..it takes sooo long writing these parts...

  • Dominion III (How to deal with...L-R)

    A really common encounter, usually easy but not understimable. Her harassing will be a combo of and/or with her passive .
    The first of these skills is pretty easy to avoid but has got a very high range, so moving a lot as we do will be sufficient. The second one is worse, 'cause the range is almost the same and is a slowing detonable AoE. The first strikes minions, the second doesn't care about 'em. So move and move again, slowly close to her and in an unpredictable zig-zag way. Take care of moving straight to her or you'll be easily binded expecially if not covered by minions. At lev6 she gets her [spell_icon=Finales Funkeln], so not being catched becomes more important. You can harass her a lot but she's fast and protects herself with so killing her takes some time, but if you play with care the result is always victory. If you're at low health, use as always the minions to get heal but continue moving 'cause she'll surely try to finish you with her ulti.

    Aye, a feared one. With reason: if u're not concentrated he'll overwhelm you quite soon, 'cause his ulti combo is really OP even if compared to yours. But if you are, then maybe he'll take some time but he got no hopes. He'll surely spam out his to farm your minions. And this is the main thing to take care of. You can hit him after he launched it, but avoid the stroke minion: he'll probably die passing the DoT to you. So move enough far from the affected creeps, and be smart enough to avoid being directly skilled: is painful! Then our continuous moving should be focused in a "vertical" way, in&out through zones, to avoid his extremely ranged . If u get it with the silence debuff, go back. Your attack space is the one between his Q and his E. Maybe he'll try to fill that space with his , but i hope we don't need suggestions about the easyness and the importance to avoid walking on it. When he gets his ulti, three important things happen for us: first, don't ever try to chase him if you're less than 70%health; second, if u're being chased then flee behind your turret and don't think "yeah chase me, you are low and i can kill you"; third, if he's MIA call him but be extremely careful if u want to push 'cause he often hides in the river bushes. His ulti, in combo with other skills, means death. If he's a noob player u'll get , if he's good you'll get , if he's pro you'll get . Enough said. But he runs out of mana and can't heal himself, remember that. Take him low with calm, kill him suddenly with your combos. He's a good pusher as well, so don't leave your turret alone for too long.

    ..it takes sooo long writing these parts...

  • Dominion III (How to deal with...S-Z)

    If well played he's a mid ruler, and imho one of the the strongest 1v1 mage, so be extremely careful and play defensive. The main goal is not being killed and keeping up the turret 'til ganks arrive. You see a good Swain immediately by the first skill he gets. If he gets you have much more possibilities than if he gets or . He'll try to use them in combo, hurting you bad. And it takes a long time to see him running out of mana, due to his passive. Is a damn working disabler, so take care when slowed. Always move in an unpredictable way. If u have to kill him directly, take advantage of his mistakes before lev6. When he gets his 10secs cooldown ulti he heals himself faster than you do. When you face him, the must is to change a bit of your build. First try to discover if he's in mid, then go back and begin to build either and . You'll not have initial AP boosts but you'll think about that later. His complete attack move will be probably something like while he moves towards you with his , and it means death or almost. Always move to dodge his W, run back if he hits you with Q or E but in an uncommon direction or you'll be catched and snared with W. Be defensive and patient, and the moment to kill him will arrive.

    I hate this champ. He's deadly as much as he looks like a stupid pet. You'll fight a lot of Teemos in mid, so be prepared. He'll probably wait for you stealthed, so make sure he comes out before you begin farming. Earliest game is zone control: you farm and get ready with Q, you strike him and get stroke by his , go back, farm healing and do that again. You'll soon take advantage, expecially if he's aggressive. Don't be aggressive yourself, 'cause he is very dangerous: after Q, he uses placing DoT on your head and moves faster than you due to his . Anyway you can hold him. Problems arrive when he reaches lev6, and begins to fill the map around you with his fuckin mushrooms . Be careful then: even if you avoid mushrooms maybe your minion won't, and you take the slowing AoE DoT anyway. Solution: move straight with your minion creeps, staying behind them enough. Harass the hamster if possible, but don't chase him or you'll walk in a painful mushroom trail. Use your to reveal mushrooms position. When you force him back to base, you win: you go base as well and buy a juicy [item_icon=Oracle's Elixir]. With this drink you now can see his damn mushrooms and destroy them with autoattack (skills don't affect mushrooms). Once there are no more traps, you are free to move and he is free to die. Your combos hits so well on that fairy soft ass. But remember that: AP Teemos are much nastier than AD/AS ones, even if they seem enough squishy to kill'em fast. This is their main strenght: if they know what to do, they'll provoke you and move back while you try to chase them and fall in the trap. +DoT could mean ingenuous death and nails biting. Feel free to hate him, never to understimate him. He's an incredibly good backdoorer indeed.

    Hope to meet him, 'cause he got no chanches and your game will grow up fast. The only think to care about is his synergetic passive that stacks well with his [spell_icon=Expunge] and [spell_icon=Debilitating Poison]. The first of these two is a pure harassing skill that 90% of rat players will max up soon, like your Q. The second one is just an annoying slow, the first thing we'll get when he appears after using , trying to do his best. And his best is nothing, at least in early game. His ulti [spell_icon=Spray and Pray] is a pain only when we're defenseless and low healthed. In other cases a pool under his feet and our killing combo will nuke him, so squishy as he is. You'll soon force him back to lick his own wounds. When he goes, you do the same and buy either or [item_icon=Oracle's Elixir], and his game has ended. Put the ward in the middle of the lane and when he can't see you: he won't know there is one, and he'll walk straight to you hoping to start the ambush combo. Then you rofl and win. Try to not scare him too much, so he'll be more aggressive and vulnerable. Remember to call his MIA, even if you think he might still be there.

    Really respectable. He got a terrifying nuke combo that is very easy to place. A moment of distraction and you're dead. Let's have a look to him: in very early game, at least 'til lev4, he'll play defensive using his to last hit minions and gain permanent AP. If u try to go for him, either he retreats or uses to stun you and go back. You can harass him 'cause he's squishy, but killing him will be hard mainly 'cause you won't have enough power yet. Of course avoid his if he tries to use it on minions for rapid farming. He will not use it so much due to the high mana cost. Problems arrive when he reaches lev6, and his ulti that is a real anthem for Vlad (and other AP carries). Fortunately his tecnique is straight and simple, so avoid that. He'll move forward for to stun you and release the other buttons, in a way like . That's the same thing he'll do if you try to move for him. So the only way, again, is to move a lot and feign the attack. But you have to take the measures or you'll be catched. If his stun is bad placed, then you can attack taking care of not being caught by his W. And you should do that at full health, or a smaller version of his combo could even kill you. If you find yourself in the middle of circle, avoid his W without being stunned. Use your own W if needed but watch out: the stun WORKS even if you're in pool form, so to flee you can just flash out. Think about stacking MR instead of AP, like with Swain, and harass him slowly and patiently: that's the only way for winning.

    Oh, maybe you're going to cry. He's finally one of the worse matches you can have in mid. The explaination is very simple indeed: with his damn targetable he is able to hit you without being touched due to his long range. And if he don't hits you directly, he can place that on minion creeps, allied or enemies, making sure to hit you with the delayed AoE. If you move to him, he places a bomb on your head and goes back. Simply. And at lev2 he's able to place his infamous combo , to double its damage that is big enough to zone you out completely. At lev4 then, you'll have to waste your summoner spells to make sure you reach him, 'cause he gets and either he slows you or hastes himself he becomes incredibly hard to catch. For to make you cry more, his ulti will allow him either to tower dive you and go back alive as nothing happened or to counter your deadly combo and bomb you again when you're defenseless. The only thing you can do is to stay defensive and ask for ganks. In the meanwhile, if u want to attack him, make sure he dropped his bomb and be fast 'cause his Q cooldown is not so long. You can take a bomb while doing that due to his W, right after a blue watch appears on his head, but once you take it consider 7-8 seconds of free skilling. Use these seconds to Q+E and go back. Use your skills on minions to heal. If you're patient enough you can own him, but only when u reach lev9 and u're able to strike him twice with Q+E, and you have to cover the distance between that is big due to his range. Maybe, if you're good enough to avoid blue pill, he'll be forced to go back for mana. Take advantage of that by going back yourself and gank a lane, 'cause fortunately he's not properly a pusher. Remember that your may avoid the exploding AoE bombs damage, and promise to destroy him later.

    ..it takes sooo long writing these parts...

  • Recap (quick guide for a good game)






    + or or or


    Q W Q E Q R Q E Q E R E E W W R W W



    - Your autoattack is
    - Move a lot like a boxer. Dodge, hit, move back, dodge, hit, move back etc.
    - Defend with intelligence instead of suiciding
    - Dodge carefully their main skills
    - Call MIAs
    - Gank a lot when u force your opponent to go to base but watch for your lane
    - Your precept is: DON'T DIE, kills will come
    - Use ONLY to flee OR to chase dying enemies OR to save your mates running (this last one only if you are in a safe condition), NEVER to initiate or else
    - Scare them: psychology matters
    - Your 1v1 killing combo is , handle it with care
    - In team fights keep moving and spam attacks, being careful to mantain your escaping tools active
    - In team fights, make sure to hit 3> enemies with
    - Be the one that buys [item_icon=Oracle's Elixir] if needed
    - Use the entire map, not only the lanes
    - Eat turrets once u reach
    - Make A LOT of zone-gaming
    - Focus the squishy

  • Ethics (Unnecessary but...)

    ...I couldn't avoid to write it down. I do think that every multiplayer game should be a cool place where to stay. Let's make LoL a even better game, in a rpg-way:

    - You are a vampire, so you don't talk too much. (Don't flame, report flamers, play instead of writing spam)
    - You are a mighty creature, so you are kind with your mates: if that, they'll adore you as it's right. If not, they'll fear and avoid you.
    - You have a team, so don't act alone. They can't stay without your greatness.
    - You respect your enemies, letting your strenght talk for you.
    - You admit your errors and say, elegantly, 'pardon'
    - You don't steal kills, you kill. Eventually say, elegantly 'pardon ks' and go on. If the mate insists, make him notice that you have stacks so isn't a problem indeed. If he keeps on insisting, ignore him as the plebeian he is.
    - You help if needed, and they'll need you, and give your suggestions 'cause your noble rank allows you to.
    - You never complain, 'cause complaining is for chicks.

    And, i hope, you want to have fun. So make it funnier.
    Sorry for english mistakes and for impagination crap that i hope to make better soon.
    Thanks for patience if you had and for reading if you did.
    All comments/suggestions/discussions are welcome.

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