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Autoattacking isn't funny a guide to Burst Shaco

written by 0verlord

Shaco Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

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    Here´s a quick build


    Hey i'm everyone's favorite Overlord(maybe not).
    After beeing fascinated by the possibility´s Shaco offers i tried to create a build that fits my playstyle and I'm pretty satisfied with the result.
    I've been playing around with the Idea of publishing my build for quite some time but could never really get myself to actually write.
    My Burst Shaco Build pushs the potential to gank sucessfully as much as possible with a kind of Hit & Run Style.

    enjoy and rate my guide up if you enjoyed it

  • Shaco? Well He's a classical...

    ...Carry? ...Jungler? ...Assasin? ...Tank? ...Noobchamp?

    Shaco's not your everyday regular champion that tells you which role he'll play just by looking at his skills.
    Yes he is a great ganker and a great tower killer but all of his ability's offer a variety of options to use them differently.
    High Damage,Incredible Escape Mechanisms and Laughter are his trademarks.
    Deceive the opponent! Be creative! Have fun!
    These are the only rules Shaco players have to listen to :)
    Well Shaco has like any champion a downside and a rather big one too.
    He's Melee+Squishy.
    This means he's almost useless in teamfights offering almost no support(except for some pretty high damage) to his team.
    A good Shaco can turn the tables of a teamfight but his movement is extremly restricted due to his squishieness making positioning extremly important

  • Abilities

    Never underestimate this ability.
    it gives a great boost to your damage that's especially noticable and important during the early game phases.

    This ability defines Shaco.
    Move around unnoticed and deliver Huge amounts of damage. a distance-closer,a nuke, an escape spell.
    A Multipurpose tool so be creative(I just can´t stress this enough).
    Use this in Combination with Backstab for some HEAVY early game Damage (should be pretty easy).
    Also usefull to harrass the enemy if you decide to lane(not always viable/possible) or playing TT.

    Note: Try to do the unexpected.
    Feel like you dived in with deceive to early? maybe misjudged the situation during a
    gank? Just turn back since you´re invisible

    Jack In The Box
    Try to use this spell as much as possible.
    Close escape routes for opponents, create one for yourself or just use them like wards (Multipurpose #2).
    Important for early game jungling.

    Two-Shiv Poison
    Decent slow with really devastating damage during mid game-late game(with Backstab) .
    don´t forget the passive. you actually slow the enemy with your autoattacks but loose this after throwing your knife. throwing it should only be the finishing strike.

    Tower killer, Damage Boost ,Confusion...etc.
    great ultimate on a short CD.
    Note that you will disappear for about 0,25-0,5 seconds wich gives you the possibility to dodge some skillshots but will also slow you down while chasing.
    Maximizing the strenght of your clone is what most Shaco builds do but i feel that while Hallucinate is a great spell it doesn´t really need the attention it gets from most bulds.
    It´s a awesome ulti already doesn´t really need more "awesomeness"

    Some things to take notes of :

    -Don't send your poor clone in just to let him burst that's just a waste

    -carefull when deceiving in after you sent your clon to the enemy a since it basically tells the opponent who the real Shaco is(get´s less important later on since the burst of deceive wont leave them any other option besides running away)

    -you can control your Clone freely use it!
    cut off the enemy's escape ways or gank squishies(with yourself as a mate yay :D) from behind

  • Masteries + Runes

    Summoner's Rift

    21/0/9 Jungling masteries (laning isn´t really an option if you lane against strong harrassing champs)

    with 4 Points in [mastery=Awareness] in the utility tree(no sense in jungling without it), 1 point in [mastery=Plentiful Bounty] and 3 points in [mastery=Sunder]

    for Runes i like to go with Greater Mark of Desolation for Reds
    Greater Glyph of Shielding for Blues
    Greater Seal of Resilience for Yellows
    and Greater Quintessence of Desolation for Quints

    Since Shaco is incredibly Squishy the Armor and Mres bonus is pretty much necessary while pentrating the enemy armor almost completly is just helpful for some Ganking Action. The reason for getting flat armor over per lvl Runes is that it helps with the jungling.
    So feel free to take armor per lvl runes if you´re laning

    21/9/0 Laning Masteries no need for [mastery=Awareness] and [mastery=Plentiful bounty] this time.

    Twisted Treeline


  • Skilling Order

    Since i can't seem to get the picture for my skilling order working i have to write it down but i will update it as soon as i can get it to work.

    Skill Priority

    1) Hallucinate
    2) Deceive
    3) Two-Shiv Poison
    4) Jack In The Box

    Take 1 Level in Deceive early on if you're laning or Jack In The Box for Jungling.
    Now focus on Two-Shiv Poison for the next few levels while taking 1 point into Jack In The Box/Deceive at level 3(depends on wether you're jungling or laning).
    After reaching Level 6 choose which skill to level up depending on the priority chart above.

    If you´re interested in the reasoning behind this read on...

    If not skip to the next section...
    Still here? Good!

    1)While Deceive is going to become our main damage output and thus should be prioritized ASAP
    Two-Shiv Poison is close to useless unless you level it up.

    2)You wont score kills with just Deceive though and the additional slow + Damage(really high with Backstab) from Two-Shiv Poison can really help scoring Blood early on.

    3)The last but not least reason to prioritize Two-Shiv Poison early on is that it helps whith your jungling due to the blinding effect.

  • Summoner Spells

    Ghost + Smite

    the only acceptable alternative while Jungling would be Flash although i don´t feel like it´s necessary thus i don´t recommend it(but if you like it go for it)


    Laning leaves you with much more options the only rule is to avoid any non-combat spells(Clarity,[spell_text=Rally],Teleport,etc.)

    My Personal recommandation is:

    Ghost + Exhaust

  • Items

    Ahhhh we are finally pretty bored on the way try to cut to the point quicker next time dude.....

    yeah yeah here it is! My (infamous) Burst Shaco Build

    Core Build

    Trinity Force + Boots of Speed

    for a total 4920-5270 Gold (depending on boots)

    (notice that Boots of Speed stand for boots of your choice)

    That´s all.
    Yeah that´s not much i agree but Trinity Force offers you amazing damage some survivability and great utility. That´s all you need early on
    The 150% bonus Damage(base damage) becomes just sooooo devastating in synergy with Backstab people wont even know what hit them.
    After completing Trinity Force and your Boots of choice you should itemize depending on the enemy team but let´s do this step by step.

    Start the game with a Sapphire Crystal+ pots of your choice
    Take your time in lane even though it´s possible to leave the lane after 860 gold to complete Sheen although you should wait until you earned 1210 gold to add Boots of Speed to your inventory.
    Get Phage.
    got it? good! now complete your boots of choice,finish Trinity Force and you´re good to go!

    For situational Items you got quite the choice but i wouldn´t write a guide if i didn´t had my recommandations ready for you ;)

    Youmuu's Ghostblade

    Yeah ...regardless of this guides name you´ll need something like this to finish the enemy off after bursting him to 10% of his life.
    Yomuu´s gives you this special boost.
    I feel that taking Yomuu´s instead of a typical AS or Crit Item like Phantom Dancer complements my build more since it´s not really recommended to have a auto attack battle with an enemy champion due to the lack of any usefull CC.

    Quicksilver Sash

    A cheap but great item.
    This is actually much better than Banshee´s if a certain CC is annoying you(like sion's stun)
    of course only if you don´t need the additional magic resistance and health

    Banshee's Veil

    well everythings said here already...
    magic resist+health+CC/spell protection

    Guardian Angel

    Great against balanced teams this is even better on shaco then on most other champions(especially in combination with Quicksilver Sash)due to his great escape skills

    Deathfire Grasp

    I don´t remember saying that. you are a BURST champion and Deathfire Grasp maximizes your possibility to burst.
    Well but to be honest it´s pretty damn situational and i almost never use it(but it´s still nice to have around if you can afford it)

    Sunfire Cape

    Against heavy physicall damage. 'nuff said

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    soooo sweet against these lifestacking champions that annoy you all day!
    good damage boost too.

    Frozen Heart

    The CDR on this is really nice + a sick amount of armor and some mana to go with.
    The utility is fairly negligable for Shaco although it´s not bad to have it though

  • Creep Jungling

    Jungle Route

    External Image
    (propz to Daegan´s guide.Check it out for a much more in-depth look at Jungling with Shaco[but unfortunatly outdated on pretty much the rest])

    white Circle= neutral camp
    blue Circle = Golem Camp
    red Circle = Lizard Camp

    start with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion get to the Blue Golem Camp(1) ASAP and start placing as many Jack In The Box as possible. Ask your team for some cover-up, you can place a Jack In The Box to ward the passage between the Golem and the wolf camp for some extra security but this shouldn´t be too important if your team knows what to do(if not just tell them).
    kill the golem without Smite(if you REALLY need it to secure that you will get the Blue buff you are free to use it).
    Continue to the Wolf Camp(2) Smite the big one and kill the rest. Spam Jack In The Boxas much as possible whenever it's of Cooldown(even if you´re currently not fighting use it to ward your jungle against an eventual Counterjungler.
    Proceed to Camp 3 the Wraith camp kill them get to the neutral Golem camp afterwards use your Smite on one and finish them off.
    To kill Lizard just start stacking Jack In The Box again and lure the Lizard toward them Smite will finish the job.
    You should go ganking now, don´t worry if you couldn´t score blood though just blue pill back and buy yourself a Madred's Razors then start the route again from the beginning.

    you can build your Madred's Razors into Wriggle's Lantern as soon as you farmed up enough gold or into [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] later on.
    Completing Wriggle's Lantern or buying the Recurve Bow necessary for [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] will give you the opportunity to kill the dragon.
    After killing them just follow the regular Core Build(but buy your boots first).

  • Boot Choice

    Don´t know which boots to buy? here´s some help for you :)

    Boots of Mobility

    This is extremly helpful if you decided to jungle since it shortens the time you need to get from one creep camp to another or to get to the sidelanes for a gank.
    if you feel that you need this extra-mobility grab them

    Mercury's Treads

    obviously against heavy CC.
    these boots aren´t really that necessary on shaco since he stealths and deals the biggest chunk of damage before most champions can react.

    Ninja Tabi

    Extremly situational.
    only against teams that are consistent of (almost) only autoattacking champs

  • Summary

    21/9/0 for laning Important Masteries : [mastery=Sunder]
    21/0/9 for jungling Important Masteries : [mastery=awareness] and [mastery=Plentiful bounty]

    Summoner spells

    Jungle: Ghost + Smite

    Lane : Ghost + Exhaust

    Skilling Order

    Level 1) Deceive or Jack In The Box(jungling)
    Level 2) Two-Shiv Poison
    Level 3) Jack In The Box or Deceive(jungling)
    Level 4) Two-Shiv Poison
    Level 5) Two-Shiv Poison
    Level 6) Hallucinate

    After that Follow this Skill Priority:

    1) Hallucinate
    2) Deceive
    3) Two-Shiv Poison
    4) Jack In The Box

    Jungle route

    External Image
    (Propz to Daegan)


    (1)(when jungling: Cloth Armor + 5x Health Potion)
    (2)(when jungling: Madred's Razors + some Health Potion)
    (3)(when jungling: Wriggle's Lantern+ Boots of Speed)
    1) Sapphire Crystal + Potions of choice
    2) Sheen[when laning: + Boots of Speed)
    3) Phage + Complete boots
    4) Trinity Force
    5) situational items

    Cost: with jungle:6445-6590 gold(depending on boot choice)
    Laning :4920-5070 gold(depending on Boot choice)

    Boots to Choose from

    Mercury's Treads

    Boots of Mobility

    Ninja Tabi

    Situational items

    More Damage:

    Youmuu's Ghostblade Cost: 2687 gold

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] Cost: 3800 gold

    Last Whisper Cost: 2290 gold

    More Phys. resistance

    Sunfire Cape Cost: 2610 gold

    Frozen Heart Cost: 3075 gold

    Thornmail Cost: 2000 gold

    More Mag. resistance

    Banshee's Veil Cost: 2715 gold

    Hexdrinker Cost: 1800 gold

    Quicksilver Sash Cost: 1440 gold

    Balanced resistance

    Guardian Angel Cost: 2600 gold

    Aegis of the Legion Cost: 1925 gold

    Killing Casters

    Hexdrinker Cost: 1800 gold

    Wit's End Cost: 2150 gold

    Killing Autoattackers

    Thornmail Cost: 2000 gold

    Warden's Mail Cost: 1350 gold

    Heavy CC

    Quicksilver Sash Cost: 1440 gold

    Banshee's Veil Cost: 2715 gold

    Killing Life stackers

    [item=Madred's bloodrazor] Cost: 3800 gold

    Deathfire Grasp Cost: 2610 gold

    Items to take note of

    Deathfire Grasp Cost: 2610 gold

    The Black Cleaver Cost: 3065 gold

  • Hope you enjoyed it!

    even though i´m not english i still hope to have made this understandable for everyone.
    tell me if you liked/disliked my guide in the comments section and why.
    i definetly will take constructive criticism into account. :)

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