Ryze Build Guide

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Take this ap scroll and stick it.. somewhere safe!

written by MaxSteel

Ryze Build

Table of Contents

  • Change Log

    2.25.2011 - Started the writing of this guide.
    2.26.2011 - Guide v1.0 finished.
    2.26.2011 - Runes edited.

  • Abilities

    Arcane Mastery
    Yes! Oh yes, yes.. (Skillgazm)
    This skill is just one piece of an amazing passive. At a certain point, you'll find yourself spamming skills faster than Chuck Norris spams his punches/kicks. Just an amazing passive.

    Bread and Butter skill. Lots of blue, mana-like looking butter, btw.
    You're gonna be spamming this skill from level 1 to 18, and you're gonna enjoy doing it.
    The most important thing is that this skill scales with your mana!

    Rune Prison
    Your 2nd nuke (its final damage nears Overload, only the CD is longer), and main disable. With all your normal CD reduction (with will reach 40% once you get your last core item, which is your 2nd big item), and with the CD reduction you'll get from spamming your other skills, you can use this skill more than once in big teamfights, as long as you don't forget to use it early in the fight.
    And what's more, this skill scales with your mana as well! (even though less than overload).

    Spell Flux
    If you're a veteran Ryze player, you probably remember how you ripped apart enemy heroes with this skill.
    Well, those days are long gone, and this rework doesn't bring them back. Spell Flux doesn't stack with mana, and the AP ratio is naturally horrible (not that you get AP), so it's mainly used to reduce the enemy magic resistance and to lower the CD of other skills.
    R.I.P The Old, Real Spell Flux.. but sacrifices are necessary in order to move on to the future!

    Desperate Power
    The ultimate has been interestingly reworked since the last patches.
    Now, instead of giving raw AP and AoE to your skills, it gives a little bit weaker AoE, passive max mana, and.. Spell Vamp.
    While some might think the ulti is nearly useless during their first look upon this skill, it actually is much better than the old one.
    The new Ryze doesn't need AP at all, he needs mana. Also, as Ryze gets tanky in the mid-late game, Spell Vamp helps him immensely during teamfights then. It also greatly helps him kill the BB Golem and than Dragon, at the early-mid game.

  • Introduction

    Ryze used to be my favorite champion since they day I started playing LoL around 1.5 years ago. That, I quit LoL for other games. Imagine my disappointment upon coming back, and finding out he was nerfed to oblivion >:( The game was never the same without Ryze.. until the rework!

    The new Ryze is amazing beyond words.
    Have you ever dreamed of a magic DPS carry, that isn't squishy, has never ending mana and looks like a creepy purple-blue old man? Well you got one here!!!
    Ryze has awoken again, and he's leaving a path of whining losers and defeated noobs in his path back to glory.
    Will you try to oppose him, or join him and be the one to stomp those fools?? You decide!

    If you've decided the latter, keep on reading this guide to learn exactly how to do it.

  • Pros and Cons

    - Very strong magic damage, throughout all game.
    - Due to his skills stacking with mana, he has a practically endless mana pool somewhere starting mid-game.
    - Mid-late game, he becomes very tanky with high DPS. That's as close as you get to the good old "unkillable 1v5" type of carry!
    - He has a snare which isn't a skillshot, and is pretty spammable if you manage to spam the rest of your skills.
    - Powerful lane harass
    - So freaking cool!

    - Very squishy early on.
    - Tends to be focused every f%$king teamfight, even after you've gotten your tanky items.
    - No real escape mechanisms, only his ensnare.
    - Sometimes, there will be stupid noobs on your team raging at you to get AP. Hope their number will reduce one day, but until then...

  • Masteries + Runes

    External Image

    Feel free to make minor changes in the mastery tree, deciding to put 1 point into the Ghost/Teleport/Exhaust skills, depending on what you take.
    If you do so, do it on the expanse of the crit chance (if it's Exhause), ot 1 point from the "Time Spent Dead" mastery (if it's Ghost/Teleport)

    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    Greater Glyph of Intellect / Greater Glyph of Insight x9
    Greater Seal of Evasion / Greater Seal of Replenishment x9
    Greater Quintessence of Insight x3

    Well, you naturally need the Magic Penetration to do more damage. It scales greatly compared to other runes, unless the enemies start stacking magic armor (which most dont do until later in the game, and some dont do at all).
    Some people prefer to get early Mana, since it does give you 10 bonus damage and a free extra Overload or so. I dislike it, but I can't say it's completely wrong, even though Magic Pen. scales way more against opponents who don't get much magic resistance.
    As for the seals, you need to do something useful with them, and the only 2 somewhat useful things they can do is get you some mana regen or, much better, 6.75% EPHP (Effective Physical Hit Points).

    Why the Evasion and not armor or HP???
    Well, evasion stacks throughout all the game, whereas the HP or armor you get from the starting runes are a joke, especially considering you'll be getting much more of those stats through items. If you can't afford that much evasion, you can get flat Armor, but it wont help you as much later in the game. Just go if your pocket shakes at the first mention of evasion seals.

  • Summoner Abilities


    You're gonna need speed. This summoner spell gives you speed.

    Same as Ghost, but a bid different - it is worse for long chases/escapes, yet it allows you to suddenly initiate on your enemy(ies), and sometimes it can help you escape (using) dead-ends.

    This spell is incredibly overpowered. It can grant you a free trip to base and than to the lane in seconds, it can be used to defend your tower instantly, it can be.. used in dozens of ways. I nearly never start my game without this skill.


    Best possible spell after the already mentioned. I myself dont use it on Ryze, since I find the above spells better. But than again, an additional nuke may be just what you need to finish off your enemy.

    This helps you somewhat.. even though this is no more than a 0 damage Rune Prison. Again, I find all of the above spellsmore useful, and I never get this on Ryze.

    The Rest

    It is famous for being a low-tier ability. The reason for that is because everything I listed above is simply way better. Simplest example - teleport to base and fully heal, than teleport back to the lane.

    Same as heal.




    When you're focused so hard that you need this spell, you're already in deep s$#t. Just get ghost or Flash instead, would be way better.

    Great ability to have.. just not for a carry.

    Same as above.

    I personally always start with

  • Skilling Order

    This is basically how you build Ryze.
    You max Overload first, since the level increase doesn't increase the mana cost, only the damage. So, better harass for the same cost.
    You max Runed Prison second, as it is your 2nd main nuke, your main chasing ability, and has a high base damage (which increases per skill level).
    You put one point in Spell Flux, since it reduces CD and lowers the target's magic resistance, and max it last cause it's useless getting levels in it.
    Your ult is always useful, of course.

    Sometimes, when you're planning to get first blood, wait to see if you need to get Runed Prison first.

  • Items

    Starting items

    All you need for starts. The mana crystal adds some nice 20 damage to your Overload, ensures you can spam it longer before you go back to base, and upgrades into your next item.
    Health Potions will effectively give you free 400 bonus health. Self explanatory.

    Core items

    Tear of the Goddess
    This is the first item you pick up. Even before the basic boots, if you dont have money for both. From the moment you get it, you get 4 max mana every time you harass somebody with Overload. Eventually it will become 1000 mana. One freaken thousand.

    Sorcerer's Shoes
    After Tear of the Goddess, you get your shoes. First the normal ones, than this. As you deal magic damage, those shoes will help you immensely.

    Catalyst the Protector
    Your next item after the shoes. This is where you start not only stacking mana, but also getting survivability along with it.

    Banshee's Veil
    Upgrade your Catalyst into this. There the enemy teams ALWAYS have at least one caster, and/or some other characters with at some disables that'd focus you and tear you down.
    In the extremely unlikely event that the enemy team has 3 or more AD carries, you can get this item as the last of your core items.

    Glacial Shroud
    This item both gives you Mana, reduces your CD to nearly the max CD reduction, and... Survivability. Tanky Ryze, here we come!

    Frozen Heart
    Now you're really tanky. Not only that, but you also have huge DPS, never-ending mana pool, and your core items are completed. You're at your prime.

    Laxury items

    Here is the thing.. there are no more items that are as good for you as your core items. In fact, there is only one (!) item which is worth its price for you: The good old .
    So what do you do?
    I usually get 2 , and than upgrade them both into . More HP and Mana, that's all you need. You already melt faces without those items, but you can never get too much Mana.. Or HP.

    Finally, if the game goes incredibly long, you can upgrade your into something (I wont enter this debate).

    Golden Rule
    Do not get AP. I repeat, do NOT get AP. When you get AP, it's usually in the expanse of mana. Just get the items above, and be happy.

  • Gameplay

    Early game (Mid)

    Mid is where you like it. Ryze is a pretty level-dependent champ, since his Overload harass increases with the level, and so does his Runed Prison efficiency.

    Anyhow, the strategy here depends on each hero. (I'll later update the guides regarding this, giving a detailed explanation of every mid opponent and hero in general, and how they interact with Ryze)
    The rule of thumb here is - with most heroes, all you need to do is to hit them with as many Overloads as possible. Try not to spam too many at level 1, but be ready to spam every Overload you can starting with level 3 (lvl2 Overload).
    Some, very few heroes are too tanky for you to harass (Example - Mordekaiser), so you should rather try to avoid their harassment skills and focus on pushing and last-hitting the enemy creeps, until you get your first items.

    You should stay in your lane at least until you've farmed and . Once you did, you have a choice - proceed to the next step, or keep farming til you get and then proceed. (Btw, it'll take you at least 1 trip to base, than back to the lane, and back to base to get all the early items you need to farm).
    *Note that if your mid opponent is a very good pusher, you should stay in the lane until either he teleports back to base or you kill him. Dont leave your lane before that, since you need your mid turret in one piece.

    Once you're farmed enough, you do one of the following:
    1) (Situational) Go get the BB golem if you have enough HP and Mana left
    2) Teleport back to base.
    3) Walk (or teleport, if it already isn't on CD) to one of your lanes, and set up a gank.
    4) (Situational, if you killed both enemies and there is no one there to defend) Push the enemy turret.
    5) (Situational) Farm a bit more.
    6) Repeat steps 3-5 until it's mid game, and you got at least Banshee's Veil.
    * Dont forget - if you see the enemy team pushing, screw the steps - you should always defend when your presence would make a difference.
    * Try to have the blue buff as much as possible. You need the CD, and even more you need the huge mana regen.
    * If you dont see any upcoming teamfights or ganks, use your Ulti to clear creep waves in your lane quickly, and heal while doing so. You can use it approximately every 2nd creep wave.

    Early game (Solo lane)

    Solo lane.. is definitely worse than mid. First, lets assume that it's a 1v2 lane, since if it's 1v1 your strategy is around the same as in what I've written above.

    Before I talk more about the strategy on the lane, I'll tell you your goal there - your goal is to stay alive, farm as much as possible and eventually both outlevel and somewhat outfarm both your enemies.
    It's important to say that you can not win most 1v2 fights, unless you somehow managed to get one of the enemies extremely low, to like 200 HP or so. That holds true until you're level 9 at least, and that's only in the best cases where you managed to do everything perfectly before that.
    Now, what exactly do you need to do?
    First off, do not attack the enemy minions except for last-hitting - you want to be as close to your tower as possible, to avoid being gibbed by both enemies.
    Second, you should be harassing with your Overload, mainly once it is level 2 (harassing with it from level one will cost you too much mana, not viable against 2 opponents). Now, lets make one thing perfectly clear - you don't have any in-built HP regen, and HP potions can only help you so much. Avoid heavy enemy harassment, unless you're sure you'll do twice the damage with Overload. If one of the enemies has some easy means of regaining his health back, focus the other. Also, since you wont be stopping them from attacking your creeps, lifesteal will help them quite alot.
    If they can't regen too rapidly, harass them as much as you can. If their regen is overwhelming, occasionally harass the less regenerating enemy, and kill him when your jungling hero comes to gank.

    That's pretty much all you need to do. Stay on your lane unless some other lane drastically needs help (than you teleport there), otherwise don't leave it until you killed/scared off both your enemies, and destroyed the turret. By that time, you should have your first core item complete.

    Early game (Dual lane)

    You hate being here. Ryze thrives when he has the same or higher level than his enemies, which is not always the case if you're on a lane. Not to mention, in random games you'd be at the mercy of your lane mate, which has 50% chance of being a complete retard. But if you got stuck here, you have to get the best of a bad situation.
    Unlike the old Ryze, the new one can do pretty good on the lane. You might not have any amazing AoE spells, but you still got a powerful Rune Prison and great harass in the form of Overload.
    What you basically need to do is to harass the enemy, preferably the squishier one, with Overload, and try to kill him with your lane partner as soon as you can. Also, try to last-hit as much as possible - Ryze need every single coin he can get.
    Remember to stay far enough from the enemies, as you're very squishy early on and you'll be killed pretty easily.
    After the very long time, when you've finally gotten and , you can go gank to help other lanes. Your Runed Prison will help greatly. In case you've dominated your lane, you can push the tower first, than proceed to gank.

    I can't write much about mid or late game, since those stages of the game are highly situational. The main thing that needs to be done during mid game is ganking, and using a successful gank to kill a turret and/or kill the Dragon (or late-game, Baron). I can, however, write more about your skill combo specifically, and about what you generally need to do during teamfights.

    Skill Combos

    Well, the new Ryze is a "Magic Machinegun", as Riot said about him. He doesn't really have a one combo, since his skills allow him to pretty much spam spells. What you do is actually just spam your skills until yourtarget is dead, occasionally autoattacking.
    Theoretically the combo with the highest damage on a single target would be:
    Overload -> Runed Prison -> Spell Flux -> Overload -> Ultimate -> Autoattack -> Overload -> Autoattack -> Runed Prison -> Overload
    This whole combo would take 10 second, some of which the target would be caged and some of which you'd be chasing it. Looks long? That's because Ryze doesn't have that much of a burst damage anymore, but rather high sustained damage. The short version of the combo is just Overload -> Runed Prison -> Spell Flux -> Overload. In this case, however, you're unlikely to kill any full HP target, even squishy, so you have to chase it down and turn it into something like the combo above.
    Usually, people have to start their combo with Runed Priso, in which case it'd look like:
    Runed Prison -> Overload -> Spell Flux -> Ultimate (or Autoattack) -> Overload -> ... Whatever comes out of CD, up to the point your target dies. Note that with max CD reduction, you'd usually get Runed Prison off CD again at this point, right after another Overload.
    The skill combos for multiple opponents are about activating your ulti, so that's around how they look:
    Overload -> Ulti (While Overload still flies) -> Runed Prison -> Overload -> Spell Flux -> Autoattack -> Overload -> ... Well, and spam whatever comes off CD to finish your enemies.
    *You don't really need to remember any of the whole above combos, since after the first 3/4 spells you pretty much use everything that comes off CD. Once you have enough experience with Ryze, spamming skills will come naturally.

    Golden Rule: Use Overload whenever you can for damage, Rune Prison for chasing, all other skills to lower the CD of the first 2.
    *In late game, your ultimate can sometimes help you survive enemy focus though. Use it wisely!


    In teamfights, your got 2 jobs: The main job, which is DPsing down the enemies, and the second job, which is snaring that 1 enemy that either comes too close (can also be used to initiate the fight) or snaring the one which depend on mobility (some melee DPS carry).
    While certainly need to try to DPS the squishiest enemy, don't forget that the other enemy team will focus you quite a bit, so don't get out of position. Once you get more tanky, you can try to get that 1 low HP enemy that you know you can finish, but not initiate on their squishy carry who stands behind the whole team. You still have to remember - even with ~100 magic and ~180 physical armor, you're still not a complete tank; You may be tanky, but real tanks can take 2 times as much as you can, and you cannot survive a focused assault from 3+ enemy champions, even if they're half as farmed as you.
    In short, once the teamfight has started, you usually run around nuking the squishiest hero you can get to without getting out of position. Once you have enough experience playing Ryze, you'll learn to position yourself better and better - this isn't something you can learn from a guide.

    Anyway, that's pretty much everything I can write about Ryze.

    Hope this guide has helped you, or will at least help you soon.

    Now go out there,get some mana , nuke some dudes and win some games!!!