Blitzcrank Build Guide

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Landing the grab; a Blitzcrank guide

written by Boozebear

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello, I'm Boozebear. I've played between 900-1000 games of LoL now, and believe I have a firm grasp of the game. I usually play tanks, mostly because my premade friends all play dps or mages. Therefore, I would say I know how to play tanks pretty well. And one of my favourite tanks is Blitzcrank. This robot-fister is great fun, awesome in the team, and has a huge potential. Some may say that he's not viable against smart players who know his ways. I'm here to prove otherwise.

    Remember, this is a work in progress and my first guide, so bear with me on mistakes and things that might be missing. I don't know how to make spell/item icons or make a skilling order tab, so please leave a comment about how I do that. Constructive critisism is always welcome, as I'd like to improve my guide as much as possible. I'm going to use the word CC a lot, and this means Crowd Control for those who did not know.

  • A little about how I play Blitz

    I go tank Blitz. I know you can play support Blitz, and I know you can play DPS Blitz. However, this guide is going to focus on tank Blitz. On our favourite robot, we're gonna focus on countering the other team, while boosting our utility and survivability in teamfights.

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    This is a great passive. This is the passive that's gonna save you against annoying ults like Karthus', Ezreal's and Ashe's. Once you get the feel of it, you're gonna love this one. If you play with clarity and think you're gonna die, you can pop it for extra mana. This will get you some extra effective hp and might save you.

    Rocket Grab
    Why Blitz is Blitz. If you're landing this correctly, it will make the upcoming teamfight a 4v5 in your favour. Landing this well is gonna make your team love you. A special section about this ability is down below.

    Great for chasing, escaping, landing the grab and pushing towers. A few uses of this will be explained in the "Landing the grab" section.

    Power Fist
    A very nice disable and overall great skill. With the reset in auto-attacks, this can make you get the last hit on that minions you JUST didn't kill. Great for stopping channeled ults like Nunu, Kata or MF's.

    Static Field
    A nice damage output, which will really help your farming. If you're going tank you won't have too much AP, so this will usually leave the minions with enough hp for an auto attack to finish off. The AoE silence is also great for shutting down ults like Power Fist.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries, I like to go 9-0-21, going for the AP, CDR and MP in offense. In utility, I grab regen, improved ghost, exp, mana, mana regen, movement speed, flash and CDR. Here's a link to it :

    The reasoning behind this is to get early CDR, dmg and mana regen, so you could feed your lane partner and yourself as many kills as possible.

    As for runes, I use MP reds, mana regen yellows, CDR blues and HP quints. Once upon a time before the awful HP nerfs, I used to start at lvl one with 666 hp. Those were the good ol' days...

    Getting back to topic, I've found these runes help greatly with doing what you're therefore in the laning phase, landing grabs and getting kills for your lanemate.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I always run Flashand Ghost. These summoner spells are the best for the thing is guide is mainly about, which is landing the grab. They're also great for escaping, and with flash, ghost and your innate movement speed skill, killing you will not be easy. And you can't land any grabs when you're dead.

    If for some reason you don't want to take Flashand/or Ghost, I can recommend Clairvoyance, Cleanse, Exhaust and Ignite.

    Clairvoyance is great for getting grabs through walls and other fancy stuff. But this is more of a support spell, and not something I really enjoy using.

    Cleanse is great for teamfights, you can't land grabs or knock people up when you're CC'ed. Cleanse also helps with escaping.

    Exhaust can make it easier to land grabs or knock-ups, and the dmg reduction shuts down carries nicely. But because of the short range, it's kinda useless. If you're wthin range for exhaust, you can usually overdrive and power fist them up in the air anyway.

    Ignite is something you can take if you're having trouble getting kills. I'm not saying you should ks, but a tank needs kills like any other. After all, you can't protect and help your team to victory with no items. And Blitz ain't the best farmer out there.

    Ofc you should never take revive, rally, smite or heal. You may take fortify, but I never use it because of the long CD. Same goes for teleport.

  • Items

    I don't really like just saying items you're supposed to buy. I don't know what ELO you might have, so I have no idea what skill level your opponents might be at. You need to be able to analyze the enemy team if you're going to tank. This means countering their strength and utilizing their weaknesses. But, every game I play as Blitzcrank starts out the same. Sapphire Crystal, hp pot and mana pot. If they're mostly magic/you're facing heavy magic in the lane, build it into a [item=Catalyst the Protector. If they're mostly physical/heavy physical in your lane, go for a Glacial Shroud. Depending on their level of CC, I go for Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads. Movement speed is important for landing the grab. If I go for merc's, a [item=Force of Nature] is good for the extra speed.

    Catalyst is built into Banshee's Veil, Glacial Shroud is built into Frozen Heart. Banshee's has one of the heaviest magic resists in the game. Plus, the bubble is very nice, and helps versus physical abilities too. Frozen Heart has great CDR, loads of armor, a lot of mana, plus the nice AS reduction.

    If the enemy team is balanced; 2 physical, 3 magic, or 2 magic, 3 physical, get your magic resist and armor over 150, then go for HP. Of course you can do this at the same time. For balanced teams like I said above, I usually go Banshee's Veil, boots, Frozen Heart, Sunfire Cape, [item=Force of Nature]. From there I may grab Guardian Angel or [item=Soul Shroud], depending on what you need.

  • Skilling Order

    You're gonna want to max the grab first. The CD reduces a bit for each time, and landing the grab is what you want to do during the laning phase. Next we max power fist, and lastly overdrive. Power fist for the reduced CD, and overdrive is your least necessary skill. Not that it isn't necessary, but it's less than the others.

  • Build Example

    Start with Sapphire Crystal, hp pot and mana pot. Then upgrade to Catalyst the Protector. After that Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads, depending on the enemy team. Upgrade to Banshee's Veil. Then go for a Frozen Heart or Sunfire Cape. Next up is [item=Force of Nature]. If you took FH, go for sunfire, if you took sunfire, go for FH. From there you can go Guardian Angel, Trinity Force for some extra damage or just what you feel like. After the first five items the match has usually ended anyways.

  • Pros / Cons


    + Nice team asset.
    + Great CC for locking down mages and carries and interrupting fatal ults.
    + Great escaping tools.
    + Can get carries or mages on your team really fed.
    + Turn teamfights before they happen.
    + Great ganker and laner.
    + Satisfying and FUN!


    - Takes some skill to learn.
    - If you can't use your CC properly, you're useless.
    - Not a very "tanky" tank, like Malphite or Alistar.

  • Landing the grab.

    What playing Blitzcrank is all about. The move that will make your team love you if you do it good, or flame at you if you can't hit it.

    The whole point of laning with Blitzcrank is landing the grab. This has decent damage and good CC. Combined with your power fist, and preferably a lane partner with some CC, you will own your lane. I sometimes play premades with my friend playing Twitch or Caitlyn. If both of us play good and I do my job as Blitz, the game is pretty much decided right there. It ain't easy stoppin' a fed Twitch with his faithful Blitzcrank babysitting him.

    Movement prediction is important when playing Blitzcrank. Of course, not all players think the same, but some similarities we can see in quite a lot of LoL-gamers. People fear you. After the first grab causing a kill or near-kill, they will have Blitzophobia. An extreme fear of your fist. With good reason.
    So, they will often move in the same pattern. If they're against the side of their lane, and you run up to land the grab, they will run towards their tower. Aim a bit in front of the direction they're walking, and you should be enjoying a kill. When chasing, you can sometimes just pop overdrive, run up to them, power fist and then grab. It's the same amount of CC anyways.

    As for lane partners, anyone with decent early game damage and some form of CC is great. Sion, with his stun, shield and extra damage from E is a great lane partner. I've seen an amazing Alistar + Blitzcrank combo. Extreme CC and hard to escape from. I've decided the game before 10 minutes passed as Pantheon + Blitzcrank. I've gotten first blood with my mate as Shaco before minions spawned with grab and a Jack-in-the-box-suprise. The options are many, and it all boils down to what's available and good for the team. Takes a bit of skill too.

    The grab can be used for other things too. I've grabbed TF's and Pantheon's ulting to interrupt them. I've stopped people from teleporting. I've saved teammates from channeled ults like Karthus' and Nunu's. I've gotten first blood by grabbing Anivia's egg out of the tower range at level one. The grab has many uses and is limited only by your imagination.

  • Working in the team

    Your job is the whole point of this guide. And you probably know what I'm going to say, as it's written so many times. Landing the grab. Your main role. This makes teamfights a 4v5 before they even start. Along with power fist and your ult, you can interrupt fatal ults like Nunu's, Karthus' Galio's or MF's.

    Your job early game is to feed yourself and your lane partner. Your job late game is to initiate teamfights and decide the outcome with your CC. A good Blitzcrank is a team asset few other tanks can match.

  • Farming

    Not a lot to say here. When you get your ult, you can pop it to almost eradicate and entire minion wave. If you jungle late game, you shouldn't pop it, because it deals greater single-target damage as just the passive. Before getting your ult, you shouldn't waste your mana on farming. Try to only last hit and save mana for the grabs. If you're farming alone, pop overdrive and use power fist to get the last hits. Since power fist resets your auto-attack timer, you can use to to get the minion kill you just missed with your auto-attack.

  • Summary

    I've been through masteries, items, builds, summoner abilities and skilling order. Though not necessarily in that order. I hope that through all these key points, I've at least taught you a little bit about how to play Blitzcrank. I would very much appreciate constructive critisism on how to improve my guide, as this is my first one. A thank you goes out to Hyfe and GiRLSTAR, whose guides have inspired me to write my own. Thanks also to my friends and all the great times we've had owning our lanes.

    Regards, Boozebear.

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