Irelia Build Guide

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Irelia, the Queen of Solo

written by Rageboy99

Irelia Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello and welcome to my Irelia guide. Shes often traded as an useless champ, I myself thought like that but after playing a ton of games and winning tons of games with her my mind has changed. I hope this guide will do the same for you and also explain why Irelia is an viable option for ranked games.
    But most importantly this guide will show you how to make the most out of her skillset and have fun with it!

    Note that this is a guide for the laneing Irelia aka Mid or 2v1, if you are looking for a jungle guide i may redirect you to the guide of UnholyChaos

  • Abilities

    Ionian Fervor
    From my point of view one of the best passives in the game. Also stacks with mercury threads.

    The bread and butter for Irelia. It proccs on hit effects and makes last hitting under turrets insanely easy. Also armorpen increases the damage wich ends up in crucial burst on squishys combined with Trinity Force/Sheen.

    Hiten Style
    The 75 true damage may sound underwhelming and to be true you wont kill tanks with it. But it helps taking down squishys quiet fast, also the lane staying power from Hiten Style is quiet impressive.

    Equilibrium Strike
    A very good slow. Most times you wont stun with it since initiating with Q will always take a good chunk of the enemys HP bar. But still a good timed Equilibrium Strike will save your life, an example for this is when someone trys to towerdive you, just stun him and let the tower finish him off while running into safety. Its also worth mentioning that this skill has an 1:1 AP ratio.

    Transcendent Blades
    Simply a great ultimate. On lvl 18 with 40% cdr this skill has an 18 second cooldown and even without much CDR this skill still remains spamy. That doesn´t mean to spam it whenever its up.

    Transcendet Blades should influence your playstyle a lot. Always try to fight near a minion wave and you will be almost unkillable 1v1.

    It also makes you nearly immune to harass as soon as you hit lvl 6, together with Hiten Style and a minion wave nearby you will have your personal soraka packed in 2 skills.

    In teamfights throw it in to stay alive aswell as dishing out some AoE damage.

    Last but not least you can use it to clear big minion waves pretty fast.

  • Skilling Order

    There isn´t realy a strict skilling Order besides maxing out Bladesurge first but to give you a general idea:


    I find myself more often to take 2 points in Hiten Style and then putting additional points into Equilibrium Strike after Q is maxed out.

  • Masteries + Runes

    So as always lets start with the basics:

    there are a few different runesets that work on her , you wont need an own runepage for Irelia if you cant afford it. Standard melee runes work fine of her. But since i got way too much IP here are the runepages I run on her:

    9x Greater Mark of Desolation
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity
    9x Greater Glyph of Shielding
    3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    this is the more balanced variant, I recommend this for people who are new for irlia , the extra health and manareggen will forgive some mistakes here and there. Also this runepage should be used when running Irelia as a 2v1 champ.

    9x Greater Mark of Desolation
    9x Greater Seal of Focus
    9x Greater Glyph of Focus
    3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation

    This is the runepage I currently run on her. Its for players that are allready have some expirience with Irelia. The CDR supports your ultimate aka lane staying power aswell as your other abilities. Make sure to not spam Bladesurge too often with this setup or you while end oom after a while.

    So some of you may ask why I did choose armorpen over mpen? Dont get me wrong mpen also works on her since it compliments her ultimate, but the increased damage on bladesurge through armorpen is just better.

    After testing many masterie builds on her I came to the conclusion that 12/18/0 fits her best.

    15% Magicpen , improved exhaust, additional armorpen and survival what more can you want? The increased ability power may seem minor but every little bit helps and crit chance isn´t realy worth it on her.

  • Summoner Spells

    I recommend running:

    You also can run with some other summoner spells but always get Ghost, you need it for chasing or running away aswell as keeping enemys in range for Transcendent Blades

    Here are some other options:

    Ignite I usually take it when my team is missing 2 ignites

    Teleport If you are struggling at 2v1 laning feel free to take it.

    Flash If you realy like flash take it, but you are better off with the other spells in my opinion.

    The other summoner spells aren´t really an option on Irelia since they dont benefit her.

  • Items

    No matter how the game is going you always want 2 specific items.

    These two items provide Irelia everything she needs for early and mid game. Now i will explain you why:

    Trinity Force

    Irelias Q also known as Blade Surge proccs on-hit effects, wich ends up in insane burst. Also as you may have noticed her skillset is a complete mess, she needs AD, AP and ASP aswell as some survival to actually come out alive on teamfights. Trinity Force provides it all, so it is the best item on her for obvious reasons. Getting Trinity force early will grant you success in short terms.

    Wriggle´s Lantern

    Since we will play Irelia as a solo champ free wards are awesome. You wont need to buy wards till you get your Trinity force in most cases. Also Wriggles provides the ability to take on redbuff/bluebuff fast without leaving your lane undefended for too long. The additional lifesteal aswell as the bonus armor are always welcome. Also Wriggles will procc 5% more often than Madres Razor wich will result in even easier farm(also the proccs generate lifesteal, wich results in better staying power)

    To give you some insight on why Wriggles is so great: While you have it you gain bonus stats as allready mentioned, also you will have it atleast 20 mins(if you get your items together faster you play against feeders) in 20 minutes you can place 20 wards, 1 ward=75g, 20 wards=1500g, so you just got wards worth 1500 gold while having an easier farming time and some increased damage and survival.

    Options for starting items

    If you assume heavy harass on your lane or 2v1

    Cloth Armor+5x Health Potion

    at 1225 gold recall and get

    Wriggle's Lantern

    at 1610 gold recall and get

    Sheen+ Boots of Speed

    from here on finish your Trinity Force

    If you are up against a squishy or solo mid

    Sapphire Crystal+2x Health Potion

    at 1210 gold recall and get

    Sheen+ Boots of Speed

    at 1525 gold recall and get

    Wriggle's Lantern

    At around the 25 minutes mark your core build should looke like this:

    Assuming you got 5940 gold, wich isn´t that much since Irelia last hits like a boss.

    Additional Items

    After getting your core together you have to judge yourself what additional items to get, here are a few items that work great on her, i will also explain why.

    Mercury's Treads Fine MR and stacks with your passive

    The Brutalizer You need some CDR on Irelia, this will grant you Armorpen, Damage and CDR simply a great item for low cost.

    Banshee's Veil Great against caster heavy teams

    Atma's Impaler With base HP this will almost grant you the same damage as an B. F. Sword while also granting you a nice amount of armor. I usually combinate it with veil to get a well rounded build without lacking behind in damage.

    Hextech Gunblade Synergizes well with your ultimate, the active is quiet usefull. I get this when i play a more offensive build.

    Nashor's Tooth The best form of CDR you can get, the ASP also helps increasing your damage, the additinional AP and MP5 are also nice to have around.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] As always a good item vs beefy teams, but i personally prefer nashors tooth. To make this clear: Bloodrazor helps against beefy teams, but that doesn´t equal beeing good vs beefys. Irelias main focus is still bursting down Squishys.

    Sword of the Divine Personally i dont like it on her since its only supports Hiten style, but i can see its uses if you are up against champs like Jax.

  • How to play and work with your team

    So whats the purpose of Irelia? Shes a mix of burst and dps, think of it as a baby from Olaf and Akali.
    Your job is to take out squishys, dont even bother to attack beefy chars always pick the target with the least amount of survival. Irelia is meant to be played like an assasin so do it! But unlike the most other assasins in the game Irelia is quiet dureable, dont fear to eat some stuns your passive combined with mercury´s threads solve that problem. Better you take those stuns than your squishys. Still keep in mind that she isnt a tank so dont initiate teamfights or you will end up dead. And dead champs dont deal damage.

    Always open up with a Q+E combo , toggle W and procceed to auto attack your chosen target while throwing on R to stay alive. Aim Transcendent blade in that direction where it does the most damage, dont use it for a single target nuke. Repeat.

    For harassing just hit your Q+E combo and run away, after 2-3 combos your target should be low enough to die on the next Q+E+R combo.

    If you are stuck on an 2v1 lane hug your tower, your tower is your best friend. Last hits aren´t a big concern because unlike many other champions Irelia can last hit even under towers without missing too much gold thanks to blade surge. As soon as you hit lvl 6 you shouldn´t be forced to recall unless to buy items.

    External Image

  • Counters, Counterpicking and so on

    So I noticed that many people are struggling against Irelia and how to counter her. I thought i may also include this here since it will also give you an idea when not to pick Irelia.

    To name a few champs that i found hard to fight:


    The inbuild slow and her harass can give you a hard time, i was also able to counter Irelia when picking Ashe, it may not seem any logical but after a ton of games i am realy convinced that Ashe is one of the hardest champs to fight 1v1 as Irelia.


    He is a pain in the ass for every melee champ. He is beefy , has a slow and an ASP debuff. Nunu is a champion to watch out against.


    Her spell shield will give you a hard time landing your combos, also she just can stay out of range and farm with her Boomerang Blade


    He benefits from fighting in the middle of creep waves like you do. Also hes beefy and a good dmg output early game.


    The kings of 1v1, tryndamere is nearly unbeatable with ultimate up, Olaf has an great damage output while beeing beefy also his lifesteal is usually better than yours and jax .....well jax is probably the best 1v1 hero vs other melees since hes out, i have never beaten a good jax 1 on 1.

    So this leaves us with following conclusion:

    Beefy DPS, ASP debuffs, long range slows and longe range last hitters wont grant us kills in a 1v1 scenario. Since she needs a good early game to be usefully in lategame Irelia realy struggles if your opponents are smart enough to deny you kills. Irelia usually fails against tanky teams but if you are up against squishys feel free to pick her.

  • Pros/Cons

    High Burst
    Excellent early game
    Good amount of survival
    Great lane presence
    Nearly unkillable 1v1

    Not a good choice vs beefy teams
    Has to compensate a rather bad late game with a good early game.

  • Summary

    First off i may thank you for reading through it all. I hope this guide will help you out with Irelia and improve your gameplay.

    As always Irelia should never be picked if your team setup doesn´t fit it, a good irelia player knows when to pick her and when not. But she is for sure a viable option for any kind of game. Feel free to help me improve my guide, but do it with some sort of constructable feedback. No need for flaming or trolling over here :)

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