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TT a.k.a Tank Teemo! (v1.03)

written by newbiesrock

Teemo Build

Table of Contents

  • To All Haters And Non Belivers!

    Well I was asked to post some screen shots of my TT well here they are just two fresh games.
    Ps: I met non believers also in those games :) but we had a nice chat later and they where all impress with the build! :))

    oh... and I am not a troll.

    First image: Early Game victory where I started to do my role as a tank
    External Image

    Second image: Long game (50+min) where I did my job as a tank and even carried it due to dmg output.
    External Image
    You can also see in this image that people said i was a "funny" teemo yet very effective.
    Final score 18/4/17

    ^^ Plz be nice to this guide ! this build is my baby!

  • Introduction to T.T.

    This guide is for experienced Teemo players who both know the extend of Teemos skill as well as his limitations.

    Tank Teemo might seem weird as a build and pointless but believe me it is not. I have been playing for a long time as tank teemo and has always! worked and I have won about 8 games out of 10 with it.
    For a long time I didn't want to put a guide up for this build as I didn't want to share the amazingness... but only fools don't change their opinions.

    So here it is!

    pS: Teemo has been my main for Xillion of Years ;) and he is the most versatile Hero in my opinion.

  • Abilities

    Well this is the number 1 gank skill for Teemo.
    Its particularly useful in Team fights where a the tank pops out of no where in the middle a fight... ppl focus you out of surprise! and that is what u want when your tanking.

    Blinding Dart
    Blind the main DPS... a Yii or Tryn Killer! Useful to finish casters as well since it has a relatively high burst dmg.

    Move Quick
    Rammus powerball but 2x more useful. Press it and you can get up to +60% speed! = wow if ur in a pinch. Works super well with stacking items (as you wont die easily).

    Toxic Shot
    Shoot 5 enemies in team fight with this and you'll do more dmg than a single ap or ad teemo in team fights. Great for harass and very good burst dmg early to mid game.

    Noxious Trap
    Omy... for TT this skill is just so OP
    Basically you put shrooms on your opponent shoes or where they are going to retreat and BAm it hurts like a biaaatch (700 magic dmg at lvl 3).
    You can use it to control your opponent movement as well:
    Passive control - Scouting shrooms (your opponent steps on a shrooms before he does dragons or when he tries to go in jungle... etc.
    Active Control - Explicitly show where you put your shrooms in front of an enemy group so they wont be coming this way: Good to scare pushers.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Amazing survivability
    -Continuous Taunt (ppl just want to kill Teemo)
    -Very good Dmg out put trough out the game (thx to 700 dmg shrooms!)
    -Flexible Tank build (good in any situations)
    -Very good team player (not like most AP/AD/Hyrbid teemo builds)

    -Lack of dmg output vs other tanks. (but oh well... thats not a big problem!)
    -Thats it! (really believe me!)

  • Masteries + Runes

    Easy peasy, Teemo lack 2 things when being a tank: Magic Resist and Life. So...

    Greater Quintessence of FortitudeX3
    Greater Seal of VitalityX9
    Greater Glyph of ShieldingX9
    and to have at least a little bot of punch power early game
    Greater Mark of InsightX9

    Masteries is easy as well:

    standart 9/21/0 is fine.

    With Offence with magical Pen.

  • Lane? Early Game ? + Skilling order

    You would like to be middle if possible, so you can easily get money quick as well as kills.
    The skills you will prioritize depends on your opponents. If its an AD hero : Blind, If its a mage: toxic Shot.

    Of course if you the other hero has very little HP focusing on Blinding Shot can be a smart choice due to the high dmg output.

    Early Game your not a natural tank but your buff so I advise not to take move quick early (lvl 12 or 13 is a good time to pick it.)

  • Items

    TT Evolution Stage 1.

    First off Buy Doran's Blade (more health + dmg)
    Early game the most lethal skills are Magical Abilities hence second buy should be MR:
    => Mercury's Treads
    Third item:
    => Hexdrinker
    With this Item you can survive a lot of troublesome situations! Ganking of casters becomes also a lot more easily (as they think they killed you, BAM, you have a 300hp shield!) + more dmg :P yey
    Fourth Item:
    => Leviathan
    This item is gold, its easy to get 20 stacks with tank teemo. And 20 stacks gives you 15% less dmg!+ your final mastery in defence = 19% less dmg! Pure Gold!
    => to defend your stacks as well as boost your MR and Def => Guardian Angel
    As your sixth Item also to increase your health, def and utility as a team player:
    => Aegis of the Legion
    ----------------------So Far thats TeemoTank Stage 1 of Evolution----------------------------------------
    You should have
    -3000+ hp (if full stacks) and have 185+ resist in both MR and Resistance

    TT Evolution Stage 2.
    =>Sell Doran's Blade and Buy
    => Warmog's Armor
    ---------------------So Far thats TeemoTank Stage 2 of evolution-----------------------------------------
    You should have
    -4500+hp (if full stacks) and have 185+ Resist in both MR and Resistance

    TT Evolution Stage 3 is not for the light hearted. Because you get more life and more resist and you'll be UNkillable.

    =>Sell Hexdrinker and Buy
    => Banshee's Veil

    =>Sell Aegis of the Legion and Buy
    => Randuin's Omen
    ---------------------So Far thats TeemoTank Final Stage (3)OP evolution----------------------------------
    You should have 5000+Hp (if full stacks) and have ~185 resist in MR, 220+ Resist in Resistance. + dont forget 19% Dmg Blocked! (if full stacks)

    A little explanation should be said about the logic behind these evolutions as well as builds.
    TT evolution 1 focus on early survivability to ganks as well as having a little bit more punch power to get stacks for leviathan.

    TT Evolution 2 Starts dropping Punch power to get more survivability overall its the prelude to stage 3 which is the most interesting of the stages.

    Remember stage 1 and 2 of TT evolution are ALL rounders and are my standard build for every game. Trust me It works every game.

    TT evolution 3 or Final Evolution is flexible and adapts to the opposing heroes. Ex: If you have a tryn + a yii vs you : you may chose Thornmail instead of another item. Etc.

    But overall my proposed build with Banshee and Randuin omen is one of my favourite as Randuin is such a useful item in team fights as well as 1v1 or if ur in a pinch. Banshee is also very useful to take on a big fat negative spell.

  • Spells

    They are 4 good spells for TT.

    Ghost => Super Fast Tanks are always good for Help, Ganking, Keeping their stacks in case of a pinch etc.
    (Ghost is a must have)

    Ignite => To play aggressively and deny health regen! can be very helpful to the team ! vs a mundo or tryn.

    Exhaust => if you want to help your team get an enemy hero which is trying to escape (good combination with move quick)

    Heal => some say its a noob spell but: Your team m8s may thank you when you save them with it and its a great 1v1 tool to fake being weak. (specially early game when 1v1 mid)

  • Finishing touch!

    Well here we are its the end of this guide. or is it? (I haven't totally finished the guide; TT teamwork tips coming soon)

    Well I have other Teemo builds which I can share:

    -The Amazing AntiCaster Teemo (OP little one) [THis has just been released!]

    -The AP teemo which KILLs anybody in 1 sec (apart tanks) this is a real freaking good build which I might not share :P but who knows upon request).


    -Speed Teemo revisited, Speedy Gonzales would lose to this 600+ speed teemo)

  • Version note

    V1.03 - Spell Checked

    Upcoming Version!

    V1.10 - More Eye friendly "build order"

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