Irelia Build Guide

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Irelia | DP/S-Burst-Carry | My Way

written by RadicalM1nd

Irelia Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    External Image
    I'm publishing this Guide prematurely to get some feedback to see if it's worth continuing or not! So please comment on the stuff that's there atm,not what's missing!

  • Changelog/Patch Notes

    •Equilibrium Strike
    -Damage reduced to 80/130/180/230/280 from 80/135/190/245/300
    -Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds from 9
    -Ability ratio reduced to .5 from 1

    •Transcendent Blades damage reduced to 85/135/185 from 90/140/190
    -Base health reduced to 515 from 575
    -Movement speed reduced to 320 from 330

    My first game after the nerf:

    Okay well, in all honesty,here's my comments on the nerf:
    People just screamed for a nerf and they got it. I don't think Irelia was OP but when 100people QQ on the forums I guess riot doesn't really have a choice. I still DON'T get at all why they would nerf the AP-Ratio of her E when everyone was going Triforce+Tanky/AD Items but oh well..
    I'm actually not completely sure if Rageblade still packs the same punch it did now, I gotta play some games and try with/without it before i can say anything. But she's still effective if played right as you can see in the spoiler above.

  • Summary

    External Image
    If you just picked Irelia and read up on her in the loading screen,there you go!
    I might make this for more heroes if people like it.

    Reference used:

  • Abilities

    Ionian Fervor
    Pretty nice Passive. The way this stacks with Merc-Threads is smiliar to the way dodge stacks. You basically get % of the % you already have. But i don't wanna harass you with numbers, just notice that most of the time you can safely get Berserker's Greaves if you want unless they have many stuns and other disables, or loads of Magic Damage.
    Remember: Berserker's Greaves = Really nice boost in ASPD, Mercs=all stuns will last like 0,5seconds

    More or less your standard Distance-closing skill without any 'fancy' effects like Yi's Alpha Strike or Xin's Audacious Charge. However, this skill consists of two 'actions': The dash and the attack. This will make it so the first action triggers items like Sheen/Triforce so the attack will deal the item's bonus damage. It will also add 2 Charges to Rageblade, which we will make use of, and it applies Orb-Effects too!
    Furthermore it's great for lasthitting, as you get half of the mana back and the cooldown reset when you use it to lasthit.

    Hiten Style
    I actually don't like this skill too much. Of couse it's nice to have true damage and some lifesteal, but it just doesn't synergise too well with the rest of her abilities as it demands attack speed, while Bladesurge and Transcendent Blades demand pure damage. It's still really good for jungling and will help you alot Late-Game,when you're autoattacking alot.

    Equilibrium Strike
    This is what makes Irelia who she is. Great damage (and AP-Ratio too,even tho that's just a nice side-effect), a really good stun if you're lower HP which will make for loads of Low-HP suprise comebacks/kills, and even if your higher hp the slow will still help tremendously.

    Commonly referred to as: EQ-Strike

    Transcendent Blades
    When i first saw this skill, i found it to be boring and not really useful, but it saved my ass so many times that I started to love it so much. It can finish off enemies that flashed away with low hp, it can give you the little extra damage you need to finish off enemies and it will heal you for quite some health in teamfights, especially if you have Spirit Visage and/or there's creeps around that you can heal off from additionally.

    Commonly referred to as: T-Blades

  • Summary Explanations



  • Masteries + Skills

    For Masteries I go 11/18/1

    I know that this is quite unusual but it just works best for me.
    I really want the 6 ArPen from the Offense Tree, and the small amount of Attackspeed helps too.
    Since my build is pretty squishy I get 18 points in Defense. Dodge and Nimbleness can help out alot and the health is awesome early game. Also with my MREG Runes I don't really need the mana regenaration in Utility and I prefer the Defense Tree over the increased experience rate.
    Feel free to argue with this build or tell me your opinions in the comments, but this one just works really well for me, especially in combination with my runes and itembuild.

    My Skillbuild is:

    I take Q at Lv.1 to get some extra lasthits. If you think you'll have a lv.1 fight at Golem or something you should probably take E tho. After that you just wanna max E as early as possible since it's your main damage ability and it's just awesome burst early game. At Lv.4 i get 1 Point in Hiten Style as the little true damage helps getting lasthits with normal attacks and later it will help me keep up my Rageblade stacks. After that it's just:
    Transcendent Blades> Equilibrium Strike> Bladesurge> Hiten Style

    I notice how my skillbuild is very different from many others that focus on Hiten Style, but I guess I just see Irelia in a different way. For me she is a burst champion trough early and mid game, smiliar to, say, Pantheon. But with her passive and E ability she still does incredibly well lategame. I take advantage of that by combining E and Rageblade to kick ass early :D
    Once again, try it before you judge it. It works wonders.

  • Item Discussion

    Okay, the most Important Part. Let me start with something that i can't express enough every time:
    Even if you are reading this guide while you are quite new to this game. You should NEVER, i repeat: NEVER just follow a single set Itembuild. Item choices ALWAYS depend on the game. Before you decide on your next item ask yourself those questions:
    Is there any type of damage (Magic/Physical) I'm dying to over and over again? -> Yes? Get MagicResistance or Armor!
    Does our Team have enough Magical/Physical Damage ? -> No? Get the one you're missing.
    Does the enemy team consist of many counterable heroes?
    -> Yes, they have alot of Autoattackers -> Get Randuin's Omen / Frozen Heart
    -> Yes, they have alot of Supresses (Malzahar,Warwick) -> Get a Quicksilver Sash
    -> No, but my team needs some support -> Maybe get an Aegis.

    Now some of those items aren't that good on Irelia, I just wanted to give a basic overview.
    I made this section to discuss which items are better or worse on Irelia.

    Starting with my little sweetheart: Guinsoo's Rageblade
    "WAT RAGEBLADE?!?!" you may ask. Yes, Rageblade. I absolutely adore this item and I think it's an awesome choice on Irelia. Many people may disagree because they just wanna rush Triforce or get an early Sheen, and i can see why. But here's why I love Rageblade:
    You get 35 Damage and 45 Ability Power which complement your Q and E very nicely early game.
    Also fully stacked you get an extra 48AP and 32% Attackspeed. Now every single one of those stats: Damage,AP and Attackspeed are stats that Irelia can make use of. And you get so much extra for the small price of 400.
    Furthermore your Q adds 2 Stacks everytime you use it. This way you can pull of a combo like:
    Q to an Enemy, activate W and then E him and your E will connect after you already have AT LEAST 3 stacks which will give it the initial 45AP plus 18AP from the stacks. Thanks to E's 1:1 Ratio it will already deal 53 more damage that way. After that you will have at least 4 stacks so your attackspeed will be increased by at least 16% going upwards. This will just give you a huge advantage early game and it will additionally also help your ultimate more damage.
    Now some might say it will be hard to get or keep up the stacks with Irelia. I agree partially.
    Watch this:
    Q = 2 Stacks (Dash+Attack)
    W = 1Stack
    E = 1Stack
    R = 5Stacks (Activation + 4 Blades)

    That's full 8 stacks with your full combo rotation and I haven't even counted a single autoattack.
    Furthermore when for example killing jungle creeps and walking from one camp to another you can save your W until the Stacks-Buff is almost gone and activate it then. W in general is an amazing tool to keep up your rageblade stacks. And even if you can't keep them up, you will get alot of stacks really quickly, so in a fight you will most of the time have:
    +93AP, 35Damage and 32% attackspeed for the price of 2235. What more do you want?

    Rageblade is,by far, the best midgame item in the game and will help you get farm and kills for your strong lategame easily. Don't belive me? Try it out in a game and come back when you went 20/2/15 thanks to getting fed early. =P

    My general Itembuild looks something like this:
    Doran's Shield -> Boots of Speed -> Guinsoo's Rageblade -> Sheen -> Berserker's Greaves -> Spirit Visage -> Phage -> Trinity Force -> Defensive Item

    Basically you wanna finish your core of Boots+Rageblade+Trinity Force as fast as possible while still getting adequate defensive options. I like Spirit Visage as it gives so many nice bonuses and the increased regeneration helps with W and R. I usually even get it after finishing Sheen to get some early defensive boost.
    For other good defensive (D) and offensive (O) options,check the summary until I make this section even bigger.

    - Mercury's Treads VS. Berserker's Greaves -
    So..why don't I get Mercury Threads most of the time? Well,I do get them quite often. However as this is a guide I gotta decide on something in the summaries and since I get Berserker Greaves about 60-70% of the time I put them there. It still depends on the enemy team wether you get Greaves,Merc Threads or maybe even Ninja Tabi if the enemy team is very autoattack heavy. Merc Threads are amazing if you're dealing with many stuns, as you can reduce things like an Amumu ultimate to merely 0,5-1second, but the added attackspeed of Berserkers will really help well. As I said before: Look at the enemy team, then decide.

    After my TriForce I usually like to get a defensive Item. Berserkers greaves + Quicksilver Sash works wonders when you're fighting a Malzahar or Warwick, as you will often be the main focus target. Baiting out a Malz ult and just QSS-ing out can win you an entire teamfight. But if you need raw Magic Damage Merc Threads+Banshee's will almost always be the best choice.
    When facing many Physical Characters I love getting Randuin's Omen but that's personal preference.

    Frozen Mallet I do not like at all. You already have more than enough chasing potential with your low cooldowns on Q and E, so you really don't need this and there are far better defensive options.

    Youmuu's Ghostblade My oh my.. what to say about this item. I love this item. I get it on every melee dps except for Irelia. It gives damage and attackspeed so it synergises with her quite well, but you really just want your Triforce fast. Ghostblade is another Midgame item which doesn't help that much Late and.. Rageblade is just a much better choice for that and you will get more attackspeed out of the stacks more often than with the Ghostblade active.
    Still not a terrible choice on her, by far. Just not as good as Rageblade/TriForce.

    [random thoughts]
    I know that many people like to go Wriggle's (which I think is a terrible item on Irelia) and defensive Items on Irelia. I'm not saying that building her tanky is bad or inferior to my build, even though I don't like it. I think tanky-dps itembuilds with more defensive options and Trifocrce can also work very well, but this is just the way I like to play her. It works well in my normal 5v5 Premades, in my ~1500 Solo Ranked games and most important of all: I have fun with it! And that's what counts,doesn't it? :)
    [/random thoughts]

    Build Example: (8775 Gold)

    With this you will be decently tanky, will dish out alot of damage and it should be achieveable in most games if you're farming well.

  • Playstyle

    This is a temporary section where i just list some random thoughts until i actually start making seperate sections and sort everything. Or I get lazy and it will just stay this way.

    General Combo:
    Hiten Style> Bladesurge> Equilibrium Strike> Transcendent Blades while hitting the stunned/slowed enemy. Bladesurge adds the true damage of Hiten, so always activate it first.

    Irelia also makes pretty good use of Lizard Buff. Not as good as Ezrael, but she still uses it better than some ranged carries as RedBuff slows more on melees and her Q,which has 650 range, applies it.

    download the Replay:

    Basically me going 21/6/7 with Irelia in a Normal 5v5 Premade.
    As i kill people easily and get ignored quite often my itembuild ends up being:


  • Feedback

    Some Feedback of my happy customers:

    1. by jimmyl2d on 23 Feb, 2011

    2. roflpofllolxd on 24 Feb, 2011

    3. by Kinzox on 25 Feb, 2011

    4. by AlexsanderAndre

    5. Haim on 20 Feb, 2011

    So be sure to test the build before misjudging it!

  • To do list:

    -In-depht Item discussion
    -Jungle section/discussion
    -Laning+Teamfighting tips
    -More tips on playstyle in general

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