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Ryze: Reborn

written by maniacalpenny

Ryze Build

Table of Contents

  • Quick-reference

    Summoner Spells:

    Masteries: 9/0/21


    Skills: >>>

    + 2x



    or or or


    or or

  • Welcome To ManiacalPenny's First Official Guide!

    This is pretty much my first real guide. This guide is about how to play the new Ryze. I do not main Ryze, am not particularly good at Ryze, nor particularly good in general. I am simply your average player who took it upon himself to share his observations, insights, and experiences with other players. Not everything here will be correct, not everything here will be perfect, this guide will no account for every possible situation. However, with this guide and a little common sense, you will walk away will a good sense of how the new Ryze works and how he will fit into your play style.

    Why a guide on Ryze? There are plenty of guides already on Ashe and my other mains. They are good guides. I have little or nothing to add to the collective guides on those champions. There was a lack of high quality guides for Ryze, I was greatly interested in his remake, and the "top guides" list was filled with guides from the old Ryze.

    So without further ado, experience Ryze: Reborn

  • Changelog

    20/2/11: Created the guide. Updates incoming.

    27/2/11: Wow Ignored this guide for quite a while, finally got the Mana-AP hybrid guide up.

    28/2/11: Mana-AD guide is up. Pretty tentative at the moment, as I don't have much experience with it atm. Also added some aesthetics.

    1/3/11: Still adding aesthetics, added a Mana versus AP comparison section.

    2/3/11: Looked at Morello's Evil Tome buffs. Still mehhh on the Mana-AP hybrid, but you might see it in the AP guide.

    2/18/11: Alright so a huge patch just hit the servers, but due to some finals I'm a bit late to the updating party. So... this patch basically effects LoL as a whole and doesn't make a rat's ass of difference to Ryze any more than other heroes. Meanwhile I've taken the time to update my intro and change up some of my item stuff.

    3/29/11: New patch... not much new. Nothing for me to change here, just procrastinating and being too lazy to finish up the guide.

    4/15/11: Pretty significant patch notes, but most don't directly affect Ryze. Spellvamp items were buffed though I guess, so a tiny bit better but I still feel like its not a viable item on Ryze.

    4/26/11: Small reworking on Ryze: nerfed Q mana ratio to .8 and buffed spellvamp on ult to 15/20/25%. Still should build him the same way IMO, but I might need to revisit the way I skill him. I'll look into the changes in the next week or so and update accordingly.

    6/19/11: So... Its been forever since I updated. Anywho, there have been a lot of changes here and there: tenacity mechanic, reworking of various items, and new champs (ofc). Well, none of them really affect Ryze. The only tenacity item worth buying would be [Item=Eleisa's Miracle], but I feel like catalyst and tear is enough laning strength for Ryze. Since his nerf he's not the imba machine he used to be, but he's still pretty good.

    7/9/11: New patch out, and a bit of love for Ryze. +10 base damage across all levels on q. Really doesn't make a difference except at lvl 1 and 2 maybe, but it does reincentivize taking q>w as a level 1 spell post nerf.

  • Abilities

    Arcane Mastery
    This passive happens by itself, but knowing how to abuse this passive is what separates the decent Ryze players from those who can't play.

    Your primary nuke, and what makes the new Ryze work. Scales almost entirely from mana.

    Rune Prison
    Secondary nuke and snare. This was good on the old Ryze, its still good on the new Ryze. Scales pretty well with both AP and mana.

    Spell Flux
    Debuff and nuke when combined with ult. This is a shadow of its former self, but combined with your passive and its debuff it still warrants itself as a useful spell. Can still hurt a ton with a good amount of AP. Scales purely off AP.

    Desperate Power
    One of the more useless ults in the game. The passive is mediocre, and the spellvamp hardly makes a difference. The splash is best for clearing creep waves, but it's moderately useful in teamfights, especially when combined with a strong E.

  • Mana Versus AP

    DISCLAIMER: These numbers are not updated for the nerf to Ryze's q. The ratio is now .08 per mana pt, not .1. As a result these numbers are no longer entirely accurate. However, my conclusion still stands...

    I think most people playing the new Ryze competently agree that Mana is now the way to go with Ryze. However, just how bad is AP? Is it ever worth my time to go pure AP or hybridize? I ran some theory crafting to check it out.

    First, we'll look at Ryze's scaling.

    Overload .1 Mana Scaling, .2 AP Scaling
    Rune Prison .05 Mana Scaling, .6 AP Scaling
    Spell Flux .35 AP Scaling

    As Ryze's spells have different mechanics, this info alone is a bit hard to judge. For now, we will analyze Ryze's potential damage versus single and multiple targets (I do not account for certain things like the Mred on E)

    With an endgame spell cycle of:

    Q/W/Q/E/Q/R/Q/W/Q/E/Q, we have:

    6 Overload
    2 Rune Prison
    2 Spell Flux

    So that damage output (assuming all spells at level 5, and 3 hits from spell flux+splash from self bounce after ult) comes out to be

    6(130+.1Mana+.2AP) + 2(200+.05Mana+.6AP) + (3+3+1.5)(130+.35AP)

    Versus 2 enemies you can get all 6 bounces from spell flux to do damage, as well as extra damage from splash after ult (We will consider the Q/W/Q/E/Q combo after ulting to all be used during ult duration)

    (3+3+1.5)(130+.1Mana+.2AP) + (1+1+.5)(200+.05Mana+.6AP) + (6+6+3)(130+.35AP)

    Finally, calculations versus 3 enemies. I don't think its reasonable to expect to hit more than this except in very unique situations.

    (3+3+3)(130+.1Mana+.2AP) + (1+1+1)(200+.05Mana+.6AP) + (6+6+6)(130+.35AP)

    Now that we have these numbers, lets see the base damage output at base 1260 mana (Ryze base mana at level 18)

    Damage with no items:

    1 Enemy
    1536+526+975=3037 Damage

    2 Enemies
    1920+657.5+1800=4377.5 Damage

    3 Enemies
    2304+789+2340=5433 Damage

    Woah! Ryze's E does more damage than I thought it would. We still haven't gotten any items though, so lets not make any conclusions yet.

    So taking the base mana and AP items, Sapphire Crystal and Amplifying Tome, we get that

    1 Mana cost 2 Gold

    1 AP cost 21.75 Gold

    This is actually a terrible estimate due to items like Tear of the Goddess, Archangel's Staff, Rabadon's Deathcap, ect. that screw the numbers up terribly, but we'll start with this.

    On a theoretical 5k Budget, we get

    2500 Mana


    300 AP

    Damage with 5kgold in Mana:

    1 Enemy:
    3036+776+975=4787 Damage

    2 Enemies:
    3795+970+1800=6565 Damage

    3 Enemies:
    4554+1164+2340=8058 Damage

    Damage with 5kgold in AP:

    1 Enemy:
    1896+886+1762.5=4544.5 Damage

    2 Enemies:
    2370+1107.5+3525=7002.5 Damage

    3 Enemies:
    2844+1329+4230=8403 Damage

    This data yields us some interesting finds. For one, Mana Ryze is more capable in a 1v1 situation. Versus Multiple targets however, AP Ryze has more theoretical output. You might say: But Penny! You just told us Mana>AP! What does this mean?

    True AP has greater theoretical output, but this relies heavily on the unreliable Spell Flux to deal massive amounts of your damage. You will also be forced to get closer to your targets for self-bounces, and your damage will be more spread over multiple targets. Additionally, there are many good defensive mana items, but not so many defensive AP items.

    So what did we learn? Although Mana>AP, AP certainly isn't trash. Unless you really liked the old Ryze I would never go pure AP. However, hybridization is a very real option: I think many people underestimate AP on Ryze.

    On a sidenote, we can drool over the ridiculous cost effectiveness of Tear of the Goddess and later Archangel's Staff.

    Fully charged, Tear of the Goddess gives 1350 Mana and 7mp5. The mp5 cost us 390, so the 995 for tear goes down to 605 for a potential 1350 Mana. That is ~.448 Gold per 1 Mana, compared to the 2 Gold per 1 Mana in the basic items. Even the most hardcore AP Ryze should buy a Tear IMO.

    A mid-lategame Ryze will often have ~4k+ mana. Archangel's Staff cost 1860 over tear and at 4k mana will provide a total of 165 AP. Instead of 21.75 Gold per 1 AP, we are now paying 11.27 Gold per 1 AP. It's not quite as good as Tear, but lets be realistic. That is a good deal.

    A second Archangels cost you 2855-700 (for the mana) or 2105 for 177 AP (Your old AA will get +12 AP, but I don't count it as I subtracted the cost of the mana) or 11.89 Gold per 1 AP. Even at this point, Rabadon's will cost ~14 Gold per 1 AP, or If you bought a rod ~13 Gold per 1 AP. Archangel's is better!

  • Summoner Spells

    Ryze has a relatively low escape power. Your W is great for snaring single targets to help your escape, but multi man ganks will more or less screw you. So you want some escaping power.

    Good Spells:

    Flash This is a pretty good spell for most heroes. It'll save your life, and maybe help net a kill or two.

    Ghost This is a very good spell for Ryze. It is better for chasing to get off that snare, and is generally a more reliable escape mechanism. If choosing between Ghost and Flash, I would take Ghost on Ryze.

    [Color=EEEE00]Reasonable Choices:

    Teleport This is a pretty good spell that a lot of people don't take. If your team doesn't have one, you should consider taking this. Keep in mind that if you do not take any AP or AD (pure mana Ryze), you will be VERY bad at backdooring and probably shouldn't use Teleport for that purpose.

    Cleanse This is a good escape mechanism, but unlike ghost or flash it doesn't really help you chase. Additionally, ghost/flash will help you avoid bad situations, whereas with cleanse you could just get chain CC'd. There are certain heroes with which this really shines, but Ryze isn't really one of them.

    Ignite This will add a bit to your burst, possibly netting another kill. Ryze no longer has massive burst however, and instead has more sustained DPS. I wouldn't take it unless your team is lacking one.

    Exhaust This spell is best for shutting down fed meele carries such as Tryndamere or Master Yi. You happen to have Rune Prison for that though, but still, no one's gonna hate if you take it.

    Heal I'm not a big fan of this spell, but its not worthless. It can help you survive a gank or get a kill early game.

    Clairvoyance Normally I would say your supports should be taking this spell, not you. I still don't recommend it, but Ryze has no way to check bushes other than a facecheck. This is one way to fix that.

    Clarity I've reconsidered this one a bit. Although Ryze will rarely run out of mana later in the game, you will run out quite often early game. This will help you charge your Tear of the Goddess, keep you in lane longer, and allow you to harass longer. Also, even with 4000 mana if you have very little mana regen it is possible to run out of mana: it's happened to me a few times. For most intents and purposes Teleport is the better choice, but if your team already has one or could really use a Clarity, I would consider it.[/color]

    Um... No. Just no.:

    Revive This spell is moderately redeeming on forced junglers or characters that have global teleports. Ryze falls into neither category, so please don't take this. It is best used in an attempt to force a queue dodge.

    [Spell=Rally] This spell should be paired with Revive when attempting to force a queue dodge.

    [Spell=Fortify] Not a bad spell by any means, but someone else can take it.

  • General Masteries

    Unless otherwise noted, These are the masteries I think should be taken.


    Key Masteries:

    Sorcery [Mastery=Archaic Knowledge]

    [Mastery=Awareness] Intelligence

    Some people like 9/7/14 builds that give Strength of Spirit but personally I feel that Intelligence and [Mastery=Archaic Knowledge] is too important to give up. Ryze really wants close to 40% CDR, and he will need to make it up if he doesn't take the whole 9% in Masteries.

    For the 21, besides the key masteries it's pretty up in the air. For example, skipping Greed and Meditation grabbing [Mastery=Expanded Mind] is perfectly acceptable. Just remember to try to grab your summoner skills as well.

  • General Runes

    Greater Quintessence of Insight Greater Quintessence of Fortitude Greater Quintessence of Knowledge Greater Quintessence of Intellect

    These are all viable choices. Mpen for obvious reasons, flat hp because ryze is too squishy early game, and more mana are all good options that will help Ryze.

    Greater Mark of Insight

    IMO this is the only way to go

    Greater Glyph of Knowledge Greater Glyph of Intellect Greater Glyph of Shielding Greater Glyph of Warding

    The mana flats on glyphs are pretty good, if you want a boost to your early game these are a viable option. Mres is never bad either, and most of my Ryze builds will lack a bit in Mres compared to armor, so these are nice options.

    Greater Seal of Knowledge

    Flats suck on seals, so avoid. There are tons of other decent choices, just nothing I feel felt that stood out. Unless its something that literally doesn't affect Ryze or is better suited to a Mark or something, it should be fine. Btw, mana is really good on Ryze.

  • The Possible Builds and How They Stack Up

    Pure Mana Ryze: You will scale very powerfully into the midgame and dominate in a true tanky dps fashion. Lategame you need to make a choice to transition your build, as your viable items will have ran out.

    Mana-AP hybrid Ryze: You scale slightly slower than the Pure Mana build, but as a result you will have a more optimal end-game and hit harder with the same survivability.

    Mana-AD hybrid Ryze: You scale quite quickly and have good midgame burst, but you will be more squishy until later in the game. You do not scale as well into the late game.

    AP Ryze: You loved your old Ryze and nuking entire teams to death with your E. You can still do that, but you will suck more than Ryze used to suck and be squishy as hell. This is probably closer to a troll build than anything.

  • Mana Ryze Introduction

    This is a build relying purely upon mana to fuel the damage of your Q and W. This build is typically a basis for either of the hybrid builds, though there can be some changes. In shorter games you will end as Mana Ryze, but in longer games or games where you are ridiculously fed you will be forced to hybridize, or build even more tanky.

    -Good damage
    -Can continuously cast spells
    -Good survivability
    -Strong midgame

    -Scales poorly damage-wise into lategame (hence hybridization)
    -Your E is just another button to push to refresh your Q
    -You have to squint to see the damage you do to towers and inhibitors
    -Silence literally makes you useless

  • Mana Ryze Skill Chart

    General Trend


    Choices at Level 1:

    Rune Prison or Overload

    These spells will do similar amounts of damage and cost similar amounts of mana. The only difference is Rune Prison has a snare and is on longer CD, and Overload has more range. 90% of the time I pick Rune Prison, especially if a level 1 fight is a possibility, but if I expect it to be hard to farm I'll pick Overload first for the last hitting and harassment.

    Choices between 2-12:

    When to take level 1 of Spell Flux and Desperate Power

    You can take Spell Flux as early as 3 or as late as 12. Honestly in this build you don't expect it to do any damage, so its mostly for the reduced CD on Overload. The MR debuff is also useful. Taking it earlier will give you a little more sustained damage, but in lane skirmishes it shouldn't matter much. If you think you will need extra dps soon, put a point into it. If not, your harassment and laning power is stronger if you just continue to pump Rune Prison and Overload

    You can take Desperate Power anywhere from 6-11. This is basically the same choice as spell flux. If you are going to be involved in a lot of ganking or early team fights, take it earlier. If not, just delay it until 11.

    Laning power build:

    Ganking build:

    Tough lane build:

    There are a lot of possible variations of this, so you should learn how to feel out your skill priority in every game yourself.

  • Mana Ryze Item Builds

    Starting Items:

    Sapphire Crystal + 2x Health Potion


    Sapphire Crystal + Health Potion + Mana Potion


    Tear of the Goddess + Boots of Speed

    Tear of the Goddess is just godly, and is really core on any Ryze build that isn't trolling. This will propel you straight into the midgame and fix most of your mana problems. Ryze is kind of slow, so the Boots of Speed will help you kite and get that all important Rune Prison off on running champions.

    Extended Core:

    Catalyst the Protector and Glacial Shroud

    Which one you make first is your preference, but remember to start with the Sapphire Crystal if you aren't sure. This will give you decent survivability, a ton more mana, and put you up to 34% CDR with your Q and masteries. This should basically allow you to cast spells one after another without stopping.

    You will also want T2 boots. Good choices are:

    Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility

    The latter 2 boots are considered so that you can catch up to people in order to snare them.

    Luxury Items:

    Frozen Heart and/or Banshee's Veil

    Both great defensive items. they build off what you already have, so there's not much reason to skip them. They add more punch to your spells anyways. Look at what the opponents have, and build accordingly.

    After this there isn't much for Ryze to build. Consider additional defensive items, such as

    - Warmog's Armor- Versus balanced/slightly AD heavy teams

    - Guardian Angel- Versus balanced/slightly AD heavy teams

    -[Item=Force of Nature]- Versus very AP heavy teams

    - Thornmail- Versus overfed physical carries

    - Frozen Heart- They have a ton of AD but you are ridiculously overfed and want to do more damage

    - Banshee's Veil- A second banshees is perhaps even more unjustified than a second Frozen Heart. It still gives decent hp/mana/mres though.

    More realistically, you should probably hybridize.

    AP hybrid:

    Turn your tear into an Archangel's Staff, and maybe a Void Staff or Lich Bane. Could grab a 2nd or 3rd Archangel's Staff for lulz. But seriously they are probably the best hybrid item at this time you can get.

    AD hybrid:

    Turn your tear into Manamune, and possibly a Sheen. To be honest I've never done this before so I don't know.

    Note: The sections on AD hybrid and AP hybrid are not the same as the transitions here, as you will be specifically building the hybrid in the midgame instead of just switching over for extra "oomph" in the lategame.

    Pure Mana Ryze Full Core Build:

    Key Stats (Lvl 18):

    -2238 HP
    -3465 Mana
    -180 Armor
    -110 Mres
    -7985 Gold

    Game Too Long Need Moar Mana Build:
    Key Stats (Lvl 18):

    -3543 HP
    -4965 Mana
    -180 Armor
    -110 Mres
    -354 AP
    -15915 Gold
    -20 Minutes to stack Rods

    Tanky Mana Ryze Build:

    -Key Stats (Lvl 18):

    -3653 HP
    -3465 Mana
    -248 Armor
    -148 Mres
    -13585 Gold

    AP hybrid Build

    Key Stats (Lvl 18):

    -2283 HP
    -3915 Mana
    -180 Armor
    -110 Mres
    -395 AP
    -14995 Gold

    AD hybrid Build:

    Key Stats (Level 18):

    -2283 HP
    -3715 Mana
    -180 Armor
    -140 Mres
    -263 AD
    -14970 Gold

  • Mana Ryze: Fighting

    The most important thing to do when fighting as Ryze is CYCLE YOUR SPELLS. You will be firing off spells every second and need to be able to make quick decisions as to which spell to use and keep track of the ones on CD. Using spells in an incorrect order can easily result in missing a kill or letting yourself or a teammate die.

    Maximizing DPS: In order to maximize dps with a mid-endgame Mana Ryze build, you need to cycle your spells to shoot as many Overloads as physically possible. A typical rotation with ~35-40% CDR is this:


    During this cycle you will more or less not wait between spells, firing them off continuously as soon as they come off CD (should be no more than .5 seconds)

    If possible, always lead with Overload. Obviously there are times when you are chasing that requires you to lead with Rune Prison, but abusing your passive to get an extra second off Q greatly increases your overall DPS. Generally Spell Flux should be thrown as fast as possible for its MR debuff, but if Rune Prison is needed you should not hesitate.

    Sometimes it is prudent to lead with Desperate Power in order to hit grouped teams before they separate, but otherwise you can just save it as a cooldown reducer.

    Additionally, before you get additional CDR you can either choose to cast 2 spells in between Overload in order to use it again immediately, or opt to space your spells out for less burst but more overall dps.

  • Mana-AP Hybrid Ryze Introduction

    This is my favorite build, and in my very biased opinion the best. In the midgame you will get most of your damage from Q and W, but late in the game your E will start to pack more of a punch and your Q and W will also get stronger (very marginally for Q).

    Best damage
    Can continuously cast spells
    Good survivability
    Strong Endgame

    Doesn't scale as fast into the midgame
    Fairly expensive full build
    Your damage to towers and inhibitors will suck until the endgame, where it will still suck but just not as much.
    Silence still makes you useless

  • Mana-AP Ryze Skill Chart

    Nothing to see here. Just refer back to the Mana Ryze Skill Chart, as it is the same.

    For all you lazy bastards.

    The only thing to note that if you like to get your AA and RoA earlier than I suggest, it is reasonably possible that you will opt to take levels in Spell Flux earlier. I don't really recommend it, so don't blame me if you suck trying this method.

  • Mana-AP Ryze Item Builds

    Starting Items:

    Sapphire Crystal + 2x Health Potion


    Sapphire Crystal + Health Potion + Mana Potion


    Tear of the Goddess + Boots of Speed

    What, did you think it would be different? If you have both these items you wont be useless.

    Extended Core:

    Catalyst the Protector and build it into Rod of Ages

    Sadly, due to its prohibitive cost we can't afford CDR in our extended core. This is why Mana-AP hybrid Ryze is a bit slower to get going than pure Mana Ryze: we have to stop for Rod of Ages. It'll be worth it though, trust me. Fully stacked it offers 630 HP (should bring you near 3k HP with banshees), 725 Mana (The most of any item outside of the Tear-based items) and 80 AP (Which is a reasonable boost to your DPS, but secondary to the other stats). If you are having a bad game, a second Catalyst the Protector before building Rod of Ages is not a bad idea. Also, you might consider switching to the pure Mana Ryze build as it will hopefully keep you alive and useful. You won't scale into the late game well if you are always dying.

    You will also want T2 boots. Good choices are:

    Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility

    The latter 2 boots are considered so that you can catch up to people in order to snare them.

    Luxury Items:

    Banshee's Veil

    Still a great choice for Mana-AP hybrid Ryze. In fact, I would take it every time.

    Glacial Shroud --> Frozen Heart

    This should REALLY be in your build. If you want to itemize differently, for the love of god at least take the Glacial Shroud. If you choose not to do this, you will have to make up for the CDR elsewhere, most likely Ionian Boots of Lucidity and possibly Greater Glyph of Celerity. All the AP stacking in the world isn't going to make up for the 20% lost CDR.

    - Archangel's Staff- Depending on when you take it, this will offer anywhere from ~80 AP to ~200 AP. 200 AP for 2000 gold? That's a pretty good deal, even considering that AP is a bit meh on Ryze. This IS the Mana-AP hybrid after all...

    - Archangel's Staff- Wha? Didn't you just put this up... well basically you could buy another one.

    - Rod of Ages- Yeah, you can get a second one of these too. This item is a bit lackluster when getting it this late, but if you got (or plan to get) both Banshee's Veil and Frozen Heart, you will get a nice chunk of EHP as well as more mana and AP to wring your little hands around. Remember, at this point in the game this is the most Mana you can possibly get on a single item. If you don't need the HP though, you might want to consider another choice.

    - Rylai's Crystal Scepter- Personally I'm not a huge fan of this item on Ryze, but a spammable slow in Overload is a pretty sweet deal. The only issue is it doesn't give mana!! The HP is nice though. I would consider this item the most if I chose Mercury's Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes instead of higher MS boots for better chasing.

    NOTE: I don't know if the AOE from your ult reduces the slow on your skills.

    - Rabadon's Deathcap- This item is pretty mehhhh on Ryze, and really I wouldn't take it unless you skipped one or more of the "key" defensive items (thus having additional slots for AP items) I really, really wouldn't touch it unless you already have 300+ AP, which really you should never have. (PS if you want tons of AP, Archangel's Staff is probably a better bet]

    - Lich Bane- I'm pretty ambivalent about this item. It's stats seem really great: Mana, MR, AP, and a nice passive. It's also really expensive and due to the extra spammability of Ryze's spells, you won't have time to proc the passive. This spell would shine the most if you 1. Skipped itemized CDR, or 2. Skipped defensive items to stack AP. It will also improve your abysmal damage versus towers. If you don't have a decent amount of AP, I wouldn't really consider this item, especially since your auto-attack lacks range compared to your spells.

    - Void Staff- You pwned too hard and the other team stacked MR in fear of you? Grab this. The AP is kinda meh but the Mpen will really help you keep your spells hitting strong.

    - Abyssal Scepter- Enemy mages fed? Need a bit more Mred for true damage? This is a pretty good choice. I wouldn't grab it unless you desire both the Mres and the Mred, as the AP isn't that great.

    - Zhonya's Hourglass- Not a big fan of this item either, as you really need to get the most out of the active to justify it's price. You have very short cooldowns and need to be casting them constantly, so Zhonya's can only be used to nullify focus or that overfed Master Yi from destroying you. A very situational item I feel, as you can take a lot more heat (if you built the suggested defensive items) than other carries they might want to focus.

    -[Item=Morello's Evil Tome]- After the new patch made this better than the useless little brother of DFG, You might want to consider it if the greedy you decided not to itemize your CDR with Glacial Shroud or Frozen Heart. Not really recommended, but at least you have the choice now. Why you would choose 75 AP over 500 mana, 99 armor, and 20%dr vs physical I have no idea.

    - Elixir of Brilliance- A great stopgap if you are delaying or skipping itemized CDR. Golem buff is really nice too, especially early game.

    This is pretty much all of the items I would ever consider. If its not on this list, you probably shouldn't buy it.

    When choosing items, remember that Mana>AP. We take AP because there are only so many good mana items and most don't stack well. There are also a lot of good passive/actives among these items.

    Just ring up the comments if you object.

  • Mana-AP Ryze: Fighting

    Your tactics should be very similar to that of Mana Ryze.

    Seen here

    There is, however, added incentive to lead with your R/E (or Q/R/Q/E, Q/R/E, R/Q/E, ect) to teams that are clustered. With a few hundred AP, your spell flux will do an impressive amount to clumps of enemies in conjunction with your ult.

    Remember: you still do not play like the old Ryze. Q and W are still your main spells, hybridizing with AP simply increases your overall DPS and makes your E less crappy.

  • Mana-AD Hybrid Ryze Introduction

    I still feel pretty ambivalent about this build. To be honest I've been sucking recently no matter what character or build I try, so this build is a fair amount of theorycrafting and a little bit less actual implementation. If you plan to Mana-AD hybridize, it is much safer to simply run the Pure Mana Ryze build and hybridize it at the end. This build, however, should provide some lulz while still being viable.

    Good damage
    Can replace spells with autoattacks during CD periods
    Good survivability
    Good at pushing towers and farming creeps
    You have something to do while silenced

    Requires you to be in autoattack range to maximum damage
    Your E is just another button to push to refresh your Q
    Your AD based damage will be negligible in the lategame, or sacrifice survivability/mana

  • Mana-AD Ryze Skill Chart

    Nothing to see here. Just refer back to the Mana Ryze Skill Chart, as it is the same.

    For all you lazy bastards.

    Note: While some may think it extra beneficial to lay off in the 1st point of E and R because auto-attacks can fill the CD period, you will not have your AD based items at this point in the game so it is largely irrelevant. Take your skills in conjunction with what the situation calls for.

  • Mana-AD Ryze Item Builds

    Starting Items:

    Sapphire Crystal + 2x Health Potion


    Sapphire Crystal + Health Potion + Mana Potion


    Tear of the Goddess + Boots of Speed

    That's right, its STILL the same. In theory you could opt to rush Sheen, but without Manamune it's not going to do that much for you. Your goal is to stack that mana as fast as possible.

    Extended Core:

    Manamune and Sheen

    Getting your Manamune ASAP will actually help you charge it a little bit faster. It will also give you a decent amount of AD (Upwards of 100 with a full item build), to the point where it's actually worth right clicking things. Last hitting will be a breeze between your auto-attacks and Overload. The followup with sheen will make your autoattack hit for ~200 when procced. We forgo earlier CDR for the sheen because 1: its cheaper, and 2: With CDR you won't have time to autoattack, wasting part of this build's potential. If you want the CDR, you dont need a fast manamune or your sheen. Go with another build.

    You will also want T2 boots. Good choices are:

    Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads or Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility

    The latter 2 boots are considered so that you can catch up to people in order to snare them.

    Berserker's Greaves

    Not a good choice because your are getting your big damage from sheen procs and spells, not constant auto-attacking.

    Luxury Items:

    - Glacial Shroud--> Frozen Heart- CDR is not as essential in this build as it is in the others. You probably should still itemize with at least Glacial Shroud, but you don't need to rush it like you should in other builds.

    - Banshee's Veil- It's honestly a good item on anyone, and its an even better item for Ryze. Just because you are building an AD aspect doesn't mean you shouldn't get this.

    - Trinity Force- This item has a TON of wasted stats for you, and really your only reason for making this item is to make your procs hit harder. I would only get this item if 1: you will build or have built at least 1 other AD item (besides manamune), or 2. Are taking it as a final item.

    - Sword of the Occult- This was never a good stacking item, and its worse on Ryze than most. Still, if you are very confident in your ability to stack it you might be wrecking people with 600 damage sheen procs.

    - The Bloodthirster- This is probably one of the few AD items I would consider taking, and only if you can keep your +stats without dying too much. Most damage items have a lot of wasted stats: this one is no exception, but it's slightly made up for by the fact you can get up to 100 damage on one of these babies.

    - Void Staff- WHAT!?!? AP!?!? Most of your damage is still magic, so if they stack Mres you still might want this.

    - Last Whisper- If you decide to go really, REALLY heavy AD, you might want to take this since you have no sources of ArPen. Or you could just go more Mana heavy.

    NOTE: I definitely support phasing out your DPS item build and stopping after Manamune/ Sheen (and possible Trinity Force) and concentrating on mana and survivability. After all, mana will give you AD. Lategame your AD component will be mostly for clearing creep waves/towers, and occasionally an autoattack inbetween your beastly ~10 spell combos.

  • Mana-AD Ryze: Fighting

    Once you get Manamune and Sheen, your spell combo's should look a little like this:

    Q/W/AA/Q/E/AA/Q/R/AA/Q/W/AA ect.

    Without itemized CDR you will have plenty of time to do this (as long as you aren't in a chase). Note that your sheen will likely not proc on every autoattack.

    With ~40% CDR, you will be spamming spells non-stop and will have little time for auto-attacks.

    NOTE: One of the most important aspects to making this build successful is to know when you will have slots in your CD for autoattacks, and being able to accurately judge when sheen is procced. If you don't do this, you will find yourself not making the most out of this build.

  • AP Ryze

    Coming... eventually: Uh yeah. I don't know if I should bother writing this, cuz I'm pretty sure pure AP Ryze sucks. Well whatever...

  • End Notes

    I'll be updating this to include the additional builds, and I'll look at whatever feedback you guys have to give.

    Thanks to
    Fellgues for info on aesthetics.