Ryze Build Guide

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If Mana = Damage, I'd like to have 100 Sapphire Crystals

written by BACHO TI

Ryze Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Arcane Mastery
    A very very nice passive. It lets you just nuke and nuke and nuke, over and over again. This passive really contributes to making Ryze a very powerful rapid caster champ.

    Your spammable spell and one of the two spells that stack with mana. Now with the heavily reduced CD you want to spam this like hell.

    Rune Prison
    Your main nuking ability and the second spell that stacks with mana. The damage is so great that I just want to have rune prison over my E, R an Q spell. Its simply marvelous. Use it to disable carries and pretty much every melee champion out there.

    Spell Flux
    Nothing redone here. This spell doesnt stack with mana (it would be too OP if it could though). The damage output is kinda nice, but we will put points in this spell last. Combined with your ult, it deals a nice amount of damage (because its AoE), so after popping ulti, use this spell first.

    Desperate Power
    The heavy nerf on the ult was a serious blow to Ryze. You need only 1 point in this @ lvl 6, and you will level this in lvl 17 and 18. Sacrificing a point which you can put on Rune Prison for example, only gives you 1 second more of duration, a couple of mana and nothing more. The AoE dmg is still nice though. Dont forget, that because of your passive it as a relatively short CD, so use it to heal too!

  • Introduction

    Hi there! This is yet another guide by me, this time about the new Ryze. During the recent patch, Ryze has been remade- now from a burst damage caster, he turned more into a constant nuking machine. Now his abilities stack better with mana rather than ability power, which most people thought was a nerf. Nerf my ass. It looks like a nerf on paper, but in-game ryze is now an off-tank (the way I build him) with an endless capacity of dealing high and high burst damage. This guide is not going to be 1000 page long, but rather a more simple one. So lets get started.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Now for the runes its really really simple. Ryze needs more mana for more damage, and also some penetration. So...
    9x Greater Mark of Insight (mpen is always nice)
    9x Greater Seal of Replenishment (you need mana regen early levels so you can spam your abilities with ease. Later on you won't be worried about mana issues, so that's why i picked MP/5 over Mp/lvl/5
    9x Greater Glyph of Intellect like i said- mana = damage

    Combined with 3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude for that extra survivability early game which ryze really really needs.

    For masteries i go the standart 9/0/21 caster setup. If you dont know what i mean, look up here: 9/0/21 (Ghost up)

  • Summoner Abilities

    Now for summoner abilities I always go Ghost + Ignite. I feel those two spells are brilliant, as Ghost provides Ryze with a decent movement speed, and Ignite gives him another good damaging spell, which also shuts down health regen crackheads like Mundo, WW, Soraka etc.

    Another good spell to substitute Ghost is Flash. Its just a matter of preference which one you like. Different styles means different summoner abilities.

    Other viable spells are:
    Teleport for when you want more lane control
    Clarity if you want to spam and spam your spells early game (mid-late game this comes completely inapplicable compared to ryze's HUGE mana pool)
    Heal if you are a big idiot and cant keep away from danger early game

  • Skilling Order

    Here is how I roll with ryze:

    I have been debating weter E or Q goes first, I decided to go with E for its good damage output right from lvl 1. Maxing Overload gives Ryze a huge nuking potential, because of its nice passive. Next comes Rune Prison. Now that it deals damage upfront you will deal insane amounts of damage to a single target (or more if you pop ult). After that max your spell flux. Remember to put a point in Desperate Power at lvl 6, but max your ult last. Just believe me, dont put more than 1 point in your freakin ult, as its very stupid to do that.

  • Items

    Here is what you all have been waiting for- the items progression. This build is pretty straight forward. It provides ryze with a very very nice load of HP, and also armor and mres, making him something like an off-tank, and he also has an endless mana pool, which makes ryze's spell hit like a truck.

    First off start with Sapphire Crystal + 2x Health Potion. More mana = more power, so you will hit hard right from lvl 1.

    When you have enough money, return to base and finish Tear of the Goddess and buy yourself Boots of Speed. Now you have a nice mana regen, practically 0 ability power, but a shit load of damage. Start running away, squishies!

    On your next trip back, I hope you managed to score some blood in your lane, so that you can now go buy yourself a Catalyst the Protector and turn your boots into Boots of Swiftness. Reason? Catalyst gives you a nice boost of mana an hp (which makes you hit hard and have more survivability) and the passive lets you stay in your lane for like forever.

    Why Boots of Swiftness, you may ask? Ryze doesnt need penetration, he doesnt need CD reduction (he will get it from other items), but what he need is SPEED. You need to be faster than your opponents in order to chase, snare, and kite properly. Those boots give it to him, all of it, full package.

    If you want more Mpen, go with Sorcerer's Shoes

    Next up is Rod of Ages. It provides you with some AP, which is kinda good, and it boosts your HP and MP every minute. Oh, how cool! Now you will turn into a squishy caster into a not-so-squishy caster. Having this item is so great!

    After buying your rod, you must buy more mana. And what item does give you so much things than Glacial Shroud? None. The CD reduction is so nice, the mana is OMG YEEEAH and the armor turns you into an off-tank. Having this item turns you into an off-tank which deals high high damage. Leave it like this, dont turn it into a Frozen Heart yet.

    On your next trip back, start building Banshee's Veil, starting from Catalyst the Protector. Having this item will again provide you with a shit load of mana, hp and the mres is also nice. Having this will make you a real killing machine, having 100+ armor and mres. What can you want more?

    So right about this time, the game should end. If it doesnt, turn your Tear of the Goddess into a Archangel's Staff. This item has a pretty nice mana regen, and it boosts your AP like hell. Not that you will be needing a lot of AP but still- having some is good.

    All you have to do now is turn your Glacial Shroud into a Frozen Heart. Now you really go like a off-tank. You can stay right up in those teamfights like a man, hitting like a truck.

    For your 6t item, I would recommend getting a Lich Bane as it gives you mana, AP, some mres and the pretty nice passive, giving you another damaging spell to your arsenal.

    When you draw the line, you will be looking at a bulky ryze, having 100+ armor and mres, a huge huge mana pool, who hits like a truck. If you finish this build, you will be owning hard, my man.

  • Sample Build


  • Farming

    Ryze is such a good and quick farmer. Your farming will be a breeze. If you see a large group of creeps, go there, pop your ult, then use Spell Flux + Overload + Rune Prison and you will decimate those creeps in no time.

  • Creep Jungling

    Ryze is no jungler, but he needs to kill only 1 creep from there- the Golem. Having that buff literally provides you wit and endless mana pool, so you can spam and spam and spam your spells wit absolutely no worries. Get this buff whenever you can, as it will dramatically increase your effectiveness.

  • Working in the team

    I will divide this into 3 parts- early, mid and late game.

    Early game:

    You are squishy, so dont get in trouble. Watch your back, put wards if you need to, just stay out of danger. You are not dealing so high amounts of damage yet, and you dont have the survivability needed to withstand a toe-to-toe fight. Work with your lanemate to score some blood. You need to hold down the squishiest champion with your Rune Prison and unleash your combo. Your lanemate jumps in, and that guy is toast.

    Also, your Q has a surprisingly long range. Use it to harass constantly (just not too constantly as you will run out of mana quickly in the early levels). Someone chillin in te back? Throw a Overload at him. Someone just coming to his lane from a bluepill? Welcome him with an Overload. A melee champion tries to last-hit minions? Make him regret he ever tried to do it with an Overload.

    Mid game:

    So now you have a nice mana pool, some nice surviability and nice damage. Making an error is not fatal now, but still- stay away from danger. You can kill most champions toe-to-toe, but dont do stupid things, ok? Start going to other lanes, trying to gank. Your Rune Prison is the green light for your friend to start attacking that bastard. Start farming faster and faster, using your ult. That way you can push your enemies to their tower and maybe take it down, freeing you up some space for manouvering. Team fights start to occure once in a while. Be sure to be with your team whenever this happens. Pop your ult, snare that carry with [item=Rune Prison] and unleash hell with your combo.

    Late game:

    A single ace can win or lose you the game, so be extremely careful. @ lvl 18, stick with your team. If you die your enemy most probably will rush in your tower to push, and your teammates have to fight a 4v5 situation, which believe me, is not cool. Now you are an off-tank, so dont worry about your safety. Start casting spells around you whenever possible, you deal high-amounts of damage. If someone focuses you, dont worry, he'll need a hell of a lot time to kill you. You are not the squisy ryze anymore, you are the off-tank ryze now. Stop worrying about your safety and start spamming your spells dude.

    In conclusion, there are several things you need to remember-

    1. Early game- stay out of danger
    2. Mid game- start ganking and pushing towers and be there when your team needs you
    3. Late game- Stay with your team, and when a fight occurs, you must first decimate their carry. ALWAYS!!!

  • Pros / Cons

    -huge mana pool makes casting spells an endless cycle
    -squishy is not a known word for the new Ryze
    -huge damage output, rapid spell casting
    -a great nuker

    -doesnt scale well with AP
    -a really really poor ultimate.
    -kassadin can completely shut you down

  • Summary

    So, this is it. I hope I managed to help you playing the new Ryze in a proper way. I will include new topics and new stuff to this guide, so stay tuned!

    Feedback and constructive criticism is needed. I need to turn this guide to the best Ryze guide out there, but without your help, I cant. Please send feedback!

    Thank you for reading this guide! Cya on the battlefields! :)