Ryze Build Guide

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Ryze: ur doin it rong

written by Stupidevilman

Ryze Build

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    firstly. your skills! your upgrading them wrong. this is how you do it:

    lvl1 Q
    lvl2 W
    lvl3 E
    lvl4 Q
    lvl5 Q
    lvl6 W
    lvl7 Q
    lvl8 W
    lvl9 Q

    MAX OUT THAT Q AND W AS PRIO!! E is simply a way of shortining the cooldown of your SUPER Q OF PWNING!! forget about ult.. who needs ult? no one thats who.
    when forced to level something else.. level ult before E! >!!!!!

    KAY SO you need alot of AP from them archangels and RoA's

    NOT!!!..... you dont need AP!

    you know who needs ap? little girls need ap.. thats who needs ap. annie needs AP.. are you annie? no.

    YOU GET MANA! a TON of mana! only mana!!!!!!!

    first item is TEAR!

    second item is.. i **** you not.. : SHEEN! for all that nuking your going to do!

    fit in boots whenever the hell you please! what type of boots you ask? BOOTS OF MOBILITY!! why? cause you need to kite! you know who is good at kiting? people with boots of mobility thats who!! and also chasing down those people with your ownage hit and run tactics

    then you get more mana! banshees and frozen heart have mana, get some of that ****.
    youll be running around slaying those noobs in the face with your Q

    oh and dont forget the tear!

    it upgrades into manamune.. why? because it does.. archangel is bad.. you scale badly with archangel.. you scale fully with manamune.

    god **** right..

    general tactics for early>mid>late game you say?!! well thats easy

    RYZE is no longer a kill everything in one hit champ.. he is not annie.. annie is a girl.


    early game you do hit and run tactics! you are now vlad.. vlad hits and runs.. focus on getting a Q of without getting hit yourself. cause Q is longer range than most Q's

    then when you have W you can do a nice amount of damage! like uber pro most of the time!

    run up Q W Q chances are you got hit once.. but it doesnt matter. Q W Q combo does more damage than their pathetic Q !!!! HAH YOU SPIT ON THEM!
    and E! musnt forget E.. E can be used in two ways! to make you do more damage at a slower pace.. OR do a bit less damage at a faster pace.

    Q W E Q faster pace dmg! cause there is a bit less than half a second pause from Q W ->Q using E in this way makes the Q refresh instant

    Q W Q E Q slower but marginally more damage! and it is very doable!! in this sequence however there will be a bit less than half a second of cooldowns from Q W -> Q E ->Q .. you will use this time to get in a basic attack powered by awesome sheen!

    you may also reverse the order of how you cast your slow combo Q E Q W Q if you feel that your enemy needs to be kept around later in the rotation rather than before, it also makes the nuke harder at the end of the rotation rather than at the start.

    this is what will happen!! Q E Basic Q he will think ( lol i only lost 50% hp from that combo) and then!!!! W Basic Q!! he just exploded into a fine red mist because he was not as awesome as ryze

    chances are you already have a kill if you played your cards right! new ryze shines like A VERY SHINY OBJECT in early game!

    why? cause you havent upgraded ult! Q and W's burst brings you the upper hand!

    UTILIZE your flash and ghost aggressively! be it for slaying a guy in your lane, or ganking mid/sides! youll be doing damage like a BAUS while they cant outrun you cause of your superior mobility.

    btw dont start with a dorans ring.. are you annie or something? start with manas! and 2 health pots

    rune page? ALL MANAS! yellow blue and quints mana per level!
    or runspeed quints.
    reds spellpen!

    MID GAME?! more QWQ spam. all the time.. its important! try to have your team leave blue for you.. cdr is great!

    LATE GAME? if you teamfight GO FOR THE BALLS!! balls=squishies. QRQWQEQ

    thats a dead squishy and his other squishy teammates standing around him are half dead too!!

    if not teamfighting and you 1v1 some poor guy! Q W Q R Q E Q!

    all the while you use your manamune to fill the void in cooldowns if you dont have blue!!

    at endgame youll have around 4k mana easy. with a manamune thats 200 AD total

    plus sheen.! a QWQ combo with one shot with a sheen powered manamune ownage hit will be around 1600 dmg easily, its even in the low end of how much damage you would deal as burst.

    i base all of this on my personal experience with new ryze.
    go try it for yourselves.

    new ryze = BAUS! you are doing it wrong!

    wall of text and bad writing crits you for 1 million i think.


  • Abilities

    Arcane Mastery
    FREE Q's!!!

    NUKE 2.0

    Rune Prison

    Spell Flux
    awesome 1 second reduction on Q right here!

    Desperate Power
    shit ult that takes away Q power!!