Kog'Maw Build Guide

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Mindset of Kog'Maw, AP and Hybrid Edit:04-30-11

written by depravedsoul

Kog'Maw Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    My first Guide, please tell me if I'm missing anything, or if anything could be included.

    I've been playing Kog'maw since the day it was released, and even now i still believe it is one of THE most fun heroes to play with. As the only hero with a spammable long range ult, he has huge potential when attacking or defending. This guide will focus on only two types of builds (the only two i believe are of any use), AP and Hybrid. I will now drop down all my not so extensive knowledge on this hero i love so much, heh.

    Disclaimer: Most if not all of this guide, is personal preference and thoughts on how kog'maw SHOULD be played. Also...very text heavy...

    Edit - 02-16-11 thanks for your votes, I'll try to add more detail into this guide to make it more comprehensive. If there is anything about this guide your having trouble grasping, leave a message in comments. Ill try to clear it up

    My earlier statements about Kog's having no CC is now clarified, as snare, root, or stun.
    Edit - 04-30-11 Changed preferred items for hybrid Kog'maw in a way i believe worked better. Also further stressing the importance of having blue buff.

  • Abilities

    Icathian Surprise
    Upon dying, Kog'Maw starts a chain reaction in his body which causes him to move faster and detonate after 4 seconds; dealing 100 + (25 x lvl) true damage to surrounding enemies.

    Depending on your build, this may range from a barely useful passive, to an almost useless passive. Even tho you may not kill a hero with it, its still hilarious when you do. More often than not, this passive will end up being used on a creep wave.

    Caustic Spittle
    Passive: Increases Kog'Maw's attack speed. Active: Kog'Maw launches a corrosive projectile which deals magic damage and corrodes the target's armor for 4 seconds.
    Passive: Increases Attack Speed by 10/15/20/25/30%.
    Active: Kog'Maw launches a corrosive projectile which deals 60/110/160/210/260 (+0.7) magic damage and reduces target's armor by 5/10/15/20/25.
    Mana Cost:

    with an average range, this skill will rarely be used. Even its passive of 30% IAS, isnt worth having this maxed out first.

    Bio-Arcane Barrage
    Kog'Maw's attacks gain range and deal a percent of the target's maximum health as magic damage.
    Kog'Maw's attacks gain 130/160/190/220/250 range and deal additional magic damage equal to 2/3/4/5/6% (+0.01)% of target's max Health (Max: 100 Damage vs Monsters). Lasts 6 seconds.
    Mana Cost:

    The bread and butter of a dps hybrid kog and AD kog, but rarely used on AP kog.

    Void Ooze
    Kog'Maw launches a peculiar ooze which damages all enemies it passes through and leaves a trail which slows enemies who stand on it.
    Kog'Maw launches ooze which deals 60/110/160/210/260 (+0.7) magic damage to enemies it passes through.
    Additionally, it leaves a trail which slows enemies by 28/36/44/52/60% for 4 seconds.
    Mana Cost:

    An important source of dmg for any type of kog. With it's range and slow, it will keep enemies in range for Bio-arcane barrage or Living artillery.

    Living Artillery
    Kog'Maw fires a living artillery shell at a great distance dealing damage and revealing targets. Additionally, multiple Living Artilleries in a short period of time cause them to cost additional mana.
    Kog'Maw fires artillery from a great distance. After a short delay, the artillery falls dealing 80/120/160 (+0.3) magic damage and reveals targets for 4 seconds (deals 150% bonus damage to Champions).
    Each subsequent Living Artillery in the next 6 seconds costs 40/40/40 additional mana (Max 200).
    Mana Cost

    This is what makes Kog'maw, kog'maw. At a max range of 1800, even if they were to run from your void ooze, and bio-arcane barrage, this will finish them off. This skill should be used whenever it is off its 6 second timer.

    Tested by "Silversun" - I can affirm that the 150% bonus damage to champions is applied before the bonus due to AP so, no, there is not a 0.75 (0.3*2.5) ratio on this spell.
    So to clarify, you take your: ((base Living Artillery dmg)*2.5)+Bonus AP

  • Pros / Cons

    HUGE range
    Consistent AOE dmg on AP build
    High dps on Hybrid build
    Great when pushing or defending tower.

    Absolutely no getaway
    So squishy
    No Reliable CC, ie: snare like Light Binding & Dazzle
    Any type of hero that can close the distance in an instant, renders all kogs useless...then dead
    ie: Kassadin, Xin, Katarina, Akali, Jax, Irelia...you get the idea.
    Relies heavily on team

    That being said, there are times when kogmaw isn't necessarily a good hero to pick.

    If your team is lacking all sort of snares, roots or stuns. kogmaw as squishy as he is, if he doesn't have at least a few teammates that can stop an enemy in their tracks, chances that kog will survive any fight is close to none. It would be even more beneficial if those snares, roots, and stuns are not a type of skill shot, landing or missing the snare is the difference between victory and loss.

  • Summoner Spells

    Teleport Flash Are the only two summoner spells i use for both types of Kogs. In a perfect world, I'm sure you would never have to defend your tower, but we don't have the pleasure of living in that perfect world, this is what is for.

    As well as defending, is indispensable during the laning process, every second you are not in lane, is precious time you are wasting away.

    As for , this is your only hope of getting away from a gank...even tho you should never be in that position to begin with. A well timed gank, will always end in your demise, but should you have a chance to live with , TAKE IT.

    Is also used to quickly position yourself in a team fight.

    Ghost useful when chasing, running or just getting from lane to lane when ganking.

    Cleanse very useful when used with flash or ghost to run. As a hero with no getaway, its something to think about...but like i said, you should never be in a situation like that in the first place.

    Clarity Great during the laning phase, but not as useful towards the end of the game when you have around 1800 mana with mana regen from .

    HealMore of an "OH SHIT" spell, should there be an emergency, this will likely save your ass, but like clarity....its usefulness is only around the laning phase.

    Exhaust Ignite These two spells are great if you play kog'maw pretty aggressively, but with it's limited range it puts you in danger of their spells as well.

    [spell=rally] Something to consider since AP kogs will be AAAAaaall the way in the back spamming living artillery, just run like hell when you see them approaching.

    Smite pretty sure kogs don't jungle very well

    [spell=fortify] Uhhh....pretty random, don't need it.

    Clairvoyance You have your ult...

    Revive Don't die

  • Runes

    These will be the runes to use whether you build Kog AP or Hybrid. You can call this lazy, but its worked so far.

    9x Greater Mark of Insight +8.55 Magic Penetration
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity +10.53 Mana Regen, better than the flat mana regen at lvl 7, not long.
    9x Greater Glyph of Insight +5.13 Magic Penetration
    3x Greater Quintessence of Insight +5.67 Magic Penetration

    with this rune setup you should have 19.35 Magic penetration, dealing as close as you to your true magic damage during the early parts of the game. Other than tank(s) most heroes have 30 magic resistance throughout the entirety of the game. The strength of this setup is so it makes your Kog'Maw quite situational.

    Most people would switch to aspd, or armor pen runes on ad or hybrid kogs, but aspd and armor penetration has a wide selection of available items. Your precious rune slots should be spent on something that is much harder to come by, magic penetration.

  • Masteries

    I go by the very common 9-0-21 Mastery setting


    focusing ap/magic pen on the offense tree and utility mastery, and expanded mind on the utility tree.

  • Laning Phase

    AP or Hybrid, this would be the procedure to go about in the early parts of the game.

    If we go by my current Summoner Spell arrangement Teleport Flash, quickly pick up a [item=meki pendant], 2x Health Potionand teleport to your lane (if you are going into side lane, solo or duo, you can opt to walk into bush to see who you will be laning against....just be wary that you will be the only one there at that point)

    Once the creeps have started to gather at the center, understand that from lvl 1-5 you pose little to no threat, just focus on last hitting creeps with either Void Ooze or Bio-Arcane Barrage. If you can hit the enemy champion with Void Ooze as well as last hit a creep, kudos to you and keep it up. keep them near your tower, makes it easier for teammates to gank mid (it is beyond difficult to kill the enemy champ by yourself at this point)

    Once you hit lvl 6 your Skill order should be similar to this:

    Also once you hit lvl 6, you have instantly increased your level of threat against the enemy you're laning against. Harass him with Living Artillery every chance you get once it is off it's 6 second timer. Landing the shot is a different story, takes some learning...

    By this point, you should be floating around 1000+ gold and your Teleport should be off cooldown. You can go back to town to pick up a Tear of the Goddess and a Boots of Speed, or simply just stay in lane and keep farming. I would advise you go back to town, and start charging the Tear of the Goddess with Living Artillery as soon as you can.

    Creep farming also becomes substantially easier at lvl 6, it just takes 2x Living Artillery and 1x Void Ooze to clear the mage portion of the creep wave. example:

    Living Artillery, wait 6 seconds for the timer, then Living Artillery and Void Ooze

    Also, around this time if you see any possible opportunity to gank the side lanes, do so.

    Once, you've farmed 750 gold, go back and get your Sorcerer's Shoes

    and this concludes the early laning portion of Kog'Maw, and where AP and hybrid Kog'maws go their seperate ways.

  • AP Kog's Focus and Item/Skill progression

    As AP Kog it is vital that you focus on reaching lvl 11, go around and help your teammate or defend if necessary with Teleport, but your main focus would be to reach lvl 11 as soon as possible. why lvl 11? because with just 1200 range on you ult, you are still very vulnerable during team fights. A lvl 2 Living Artillery pumps that range to 1500, you are now officially unreachable (unless the enemy has any one of the champs listed in the cons portion of this guide) you skill order throughout the rest of the game should resemble something like this:

    I've mentioned that you should never get close enough for Caustic Spittle, but your enemies will be trying their hardest to make sure they are right up in your face. Caustic Spittle is to ensure they regret getting that close. Should an enemy ever get that close, running is out of the option unless you can away. Fight it out, and end them with your passive. (you'll most likely die)

    Once you've farmed enough gold, start building a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If you're getting focused, start with the Giant's Belt

    Once you've completed Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you're done with your core items

    Archangel's Staff Complete this item when you have the chance.

    Rabadon's Deathcap Is a great item to boost your AP.

    Zhonya's Hourglass If you are getting hit mostly by physical damage.

    Abyssal Scepter If you are getting hit by magic damage. The magic reduction is a bonus as well. This would also be the item of choice if their magic resist is less than 70

    Void Staff For those heroes reaally stacking on the magic resists. This would be the item of choice if their magic resist is more than 70.

    Haunting Guise A fairly inexpensive item to increase your magic penetration further. Highly recommended item to bring your magic penetration to 59

    With the limited AP items available for an AP Kog build, magic penetration is always first priority.
    Magic resist is any caster's worst enemy, even more so for AP Kog. A simple banshee's veil will effectively neutralize most of your damage. Since banshees are always an item of choice for almost any hero, i cannot stress the fact that magic penetration is, and always will be first priority.

    Survivability isn't really an issue for AP kog, just focus on your damage output. I say it isn't an issue simply because you shouldn't be in a situation where they can easily reach you. If they do have a chance to get that close, death is almost guaranteed, unless you teammates save you. AP kog's main duty is to focus down their ranged dps, and mage(s) or anyone that isn't stacking on magic resistance. Leave the enemy tank(s) for your own dps to deal with. Once you've killed their squishies, or at least force them off the battlefield. you can then put your attention to whoever is left in the skirmish.

    The game has usually ended by this point...win or lose.

    Also as i stated earlier, kog's Living Artillery scaling is extremely poor, with bonus AP applied after the +150% champ damage. I would really consider putting as much magic penetration into kog as possible, so when your ult does hit, it will hit for as close to true damage as possible.

    On a side note, If the flow of the game has started going towards the opponents favor at the 30-40 minute mark, its highly recommended that you switch towards a hybrid build. I have also included a damage calculation formula in this guide, you can see for yourself how much damage you are effectively doing at certain points in the game.

  • Possible Scenarios During Team Fights with AP Kog > Conclusion

    As AP Kog, your ability to turn a team fight into your favor before a team fight has even started is second to none. For example...very often you'll be doing the tango with the enemy team in mid lane, fighting for position. Living Artillery can put the entire team near death before anyone has even committed to a fight. Although you have the ability to start this, you don't have the ability to end it. Your tank(s), or anyone with a good way to initiate a team fight, should be the one to jump on this chance and put the battle to rest.

    To make this situation easier on you, make sure you always have golem buff.

    Edit:04-30-11This is more of a rant than anything, but I don't know why 1 shot heroes "NEED" golems. I've had Nunu just straight up come to golem and steal it from his own teammate because he "NEEDS" it. First off, all his cd are practically 10+ seconds long, single target ('cept his ult), 2 abilities that actually inflict damage, and isn't even mana intensive which could actually be remedied with just 1 item. If you say he needs it for his ult cd, that an even more worthless excuse...this exact Nunu decideds to Ult out of nowhere only to get stopped mid channel. So whats more important, someone that actually could use the massive mana regen, and pump out constant damage, or some hero that can't even utilize golem at all.

    Pushing or Defending a tower is one of AP Kog's strong suits. If your team if trying to push a tower, you can ensure that the opposing team has no chance of defending it by raining Living Artillery down on them, thus keeping your teammates fairly safe. Just stay far enough away that you wont become the focus of their attacks, and leave attacking the towers to your tank(s) and dps. While Defending, your Void Ooze and Living Artillery can ensure that they will never have a creep wave to hide behind, as well as no chance of running away if they were foolish enough to approach your tower while you're equipped with Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    As strong as Kog'maw is while defending tower, you by yourself against a 5 man push will never end well, be smart.

    As i have stated in the pros and cons, kog'maw relies heavily on your team. With no snare, root, or stun... it is up to your teammates to ensure that the opposing team has a hard time reaching either you or your ranged carries. In the end, as a kog'maw player, always be aware of where you are standing during a team fight, place yourself in the most advantageous position. When you are playing AP Kog, you have one role to focus the squishies, and you do that damn well.

    You'll always get "AP kog!? but ad kog kills tank(s) so much faster"
    1: you shouldn't be hitting tank(s) in the first place, they should be the last thing you kill whether your ad, ap, or hybrid.
    2: As AD, or hybrid you are at an even more dangerous position than your AP counterpart. Dead kog'maws are worthless
    3: If your teammates already has that type of mindset, they don't understand your role, and your chances of victory has dropped significantly. (pray, they are at least smart enough during team fights)

  • Hybrid Kog Focus and Item/Skill Progression

    As Hybrid kog, your item progression is very different from your AP counterpart. Although the items are different, the ideas and focus behind it are the same. Make sure you reach lvl 11 as soon as possible, and farm as much as you can until you reach that point. Your skill order differs quite a bit tho, it should resemble something like this:

    If you want, you can completely ignore putting 1 point into Caustic Spittle at lvl 4, and just concentrate on Void Ooze and Bio-Arcane Barrage

    Most people would say to max out Caustic Spittle first, because its passive can increase your aspd by 30% thereby increasing your dps. The fault behind that is...you have no dps at that point in time. Same with Bio-Arcane Barrage, with no damage output or aspd even at 6% of their max health dealt as magic damage, your aspd is way to slow to do anything significant. So your main source of damage will still be from Void Ooze and Living Artillery at least until....

    Manamune, thats right...once you've hit lvl 11 and gotten this item. your attack damage should be around 130, and dealing 4% of their max health as magic damage with an active Bio-Arcane Barrage making your damage output significantly higher. Sure there are higher damaging items, but no item that seems practically custom made for kog'maw. 1800+ mana at full charge, not only can you spam your ult from afar, at mid range your auto attacks make you a force to be reckoned with.

    Once you've completed Manamune, begin making your next "made for kog'maw" item...[item=madred's bloodrazor] starting with Recurve Bow.

    at this point you're probably wondering "wait...i thought this was a hybrid kog'maw build"

    Just hold on, if you remembered the masteries, and rune set-up you will start to understand.

    what this build will start working towards is getting enough AP to get you that extra 1% on Bio-Arcane Barrage and achieving a high magic penetration. A straight AD build will utilize aspd, and pumping out as much physical damage and armor pen as possible. The problem with this is that although they use Bio-Arcane Barrage, the only benefit gained from this is the bonus range, making the magic damage portion of it practically worthless.

    This hybrid build will utilize Bio-Arcane Barrage to it's fullest without sacrificing your physical dps.

    According to "malphitethewise" Bio-Arcane Barrage rounds up to the nearest % (thank you for the info) Making it easier to reach that 11% total on an active Bio-Arcane Barrage with [item=madred's bloodrazor]. After testing, with just +55 AP you can get that extra 1%.

    The next item this hybrid Kog should get is [item=malady] with its aspd bonus, magic damage, and magic resistance reduction. you will be eating through 63 magic resist and +15% magic penetration, with runes, masteries and items. since my partner i usually play with gets abyssal scepter, that is another 20 magic reduction you can put into the list. With your current items, you should be doing 180 physical damage, on top of your 10% of their max hp as magic dmg, and at a rate of 1.7 hits per second. Anyone without a substantial amount of magic resist, will be taking the full brunt of your hits.

    Since we're trying to reach that extra 1% there are several very nice choices to top it off.

    Nashor's Tooth and Hextech Gunblade

    with Nashor's Tooth you can keep your Bio-Arcane Barrage on as short a cooldown as possible, thus increase dps indirectly. Technically, this item alone will give you the extra 1% on Bio-Arcane Barrage

    and Hextech Gunblade the life leach and spell vamp will keep you alive just a bit longer, although the spell vamp won't work off Bio-Arcane Barrage it will still help you stay alive with Void Ooze and Living Artillery. Just don't rely on it during team fights, since hybrid kog's strength is in his Bio-Arcane Barrage auto-hits. Worry not, the life steal will still work off your physical damage.

    you're probably wondering...even if we're dealing 180 physical damage, we have no armor penetration!

    This is where things get FUN!

    There are many items you can get to top off your damage output, if the game hasn't already ended yet...

    the reason i don't bother with armor penetration is, its just waay too easy for tanks to stack on armor. Not to mention, as tanks lvl their armor grows with them.

    Thats why we have Last Whisper, Sword of the Divine, and The Black Cleaver

    If they HAVE been stacking Armor, Last Whisper will take care of that problem

    If the tanks are taking their sweet time getting armor The Black Cleaver is a much nicer choice, with its stacking armor penetration, damage, AND aspd. This item is just too hard to pass up.

    Last but not least, Sword of the Divine, with the highest aspd available, and an active skill that penetrates 30 armor. it might just give your build that Oomph to get the job done.

    Phage whether you decide to complete it or not, with its slowing passive, this will ensure once they are slowed, death is only moments away.

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter again, the concept is to slow them as much as you can to ensure they stay within your auto-atk range as long as possible.

    Thoughts on some of the other hybrid type items, or ad items:

    Guinsoo's Rageblade Usually not an item of choice for me, but with its mix of AP, AD and the fact that it has just enough AP to get you that extra 1%, it has it's moments.

    Infinity Edge great item, but as stated above without some armor penetration, all that damage just gets absorbed. Still a great item if you're on top of the curve damage wise.

    The Bloodthirster sure a total of +100 attack damage is nice, but since all stacks are lost on death, very high risk item. not to mention you're making a hybrid build, your AD isnt as high as it can be to utilize the most of the life steal.

    Wit's End After some testing in game, most of this item's effects are just good on paper. Sure the mana burn sounds nice, but they are usually dead before you burn their mana. If they are going to just die, there are better items that do that.

    In the end, do not forget you are a hybrid kog. Your strengths aren't in your AD alone, and not in your AP alone, but rather a strong mix of both. Getting items to make an already strong attack even stronger, while making it hard to counter.

    Edit - 04-30-11 I've found that these set of items have yielded pretty decent results
    [item_icon=madred's bloodrazor][item_icon=malady]
    I've noticed that crit from Phantom Dancer really helped bring out the damage from the physical portion of your attacks.

    AND / OR

    Another fun build was the pure magic based dps from
    [item_icon=madred's bloodrazor][item_icon=malady]
    You easily reach 2.5 aspd, and just punch out ridiculous amounts of magic based dps.

    To be honest both of these item builds are pretty heavy on magic dmg, heck...Kog'maw is pretty much mostly magic damage on further inspection. Which is why it's important that you are not the only ranged dps. People more often than not will assume Kog'maw is straight up AD hero, which is a huge misconception IMO. Which is why I just tell people im "AP kog" to make either the griefers queue dodge, or someone will just pick an AD hero. There are better choices if you want PURE AD, but I believe Kog'maw just contributes more to team fights with his AOE slow, and relentless ults.

  • Possible Scenarios During Team Fights with Hybrid Kog > Conclusion

    As Hybrid Kog, your Living Artillery will do considerably less damage compared to your AP counterpart. Don't fret, with your magic penetration, the squishies will still take full damage from your ult. Just spam Living Artillery on them til your tank(s), or any other hero with a decent initiating skill finds an opportunity to go in. Once the fight starts, make sure your tank(s) are the focus of their aggro, then go in and start picking of the squishies closest to you with Bio-Arcane Barrage. More often than not, you will have to pick off their melee champs first, just find the one with the least amount of armor/magic resist, and work from there.

    To make this situation easier on you, make sure you always have golem buff and/or lizard buff.

    Edit:04-30-11Same as above...Damn Nunu's

    Very little difference when defending or pushing tower with Hybrid Kog. While Pushing, the only difference is that you can actually join ur teammates to attack tower, but your focus is still to keep the enemy from approaching you or your teammates while hitting it. Make it hard for them to defend their own tower. While defending, its just about the same, do your best to clear a creep wave and forfeit the tower if its judged to be too dangerous to stay any longer.

    As i have stated in the pros and cons, kog'maw relies heavily on your team. With no snare, root, or stun... it is up to your teammates to ensure that the opposing team has a hard time reaching either you or your ranged carries. In the end, as a kog'maw player, always be aware of where you are standing during a team fight, place yourself in the most advantageous position. Although as hybrid kog, you are less hindered by silences, and can still do considerable dmg. Hybrid kogs are also better able to utilize their passive Icathian Surprise since they are much closer in the team fights.

    Also with no snare, root, or stun, ranged dps heroes such as ashe, and tf given the chance to stun you, will always have a head start on you damage wise. Should that ever happen without your teammates around, your only choice is to fight it out, hope you dealt enough damage, and finish them off with Icathian Surprise

  • Possible Threats During Laning Phase

    Anivia: Low Threat
    Somewhat dangerous laning opponent, theres a lot of things that can go wrong if you don't pay attention.
    just dodge the Flash Frost and stay out of range of it's Frostbite.

    laning: Trying to land Void Ooze on anivia, also puts you in range of it's Flash Frost focus on last hitting creeps, and hit anivia with Void Ooze when given the opportunity, or when it's Flash Frost is on cooldown

    Annie: Low Threat
    Just like anivia, be wary of your distance between you and her. Her high burst dmg makes her quite a threat if you were to somehow be stunned by her Pyromania

    laning: Just hit annie with Void Ooze whenevever possible, fairly simple.

    Ashe: Low Threat
    One of the more common and basic mid lane heroes. Hardly a threat, just be wary of her [spell=focus], Volley, and you should be fine.

    laning: Stay behind your creeps, and try to hit ashe with Void Ooze as often as you can (pay attention to your mana)

    Caitlyn: Medium Threat
    With a base range of 650, she can do substantial damage to you given the chance. Pay attention to your own creep wave, so as not to get caught off guard by Piltover Peacemaker

    Laning: Stay behind your creep wave, since Piltover Peacemaker becomes much weaker with each creep it hits. keep your distance and focus on last hitting creeps.

    Cassiopeia: Medium Threat
    She has incredible lane control, you will most likely get push to tower. Just hold her off the best you can while dodging her Miasma and Noxious Blast

    Laning: Not much to say, focus on last hitting creeps and stay safe...

    Corki: Low Threat
    Very similar to ashe, just play as if he were.

    laning: Likewise

    Ezreal: High Threat
    With his exemplary range, movement spells, and spells that shoot through creeps. He would be one of the few heroes that can kill you as he so pleases.

    laning: J/K...but yea, with his Arcane Shift, this makes it even harder to land your already slow moving skill shot. Just last hit creeps and ride it out.

    Karthus: Low Threat
    Altho he can spam his Lay Waste, its fairly weak at this point, and even weaker if it hits more than 1 unit.

    laning: just hit him with your Void Ooze, and Bio-Arcane Barrage when given the chance.

    Katarina: High Threat
    As written in the Cons section, you will now get to see first hand how bad it can be. with kat's Shunpo and Bouncing Blade she poses a real threat. She is also one of the few manaless heroes, so she can outlast you in lane as well.

    laning:Use your Void Ooze to last hit creeps if you have to. no matter how aggressive you may want to push her back, you will always lose out. Landing skill shots on blink heroes are always hard.

    Kennen: Low threat
    The only thing to worry about now since the little ninja has been hit with a nerf, is the passive on Electrical Surge. Just stay behind creeps so the shuriken is harder to land.

    laning: Just hit it with a Void Ooze when it tries to come in to place a mark on you.

    Kog'maw: Low Threat
    Its a mirror match...just figure it out

    laning: If it comes down to this, your intuition and reaction would be the winning factor.

    LeBlanc: High Threat
    Another blink hero, and this one with high burst damage.

    Laning: just stay out of her range, and last hit creeps

    Lux: Medium Threat
    with two skill shots that can ignore creep waves, even staying behind your meat shields won't do much good.

    laning: put some distance between you and her, and focus on last hitting creeps

    Miss Fortune: High Threat
    Her Double Up can force you all the way behind your creeps.

    laning: Walking all the way off to the side can help against it, but putting urself in such an awkward position is against my policy. stay close to tower and focus on last hitting creep, use Void Ooze for it if you have to

    Vladimir: Medium Threat
    One of the few heroes that can last hit creeps with ease, harass you, and heal up any damage you chip off of him.

    Laning: You may outrange him, but high mana cost prevents you from doing anything more than simply annoying him. Just focus on last hitting, and try to prevent him from doing so.

    Urgot: High Threat
    Not a blink hero, but will definately give you a run for your money. His Noxian Corrosive Charge allows him to get 1-3 free shots of Acid Hunter on you.

    laning: Keep moving around, don't become predictable, and focus on last hitting creeps. Use Void Ooze to last hit creeps if necessary. If you were to get hit by Noxian Corrosive Charge, get out of his range as fast as possible.

    It is a pity, but kog'maw relies heavily on his Void Ooze skill shot, and Living Artillery during the laning phase. but these heroes become less of a threat once you reach lvl 6. Everything else is experience. So play and have fun.

    Tip: getting familiar with the range and timing of Void Ooze and Living Artillery is vital for any type of kog'maw.

  • Quick References and Thoughts on Available Builds

    % reduction
    % penetration

    (Armor or Magic Resist) / (100 + Armor or Magic Resist) = resistance %
    For Example:
    (50 Armor) / (100 + 50 Armor) = 33%
    (100 Armor)/(100 + 100 Armor) = 50%

    There is a reason why i will not include a pure AD build. Most guides will assign aspd runes, or armor pen runes. Personally i feel that doesn't do Kog'Maw justice. The builds would get [item=madred's bloodrazor] and improve kog's Bio-Arcane Barrage, but leave all forms of magic penetration out. Without any magic penetration, all that magic damage gets whittled down to almost nothing. The cost of [item=madred's bloodrazor] being so high, there are just much better items if magic penetration is gong to be ignored. At least armor penetration will help quite a bit on AD build, but aspd has such a large quantity of available items that runes slots are simply wasted on it. That's about all i have to say....got that off my chest.

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