Tryndamere Build Guide

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Tryndamere on mid ?!? Yes, it is possible !

written by snade

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    First of all, excuse me for my english, I don't live in english speaking country. Hope it is good enough to understand. Please let me know If I have to correct something.

    You have to be experienced tryn player, who knows all other champions, to be able to take advantage on mid lane. You have to be able to overplay a ranged champion, and even if you cant get full control over the lane, at least to keep a decent play till you get your ulti.

    Playing in mid gives you constant advantage of money and experience over the whole enemy team. Something that makes tryn unstoppable. Its like doing 3 kills on the 2v2 lane early game. I'm sure you all have done that. Getting some boost of early kills then kill everything you see all game long. This is exactly what happens when you play mid tryn.

    Now here is what I'm gonna talk about:
    External Image
    Just to make it clear, these are 30 lvl normal games(tryn is usually blocked on ranked) with I think elo higher than average because I got more victories than looses(something like 5/3.5 ratio)

    So, this strategy and build works, on regular basis, I win like 70-80% of my tryn games, and as you see I'm the driving factor with results like 25/9 or 18/1(there I did pentakill on 16 min, only with the first items).
    nevertheless what noobs say in comments, these are the facts. face it.


    Tryn is one of the most powerful champion 1v1 early game (1-2-3lvl) and he is bad ass carry. So put him in mid and watch the show.

    The main point of this tutorial is to show you how to make the most precious early game kills, and then play as you prefer in late game because you gonna be already fed.

    So lets begin :)


    Main objective for mid tryn! READ THIS !


    0.MOST IMPORTANT - Don't let the range zone control you! Take the control in your hands. More in section, "playing on mid".
    1. Don't die! - 1 death= Almost fail, 2 deaths= Total Fail!( Not in the whole game, I mean the early game, lane phase)
    2. Make 1 or 2 kills till ulti! (If you cant, kill him at the moment you get ulti)
    3. Gang top or bot or both, when you have ulti and other champs are still 4-5 lvl- (Essential ! This is why you go mid, to get fed, and help your teammates do so.)
    4. get Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads + Zeal on 7-8(max 10-11) min
    5. Carry your team to the victory. The best you can do is to start carrying right after your first going to shop. Use your advantage, and kill as much as you can when they are still weak.
    6. FARM FARM FARM - Kill as much as possible creep on the lane, in the jungle, in your backyard, or wherever you can find some. Just keep killing, this is your job.(get as much money as you can)



  • Items

    So, You got your full crit rune page so you start from 32% critchance on full Hp.
    In this case, you dont need to buy the crit glove, so go for movement speed.
    1st items
    Buy Boots of Speed. This will give you more speed than your opponents, so when they try to run you're going to catch them !
    You know, crit chance glove is useless when you dont hit. Think about it. Movement speed will guarantee you gonna hit them when they try to run. Also it will save your life if you have to run.

    *also, when you get your ulti and go gangking, you gonna be faster than them and you'll be able to chase them under tower successfully.

    + 3x Health Potion
    tryn doesnt have much hp so they will be usefull. Often I dont need them, but they do save lives. Great vs ignite, and sometimes better than using your stacks to heal when you need them for dmg.
    I'm sure it will work gr8 if you get Brawler's Glovesfor first item. I just prefer boots, because the differnce between 32% and 40% critchance is not so big(your crit gets more with less hp you got!), but the difference in movement speed is huge early game! Give you ability to chase and run. This is what you want!

    2nd going to shop
    If you follow the instructions I gave you, you gonna have money on the second time you go shop.This should happen around 7-8 min (or 10-11).
    Buy these items.
    Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads
    if you have money also buy Dagger this will make you INSANE fast for 10 min.

    Now you are the fastest champ on the field. Most movement speed, and most attack speed.
    Try to use this advantage and get some more kills.

    mercury treads are usually the better choice, but the Berserker's Greaves give a great att speed boost at low lvl, wich eventually turns against you. Look at the calculations below.

    Some times, it is better to go for Youmuu's Ghostblade instead of zeal for first item. I usually do that if I have a lot of money. Keep in mind that Youmuu's Ghostblade is almost twice the price of Zeal, but ofcource more effective if you use it properly.
    I think you should be able to decide by your own which one is better for the game you're playing.

    Also, buying Youmuu's Ghostblade, doesn't mean you not gonna buy Phantom Dancer. You need it, just you gonna buy it later.

    3rd going to shop(ass soon as you get money)
    Now you need dmg
    I prefer buying Sword of the Occult
    but if you feel you gonna die more than you want to, buy
    B. F. Sword

    Then finish your CORE BUILD
    Berserker's Greaves + Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer

    This is all you need to slice them in pieces.

    From now on, everything is game-depending.

    I usually get The Bloodthirster

    but you should be able to decide what items you need according to the other team configuration.

    IF YOU THINK THAT THERE ARE 3 BETTER CORE ITEMS THAN Berserker's Greaves + Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer YOU ARE WRONG ! FACE IT.
    Let me explain.
    1. Boots ! They are game depending. if you have a lot of stunners or casters you gonna buy Mercury's Treads but almost in any other case Berserker's Greaves works best.
    2. Phantom Dancer - What can I say, Attack speed, Critical chance and movement speed.
    Do more hits while on 5 sec ultu(att speed), have some of the precious crit chance, and be the fastest chaser and runner on the field. END OF DISCUSION !
    3. Infinity Edge THE ULTIMATE TRYN ITEM. You gonna crit on every hit so you gotta be DUMB not to get the 250% crit dmg item.

    too bad I got, some negative votes because of the perfect tryn build... hope the noobs will get it now.

    Some great calculations I got from ->

    There's a million people with a million QQ threads about how Berzerker Greaves are bad, and I have to agree. Offering the same movement speed as Mercury's Treads, and 25% attack speed they seem pretty damn good. However, with the way attack speed stacks on itself, not only as a percentage but also with a drop-linear diminishing returns system, the boots very quickly become just... BAD. Here's what I mean.

    Assuming you have three attack speed items, Phantom Dancer, Sword of the Divine and Berzerker's Greaves. The way it stacks reduces the effectiveness of each item by 20%, going highest to lowest. For example:

    [Sword of the Divine 60%] - Being the highest, this item retains it's full effect.

    [Phantom Dancer 45%] - Being the second highest, this item only gives 80% of the 45% labeled. Giving only 36% attack speed.

    [Berzerker Greaves 25%] - Being the least on the list, it only gains 15% of it's effect.

    For exmaple, Tryndamere starts at 0.649 and here we go:

    The forumla is A*I = Y+A = A

    A - Attack Speed
    I - Item %
    Y - Matchematical outcome, doesn't stand for anything.

    0.649*.60 = 0.389+0.649 = 1.038 [Sword of the Divine]
    1.038*.36 = 0.373+1.038 = 1.411 [Sword of the Divine & Phantom Dancer]
    1.411*.15 = 0.211+1.411 = 1.622 [Sword of the Divine, Phantom Dancer & Berzerker Greaves]

    As you can see, once the math kicks in, the boots do virtually nothing for you. Which is why I gladly swap them out for some magic resist, and 35% CC reduction. You can get more attack speed from elsewhere.

    That's my little write-up on why I dislike Berzerker Greaves.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries should be like any phys carry full offence and some points to defence. No need to explain more, who plays tryn know that.

    I wont talk much about runes because everyone have his own opinion but I'll tell you what is the best choice for early game kills.


    You know, I don't need armor pen, armor or crit dmg, as long as I do crit after crit on 2-3-4 lvl. Thats it!

    Full crit rune page + masteries + 10% from the passive gives you 32% critchance on 1st lvl full hp, so with little less than full hp you'll have almost 50% critchance up to 72% WITHOUT ANY CRIT ITEM !

    I think this percentage(72%) speaks for itself, and is vital for tryns DPS and Healing(you know your stack build up by crits, right?If you dont, skip this tutorial)

    The other reason I use full crit runepage is because I buy boots at start and stay with them till 7-8-9 lvl, so I'll need critchance from somewhere.

    Face it people, you know tryn is all about the crits. So why not runes that give the ultimate crit ability?

    I know there are better spells and runes configurations for late game, but this tutorial is all about controling the zone on mid before ulti, between 2nd and 5th lvl!!! PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND!
    To control the zone, you need critical hits, the enemy have to know that if he goes in your range, he will gonna take 1-2 crit hits.
    If you do tryn on mid right, you're going to rule late game because you got fed early!

    Yes, crit DMG runes are good too. But they work gr8 in mid-late game, and you have to spend money for critchance instead attack speed and dmg. This tutorial is all about making good agressive early-game, wich will give you sure win, coz you'll have advantage all game long.

  • Summoner Abilities

    There are 2 options for tryn
    Heal + Exhaust
    Cleanse + Exhaust

    Why do I prefer Heal ?
    First of all I have to admit that Cleanse makes most sense on tryn, since everybody is going to try disable you.
    But, as long as you play smart, and dont go in battle first, you'll find out that heal will be much more helpful than cleanse.

    The 3 applications of Heal
    1. Early game 1-2-3-4 lvl
    You got your full 8 stacks and you jump on your mid enemy. There's only you and him.
    Soon youre both on low hp, and now you have a choice.
    Use your stacks to heal, or dead.
    Or, using your Heal to heal at that point, so you got time for one or two powerful full-stack hits, then using your stacks to heal AGAIN so you can finish him off if he's not death, or run away to safety without some lame creep kill for them.

    Or imagine the same situation, you and your enemy are both on low hp, but suddenly when your enemy think he can kill you because you don't have ulti yet, you pull heal + stacks which gives you more than 60% hp, and you have all the time in the word to finish him off.

    In simple words, similar to your ulti, heal gives you time to deploy your massive 8-stack dmg early game.

    2.Mid and late game
    Here comes the second big advantage of heal. Try to recall all these times when you used your ulti, but some ignite or just some random dmg killed you. No more of this shit with heal.
    heal + stacks gives you almost 1000 hp(or 900 is more accurate I think ^^)
    on 10 lvl for example this is like 60-70% of your hp in a blink.Your next 8 stacks heal will fill you up and you dont have to go back to base.

    Soooo many times I get into battle use ulti, then get out of battle, heal to full with that combination, and come back to get all of them who are on low hp and think that I'm no longer there.
    BAM surprise, tryn is back in battle after 10-15 sec, and he's with full hp! WTF ?!?!
    3. Postpone ulti
    I hate when I have to use ulti only to stay alive from some minor dmg. Just use heal, and save your ulti for the fight. Or sometimes, when you are 1v1 with someone but you know that soon there will be another fight, try to finish the 1v1 fight without using your ulti, only with the heal. This will give you some more kills in the next fight.

  • Laning in mid

    Playing tryn on mid, is all about knowing your enemy spells and cooldowns.
    Knowing when and what he will do, and trying to imagine what will happen if you jump on him is essential. Then choose the right moment when he will die when you jump on him.(usualy right after he has used his main ability)


    There are 2 approaches for midding tryn.


    First my favorite, The AGRESSIVE ONE !
    **high elo midding** Dealing with ranged enemy trying to zone control you

    Zone control on mid is much less possible than other lanes, because the distance between towers is much shorter than top or bot. Even if the enemy make you go away from the creep, the next creep wave will be on your tower and you wont miss much xp ! If that happen, when the creep is on your tower, this is your chance to attack, because you can easy retreat without dieng(you're close to your tower) and also, you have enough distance to chase him, before he hides under his tower. And again, attack ONLY if the enemy is on Cooldown so he cant cast spells.

    let make something clear. Ranged champions can zone control you BUT 1v1 close battle you are MUCH MUCH stronger. So when hes on 2 lvl controlling the zone, thinking "I'm high elo ranged, and now I have gr8 zone control', make him use his main ability, and jump on him close combat. BAM! Now you have advantage.

    here's the deal.

    When enemy try to zone control me on 1st lvl, I wait till got 2nd lvl. Then I start to buld up stack, while loosing some hp because he try to zone control but his spells and attacks are still weak. Use my potion to heal and to keep the stacks, and when there is not so much creep(I dont want to give him some lame creep kill) I just go with the killing exhaust + heal combination. Exhaust = no run so I can hit, heal= healing after he uses his dmg abilities, so he's left there with me, he's on cooldown, no dmg ability, and i got stacks for dmg and further heal, and all the time in the world to finish him off.

    If he die, you win the zone control, if he doesn't you win the zone control again, because now he know, that the next time he might not be so lucky.

    Here where all the noob talk that tryn is overpowered begin, and its true, he's Over Powered on 2nd lvl against ranged enemy who is on cooldown!

    Everything is knowing the enemy abilities and counter attack them with moves. he cant cast spell after spell on 1-2-3 lvl right? Use that!

    Ofcource this is all depending on many things but if you are determine to kill him on 2nd lvl you gonna do it. There is no ranged champ that can beat you 1v1 on 2nd lvl(especially midding ranged ones), You just have to jump on him at the right moment.



    The Idea is to make such a play, so the enemy will know that if he enter in your spining slash range, he'll take couple of critical hits, while he'll be able to deploy only 1 or 2 low level spells. Think about it, he can deploy no more than 200-300 dmg(this is like the maximum possilbe from 2, first lvl spells) on 2nd-3rd lvl, when your crit are around 200 with 8 stacks, so you can deploy 400 dmg only with 2 hit, 3rd will be death.Hope you got lucky with the crits, usualy I need 5 hits for 3 crits on low lvl,(my hp get lower while attaking so more critchance) And if you dont get lucky with the crits, back a little and try again, he cant be lucky all day long.

    If you're not able to take advantage over the lane on 1st or 2nd lvl, better switch to passive play style.

    Other champions are really weak without their abilities, or having just one or two of them with 1 point, while tryn already have his stacks and critical strike.
    With full 8 stacks, chars like teemo, ashe, kata and so on are on 3, max 4 crit hits life.
    With the help of heal and exhaust you can deploy these 3-4 hits. !
    Thats it.
    Also, if you harass them properly it will be much easier.

    Now the passive@!

    Not to much to explaind, there are sometimes where you wont be able to be so agreesive so you have to swich to passive playin.

    Stay under tower, creep as much as possible there, and wait for your ulti, when you can make some more agressive moves

    Other usefull thoughts for mid:

    -if your enemy have flash, try to make him use it before making the killing Heal + Exhaust attack.
    -Use your potions instead of stacks to heal.
    -Don't be too aggresive or your enemy will stay under tower.
    -Don't let him attack you. Keep you hp high, so when the right moment comes you can jump on him.
    -When you got your ulti, make a sure kill on mid and go gang top or bot. It is good idea to let a teammate to take care of mid, and you star jungling and ganking all the lanes. If you do your job well, this should give you and your teammates couple of kills and tower downs.

    -Other thoughts I can give are enemy champion specific.
    If there is interest I can type I few words for every usually-mid champions.

    As I said it's all knowing the enemy!

    Playing against:
    -Vlad - Make him use his "becoming blood"(^^) ability, and then jump on him.
    -Lux - Dodge her spell combo and immidiately attack her
    -Ashe- the easiest one, just get stacks and jump on her ^^. on 2nd lvl she doesnt have what to do.
    -Akaly- Get her on 1st or 2nd lvl, should be easy kill, then go to base for ward and place it without seeing you. Then kill her again when she places her "circle"
    -Morde- Easy one to get early game. Let him push to your tower, then just go for him. Because of your boots of speed, you gonna kill him till he gets to his tower.
    -Teemo- A hard one. Dont give him chance to poison you and keep your hp high. Then wait till he attack you with blind, and jump on him right after that.He cant blind you no more, so you can kill him. Never jump before blind !!

    Soon I'll add more if there is interest.

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    Your passive. Not much to discuss you know the deal, less hp more crit chance.

    your main heal and dmg source. Use it wisely. never use your stacks before activating ulti, and try to keep them full 8 as much often as you can.

    Mocking Shout
    Your precious slow.

    Spinning Slash
    This skill is ment only for jumping, not for dmg dealing, so level it up on 1st or 2nd lvl, then after the other spells got 5 points.

    Undying Rage
    Your mighty ultimate! Use it wisely. you know how, just activate it right before youre death.

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