Malphite Build Guide

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Can you smell what Malphite is cooking?

written by Baarek

Malphite Build

Table of Contents

  • Hello !

    Hi everyone! For my first guide, i what to talk about Malphite. I played it like a Tank, i cover my teamate, i do damage... Let's took a look at this. (Ah, and i'm French, so call me if you read strange sentences :p)

    04/03/11 : Update items
    08/03/11 : Update Working on a team
    For item : Heart of gold

  • Abilities

    Granite Shield
    Oh my lord... Awesome passive. Learn to don't take damage during 8 seconds, and you will be awesome in mid-late game team-fight.

    Seismic Shard
    Nice slow, and damage early game.

    Brutal Strikes
    Amazing. Increase Armor (so Passive) and damage.(During the combo). Can make ennemys cry. Use it for surprise kill early game, or make a trap for the ennemys when you tower-hug.

    Ground Slam
    Work well on chars like Tryda, Yi, Ashe... Good damage, but little range. Auto-attack then use the spell. Work like Randuin's Omen but not slow.

    Unstoppable Force
    Oh my god... Soooooo cool. Use it for cover, or initiate. Try to not use it for escape. (You're the tank, you don't escape). Make a back in the bushes and.... BOOM! ---> "What? You think i really back? Malphite nerver, AND MALPHITE SAY NEVER, back in team-fight !"

    Basically, i use it when the ennemys use their spells. You will break their combo. Get the many that you can of curse.

  • Runes - Skill

    So for the runes, i recommande, armor, magic resistance. If you want, for the yellow runes, takes mana regen. (I personnaly go for armor in yellow too, because it's help for the passive).

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3
    Greater Mark of Resilience x9
    Greater Seal of Defense x9
    Greater Glyph of Warding x9

    But, as a tank, you will CHOOSE what runes you want. (I just recommand that sorts of runes). And finally don't be to obsess by that, runes don't make the game. You MUST take Greater Quintessence of Fortitude. It's help a lot early, and make the difference so many times...
    You can also take for runes :
    Greater Mark of Fortitude
    Greater Seal of Warding
    Greater Seal of Vitality
    Greater Glyph of Fortitude
    And yes :
    Greater Glyph of Focus
    With that, you will have your ultimate for every team fight, or for go gank.

    For the skills, i always take : Clarity I can harass the ennemys early. It's important. 1 shard here, another here, at the end, the ennemy is three-quarters life. After that, it's wombo combo, and dead. With Clarity you can also make trap. The ennemys come under the tower, you don't have mana... Zbim! "Clarity", Unstoppable Force+ Ground Slam+ Seismic Shard in 2 seconds... They won't back so fast to your tower, trust me! (But it don't make the coffee...)

    For the second, it's like you want. Malphite is The Great One... He don't need another skill... But I prefer Ghost because it's nice on every situations. But also viable :

  • Skilling Order

    The 6 first levels are always the same. I take Seismic Shard then Brutal Strikes Ground Slam Seismic Shard Seismic Shard and Unstoppable Force. After that, choose your skill with the team that you fight. Let me show you an example :

    Physical team :
    Unstoppable Force -> Brutal Strikes -> Ground Slam -> Seismic Shard

    Casters team :
    Unstoppable Force -> Seismic Shard -> Brutal Strikes -> Ground Slam

  • Items

    Malphite can towerdive very fast with his high amou of armor. So let's profite of that.

    My items are always the same, at the beginning. I start with Doran's Shield. It give me good chance to survive at the beginning. At my first back i take Boots of Speed and Giant's Belt. I know, a good tank need to have minimum 150 armor and 150 magic resistance, but you will focus on this later.
    (NB1 : Late game, you need 200 of armor and MR minimum).
    (NB2 : In the very early game, have a lot of life is better to have MR or Armor).

    For boots choose : Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi depending to the ennemys team.

    After that, it depend of the ennemys. Sunfire Cape first. Then i go for Randuin's Omen. It's an awesome versus AD, and a little versus AP. (You can slow with the passive).

    NB : If the ennemys team, have only AP chars, don't make Sunfire Cape, but [item=Force of Nature]. If they have 2 chars like Yi / Tryd / Xin / Ashe, make Thornmail before Sunfire Cape.

    NB : I don't really like Warmog's Armor. It give a lot of life, but that's all. (No MR, no Armor). Get it if you are feed like hell. Try to get it early, because it stacks with minions kill. And you without Sunfire Cape, you don't creep so well.

    NB : The more health you got, is the better passive you have. (Your Shield) The more Armor you got, is the less damage you take, and the shield will not be broken.

  • Core Build Example

    Doran's Shield
    Mercury's Treads
    Sunfire Cape

  • Situationals items

    What you could rush is :

    For AD :
    For AP :
    [item=Force of Nature]
    And Hybrid :
    Guardian Angel
    Also good :
    [item=Soul Shroud] Frozen Heart

    Nice if you need Health & MR quickly :
    Banshee's Veil

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros :
    Good slow
    Amazing ultimate (It's the most electrifying moove in League of legend).
    Nice Towerdive

    Cons :
    Team dependent, play together ! It's a multiplayer game! (If you want "1v1" go counter-strike....)
    Reputation of a OP character, but that's not right. (He just have a amazing ultimate).
    Mana problem (Without Clarity).

  • Working in the team

    You not here for kill. If you want Pentakill, choose another char. Your here for "give" kill. By slow, by stun... Your here to make your teamate alive. (By the sames ways).

    Early :
    You have to help your teamate if he is focus ( Seismic Shard the follower) With Brutal Strikes you eliminate fast the waves of creep. (Auto-attack the minion in the center for most damage). If you have a range dps with you, tell him to focus casters minions, cause you will not bee able to creep them.

    Mid :
    When you are level 6 you can gank. Go in bushes and Seismic Shard the ennemy. When he will escape, (by flash or run) use Unstoppable Force and Ground Slam. If he is still alive, go back, you can't tank a tower now.

    Late :

    In a team-fight, use shard to try to iniate. If you have your ulti for the fight, it's nearly an team win. When the ennemys will start their combo on your carrys, use your ulti to break them. Immediatly after, use Ground Slam. Then Seismic Shard a range, or a support chars. A little bit after (4-5 sec) use Randuin's Omen. At this moment, it's often win. BUT.

    - You can miss your ultimate. Ouch. It's bad for you. Use Brutal Strikes immediatly, they will focus you. Try to run on your teamates, and start the fight. If not, run into them, and die. This will have the effect to make your teamates run back.


    You can also solo-lane. For that, i must take Clarity for great harass. Stay under your towers, and focus the minions. ( Brutal Strikes is more effective early game for that). You can finish to eleminate the minions with the most electrifying combo, and stun+slow an ennemy alone under your tower.


    You can mid too. Use the same stratigie than the solo-lane. I make a vladimir feed when i mid. (But they're a few chars that you don't want to face mid.

    Kassadin (Mute)
    Ashe (Slow and harass)
    Anivia (Passiv. You wont kill he).

    Hard chars to mid :


  • I had to say...

    I have a message for you players. Please, stop surrender when you die 3 times, and lose 1 tower... It's not fun for anybody. Fight with your soul! It's never loose! GO ON IT! (And don't rage it's just a game :p)

    I hope you enjoy this guide, i hope i write a good English. See you IG ! (And if you think my sentence were strange, it's normal. And if you don't know where it come from, take a look at this -> )

    Don't hesitate to rate and comment, i will not eat you!
    See you!

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