Twisted Fate Build Guide

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Gypsy Powah! Leaguecraftsd TRUE AP Fate Guide RETURNS!

written by Garona

Twisted Fate Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Wild Cards
    This spells is really great, really wide range and can harass enemies really efectively, this will be the main ability I level and max out first because it simply has everything an ability wants, uber farming, harassment and nice damage.

    Pick A Card
    In the latest content, this ability was changed, now Gold Card stun duration scales with the level of the ability but the damage was significantly nerfed, also now the blue card use doesnt make it possible to hit again but it refreshes the amount of damage done as mana, and Red Card no longer slows the IAS of the enemy target. The spell has a .4 Ability Power Ratio scaling, and now all the cards stay for about the same duration, so now you dont need a guide to get those golds.

    On the other hand you still will need some practice. The card roles are.

    Blue : Mana Refresh, last hit and harass tool, Lich Bane and Sheen trigger.

    Red : AoE Damage, Slow, Teamfight initiation, Lich Bane and Sheen trigger.

    Gold : Single Target Damage, Stun, Gank Initiation, Lich Bane and Sheen trigger.

    Stacked Deck
    This spell gives you CDR and IAS, both these will help us out in our whole game, CDR cap is achived simply with Nashor's Tooth and IAS is usefull due to the existance of this spell. Every attack will award Twsited Fate a stack of a buff called Stacked Deck (hooray for obviusness), one the fourth stack is achieved the target you hit in order to reach it will be damaged for an amount of spell damage plus a 0.3 Ability Power ratio, having three stacks just before going into a fight isnt that crucial, but it can make a huge difference.

    Desitny wont slow anymore but Gate is it component, backdooring, ganking, teleport fleeing and scouting are still aspects of this spell but now we choose to teleport in a safer area and not in the emeies face for obviour reasons. Example : The opponent team has a low hp champion, if you teleport in his face obviusly he will start runing, and there goes ur kill, assuming the enemy champion is at the bottom lane as blue team meber and the first tower is alive, simply teleport in the brush near the tower or near it, once you have your chance rush in with Flash and get the kill again mentioned having three stacks of Stacked Deck just before going into a Gate-Gank is crucial.

    Also Destiny is probably the best flee ability in the game, since it can prevent you form beeing ganked and help you escape.

    A GREAT use of Destiny is how it simply gives you GLOBAL PRESSENCE! Thats right, GLOBAL, you can backdoor the botton tower when a teamfight errupts @ mid and your team is 4v5, you just pop a blue on turret, grab your gold, teleport and join the fight, there, you did significant turret damage while STILL beeing a heavy teamfight contributor.

  • Introduction

    EDIT 3 : Wow after so much time this guide still has something! 91K Views. Now with AP Twisted Fate beeing rediculusly dominant again, I shall update my guide, since AP TF is just too boss for my, the real 1st AP Twisted Fate guide on LC to not be updated!
    EDIT 2 : Thank you for rating and supporting my guide, the total views are more than 40.000 since when the rating got of they where like 39.500 :)
    EDIT : 30.000 Views on 16/4/2010, thanks a lot!

    If you havent noticed, my build is an Ability Power build, the most well known Twisted Fate. Twisted fate is a pure ganker and finishes off low HP enemies for fun, is also possibly THE best split pushes and has GLOBAL pressence, but needs to be played efectively as well as having the picking of a gold card pretty mastered. By the way, lane solo, I reccomend it.

    Why I dont build Attack Damage Twisted Fate? Ability Power is better in teamfights, while it has slightly less ganking potential it helps the team a lot more than attack damage. It also does more

    Some general info about Twisted Fate : Low HP/High Magic Damage/Agile

  • Why Ability Power build?

    I have tryed Attack Damage and Ability Power, while you will be dealing great damage as attack damage Twisted Fate 1v1 but in teamfights, Wild Cards do nothing, you can only stun the focus, but still wont be so helpfull in teamfights. Also Attack Damaga deals steady damage while Ability Power deals burst damage, so as Attack Damage a Destiny > Gate combo can fail, since you may not deal enough damage in one to two hits and die from Tower/Unextecting foe or just have your Ulti and Gate completely wasted.

    Ability Power also deals better damage at Towers once he has enough Ability Power because Lich Bane gives more damage than Tri-Force at about 200Damage :)

    With the nerf to the AoE Damage of Gold Card(meaning that you dont cc the whole enemy team) many people claimed that he is more viable as Physical Damage, but I tried two Premades, and in the game I played as AP, I helped the team way more, since I could backdoor at an ease, 2Inhibitor kills, Nexus with a Pantheon, one of the towers before the Nexus and two Towers, and so I helped my team at the fullest. As Attack Damage, I could only gank anyone who was moving solo which after a time meaned no one.

    I proved myself once again that Ability Power is better :)

    Note for the Latest Patch Content.

    After the Twsted Fate remake many poeple claim that Attack Damage will be better, in my comments there are some simple math the will prove them WRONG!

    While the IAS route is indeed viable, more than I expected, it simply cant dish proper AoE damage, since goldcards now deals single target damage, he indeed can push, but Ability Power can do this aswell, while Wild Cards deal some really nice damage AoE wise, and if Twisted Fates chooses the Ability Power route he is free to Red Card in order to AoE more.

  • Pros / Cons


    He can stun roughly each 4-6 seonds.
    Lane control with Twisted Fate is just a "classic day to work".
    If you play effectively there will be a "nerf TF thread" in the forums.
    Great farming ability.
    Mabye the best ganker in-game.
    Great pusher through PaC.
    Awsom team player.
    Best split pusher.


    Low HP, squishy in any way.
    Bad early game = Twisted Fail(most of the times)
    He's a rather slow evolve progession hero(item and lv dependant).

  • Playstyle - Tips n' Tricks

    *Using Blue Cards
    Blue Cards now refresh you mana, yay! That can simply mean endless mana, and with the .4 Ability Power ratio it is also usefull for pushing, even if now you cannot spamm it.

    *Stealing Nashor
    You can steal enemy neutral, Baron evenly by revealing them with Destiny, giving you a situation of what your enemies kill. If it is Baron go for the steal, even if you die, this will help the team a lot.

    *Save your teammates
    Use your Destiny to save team mates and reveal ganks, this help can come a long way!

    Yes, while I know its unethical, its not against League of Legends rules, and Twisted Fate is suited for this, after 300AP and LichBane Twisted Fate can backdoor Inhibitors at ease, and this may save your team.

    *Using the new Destiny
    The new Destiny has the same use witht he old, in my opinion, but no longer slows! So what are we going to do? Simple use the gate compenents wisely, this will help you out throughout the game.

  • Early Game

    You should be aggresive, enemies are scared of Gold Card, so take advantage of it. Ask for a solo lane, if you are denied I prefer to lane down with a stun combo or atleast a CC combo, you can ofcourse go for Double Man lane, but its way harder to get your precius gold that way, while kills come faster in a double man lane. You could be farming like shit with Wild Cards but this is mana costly, shoot some Blue Cards in order to regain mana and keep the laning up.

  • Mid Game

    You should start feeling the AP, harass with Wild Cards and then pwning with Gold Card and Destiny is pretty neat, but dont forget you are really squishy. At level 8 get an Elixir and go get the Golem buff again, mabye the lizard even for the slow, you should be extra cautious, since the enemy will probably want to gank you. Call for a teamfight initiation, since Twisted Fate is a great teamfight champion, try to kill at least two enemy champion with noone of your team champions dead and start pushing the mid lane. At this state of the game Twisted Fate has the upper hand, he has Lv5 Wild Cards and a stunspam, this is what you need to take advantage, you arent the guy to initiate deeply, but you can start the teamfight with a goldcard, but again this is situational. This is the most crucial time to get a couple of Elixir of Brilliance.

  • Late Game

    You are a killing machine. Keep up elixir buff and Golem buff aswell, you should be pwning all the low HP'ers and you will finish off enemies in team fights with Gold Card, dont forget to reveal emenies trying to get Nashor, since Twisted Fate can easily steal the buff for his team. If you die alot, you can always tend to my survival varitation , even tho I dont like this way. Once there are two or more enemy champions dead ask for team push. After Lich Bane this should be easy as hell.

    In late game comes the AD Fate problems... he start losing effectiveness, while he can dish some of the best 1 target damage it now becomes obsolate in teamfightss, in order to avoid this, if the AD Twisted Fate still has an open slot and already has Nashor's Tooth it is wise to get an Elixir of Brilliance to do some AoE damage, but still it is diffucult to make it up with.

  • Items - Attack Damage

    Start with Boots of Speed and some potions, whicever you need, the boots of speed give you a nice movement edge which can lead to an early first blood. After you farm about 1100 gold go back to base and get a Recurve Bow. Once you have enough gold you should go back and complete [item_text=Berseker's Greaves] and [Sword of the Divine. Keep the killing work, should you get enough gold, go back and get a [item_text=B.F. Sword] or the [item_text=Vampiric Scpeter] accordingly to your needs, you will get them both but which one first is up to you. After you get the allmighty The Bloodthirster there are two things that might be happening, either the game is closing to an end or it is not even close to it, now you realise that you are becomeing squishy, get Phage and convert it to either Frozen Mallet or or Trinity Force my choice is mostly the Mallet. Now while you are dealing a large portion of damage, the tanks wont go down, and gere comes our first varitaiton the anti-tank one, you should get [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] and Last Whisper. On the other hand you may want to get your damage as high as possible Last Whisper is needed, since the physical armor growth of the enemies is going out of hand, but you may chose the awesome Infinity Edge to get your crits raging.

    Killing Machine

    [builder=Twisted Fate/ee862299d2309a3e9bdaa39c9dfdaf18]

    Anti - Tank

    [builder=Twisted Fate/fba3f5139d0c1f62445342d196b6d071]

    Still some may want to go for as much damage as possible, so Last Whisper is beeing skiped and Mallet is Trinity Force

    Pure Dmage

    [builder=Twisted Fate/ca42c524b83eab24eec707bdb61b764c]

    While I do not highly reccomend this it is viable and it has worked for me, still you are too squishy and in case you are focused you are dead in a matter of seconds.

  • Items


    Mid Game : [item_icon=

    Optional(MidGame) :

    Agressive Varitation

    Nashor's Tooth, Sorcerer's Shoes, Mejai's Soulstealer, Lich Bane, Banshee's Veil, [item=Zhonya's Ring].

    [builder=Twisted Fate/bcf49bc03f80aa0ab3ceefb73d781a06]

    This Item Varitation is extra super aggresive with Rod of Ages to give a slight HP boost. This varitation crushes all enemies but you are extra super fragile aswell.

    Survival Varitation

    Rod of Ages, Mercury's Treads, [item=Rylai's Scepter], Lich Bane, Rabadon's Deathcap, Guardian Angel.

    [builder=Twisted Fate/57590d454e7ca708a830d24226d7ae4d]

  • Items - Attack Speed


    Mid Game :

    Optional(MidGame) :

    Classic Hybrid

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor], Sorcerer's Shoes, Nashor's Tooth, Wit's End, Sword of the Divine, Banshee's Veil

    [builder=Twisted Fate/70eb45c8c522e6874c6b4050a92e80b7]

    This build needs Sorcerer's because it is based of Magic Damage, it deals really nice damage due to the syergy with Stacked Deck but until Nashor's Tooth, Wild Cards is totally neglected.

    IAS ToTheDeath Varitation

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor], Sorcerer's Shoes, Leviathan, [item=Malady], Sword of the Divine, Phantom Dancer

    [builder=Twisted Fate/40b55a81997c8591739047b655bc7695]

    This build offers some nice choices, if yout runepage is full Alacrity it should get up to 2.5IAS/Sec, curently having Leviathan instead of Banshee's Veil as of the usual IAS build due to its new easy-stack nature but im only testing this.

    Tip : Before buying Sword of the Divine make sure you have no stacks of Stacked Deck, inorder for both the offects to triger together.

    ATTENTION : After lot of testing I sadly must say, I cannot neglect the pura Attack Damage, and my new item varitation goes live, Attack Damage

    TRUE Hybrid

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor], Sorcerer's Shoes, Sword of the Divine, Banshee's Veil, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Nashor's Tooth

    [builder=Twisted Fate/30233376994790e394ca9b92ecfa1fed]

    Tip : In case you fail with this build, check the section Optional Swaps

  • Skilling Order

    Ability Power

    IAS-Hybrid + Attack Damage

  • Optional Swaps

    Mejai's Soulstealer for Guinsoo's Rageblade (Ap Builds)

    Many players cant keep Soulstealer stacks, Rageblade provides nice Ability Power @ 8Stacks and some IAS which helps for Stacked Deck, if you cant keep Mejai get Rageblade.

    Sword of the Divine for [item=Malady](Build Classic Hybrid and TRUE Hybrid)

    Malady is a great item it provides some really nice chioces, as cheap Attack Speed and early lifesteal, if you need lifesteal then get it.

    Banshee's Veil for Leviathan (All Builds)

    In case you are owning them and dont die a lot, Leviathan is imba, you will own them with your increased HP.

  • Masteries and Runes

    Attack Damage
    For Masteries I get 22/0/8 for maximum AD Benefits

    Marks : Greater Mark of Alacrity
    Glyphs : Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    Seals : Greater Seal of Alacrity
    Quint : Greater Quintessence of Alacrity


    Marks : Greater Mark of Malice
    Glyphs : Greater Glyph of Malice
    Seals : Greater Seal of Malice
    Quint : Greater Quintessence of Malice

    Ability Power
    For Masteries I recommend 9/0/21

    Marks : Greater Mark of Insight
    Glyphs : Greater Glyph of Force
    Seals : Greater Seal of Vitality
    Quint : Greater Quintessence of Desolation or Greater Quintessence of Insight or Greater Quintessence of Fortitude


    22/0/8 For Maximum damage output

    Marks : Greater Mark of Alacrity
    Glyphs : Greater Glyph of Insight
    Seals : Greater Seal of Vitality
    Quint : Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

  • Summoner Abilities

    What I pick!

    Flash : You can catch runers with flash while you have your gold card locked or just use it as an escape mechanism this spell is great.

    Exhaust : Slow and Blind, paired with Masteries makes you enemy a bit squishies too, perfect.

    What is viable aswell!

    Clarity : Works wonders in early game so you cant run OOM but use in late is duh...

    Ignite : Damagin lategame, and reduces heal over time, nice, but I dont really pick it over others, nice for lower levels tho which use 10/X/X Masteries

    Heal : This is really nice, but I dont like picking it, nothing to explain imo.

    Use of Flash-Exhaust combo : This is the most stable pick for a reason, it can be used for defence and offence, use Flash to chace and gold card hit, while exhaust to slow to catch up with the runner or blind your enemy. Pretty self explainatory.

  • Best Combos

    Best Laning combos


    The pull of Blitzcrank is just imba, you have a nice long stun combo and burst damage, the enemies are afraid of GoldCard and Blitzcrank pulls them to their biggest fear :). If u see Blitzcrank in your team dont let him go away!

    PRO : If the allied Blitzcrank knows how to pull then eveything should be uberly easy.

    Laning Prio : Ultra-High, best Twisted Fate laning combo.


    What else, Rune Prison, it is just blowing to have a Ryze with you, high burst damage and long stun, Ryze isnt second in priority if you have him in your team.

    PRO : Easy stuning and lane control.

    Laning Prio : High, a skilled Ryze will help u really much while laning.


    Simple, once he "Shunpo's" with stun and uses Heartseeker you unleash the gold card power, making this a uber devastating blow that will lead it a kill, nearly same priority as Ryze laning.

    PRO : High burst combo damage output.

    Laning Pio : Semi-High, you always like to rack the kills.


    The taunt is just too good to neglect and its always nice to have someone to soak up the damage

    PRO : Taunt allows a cetraint Wild Card Hit

    Laning Prio : Fair

  • FAQ

    Q : Is Twisted Fate a Carry?

    A : He can prove to be the most powerfull mage carry as he boces significantly stronger as the time passes and can whipe the entire team with a support or tank mate, if he player correctly, but he isnt a true carry like Tryndamere.

    Q : Can I swap Lich Bane?

    A : No never, Lich Bane is the CORE Twisted Fate item, cant be skipped.

    Q : Can my runes, masteries and/or skill build alter?

    A : Of course they can, this is just my point of view, while I believe these are the top.

    Q : What's up if I cant pick 9/10 Gold Cards.

    A : Find out what you've done wrong, go to a practice game alone and Train at your pool using my Gold Card tips.

    Q: Why should I use Magic Penetration in quintessences and not in Marks?

    A: The runes page I present is a really cheap rune page with a quite nice gain, so that is my reasoning.

    Q: Armor Penetration? Come on...

    A: Armor Penetration increases your damage output slightly, since it increases the damage you deal with LichBane auto attack hits and Pick A Card totaly damage.

    Q: Health runes?

    A: I dont focus heavily on defense through my items, so I believe that using health runes improves my game play a lot.

    Q: You are taking Sword of the Divine way to late in all IAS builds, why?

    A: Im "forced" to do this, while indeed Sword of the Divine adds up a nice amount of DPS, in both IAS builds the item I buy before Sword of the Divine are definetly core for the builds I wrote.

    Q: Now you have two varitations in each gamestyle, this means IAS is just as good as Ability Power?

    A: No, by no means possible, Ability Power is still the way to go simply because it is the most supportive and teamfight helpfull build.

    Q: So if I premade, or want to be more supportive/teamfight "prevailer" I get Ability Power?

    A: Exactly, IAS = Solo Queue pubstimpoing, Ability Power = Teamfight win.

  • Change Log

    I. Updade on Item section.
    II. Update on Summoner Spells section, added You and the team section.
    III. Update on Skilling Order.
    IV. Update on Early, Mid and Late Game sections.
    V. Update on Introdution Section.
    VI. Added Masteries and Runes section which for a reason werent added the first time.
    VII. Uptade on Masteries and Runes and Item section, typos fix.
    VIII. Huge updtates in Masteries and runes, also updtates in items and playstyle sections.
    IX. Added FAQ and Why Ability Power Build sections.
    X. Remade Items Section and removed Build Example.
    XI. Remade most sections of the guide to reflect the latest changes.
    XII. Implemented the Attack Damage build.

    Grammar Mistakes will be uptaded daily.

  • Closing

    My guide here comes to an end, if you liked the guide but you think something misses, dont be afraid to comment, and I will think about it for adding it with credit to your name, if u'd like. Please rate and comment anyway!

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