Urgot Build Guide

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Urgot - The Anti-Carry

written by Oberon Vex

Urgot Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

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    Urgot is a widely underestimated champion, whom I believe does not deserve his reputation as a 'bad champion'. I happen to main this champion and generally average a score of 11/3/11 and a game-time of around 30 min. I am writing this guide because I am tired of seeing my teammates complain that I choose my favorite champion ( in fact, my own team in ranked has BANNED urgot after I declared I was going to play him ).

    What is Urgot's role?

    Urgot is not a tank. He is not a support. Urgot IS a ranged DPS and physical anti-carry as well as an early-game carry. Even late-game you will not have the defensive capabilities to tank or to initiate (the one initiation exception will be detailed below), so please don't try as you will probably die. Also, while Urgot is a very strong champion in my personal opinion, he doesn't scale as well as other champions late-game; for this reason you must either make sure the game ends quickly (my personal preference) or help another character get fed -- it doesn't matter what kind of character, you just need another player to be powerful enough to support YOU in late-game teamfights.

    Where does Urgot belong?

    Mid. End of story. You are the anti-carry, your job is to shut down the enemy carry in mid by one of two ways (preferably both): by killing them and denying them farm in mid. Urgot excells at this role and it is very easy to keep the enemy mid at a lower level than your side lane with TWO people. Mid is also ideal as after killing/forcing the enemy to B, you are in an ideal situation to gank either lane, another thing that Urgot excells at, especially after you reach level six. Urgot can also go 1v1 in top if your team does not trust you in mid, but the longer lane-space coupled with Urgot's poor movement speed makes you easier to gank in top than in mid. Urgot going into a non-solo lane is a bad idea; for one, there is less creep farm for you to get, Urgot is a poor creep killer and while he relies more on kills for gold, kills are also harder to get in the side lane. I say this because it is harder to harass and/or kill one champion when his buddy is attacking you to make you stop; furthermore, you will run out of mana if you try to harass both, barring your teammate bringing clarity -- while you can get them low and wait to regen mana, this is much slower than if you were against one opponent (you could have gotten one kill vs two enemy's low).

  • Abilities

    Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter
    This is a ridiculously powerful passive against carries. Anything that is hit by your Acid Hunter or auto-attack will have its attack damage lowered by a small percentage. This means the enemy carry hits you for less, giving you more time to kill him or her. There are better passives out there, but for Urgot's role, this does the job nicely.

    Acid Hunter
    Your bread and butter and assorted sandwich meats. While early game you wont have the mana to spam this spell, mid game onwards you do NOT want to be stingy. Without a lock, this is a simple projectile skillshot with an average range. WITH a lock-on this becomes a hard hitting skill with broken range. I mean BROKEN. If you have your screen locked on your champion (which I do not recommend, it is for explanation purposes only) you can pretty much hit anything on your screen that has been locked on. You can hit people standing next to their tower, and even a little behind their tower, without drawing tower aggro. Max first.

    Terror Capacitor
    I've seen some guides flaunt the uses of Urgot's shield... but personally I am unimpressed. His other skills are so much more useful for his role. This ability gives you a weak shield and a slow on all attacks and missiles while the shield is active. In my personal opinion the slow is the most useful part of this ability. The shield part CAN save you, and has saved me countless times, but Urgot isn't supposed to be taking that much damage, you should be able to position yourself well enough that you are relatively safe. Max last, but get a point at level 4 or 8 (but not both).

    Fun uses:

    -Pop before an early Karthus ult to save yourself and laugh(karthus being lvl11 or under).
    -Pop before a timebomb goes off and laugh as Zilean trades 2/3 his HP to take u down by 100.

    Noxian Corrosive Charge
    Urgot's second skillshot and the skill you MUST master to master the Headsman's Pride. Landing this on any hostile targets will apply a DoT and armor debuff AND allow you to hit with your Acid Hunter no matter the obstacles between you so long as you are in range. You can hit a maximum of three Acid hunters off of one Corrosive Charge, try to land them all. (Interestingly enough, you CAN miss one and still land three, but you can't land four)

    IMPORTANT: you gain a large area of sight where the charge lands, about the same size as a sight ward. Do not face check bushes while the enemy is mia, lob your charge in; worst case scenario you'll have to wait 11 seconds for your charge to come off cooldown, best case scenario you turn a gank into a turkey shoot and severely hurt one of your attackers while running away.

    Fun facts:

    - You can land this on a stealthed champion and proceed to pump them full of acid hunters. If twitch or eve is just going into stealth, hit them with it and kill them off. Also, you can lob this into Twilight Shroud and almost always hit Akali, letting you continue to damage her in her stealth.

    - This ability goes through Morgana's Black Shield ability, allowing lock-on and still dealing damage.

    Recent changes: The change from a flat reduction to a percent reduction was a NERF, get that straight. Before you could take 30 Armor off an enemy target for EVERYONE. Now since its a percentage, you do marginally better versus tanks, but you aren't supposed to be focusing the tanks, you are supposed to be focusing the squishy carries. Between my masteries, runes, items and this spell, I used to be able to NULLIFY 139 armor off any target, now I'm lucky to pierce 121 (tanks excluded). However, the change from an AP ratio to and AD ratio is a very strong BUFF; the DoT on this spell is now actually decent and I've gotten kills because of it when the enemy just gets out of Acid Hunter range.

    Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser
    I've seen some weird uses of Urgot, but most of them are in regards to his ult. It is a very strong team-oriented skill but you have to know when to use it. The armor and magic resistance it gives you only lasts for three seconds after the swap and is NOT enough to save you from the wrath of your enemy's teammates. Generally, do NOT use this to initiate as you are trading a life for a life; this may be fine for some people, but it is fairly easy for Urgot to score triple kills and exceedingly easy to score doubles. Use this ability to grab early kills, catch runners, save yourself from ganks, save teammates and manipulate the battlefield to your team's advantage. Get a rank at all opportunities.

    As a general rule, avoid using this on people with flash or a blink ability unless you are sure your team can cc them.

    Fun Fact: As of the current patch, this ability still lets you swap an Olaf with his ultimate on. Olaf will not be supressed or slowed, but in every instance I can remember, Olaf DOES get switched. This may be a bug, I will update this section with confirmation when I can.

    Early Kills:

    Pop your usual combo of Noxian Corrosive Charge, Terror capacitor and Acid hunters, then as they start to run away, pop this to drag them back. The timing is situational, but generally you don't want to waste any Noxian charge time unless they WILL get away.

    Catching Runners:

    When the enemy team is on the run, use this ability to snag one more kill for your team. It applies a slow to the enemy after they are swapped so chances are he or she isn't gonna get away, and the enemy team is low enough that they don't really want to come back and risk an ace to save one person.

    Saving yourself from Ganks

    Pushed out too far? Udyr running in from the river bush? Use your ult to swap yourself with him, bringing you closer to your tower and him farther away from you, then run/flash to your tower as necessary.

    Saving your teammate/Manipulating the battlefield:

    If an enemy is chasing your low hp teammate and your ult is up, you are a horrible person if you do not use your ult to save them. This will place you between your ally and any enemies and help that ally get away, and also wastes the time that the enemy team used to focus that teammate. Only use this method if you will not die because of it, no point in giving your life for a teammates, the enemy still gets a kill and could plausibly still chase down and kill your teammate. It can be useful to use this ability on the enemy carry early in the team-fight as well, to force him to either change targets before getting your teammate low, or forcing him to walk while slowed back to his target. The one-second suppression of his channel can also give your team just enough time to spike an enemy carry or line up their own cc on him.


    Only initiate with this skill if you have FLASH up and are reasonably certain that you can flash out before the enemy can cc you. My favorite place to do this is at one of the bases. Lob a Noxian Corrosive Charge over the wall to gain sight, swap a target to your waiting team and flash out; most teams don't crowd near the wall so there will usually only be one so you don't have to worry about cc as often -- as an added bonus it is usually one of their damage dealers that sits near the wall. Expect mass rage-quits when you pull this off.

    *Kafriel has put forward another VERY IMPORTANT use of Urgot's Ultimate. That is: INTERRUPTION. You can cancel enemy channels via Urgot's ultimate and can save your team from powerful spells like Crowstorm or Absolute Zero.

  • Masteries + Runes

    As a physical damage dealer, you want to focus on Armor penetration, cool-down reduction and mana regeneration for runes.

    I suggest:

    Greater Mark of Desolation X9
    Greater Seal of Replenishment X9
    Greater Glyph of Focus X9
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation X3

    You REALLY want the armor pen and cool-down reduction, but the seals can be modified to suit your preference. I find Urgot has mana issues early game but not late game, so the flat Mana regen seals work well for me.

    As for masteries, I suggest a 21/0/9 build, taking [mastery=Deadliness], [mastery=Cripple], Sorcery, three ranks of [mastery=Alacrity], [mastery=Sunder], Brute Force, [mastery=Lethality] and Havoc in the Offense tree; and Perseverance, one rank of [mastery=Good Hands], [mastery=Awareness] and one rank of Meditation.

    You want to maximize your damage output to help with your harassment and the Awareness mastery will help you gain a level advantage against your lane opponent while the modest investment in Meditation will help your mana issues.

  • Summoner Abilities

    In a nutshell: Flash and Exhaust

    Urgot has poor movement speed and flash helps to escape and pull off his more rage-quit inducing moves (see section about his ultimate) while the extra slow and armor reduction that Exhaust brings makes for easy early kills. In addition, since the changes to exhaust, you can now save your team from powerful abilities like Nunu's ultimate.

    Ghost Lets you chase and you CAN escape with it, but as Urgot has a slow and ridiculous range it becomes less useful. If it is your preference to use ghost over flash, that is your decision, but I would not recommend using Urgots ult to initiate without flash.

    Ignite This spell can pick off low champions as they get away, but Urgot's range on his Acid Hunter with a lock-on makes this spell only useful as another source of damage lategame. Exhaust's utility and the fact that this spell will only deal as much as two Acid Hunters even late-game make this an inferior choice, however it is a viable one.

    Teleport will help you lane and gank (provided there is a ward in the river bushes), but Urgot is a poor pusher which limits the uses of this spell. Urgot has the damage to kill a tower, but lacks sufficient mobility to escape afterwards. Again, viable but inferior.

    Cleanse will help you get out of a gank, but you shouldn't be in a position where you will be taking focus.

    Heal might save you early game but it diminishes greatly as time progresses, other spells are better.

    Clairvoyance your charge gives you sight in bushes, leave this to a support.

    Revive No.. just no...

    [spell=Fortify] Leave it to a tank.

    [spell=Rally] See my comments on 'Revive'

  • Items

    Your items should primarily be damage ones, with only enough survivability to keep you active in teamfights. If you are doing your job properly, the enemy will focus you mid to late game, so your later item choices will be more defensive than your early ones.

    Always start with a [item=Meki Pendant] and two Health Potion

    You want to stay in-lane long enough to get 1000g, so that on your first trip back you can get a Tear of the Goddess and your Boots of Speed. Tear of the goddess will remove your mana problems and allow you to harass with ease.

    Next rush a The Brutalizer this will make you an early game powerhouse. If you need to, do not worry about going back before you can afford the whole thing, in fact I recommend going back for one or two Long Sword and a health potion or two.

    Next trip back should see you with a Manamune which will give you some decent attack damage and keep you full of mana. I've seen people rip on the manamune, but it is a good item, especially if you end up getting a Banshee's Veil later. Manamune by itself on Urgot, the mana passive fully activated will give you 71 attack damage; if you get a banshee's it will give you 79 total attack damage, this is more flat damage than an INFINITY EDGE.

    The last Core item is a Youmuu's Ghostblade. It is true that the active is not as useful on Urgot, but the short speed boost will save you more often than you think, additionally the armor pen will bring your total armor pen to 51, which is nothing to sneeze at.

    Against a Heavy Magic Damage Team

    Against casters (especially Karthus) you should rush a Hexdrinker and Banshee's Veil and then finish with either a The Black Cleaver or Guardian Angel. Use Mercury's Treads for boots.

    The hexdrinker is an early-midgame item that will give you the survivability and damage to fight strong mages. YOU WILL SELL IT LATE-GAME, to buy the option you didn't go for in the original listing (ie. either the Black Cleaver or Guardian Angel).

    Against a Heavy Physical Team

    You will want a Frozen Mallet, Atma's Impaler and Guardian Angel and use Boots of Swiftness OR consult the boots section below.

    Feel free to substitute the Guardian Angel for a Banshee's Veil for more damage (via Manamune and Atma's)

    Against a Well-Rounded Team

    The Black Cleaver, Frozen Mallet, Banshee's Veil, consult boots section below.


    Boots ALWAYS situational. But there are only three boots that benefit Urgot:

    Mercury's Treads for Ap heavy and CC heavy teams
    Boots of Swiftness for AD teams or against teams that have lots of mobility/getaway abilities.
    Ionian Boots of Lucidity for teams that are well-rounded and not too much CC. These boots will maximize your damage output via Acid hunter. Between masteries, runes, your ghostblade and these boots, you will have around 38% cdr, which is VERY close to the hard cap of 40%. For this reason, there is not much reason to get the blue buff if you get these shoes.



    The above builds are general purpose builds that should see you through difficult encounters. This next build is for when you and your team are completely facerolling your opponents. I HAVE used this build, but I was playing with a friend who was at a lower ELO than I usually play with, which helped a lot. Originally I was not going to post this build, but gdmanyak was right in commenting about SotO and Bloodthirster, they are good items on Urgot. But as I feel they require your opponents to be of lower caliber than I usually expect and are situational, I did not include them in my normal recommendations. See comment section for my explanation of SotO and Bloodthirster. This build is for experienced Headsmen only.

    Right after you get your Brutalizer but before you complete Manamune or your boots, rush a Sword of the Occult. Finish your Manamune and Ghostblade. Next we work on our The Black Cleaver. Lastly finish up with a The Bloodthirster and one of every elixir.

    If you manage to complete this last build and can keep a decent number of stacks on your SotO you SHOULD be able to kill any non-tank character with one combo. Please note however that the majority of my games end after I complete my CORE build and perhaps my Banshee's veil or Black Cleaver.



    Infinity Edge This item has good attack damage and the crit damage increase makes it very powerful on ranged carries. One problem though: you don't auto attack as your main damage source. Urgot's attack range is small enough that you will be in danger if you try to auto-attack your enemies before they are low/thinking about running. Crit chance in general is not a very good stat on Urgot, that means this item has TWO features that do not directly benefit Urgot. Flat damage will serve you better, and while this item boasts the highest, non-penalizable attack damage, it does not belong on any standard Urgot build (except perhaps a 'crab-man gonna rape u' build where you dont' get defensive stats)

    Trinity Force I've seen this on lots of Urgots, and it is a good item on many characters. The main draw of this item is its unique passive which increases your BASE damage by 150% on your next attack after you use an ability; and Urgot spams his q every 1.8 seconds so it should always be up right? sounds good right? Wrong, in the same way the infinity edge is wrong. This requires you to be in auto-attack range to do your damage which means you are very vulnerable to enemy reprisal. I'm not saying you shouldn't auto attack, I'm saying you shouldn't stay in one place and pump out auto attacks like an Ashe, your Acid hunter/C-Charge combo will put out more damage than your auto attacks and you will be safer too. Additionally, this item is very expensive and except for Phage the parts that go into trinity force are not very good on Urgot. Sheen's unique passive is nice, but you won't need any mana after you get your manamune and the ability power on it is too low to make your shield block a significant amount of damage PLUS it suffers from the same problem as trinity force itself: forcing you to get in the enemy's range. In fact the only stats on this item that appeal to Urgot are the health and movement speed increase / decrease proc; and the health is a very pitiful amount for the price of the item.

    Last Whisper Personally I hate this item, due to the way the game applies armor penetration mechanics; percentage reduction is applied AFTER flat penetration. My build boasts 51 flat armor pen, plus the 45 reduction you get from black cleaver, plus the 25 or so from exhaust and 20% from Urgot's C-Charge, thats at least 121 armor penetrated, plus whatever percentage you get (which would be small after removing 121). To make this item useful the enemy would have to have at LEAST 200 armor, which would let Last Whisper penetrate an extra 40 armor for you. In almost all situations, only the enemy tank will have 200 or more armor and you are NOT supposed to be fighting the tank until everything else is dead, by which time your team will probably outnumber theirs and you can just all focus him. In fact the only reason you should get this as ANY physical damage dealer is if you are not bringing any FLAT armor penetration via runes or items, in that one situation this item is awesome. Between Urgot's C-charge and this item, you can penetrate 60% of anyones armor; however as you are supposed to be attacking squishies who don't generally stack armor, being able to penetrate all or almost all their armor is better (via the 121+20% you get from my build). Additionally, Last Whisper is more expensive than brutalizer, meaning you have to wait longer to deal more damage. An early brutalizer alone with the runes/masteries of this guide is 46 apen, which is all the opponent will have at the level you can afford brutalizer.

    ADDED NOTE: for Last Whisper to penetrate 121 armor the enemy champion would have to have 302armor (121/.4=302). This assumes that you do not bring any flat apen and without your e on the enemy. Remember, flat penetration de-values your percentage penetration; DO NOT MIX FLAT AND PERCENTAGE ARMOR PEN. In summary: flat penetration/reduction is more effective than percent penetration against all but the most defensive of tanks.

    More to be added as I think of other items.

  • Skilling Order

    Start with Noxian Corrosive Charge. If you take Acid Hunter you run the risk of wasting too much mana before level 2 when you can put out your harass.

    Take Acid Hunter at levels 2 and 3
    Take another rank of Noxian Corrosive Charge at level 4. *If you are taking a lot of punishment take one rank of Terror Capacitor instead.
    Take Acid hunter at lvl 5
    Take Hyper-Kinetic Position-Reverser at lvl 6
    Take Acid hunter at lvl 7
    If you did not take Terror Capacitor at level 4 take one rank now, otherwise take a rank of Noxian Corrosive Charge. *YOU SHOULD ONLY HAVE ONE RANK OF YOUR SHIELD AT THIS POINT*

    From this point on, follow this priority: Acid Hunter > Hyper-Kinetic Position-Reverser > Noxian Corrosive Charge > Terror Capacitor.

  • Farming

    Urgot sucks at it, but if you are alone in lane (ie, have driven off/killed your lane opponent) then just focus on last-hitting.


    -you can acid hunter and auto-attack different targets, this lets you harass and farm at the same time or kill two minions at the same time. Just be sure to time your Acid Hunter between your auto-attacks so that you don't interupt yourself.

    -Noxian Corrosive Charge will get many creeps low at the same time, making your farming a little faster. *Do not do this if your lane opponent is in lane, always prioritize your opponent with C-Charge.

    -You can solo Dragon at around lvl 9 provided you have your core build. You will be low afterwards if you solo, so ask a teammate to help.

  • Jungle Buffs

    Strictly speaking, almost any character on your team uses both buffs better than Urgot does. Let me explain:

    Blue buff on Urgot: Blue buff will give you increased mana regen and a very nice cdr %. However, between Manamune and the cdr you get from items in my build, you have next to no need for this buff. Manamune provides all the mana you will need, with the exception of protracted teamfights where you lay siege to more than one tower in sequence. Additionally, with boots of lucidity, ghostblade and the runes/masteries I suggest, you have a 38.88% cdr WITHOUT THE BUFF.

    *However, early and mid game, this Buff makes Urgot into even more of a GOD than he usually is. You can solo it after lvl 6 without concern for health, but make sure to ask if its ok with your jungler first. If you are counter-jungling with your team and steal the enemy's blue at level one and you are mid, make SURE you get it, as you will totally dominate mid. In summary: EARLY GAME = AWESOME!! LATE GAME = GIVE TO YOUR AP CARRY!*

    Red Buff on Urgot: Red buff gives you a DoT on your auto-attacks and applies a slow as well. Urgot has both a Dot and a Slow innately. Your C-Charge is a much more effective DoT and your Terror Capacitor will apply a stronger slow than this can provide since the Lizard Buff slow has a diminished effect on ranged attacks; PLUS your Acid Hunter does NOT apply on hit-effects thus it won't apply the lizard's DeBuff on your Target. Thats the Bad news. The Good news is that the slows on this and your shield stack, and the DoT is extra damage, both of which help net you kills. Again, this buff is good to increase your damage at the peak of your game (~30min), but other characters can use this buff better later on. Especially since later on you will be doing a lot more damage via your skills, and may or may not have gotten a Frozen Mallet which gives a better slow. Late game its better to let either your fighter or tank take this buff. Summary: Mid-Game = DECENT. LATE GAME = GIVE TO FIGHTER OR TANK!

    *Even if you are 17/2 and the rest of your team only has one or two kills, both buffs are best used on other champions during the late-game. Urgot should only have a late-game buff if he stole it from an enemy champion or from the enemy jungle.*

    Normal Camps: Don't try to start in the jungle with Urgot, you will be embarrassed, however, after you have a bit of damage and a couple levels/kills under your belt, you should ALWAYS be killing the jungle camps as you move between lane, unless you need to get to a side-lane fast for a gank/rescue. Also, if you do not have a jungler you should make sure to clear the wraith camps when not harassing/farming mid.

  • Working in the team

    Urgot is one of the strongest mid characters in the game. You SHOULD NOT have difficulty chasing your opponent from the lane. In these situations you should gank the side-lanes if possible; if the side-lanes are pushed to the enemy towers, then you farm.

    Difficult Lane Opponents

    Sivir - Her spell shield will interrupt your combo and she can put out some pretty decent damage. Crowd her and fire a few non-lock-on Acid Hunters to get her to pop her Spell Sheild and THEN fire your corrosive charge to gain the maximum damage on her.

    Anivia - her stun and burst damage are just over what Urgot can handle, make sure you dodge her stun and try to get the upper hand before level six. If she is level six and you are not at least two levels higher then you are in trouble, call for ganks or change to a side lane to push it in with your team.

    Kennen - while he is very suceptible to your damage, if you miss he can thunder-ball in and stun you. If he is level six and you are not two levels higher then call for ganks/swap lane or else his damage and stuns will probably kill you.

    Nasus - you won't see him mid that often, but if you are solo top then you might. He is beefy and has lifesteal and can sometimes take your harass and still farm. try not to lane against him.

    *beefy characters in general are to be avoided, you want to kill and harass their squishies so that they cannot do damage in the late game. HOWEVER, many 'beefy characters are vulnerable early; foes like mordekaiser are easy to lane against if you START THE LANE WITH THEM IN IT.

    Exreal/Katarina - both have jumps that can make you miss your charge, however they are both easy to harass once you land a charge.

    Rammus - You'll never see him lane, but I thought I should warn you. Jungle Rammus is the BANE OF URGOT'S EXISTANCE. Be exceedingly careful if there is a rammus in the game, and make sure to know where he is at all times. Same with Evelynn.

    ADDED: Teemo - Since the change to Move Quick, Teemo is now a problem for Urgot in mid. Teemo still fails to be able to hurt/chase off an Urgot, but now it is harder for Urgot to kill/chase off Teemo. Assuming equal skill, versing against a Teemo will probably end up a stalemate OR you will only be able to manage a kill or two on him. Urgot's main strength is his early damage so you want to capitalize on this and get fed early.

    In Team-fights you should position yourself behind your tanks so that you are hard to focus, your range will allow you to deal damage effectively from a safe distance. You should always try to hit the squishies with your corrosive charge; NEVER aim for the tanks with it while others are standing. One combo (Corrosive charge plus three acid hunters) should drop most carries below 1/2 hp or at least very near half health. If the enemy runs and the rest of his team is still there do NOT pursue your target, leave him for your fighters and/or tank to chase; Urgot is very squishy and very easy to focus down, do not place yourself in a bad position to make sure of ONE kill, instead target another squishy.

    *In late game teamfights your role is not a killer! You shut down their carry and get their team low. Take kills as you can, but do not overextend to get a kill.*

  • Pros / Cons


    +High early damage
    +Good Utility skills such as slows, a shield and a 'pull' skill
    +Best harassment in the game
    +Rediculous range with Locked-on Acid Hunter


    -Easily focusable, poor escape mechanics
    -Damage levels out in the end-game

  • Summary

    Urgot is an excellent champion and a highly underestimated one. I hope this guide will help you defeat your enemies; its always music to my eyes when I see my enemies cry 'Urgot's so OP' after they mock me in the first few minutes. That, and hopefully a few more good Urgot players out there will stop my own ranked team from banning him so that I can't use him -_-

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