Katarina Build Guide

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shortguide about katarina

written by lightbringa

Katarina Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    first of all sorry for my bad language

    hopefully this guide will help you to handle her a bit better and always remember these are just hints you don't have to follow them
    whenever I have time I will try to complete this guide and go through your comments

  • Abilities

    Very good source of gold and cd reduction if, and thats basically the problem, you can assist and kill a few people

    Bouncing Blade
    Cost: none
    CD: 8s
    Dmg: 20/40/60/80/100 + 0.8*AD +0.35*AP (yes its now both of them) + Killer Instinkts lvl
    Jumps: 2/3/4/5/6

    Damage type: Magic

    This is basically your farming skill but also good to harass the entire enemy team in connection with your Killer Instincts

    [spell=Killer Instincts]
    Cost: none
    CD: 22/20/18/16/14s
    Bonus dmg: 8/12/16/20/24
    Dmg reduction: 15/20/25/30/35%

    this one is one of the most important skills of her because:

    -it boosts your damage at least a bit
    -it reduce the heal ability
    -it helps you to survive

    all in all this ability can help you to shut down mundo which trys to heal himself or an ap YI or...

    Cost: none
    CD: 10/9/8/7/6s
    Dmg: 90/120/150/180/210 + 0.75*AP

    Damage type: Magic

    again one of these awesome skills:

    You can use it to dmg people, creeps or to get away by using it on your own creeps or teammember.

    You need to get out? Just use it with Killer Insticnts and its basically done.

    Death Lotus
    Cost: none
    CD: 60/55/50s
    Dmg per dagger: 50/65/80 + 0.5*AD + 0.25*AP + Killer Instinkts lvl
    Channel duration: 3s
    Damage type: Magic

    Well basically I don't know why they buffed that skill that much but they did so I'm happy and you should be aswell

    This is your main dmg source in the later game. The daggers (3 each time, 10 times during 3 sec). Becides it can help you to find a hidden champion because its just activatable when champions are in range. So surprise them and kill them without second of seeing (awesome against Akali which trys to hide insinde her bubble)

  • Skilling Order

    note: when I discoverd how I can add the chart I will change (pls comment... )

    1. Bouncing Blade/Shunpo(S) (situational if you need the "escape button" skill S otherwise take BB)
    2. Shunpo/Bouncing Blade(BB) (now the other one)
    3. BB
    4. Killer Instinkts (KI)
    5. BB
    6. Death Lotus (DL)
    7. BB
    8. S
    9. BB (maxed)
    13.S (maxed)
    16.DL (maxed)
    18.KI (maxed)

    This is the most dmg output skilling order, because you can farm with BB very easy and harass enemy champions to get an easy kill which offers a higher goldrate which leads to better items and another kill. If you need the damage reduction of KI feel free to max it earlier.

    I recently tried out a new build which helps you to use DL more effective.

    1. Bouncing Blade/Shunpo(S) (situational if you need the "escape button" skill S otherwise take BB)
    2. Shunpo/Bouncing Blade(BB) (now the other one)
    3. BB
    4. Killer Instinkts (KI)
    5. BB
    6. Death Lotus (DL)
    7. BB
    8. KI
    9. BB (maxed)
    13.KI (maxed)
    16.DL (maxed)
    18.S (maxed)

    With this skill build each dagger of DL deals more dmg and its easyer to survive in teamfights. You use S just to jump in and to hunt enemys.

  • Masteries + Runes


    I recomment the 1st one (and I know kat doesn't have mana but she got hp and I needed to skill something to get to the wanted bonus exp to get DL faster)

    the second one is for people who have a little problem to survife but actually its not needed


    Best:Magic pen (all her skill use magic damage)
    also possible: -cd reduction (so you can use your skills more often)
    -life (to stay alife)
    -exp (to get your ultimate and your other skills faster)
    -AD / AP (I dont like them but they are not that bad)

    Build example:

    3x Greater Quintessence of Insight
    9x Greater Mark of Insight
    9x Greater Seal of Focus (there are no mp seals so i took cd)
    9x Greater Glyph of Insight

    all in all 3*1.89+9*0.95+9*0.57=19.35 magic pen + 2.07 % cd

    keep in mind that the base magic resistance is around 30 so:

    30-19.35=10.65*0.85 (skilled magic pen) = ~9.2 ==>so you deal LVL1 nealy the full dmg

  • Summoner Abilities

    MY favorite are:

    Flash it's one of my favorite SA becauce it saved me lots of times like flashing through walls or back in fight (this one isn't that necessary with kat because of her S)

    Ignite good dmg and skilled it gives +10 ap

    other possibilities:

    Exhaust it slows the enemy and reduces his dmg

    Ghost "RUN FOREST RUN" thats it. If you are too far away to use S or you need to run away its awesome

    Teleport if you want to farme a lot take it but I think it doesn't worth it with her because of her skills which offers her a high chance to kill someone to get 300 + 25 + 0-1000g. A creep wave offers you ~100-200g

    Heal possible but I don't recommend it. In the beginning it's quit usefull but later it's crap

  • Items

    Good Itmes:

    Doran's Blade life, lifesteal and dmg -->becides the lifesteal it's the perfect starter item for her
    Doran's Shield life, hpregen and amor -->helps you to survive and for beginners the better choice
    Mejai's Soulstealer 20-180ap +15% cd if you have 20 stacks (worth it if you can hold at least ~5 stacks)
    Sword of the Occult 10-110 ad + 15% speed if you have 20 stacks (like Mejai's Soulstealer only take it if you can hold around 5 stacks)
    Sorcerer's Shoes 20mp (remember the 20mp from runes --> no magic amor left for "no tanks" -->awesome)
    [Item=Rylai's Scepter] life, ap and slow --> helps you to stay alife inside the enemy team and to hunt them down becides that you can use your BB to slow them and your S so they can get away then use your DL so to damage kill them
    Hextech Gunblade ap, ad, lifesteal, spell vamp +300 magic dmg onclick -->since her abbilities use both ap and ad this item becomes more and more attractive
    Rabadon's Deathcap ap +0.3ap for every appoint you have --> if you have a lot of ap it boosts your dmg like no other item could do

    Abyssal Scepter ap, magic resist + mr reduction --> quit good if you have a lot of casters against you
    Zhonya's Hourglass ap, amor +3sec invulnerable --> if you like the active go for it but it doesnt worth it because if cancels your skills and doesn't boost you abbilities enough
    Mercury's Treads magic resist, less cc --> lots of caster or cc in the enemy team take them to stay alife
    The Bloodthirster lifesteal, dmg +dmg for every kill--> because of the great dmg its ok but hard to stack and it makes farming easier because of the lifesteal
    Ninja Tabi amor, dodge --> only take if there are lots of physikal dd's in the enemy team
    Void Staff ap + mr reduction --> nice item if they are a high mr team
    Banshee's Veil life, mana, mr +every 30 sec spellblock --> lots of caster in the enemy team or an one kick kill all kathus? Take it but otherwise get something with more dmg

    Bad Items:
    The Brutalizer ad, amorpen --> all you deal is magic damage so its useless
    Infinity Edge ad, crit , critdmg --> you don't crit, NEVER! So don't take it
    Archangel's Staff ap ,mana + ap per manapoint --> dont even think about it

  • Build Example

    Usual build:

    Start with either Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield
    Next one should be Boots of Speed
    If you can kill or assist without dieing go for Mejai's Soulstealer AND Sword of the Occult else skip these items
    then go for your boots --> usually its Sorcerer's Shoes
    after that its time to push a bit your life and start ganking best choise is [Item=Rylai's Scepter]
    Now go for a Hextech Gunblade starting with the Hextech Revolver
    Then take a Rabadon's Deathcap if the game isn't over yet
    After that (if you skiped the stackable items) go for Void Staff or Abyssal Scepter and a The Bloodthirster

    this build is quite balanced between ap and ad so all your skills deal a moderate dmg and you can stay alife because of your [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter] (hp and slow to get away/stay alife inside the team)

    Building order:
    Doran's Blade
    Boots of Speed
    Long Sword
    Sword of the Occult (finished)
    Amplifying Tome
    Mejai's Soulstealer (finished)
    Sorcerer's Shoes (finished)
    Giant's Belt
    Blasting Wand
    [Item=Rylai's Scepter] (finished)
    2x Amplifying Tome
    Hextech Revolver (half-finished)
    Bilgewater Cutlass (half-finished)
    Hextech Revolver (finished)
    Needlessly Large Rod
    Rabadon's Deathcap (finished)

    total cost: 13834 Gold + 435 Gold for

    Other possible builds:

    -full hybrite:

    Sorcerer's Shoes and 5x Hextech Gunblade
    its a funny build i tried when i got bored
    Get your boots 1st then always start with the Hextech Revolver then the Bilgewater Cutlass
    it offers you an enorm spell vamp as well as a great dmg but its expensive ^^

    total cost: 19225 Gold

    -full Bloodthirster

    Sorcerer's Shoes and 5x The Bloodthirster
    starting with you shoes then 2x B. F. Sword then finish these to The Bloodthirster
    and go on with the wich should be finished to a
    funny aswell focus on the 1st and the 4th skill but the dmg output is incredible

    total cost: 17100 Gold

    - the Stackable
    [Item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]
    if you dont die and can stack all your items full its basically jump in ->use ulti
    ->have fun ->dont get dmg-> deal dmg as hell-> go out

    total cost: 11284 Gold + 435 Gold for a Dorian's

  • Jungling

    If you need 100g get to the weakest possible spot.
    If this is inside the jungle go for them and get the 100g.
    If you got the 1st tower on each lane and you can't get a few creepkills at the lane because of possible gangs try to get a few creep kills inside the jungle (if there are a few left because your entire team will try to do the same)

  • Working in the team

    you are the damage deadler so akt like one
    harass the enemy with your BB
    let the Tanks get in 1st then jump in and use DL thats it dont die make kills be awesome

  • Trapping

    The generall idea of a trap is to surprise the enemy and kill them. Trapping is good to trun the hole game and finish it.

    Why Katrina? Well she looks fragile and easy to counter so every greedy hero will try to hunt you down with no mercy.

    So pretend you have an enorme lag or something else and run inside the other team (like run out of the bushes and turn around immediately). Then run to your team which hides inside an other bush. The enemys should be close behind you so they get the idea of killing an unprotected hero. Run through the bush so they won't think of a gang. After that they should be close to your team and they start the gang. Activate your KI if it's not activated yet and jump with your S to your team. Start your DL to kill/slow them.

    This is a realy hard procedure if you can't talk to your team because they have to know how to deal with this situation (staying calm, don't start to early ...).

  • Laneing Theorie

    This part should help you to handle the different kinds of laneing.


    You and your Teammate play against a solo sidelane these can happen if they have a jungler which you can spot by looking at their SA. (Just a little hint this could lead to an early gang at their jungle --> usually he'll try 1st the mana golem).

    2v1 is hard to play but easy if you know a bit about zoneing. Just lasthit the creeps don't try to push it gives your enemy a to high possibility to get exp. If you play your cards right you will have a higher lvl than your enemy although he/she got the sololane.
    To do this its important to avoid dmg and place yourself between the enemy creeps and the enemy hero.
    This will give you the chance to deal him dmg whenever he trys to get closer. Meanwhile ceep lasthitting creeps to get money. Around lvl 3 the jungler could start ganking so you should ceep your S ready to get away. Becides that all you have to think about is lasthitting creeps and damaging heroes to get an easy kill with your combo (KI,S,(DL),BB).



    Stay back use your BB to dmg the hero and lasthit creeps. As in 2v1 have an eye on the other lanes
    and the possible jungler. So ceep your S ready or just use it when you can be sure you can get away.
    When you become lvl 6 try to kill mid if it's possible. Else go for a sidelane gang which could give
    a lot of gold. If you can kill or assist both kills you can use all your abilities again and go for
    another gang (if you could save a few hp ;).


    Quite the same as midlane harasse the enemy, lasthit creeps try to get a kill. The advantage against
    mid is that you can hide easily inside the bushes and get an easier kill. The disadvantage is the
    lesser ganging ability.


    Maybe the hardest lane but follow a few rules and make it easy. You will stay next to the tower around 9/10 the time but you still have to lasthit creeps so in this case its possible to use S to lasthit, because you don't have to fear a gang until lvl 6. So lasthit as much as you can and harass the enemy.
    When you come around lvl 6 (the others should be around lvl 4-5 and 30-50% hp) go for a kill or two (KI,S,DL,BB).


    This is the usuall situation. Read 'Generall lvl overview' (These are hints which helps you to handle 2v2 but also quite good for every laningtyp).


    Laneswitch is important to help your team. You are meele but you can hold ranged better than other meele because of your BB KI combo. So go for a laneswitch if the other lane fails to much and you can easily hold yours --> they will thank you because they won't die anymore ... hopefully ;).

  • General lvl overview

    lvl 1-3: These are the worst lvl ingame but you can handle them. Always lasthit with you BB and stay
    back. If you can handle it get closer to the creeps and use normal hits to lasthit them, but
    you have to stay attentive and be abel to use your S to get back.

    lvl 4-5: Its getting easier but stay attentive. Always ceep an eye on mid lane if they dont call misses.
    They could possibly start ganking now. Since you have your KI your BB starts getting better and
    better. It deals full dmg for all the jumps and reduces the healing abbilities so if you got
    Mundo or Yi or anyone else with healing abilities on your lane focus them with KI and BB to
    keep them low. (After a few games I noticed that you can keep your KI activated nealy the hole
    time because cd and durration are around the same so activate it even if your other skills are
    on cd). When your lvl is around 5 1/2 keep harassing the enemy team that they stay around
    30-50 % of thery life.

    lvl 6: NOW you can start killing. The enemy champions should have around 40% so start now and kill them.
    Basically it works like that: -Jump in with KI and S so you deal at least a bit dmg and get less
    dmg then start your DL
    -During DL you can aktivate Ignite if you notice he could survive
    -DL last 2,3 sec so you can't use S again so ceep in mind you
    sould be abel to cast you BB again to finish him

    lvl 7-11: Ganging time! Hopefully it worked quite well till now so you got your Mejai's Soulstealer
    and your Sword of the Occult with 2 or 3 stacks. So your dmg output is enough to kill
    low hp heroes. Do that if they are running around unprotected!! Else if there are no
    unprotected or you couldn't get your stacks go to the other side of the map (the other 2 vs 2
    lane) and hope for a gang ;). Again use your S and your DL to assist at least a bit to get a

    lvl 12-17: You should have around 5 stacks if you died a few times (don't worry this can happen but don't
    become to greedy). Else if you could stay alife you could possibly have 20 stacks (around lvl
    15 ;) --> Cd reduction and running speed so use it. Use KI, BB and S to farm and get money
    your build. If you notice an enemy gang run away to keep your stacks. If you see a gang keep
    back and jump in after the tanks got in. Use your DL get a kill or two and an assist ;).

    lvl 18: If the game isn't over yet complete your build but this game can't get much better. Don't feed
    the enemy team so you always deal a bit more dmg then the others. This is necessary to keep
    killing but if you can't finish soon the game is over.

  • Pros / Cons

    -no mana or energie
    -great dmg
    -easy escape
    -great farmer
    -great killer
    -game turner (means she can trun around the hole game if the others ain't cautious enough)

    -low hp
    -easy to counter (but I won't tell you how. Seems logic or?)
    -only with a few stack on Mejai's Soulstealer and Sword of the Occult good

  • Summary

    She's awesome but I think she will become a huge nerf next patch so try to use her as often as you can.

    remember these are just hints noone has to use them but anyway I'm glad you stay the course ;) reading my guide.

    If you find something to add pls comment on my guide. I'm also glad to talk about other ideas and possibilites.

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