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Endless Torture

written by Sylvans

Urgot Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Since he was buffed, Urgot has retained his early game dominance, as well as becoming viable in mid game, and then becoming an important part of the team late game. When played correctly, Urgot should always get first blood, and if combined with the right lane partner, he should dominate the entire laning phase.

    An important thing to note about Urgot is how his role changes throughout the game. He is an anti-carry that will begin to build tanky mid to late game.

  • Abilities

    Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter
    A good passive, this is one of many de-buff abilities that Urgot has. The ability to reduce the damage of an enemy can really hurt the enemy's DPS champs, like Ashe, TF or MF.

    Acid Hunter
    The one ability the defines Urgot. This gives you EXTREMELY high early game damage (4-5 hits can kill a squishy enemy), it is one of the best harassers in the game, mid game it gives you high damage output, and it will ensure that no one ever gets away from a team fight alive.

    Terror Capacitor
    This gives Urgot some nice survivability, and if used well, you should be able to stop a lot of the enemy's harassment. Also, because when it is active, all your attacks will slow the enemy, it allows Urgot to easily chase enemies, or to escape.

    Noxian Corrosive Charge
    As if the Acid Hunter wasn't powerful enough by itself, lets make it so that it never misses, has incredible range, and does even more damage! It is also a great harass, and because it lowers the enemy's armor, it is very useful in team fights, as well as helping taking tanks down a notch.

    Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser
    Every guide says it, and so will I. Probably one of the strangest moves in the game. If used correctly, this will ensure that you can pick off any enemy, and that no enemy will escape alive from a team fight. However, if it is used poorly, it will ensure that you feed the enemy, and that your teammates will rage hard. See section below that is dedicated to this.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries, I usually go 21-6-3, but if you don't have your rune page completed for mana regen (see below) then 21-0-9 would also work.

    For Runes, I get

    For your quintessences, there are a variety of choice, but movement speed, flat health, Flat AD, or more CDR would all work.

    Why do I get flat instead of per level mana regens? Because once you have your Manamune you shouldn't be having too many mana problems.

  • Items

    Start off with a [item_icon=Meki Pendant], and x2 or swap one of the health pots for , it depends on your personal preference (I go with one of each).

    On your first recall, upgrage your Meki into a , buy a . If you can afford it, also buy a .

    Then, you will want to get a as soon as possible. This is the heart of Urgot's build. Without this item, he simply isn't a viable champion. It will give you the mana you need to spam your abilities, as well as the damage output he needs.

    Now it is time to upgrade your boots. There are 2 boots that I have found work well on Urgot. The best is, as on all champions it seems, . Always a good option, gives you MR as well as reducing slows, snares, stuns. The other option, which Kafriel suggested, is . This is a good choice as it helps you spam Q more. I prefer Merc's tread over the other boots because it really helps late game, and its always a good choice against a team with any CC, but if the enemy is not heavy on CC, then grab Ionian boots.

    Next get and upgrade it to Youmuu's will give you an escape mechanism, as well as make you a turret killing machine. (see below about Brutalizer v. Last Whisper) Now its time to get --GA is always a good item on any champion that isn't squishy. Gives both armor and MR, good against teams that have a balance between magic and physical damage.

    Youmuu's or GA first? It depends on the enemy's team composition. If you're not dieing and not getting low on health, upgrade into your Youmuu's first. If you're dieing or getting close to dieing, then get GA before you upgrade to your Youmuu's.

    Ok, so now you have Manamune, boots, the Youmuu's Ghostblade and Guardian Angel. Time to build tanky. Choose from the following items based on enemy team comp:

    -- I just love this item. Armor, health, and some good CC.
    --This gives you armor, more mana for Manamune to work off of, and it gives you even more CC. A good option against teams with a lot of physical damage.
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]--Very good choice against a team with heavy magic damage output. Health regen is also very nice, and the movement speed is very welcome on Urgot.
    --Helps beef you up as well as your team. If no one else on your team has one, then grab it. If you already have one, then get something that will work better because of the unique aura it has.
    -- Good against a heavy physical DPS team, as always.

    If for some reason you just need some damage output, I would recommend and Yes, stack your Armor Pen and slice through the enemy.

    Two items that I have been considering for Urgot that would work together well are and . The slow on Frozen mallet is useful, but with Urgot's shield the slow is not as useful as on other champions. But combined with Atma's it should give you a nice damage increase, as well as armor and a slow.

    Also, is a good item if you're facing a heavily AP team. However, its shield is only useful early-mid game. If you're playing against an AP nuke, there is almost no chance that 300 magic protection is going to save you. Not good against a AP nuke, but good against hybrids.

    Remember, you should always buy your items based off of the enemy's team comp. But my core build is:

    Last Whisper or Brutalizer:
    Why do I choose Brutalizer over Last whisper? Easy. Brutalizer is much cheaper (especially since Last Whisper had a price increase), in fact, price wise, it is more like comparing Youmuu's to Last Whisper, and Youmuu's is a much better item for Urgot than Last Whisper is. CDR, Armor Pen, movement speed, attack speed. All of these are great for Urgot. However, if the enemy is really heavy on armor, get Last whisper.

    Please, let me know any other items you have found useful for Urgot!

  • Build Examples

    Basic Build:

    Balanced Build:

    Armor Build:

    Magic Resist Build:

    Attack Build:

    Test Build:

    Remember, these are just example builds, but they are good starting points. Notice that I have made Guardian Angel part of my core build.

  • Skilling Order

    Its pretty easy. Get one level of your Q first, then one of your E and then one W. After this, prioritize:

    As with every champion, your ult is the most important to level up first. Then your Q, as it is your main source of damage output. Now some may ask, why level W over E? The main function of E is for missile lock-on. After that, I've found its upgrading not as useful. However, your W shield is very useful throughout the game, giving you survivability. Also, playing against Teemo? Just pop your shield, and walk fearlessly through bushes, knowing that if you hit some Shrooms, you'r safe. It is also very useful against and DoT.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I normally grab and .

    Ignite is very helpful for those pesky people like Mundo and Trynd, and is always a good choice for any Champ. I also prefer Flash over Ghost for wall jumping, and if you grabbed Youmuu's then you already have a (although not as good) Ghost ability.

    and are also a good choices.

    Also, is good. Nothing scares the enemy away from your tower like a giant enemy Crabgot appearing next to them.

    Once you are fully runed for Mana Regen, you will not need anymore, but it can be good (i guess) if you need that extra mana.

  • General Strategy

    The only time you should solo is in a 3's game, and even then going bottom is a better choice. Do not solo in a 5's, and NEVER solo in a 1v2 lane. EVER! You are too squishy early game.
    ^its written in red, so i mean it!

    Remember, you are an amazing harasser, so harass! Douse the enemy in acid, launch rockets at them, and watch as they have to recall many more times than you to regain their health. If they are foolish to stay in the lane when they have under 50% health, just finish them off with an acid/rocket combo, and push the turret.

    Once you have your Q, W, and E, here's what you do. As Urgot, you should be controlling the bushes. If you dont have bush control, then you better get it! Remember, your acid will give you vision of wherever you launch it, so you can check bushes with it. Once you have it, sit in the bushes and be patient. Once they are close, pop your shield, douse them in acid, launch missiles at them, and laugh as they cant move, are insanely de-buffed and then dance on their grave.

    When teams are flirting with each other, neither wanting to initiate, but neither wanting to go away, just keep on launching acid and missiles. Our word for the day is "Spam--A delicious food that is distantly related to meat. See also: Urgot" Once you have Manamune, you can spam to your heart's content. So go forth young man (or woman), eat spam! And spam missiles!

  • Urgot's Role

    Urgot has a changing role in the game throughout the game, and so your play style and your item build should reflect this.

    Early Game:
    At the beginning of the game, Urgot will absolutely dominate any enemy, just do E+Q spam, and watch as they die. However, you must have some great map awareness, especially before lvl 6 because you are easily ganked. Once you have your ult, you can ult the person behind you and get away, but before that, always be aware of the enemy's position, control the bushes, and if you do get caught, pop your shield and kite your way back to the turret. The slow from the shield will often save your life.
    Remember: Urgot is the best early game, make sure you feed yourself well!

    Mid Game:
    Even after his buff, Urgot falls off mid game. You will still have good damage output, but you're also still squishy. You should have finished your core build (See Below) by now, and you need to decide what your team needs (See above for options of how to build after core). Urgot can still do well mid game, but I have found it to be his weakest (less so for a pure AD build). What should you be doing? Well, ulting now is still pretty risky because you're squishy so its still a situational move. Try some ganks, but mostly focus on your build. If you were fed properly early game, this shouldn't be a terrible stage for Urgot, just not as good of a stage. If you were shut down early game, then prepare to be miserable.

    Late Game:
    Now that you're getting to the end of your build, its time to rock the enemy's socks right off their feet! You still have good damage output (that will never change), but now you either have, depending on which build path you followed: Insane damage output but still squishy, or good damage output and good initialization. If you went with damage, then just keep on doing what you were doing, harass, kite, kill their squishies before they even know whats happening. If you went with more defense for the late game, then you need to initialize for your team. Ult the enemy squishy into the middle of your team, now you're tanky enough to survive that, pop your shield, pop Youmuu's if necessary. Now its 2v3 or 4v5. Push. Rinse and repeat. Just remember to be smart about when you ult the enemy. Don't kill yourself please...

  • Pros / Cons

    -Extremely powerful early game
    -Good initiator mid and late game
    -Best harasser in the game
    -Has good ability to de-buff the enemy

    -Is squishy early game
    -Is a slow Champion
    -Ult can easily kill you if not used correctly

  • Unique Skills: The Ult

    Ok, so how to use his ult. There are a few ways to do this:

    1. If you're laning with Teemo or Shaco, have them set up Shrooms or JitB in the bushes, ult enemies into bushes, and ROFL as they die. Make sure though that you don't ult into the middle of a very angry enemy team though or else they'll just ROFL at you. This is only effective in the laning phase. This also works with anyone with a good stun, although I've found it best with Teemo and Shaco.

    2. Initiation. Has the enemy's carry been a little too aggressive? Then ult him into your team, pop your shield, pop youmuu's run back to your team. If done with good timing, you should kill the carry and survive the angry enemy team. You have to get the hang of knowing how close to the enemy team you can ult before you die. It takes practice, so don't rush into a ranked game (and preferably even a normal game) without having learned how to do this well.

    3. Escape. Are you getting ganked? Did mid forget to call mia, and now you have an angry Xin with a spear in front of you, and a monstrous Cho behind you? Well, just ult Cho, and now they're both behind you, and you can run away to freedom and "LOL, n00b" them all the way back to base.

    4. Stop them from escaping. Is Ashe running for her life? Well, just ult her, and now she has to run past an angry half man half machine with homing missiles and an evil voice.

    5. Ult the enemy inside your base. Do you have the area right below your base's wall warded? Is there a foolish enemy walking down there? Ult him up! Now he is in your base, and easy pickings for you team! Just make sure you can get back to safety Also, did you just respawn, and the enemy is attacking your last tower? at lvl 3, your ult has a good enough range to ult those enemies into your back turret's range. always good for a laugh (and a kill).

    6. The rarest use, but it works every once in a while. Because of the buff it gives your armor and MR, if you're about to die near the end of a team fight, just ult someone, and it will *sometimes* give you just enough of a buff to survive. Pretty much a last ditch attempt for life, not recommended, but it can work.

    Things not to do:
    -Ult when you feel like it. This is a big no-no, and you'll just end up feeding.
    -Ult the tank. Your team will rage so hard when you ult amumu into the middle of your team. You ult, he ults, the other team aces you. Only do this is you want more nerd rage in your life.
    -Ult the enemy into bushes you cant see into. Hooray! you ulted them, but now you can't attack them, and they "LOL n00b" you all the way back to their base. Or they'll just kill you.

  • Laning Partners and Enemies

    What are you going to look for in a lane partner? A heal is amazing to offset your squishy side. But what else? Stuns/snares are good, but you also want to make sure that if you ult an enemy next to your lane partner that you didn't kill your ally. So, my favorite choices (numbering is only general. people near the top are generally better than those near the bottom):

    1. Taric: His armor buff will help you a lot, and his stun is amazing. Nothing makes the enemy rage like being ulted and then stunned. His heal also helps a TON! Great lane partner choice!

    2. Alistair: If he pulverizes/headbutt's someone next to you, is just funny to watch how fast the enemy dies. His heal is also welcome.

    3. Kayle: This is more theorizing than from experience, but any champ who can give you a bubble, heal you and still do damage is a great choice.

    4. Nidalee: Heals, good damage output, and those traps are very nice as well

    5. Shaco/Teemo: Ulting enemies into JitB/shrooms FTW! Also, if that somehow doesn't work, they can slow/blind the enemy and chase him well to make sure they never get away. (this is better in 3's than 5's)

    6. Pantheon: An early game god meets and early game god. Panth can burst, stun, and ROFLSTOMP anyone you put next to him. But since his nerf, why would you ever see a Panth in game?

    7. Shen: I played a game where neither me or Shen died the entire game. Not only will Shen's taunt keep the enemy by you ensuring the kill, but Shen will fix your early game squishy problem. He can taunt enemies chasing you, at lvl 6 he can ult you, and his Vorpal blade gives you some health.

    8. Udyr: Why is Udyr in a lane instead of the Jungle? I have no idea, but this works well. A DPS Udyr will rock anyone you ult next to him, he can chase and stun. A good combo.

    9. Anivia-- Good burst, and when she has her wall, it will keep enemies near you long enough for you to finish them off. Just be careful, this is a squishy combo.

    Not Good choices:

    Sona: She can heal you, but if you ult someone next to her, you just killed her. Good in early game though though

    Soraka: See above, but more useful because she will keep your mana and health up, as well as giving you armor.

    Enemies to watch out for: Anyone who heals well.

    Mundo: Mundo kills who he pleases! Especially Giant Enemy Crabgots. Yes, it is sad and true, but your harass just became... well.. useless? A good Mundo will shrug off any harass you do, and once he hits lvl 6, he'll just laugh at your foolish attempts to kill him.

    Vlad: The vampire is hard to kill, and your missiles are made of something that is not silver. From lvl 1 he can heal enough to make your harass much less effective. Also, if he hits your shield with his Q, he will still heal.

    Swain: After lvl 6, Swain can just pop his ult, snare you and then dominate you. He will also still heal even if your shield is up.

    Mordekaiser: His shield will absorb so much of your harass, it can make a grown Urgot cry.

    More to be added, suggestions welcome!

  • Closing

    Thanks for reading my guide, I hope you liked it. Please leave any comments you have and suggestions. This is my first guide, so feedback is appreciated!

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