Kayle Build Guide

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Kayle - Keep your team alive and deal damage while at it.

written by Puddin

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Intro

    Good evening dear Lady or dear Sir. Allow me to introduce my first Leaguecraft guide. Todays topic is Kayle the Judicator.
    I wont lose too much time with the introduction though, I prefere to just start with the guide. What can you expect from this guide? I'll tell you:

    1) Some nice intel that you would have probably figured out yourself.
    2) Some nice clues about what you should do and what you should avoid.
    3) Some nice item builds.
    4) Some nice runes and masteries constellations.
    5) Wall of text in order to explain my decisions.

    What you should not expect from this guide:

    1) This guide making you into an expert or so called pro (this will not happen so easily).
    2) Guaranteed win when following this guide.
    3) Math.
    4) Grammar (English isn't my native language).
    5) Political correctness (Sorry I like swearing from time to time and I consider Taric gay)

    Remember that this guide is made to help you have a good time with Kayle. This guide isn't perfect ( I quess) nor does it claim to be the only right one. Consider it some food for thought.

  • Getting started

    The first question you should ask yourself when playing in general is: What is the role I wanna have in my team?
    1 Do I want to play a supporter?
    2 Do I want to deal considerable damage though not being a main Damage Dealer (DD)?
    3 Do I want to support my team by healing, shielding and saving their sorrow buttocks?
    4 Do I have the patience to play defensive (Farm, Last hit, Avoid towerdives and getting ganked)?
    5 Do I accept that I am not the main character in my team?

    If you have answered all five of them with "yes" then Kayle could become your favourised champion:

    Why not Sona?

    While Sona is a good supporter she wont be able to deal the damage Kayle will in mid-late game. Also Sona may be helping the whole team with her auras but Kayle makes this up with a 3 sec godmode and great escape and chase mechanisms for you and your teammates.
    Sona may be healing two targets with her lame heal ( herself and someone in need) but you don't choose the one who gets healed it is always the allied champ near you whith the lowest health. It could be the tank, the carry, the burst or heaven forbid the other supporter. Feeling lucky? At last I would like to point out that Sona isn't able too jungle properly nor is she able too battle any champion 1vs1 and emerge victorious afterwards. Kayle can do both.

    Why not Soraka?

    Yeah right. I know people who tell me how they roll with her. I think they mean their 0/3/20 stats since you get assists for healing or buffing now. But Soraka is the most teamdependant Supporter out there. Without a team that is at least considered good you will get very frustrated every time you play her. She can't harm the enemy in any way other than suply the team with health and some mana. She can't harass properly. She can't go 1vs1. She can't jungle effectively. Escape skills? Nothing here folks!

    Why not Janna?

    Janna is great. She has a lot to offer for a team: CC, Heal, Shield, Damage buff, to name a few things.
    But Janna is squishy, Janna isn't dealing any damage when she is played as supporter other than her Q which can be dogded with ease. Since you have answered question 1 with "yes" you want to do some damage constantly.

    Why not Nidalee?

    Tricky. Nidalee has a good map awaerness, heal, nice damage output, one of the best escapes and looks great. But I think Nidalee is too squishy and she can't support while in tiger mode aka damage dealing mode. She is also unable to shield. Too much of a DD and less of a supporter.

    Why not Alistar?

    Very few brave/stupid souls play Alistar and they do so for good reason. Alister is outshined by everyone in tanking and supporting. He has great CC and a great mana dependence aswell. He deals close to none damage and if you build him to do so he gets even more useless.

    Why not Lux?

    Lux is awesome. She is dealing immense burst damage with great range keeping her at a save spot most of the time. She can help a whole team to escape with any of her skills and she has an important role in team battles. She shield the whole team up to 6 seconds for some damage. But she is squishy and she can't 1vs1 when she is at mellee range or her abilities (all skill shots) miss. Magic resistance is her death since she needs ap more than magic penetration.

    Why not Morgana?

    Morgana is one of the best. She can only support by preventing magic damage and cc or by binding. OR by dealing OMGWTF?!? amounts of aoe damage. No healing just dot. A lot of it.

    Why not Taric?

    Besides his unfortunate graphic and voice design he is best played as a tank/supporter and not a dps/supporter like Kayle.

    Why not Karma?

    Just no. She isn't dealing a third of Kayle's Damage. Her heal is not reliable, too.

  • Pros / Cons


    - Great lane staying power
    - Great babysitter
    - Heal, Invincibility for you or your teammates
    - Very good sustained damage for a supporter
    - Not too squishy


    - Mana hungry champion
    - Team dependant ( like most of the girls and boys riot gave a support tag)
    - Itemdependant
    - Doesn't have a farming skill (mid-late game you can clear creep waves with yout autoattack + Righteous Fury)

    (Looks well doesn't it? Kayles cons aren't too bad and with a little training you can overcome them easily)

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    Yeah. This passive is extremely nice.
    It gives you 17 Ap right away (without Runes/masteries).
    It allows you to do the hybrid thing.
    It allows you to deal a lot of damage while you can still support like a boss.

    Main harassment tool.
    During laning phase use this to fend of some of the squshy who are unable to heal themselves

    Use this to chase.
    Since it is slowing for up to 25%

    Good Ap ratio so you will deal a good amount of burst damage.

    Up to 16% more damage received by an angry Kayle.
    In an 1vs1 brawl use this as an opener move and deal up to 16% more damage with your Righteous Fury.

    Divine Blessing
    Your decent heal and nitro spell. Use it to save you and your teammates by healing and boosting their movespeed. It has a great range. This ability will benefit from your Ap.

    Righteous Fury
    Turns your auto attack into a splashing ranged inferno. You are dealing a lot of damage.

    Invincibility for you or one lucky teammate. You can cast this at a great range for 50 mana every minute. Saves if you use it properly and is wasted when you on't know when to cast it.

  • Masteries + Runes


    Archemage's Savvy...3/3 You need every little Ap you can get.
    Plentyful Bounty........1/1 Yep you heard right. I'll explain later.
    Sorcery....................4/4 3% Cool down? Let me have it!
    Archaic Knowledge....1/1 Obvioulsly.


    Spatial Accuracy.......1/1 For porting around faster. Mobility wins games.
    Perseverance...........3/3 Because there is nothing better at the moment.
    Awarness.................4/4 Those 5% more exp will either give you a level advantage or let you keep up.
    Meditation................3/3 Since you are mana hungry.
    Greed......................1/1 Greed is good.
    Utility Mastery..........2/2 Blue, Red, Baron buff lasting longer is a good thing.
    Quickness................3/3 You will run a little faster.
    Intelligence..............3/3 6% Cooldown anyone? With this and Sorcery you start with 9% Cdr!
    Presence of the Master Ofc. You are the boss and now you can spamm you two spells.


    Greater Mark of Insight or Greater Mark of Desolation

    This Runes allow you to deal more damage with your abilities or your autoattack respectively. I recommend the Marks of Insights though since you want your Reckoning to hit harder during Lane Phase. Later on your Righteous Fury will profit from it as well.

    Greater Seal of Clarity

    Even with the nerfed Seal of Clarity I don't have any mana problems during the game especially if you start with [item=Meki Pendant]. If you prefer to start with the Doran's Ring remember you can't achieve a healing pot anymore along with it.
    Greater Glyph of Focus or Greater Glyph of Force

    With the flat CDR runes you will start with 15% CDR right away and since you want to use your abilities as much as possible those babies will help you. Why not CDR per level runes? because with your runes, your masteries and Nashor's Tooth you will already have reached the cap of 40% and the CDR per level runes bonus CDR at lvl 18 would have been wasted.

    With the Ap per level you get 27,54 free ap at level 18 not bad, huh? You can chose freely between Ap per level and flat CDR. But don't mix them up.


    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude or Greater Quintessence of Potency

    Yeah Flat health is always nice and on almost every champ avaible.
    As for the Ap Quints, those 15extra Ap let you start right of with 59 Ad and 32 Ap without items.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Smite Before you start flaming "OMGLOLNOOOOOOP!!!111!" think about it.
    You can use it about every 58 seconds.
    You can use it in order to compensate for your lacking last hitting abilities.
    You can use it in order to get quick buff in the jungle.
    You can use it to steal buffs from your enemie! Ever tried to steal Baron with Kayle? It works with Smite and the enemies will hate you.
    Show Tibbers that you don't like him. Or kill Heimers Turrets.
    All in all a good spell and a very underrated one which solves you farming problems early game and is still usefull late game.

    Flash Chase or get out of sticky situations.
    Clairvoyance You are the spporter so you can Support your team by Scouting with this little baby.
    Cleanse A stunned Kayle can't help her team. If you can't manage to avoid CC by playing carefully I sugguest you pick this one
    Exhaust Exhaust will help you fend of those Tryndameres, Olafs, Xins etc. Since you already have a slow this won't have too much use in other occasions.
    Clarity Not bad but there are better options. I use to rely on my runes.
    Teleport Moving fast around the map is very important. If your Divine Blessing isn't statisfying enough for you (or you are too cool to run) take Teleport.
    Ghost Same as Teleport.

    I wouldn't do it:
    Heal You already have one.
    Ignite It would take 1 extra point in the Offense Tree. Let the others take it if they want.
    [spell=Fortify] I usually see tanks take it.
    [spell=Rally] Noooooooooo. Not enough damage that does not compensate for its lacking utility.
    Revive Please try to stay alive.

  • Skilling Order

    1) Intervention
    2) Reckoning
    3) Divine Blessing
    4) Righteous Fury

    Allow me to explain.

    Intervention gives you 2/2,5/3 seconds immunity to damage. Obviously you want those seconds as soon as possible.
    Reckoning is the harssment tool you need during your laning phase. It deals more damage with each skilled level (+50 per level I think). Squishyies like Ashe can't stand it for too long. With the % extra damage you might even egt a kill. Reckoning allows you to make a cunning escape when getting ganked since it slows.
    Divine Blessing is needed to keep you and your laning partner a lifeendin order to render the opponents harassment useless. Use this to run faster if you just bluepilled or when you are getting chased.
    I highly recommend to start skilling Righteous Fury after the laning phase. During the laning phase the damage dealt by Righteous Fury is inferior to Reckoning and its utility is inferior to Divine Blessing.
    Later on when you have some Ap it makes more sense to skill it.

    Note: I want to make this point perfectly clear. You don't need to follow this guide in every way. I am just sharing my experience with you (how generous).

  • Itembuild


    General Build

    Mercury's Treads Your favourite boots with Magic Resistance and reduced CC (Crowd Control)
    Guinsoo's Rageblade Very cheap for what it gives which makes it the best hybrid item. Kayle has enough spammable abilities to keep the stacks of it up even when she isn't attacking.
    Nashor's Tooth With CDR glyphs and masteries this will cap you Cool Down Reduction and gice you 55 Ap and 50% attack Speed on top. And remember your passive makes 8,25 extra AD out of the AP.
    Hextech Gunblade Lifesteal, Spellvamp, Ap and Ad which are boosted by your passive as well. Expensive but great!
    Zhonya's Hourglass Armor and 100 Ap (+15 Ad with passive)
    Rabadon's Deathcap Perfect boost for your damage both spells and autoattack. Divine Blessing approves as well.

    If you are facing one sided enemy teams you might alternate the build:

    Pure Physical DD enemies:
    Take Thornmail or Frozen Heart instead of the Hextech Gunblade or just take Ninja Tabi instead of Mercury's Treads if you are confident.

    Pure Magic DD enemies:
    Take Banshee's Veil or Lich Bane or Abyssal Scepter instead of Zhonya's Hourglass

    If you need more survivability take Guardian Angel instead of Hextech Gunblade. Just remember you aren't a tank but a supporter with some good dps. Don't overdo it.

  • In-depth Itemguide

    -Try to rush Guinsoo's Rageblade as soon as possible (asap) along with you tier 2 boots-

    You may start with a Doran's Ring and a Health Potion. But after Patch I think it may not work.

    You may also start with a [item=Meki Pendant] (for your mana hunger, later it becomes Nashor's Tooth) and a Health Potion if you don't want to delay your build. Just remember you don't get that juicy 100 hp from Doran's Ring so play it safe.
    Try to stay in lane as long as possible without returning to your base. Also try to farm gold and not to die.

    1) Boots and Guinsoo's Rageblade
    When you have farmed at least 1210 gold you may decide to return and grab Boots of Speed and Blasting Wand. It is recommended though that you try staying in lane and farm till you can afford the whole Guinsoo's Rageblade which is your core along with Boots and Nashor's Tooth.

    Guinsoo's Rageblade : Best item you can get: fully stacked it will give you 45 Attck Damage 93 Ap and 32% Attack Speed. If you calculate you passive you gain 14 Attack Damage and 10,5 extra Ap on top of that. All of that comes at a price of 2235 gold which is very cheap.

    2) Mercury's Treads and Nashoor's Tooth
    When you get your hands on the Rageblade try to turn your boots into Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi if you are facing a lot of Physical Damage Dealers. Your [item=Meki Pendant] first becomes a Fiendish Codex and then a Nashor's Tooth.

    Nashor's Tooth : Everything Kayle likes in one. That is Attack Speed, Ability Power, Mana Regeneration AND 25% CDR which caps your CDR by now. Congrats now you have completed your core build!

    3) Damage and Ap

    Now start building your late game items. If you are dying too often you should start by the survivability item of your choice (see above). If you are doing well start building Zhonya's Hourglass or Hextech Gunblade and at last Rabadon's Deathcap. Remember that the macth will be finished shortly after you build Nashor's Tooth in most of the cases but there are always good matches even after the 40 min mark.

    4) Other nice offensive items on Kayle

    Lich Bane : More burst damage coupled with some Magic Resistance and movement speed.

    Abyssal Scepter : You are facing a lot of Magic Resistance or you need some of it.

    [item=Rylai's Scepter] : Moar HP and a decent extar slow on your Righteous Fury and Reckoning.

    5) Elixirs

    Elixirs give some good boosts. Downside are the costs and the item slots. Use them in critical occasions to optimize thier effect. don't use them when they could dealy your core build.

    6) Any last words

    Ofc you should variegate your build if you want but I figured that this the most effective way of playing Kayle with some compromises in Survival and DPS. If you have some other ideas feel free to share them in the comment section.

  • Gamephases: Laning

    This can be the most important phase of the game since it decides how you will roll afterwards. Try to screw up the enemies Laningphase and denie them exp and gold. AND for Christ's sake do not die.

    Solo lane 1on1:
    If you are soloing solo and 1on1 chances are you are mid. I usually don't like taking mid with Kayle since you lose her babysitting potential and mid is usually reserved for confident ranged carries or mages. Still Kayle is a decent mid player: Try to farm (perhaps skilling Righteous Fury on level 1 is a good idea)spamm Smite and avoid getting ganked by using your Reckoning and Divine Blessing combo. In the worst case you will need to use Intervention.
    Don't push the lane to far since you get ganked much more easier. Harass the opponent with you Q without drawing minion aggro. Don't towerdive when you are not absolutely sure you get the kill and survive this maneuvre.
    You are getting harassed hard? Call for a gank or just play more defenssive by letting him push the lane to your tower. Try to stay in exp range though.

    Solo lane 1on2:
    This is suboptimal. Skill Righteous Fury on level 1 and try to farm near your tower.Spamm Smite. Stay alive there isn't much more you can do.

    Dual Lane 2on1:
    Katschink!! Help your teammate by srewd usage of Divine Blessing. Outharass the enemie and denie him gold and exp. Farm like a boss. Go for the kill if you can but stay wary for possible ganks. If you die trying to hard you fail miserably.

    Dual Lane 2on2:
    Standart situation. Babysit your partner by healing him and by harassing your most squishy enemie. Keep farming but let your partner have some creeps as well. Don't overextend by pushing to far. Again try to avoid ganks and get out with your standart combo. In some cases you should sacrifiece yourself for your partner especially if he is a good one and a carry at the same time.Don't die reclessly by following him into deadly situations though.
    If you see your partner trying to dowerdive shield him and give him a heal and movement boost.

    How do I harass?
    External Image

    Well the question should have been:"How do I harass properly?"

    When a melee champ goes for a last hit shoot a Reckoning at him. If you are to cool heal the minion first with Divine Blessing (watch your mana though!)
    When an enemy approaches you give him a nice Reckoning.
    When an enemy pops out of the brush welcome him with Reckoning.
    When he hugs your turret give him Reckoning.
    When an enemy tries to run away at low health stop him with Reckoning.
    When you set up a gank use Reckoning.

    If you are dual laning and you have to chose between two enemies prioritise the squishy carry with no life steal or healing abilities for maximal efficiency.

  • Gamephases: The Teamfights

    After the Laning Phase you and your team should start gathering and push lanes. The enemies should do the same so what are your tasks during the approaching teamfights?

    First let your tank/initiator initiate. Don't go in first or else you will die. Hang back and wait.
    After the initiation target the closest/weakest/team focused enemy with your Reckoning. after that activate Righteous Fury and burn him down. At the same time keep it safe and change your position or target if necessary.

    Then when one of your teammates is in peril heal him with Divine Blessing and continue your attack.

    Cast [spell=Intervetnion] on the right target in the right moment one a reliable ally.

    1. The main dps of your team since he is the main target of the enemie team. Keep him alive so he can deal damage.

    2. Mage/Nuker they may outshine the main dps in terms of killing fast. In case they get focused save them. If they aren't doing well save the shield for the main dps.

    3. The inferior dps who initiated in an foolish attempt to be usefull and is about to get killed. If he isn't worth it though (wont make it out alive even with shield or isn't farmed up enough) let him die (how cruel) and keep the shield for the main dps.

    4. You. If the enemies think you are doing too well they will focus you down first. In that case start running away and use Intervention only if you would die else (remember to use Zhonya's Hourglass in the right moment). Let your team do their job untill the enemies change target or your tank stops them. Turn around and give them Hell.

    5. The Tank. If he is too squiy or the enemie team thinks it is a good idea too focus him first OR he does a great job taunting and soaking up damage then reward him by saving him.

    Remember Inervention does not prevent CC.
    Don't cast Intervention to soon or else the opponents just switch target. Dont't cast it too late for obvious reasons.
    Try to calculate how fast your enemies are damaging their target. If you know they are going to one-shot him use ult when you see their casting animation. It requires good reflexes and a great amount of concentration.
    It is a good idea to cast Intervention on a target shielded by Morganas Black Shield or with CC immunity like Olaf. Never shield Galio, Karthus, Useless character (no damage he can offer) or Clones or you will suffer deafeat.

  • The Jungle

    Kayle isn't the best jungler and I have never seen one doing too well but if you want to try it check out
    Stonewall008s awesome Jungle strategy (minute 1.27):

    I won't take credit for stonewall008s work. Go to youtube and rate him for this. I want just to point out how cool this jungle stuff he made is.

    Later on you can get the Jungle Buffs pretty easily (espacially with smite) let your physical carry take the red lizard buff and claim the blue one for yourself.
    With a little map awareness you can steal Baron, Lizard or Golem with a little help from Smite.

  • Dirty Moves

    1) When starting Bot Lane go to the two golems first. Use Reckoning on the right and start attacking and finish him with Smite. Bluepill back to base and Teleport back just in time to see the minions collide (don't use this move when you have a jungler in your team).

    2) If you feel confident heal a minion that is about to get last hitted before Reckoning the enemy champ right in the face (apparently you can't heal creeps anymore? I will look at that and change this afterwards).

    3) When Tryndamere is approaching run to your tower. If he towerdives heal yourself and run in circles aroud your tower so that Tryndamere can't hit you when he wants to flee the scene due to his Ult beeing over hit him with Reckoning and watch him die.

    4) Cast Intervention and Divine Blessing through walls

    5) Keep [item=Guinsoon's Rageblade] stacks up by spamming Reckoning and [spell=Ritgheous Fury] in regular intervalls.

    6) Use the portrait of the characters on the left of the screen if you have trouble targeting your mates in the heat of the moment/heroic battle.

    7) Boost your movement speed with Divine Blessing when travelling.

    8) Creepjack the buffs with an unhesitant Reckoning and Smite combo.

  • Best Friends/ Laning partners

    All physical carries: You shield/ babysit them they win the gaem for you, simple as that.

    Heimerdinger: The enemy will shit bricks when Heimers turrets get healed after he tried to kill them.

    Lux: Total lane domination as long as you have enough mana. Enemy won't be able to move a muscle.

    Taric: If the enemy manages to kill one of you you are doing something wrong.

    Morgana: Suprise! Like all sibling teams this team is very nice: With her Black Shield and Intervention you two can render someone untouchable.

    Olaf: He can activate CC immunity and you can turn him invincible. Gamebreaking

    Zilean. Youre team can't die anymore.

  • Worst Foes/ Enemies

    Worst Foes/ Enemies

    Alistar: He can babysit just as well and he can cc the crap out of you. Stunned Kayle can't heal or shield. Try to play safe and force Alister to waste his mana.

    Blitzcrank: His lane dominance is just sick.

    Cho'Gath: True Damage, Silence, Stunn. LEt your teammates kill him and assist them in a safe distance.

    Kayle: I hate mirrors. You have to prove you are better than her.

    Olaf: Un-CC-able True Damage, slow, ouch!

    Rammus: He keeps you distracted long enough for your teammates to die.

    Evelynn: Pops out of nowhere and kills you before you can do anything.

    Kitting: You don't like things that slow you down. Ashe is no problem though you can take her 1on1.

  • Twisted Treeline

    Undergoing some testing. Will follow soon.

  • News


    So far no changes on Kayle, but Shurelia announced a "remake" that kinda sounded like a nerf. We will see and I will update this guide after it.

    Patch v1.0.0.115

    Happy Urf Day!!!

    Patch v1.0.0.114

    Nothing for you.

    Patch v1.0.0.113

    And again neither Love nor Hate for Kayle.

    Patch v1.0.0.112

    Nothing that should concern you as Kayle.

    Patch v1.0.0.111

    Nothing that should concern Kayle
    Morelos Evil (uhuh) Tome coould be mentioned here. Well get Deathfire it is better than this little book.

    Patch v1.0.0.110

    No direct changes for Kayle.
    However the runes became weaker. If you don't like the Quints of Fortitude anymore then by all means take the Quints of Potency instead. As for the Seals, I still can't find any alternative for the Clarity Seals.

  • In Conclusion...

    ... You can rest assured that Kayle is one of the few unique Champions out there and even though Elementz isn't listing her on the top tier of his list she is a great Champion and a force to be reckoned. If you play her well you will make a lot of friend laugh and a lot of enemies rage.

    Thank you for reading this junk, folks it took me soem time to write this guide (and test it ofc.) If you liked it then please rate and comment it. If I convinced you into creation a new LoL account through my guide then show me your respect by using this link so I might get some referrals :
    If you want to play a match with me add me to your friends list my newest/current ingame name is Halp. If you have questions/criticism then feel free to post them perhaps I will make an FAQ section.


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