Tryndamere Build Guide

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So you wana crit for 1500's every swing eh?

written by Rekt

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    Used to be so much better, still very awesome. This makes your ult just ridiculous.

    Good heal to add to your high lifesteal, plus makes you hit harder, learn to love it!

    Mocking Shout
    Allows you to punish those ranged champs when they realize you're none to happy about being harassed. Also as a side note, lowers physical damage regardless if their back is turned. In a team fight I usually save this for chasing, but if it's not looking too good don't hesitate to pop this baby, I've had this change quite a few team fights in my teams favor with it.

    Spinning Slash
    Great escape through walls, great to set up your shout for that easy 2 hit KO. Learn which walls can be slashed through and I guarantee you can save yourself from ganks, and even stealing baron! Also a side note- every time you crit (which will be alot mid-late game) it's CD is reduced by 2 seconds, meaning you pop your ult and slash through your target as much as possible while your Ult is active.

    Undying Rage
    Now this makes Tryndamere really who people know him by.... The "Nope, don't feel like dying yet" button. This is the main reason I wrote this guide- for people who use this as an escape! It's one thing to be cruising through the jungle and be find a gank bush and using it, but never EVER use it after you've committed yourself to get away. I've used it to tower dive someone because I was oh so close to that next item. Who cares if you die a few times getting a kill and being killed after, with this guide you will get to a point where you won't have to use it to get just one kill! This is what makes a built Tryndamere destroy teams, when you're 2 hitting almost everyone in a team fight and coupled with lifesteal not having to use this until the last moment. Would you rather have the possibility of surviving or almost certainly get a kill(or more than one) and die? Enough said, just use it right and you'll do well.

    --Note-- The tooltip for undying rage makes one think it can't be used while stunned/suppressed. This is a lie, I had completely forgotten about this, until recently a friend pointed it out that cleanse with this helps a lot in team fights. So don't be afraid to hit "r" if you're stunned and being focused, the ult will still activate and you'll come out swinging for the fences.

  • Introduction

    I've been playing good ole Tryn for a long time. I've seen all the nerfs, and after each I've stopped and considered how viable he is in game as the BEST melee carry, hands down. Many people may disagree but he is still as amazing as he was, albeit a bit more balanced. But that is besides the point am I right? You want to know how to improve your game as the most badass melee champ there is right? Are you tired of being the "off" dps, who just soaks up damage so Ryze can ult and combo for penta's? Read on friends, read on.....

  • Masteries + Runes

    Usually the standard 21/0/9 will do- I don't ever find the need to go more defensive because you want to get low hp so you can crit for 1500+'s every swing.

    For runes I go Crit Damage for all your runes- rounds out to be an extra 50.61% crit damage.. At level one!

  • Farming

    Typically I lane until my team starts teamfights- last hit any creep you can while laning. After the teamfighting phase starts I always get dragon for my team and jungle until another teamfight or lane push starts developing.

  • Skilling Order

    Always take Bloodlust first. Why? Because it may make that last hit on that panth the killshot at 8 stacks, plus it can and will save your barbarian ass.

    After that I will take 1 point into both Mocking Shout and Spinning Slash, because Spinning Slash is tryn's only way of escaping if your lane is getting pretty rough and you've already used your Ghost, and MS is just nice to have as utility.

    Overall skill priority should be .

  • Items

    Before going to my lane I always pick up a Vampiric Scepter. This should last you until you get level 6.

    2nd trip back I save enough for boots, because a slow tryn is a dead tryn in my experience- Someone misses a call or you get a sudden lag spike and boots will save your life.
    Choices are pretty clear- Mercury's Treads If you find yourself being CC'd alot (95/100 times I go with these), or Ninja Tabi if the enemy team decides to ignore you....

    After boots I prefer to build one Phantom Dancer, I've seen many aspiring tryn's rush an Infinity Edge first, but I feel that since the other team will in all likely hood not have much hp by this time you can afford to take the huge increase in AS and Crit. I usually start to take dragon if that is my role at this point.

    After either some early team fights or some good farming it's time to finally make the item that makes tryn win games more than any other- Infinity Edge. This will make your 400 crits with 8 stacks of BL turn into 600's, and make you be able to solo dragon easily.

    Next is your choice; either The Black Cleaver if the enemy teams carry's are stacking armor ( I always take this because it's possible to reduce armor to negatives even after the recent remake of it), start building your 2 The Bloodthirster , or possibly a [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] if you decide to.

    Last 2 items are really going to make you smile when you decide to use them on that cocky yi with his full build. Two The Bloodthirster 's once charged will make you hit like a FREAKING TRUCK, and the best part is you'll be stealing half of each of those amazing crits as hp. These really make you close to invincible after you get them charged, but if you find yourself doing your job in teamfights one will work, but as they say- Two is always better!!!

  • Working in the team

    Tryn is great laning with almost any champ that isn't pure dps( no slows, stuns, etc.). You should ideally be the 3rd person in a team fight, behind the tank and off/support tank. Let the squishys/nukers come last and clean up what is left, if anything. Don't try not to killsteal- it happens, people get over it. Besides a good tryn can carry better than almost any champ. I found when I started playing as tryn, I tried not to killsteal.... And I sucked, not gonna lie. The fact is that if you let up to not kill someone because you feel someone else deserves it more, they may get away or they may get that ult/combo off, which could wreck your whole game. Just don't ever worry about it.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I prefer +, + also works and gives you more time to get that needed last hit.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Amazing melee carry
    -Great dragon control
    -Easily solo baron after a charged Thirster
    -Very good in teamfights
    -Can't die :)

    -Susceptible to undue deaths if experiencing any sort or hardware lag or internet hiccup
    -Somewhat squishy early game
    -Only form of CC besides slow is damage...
    -Very easily controlled( this is why I recommend cleanse)

  • Creep Jungling

    After your Phantom Dancer you can start dragon control if that is your job. Baron is tougher now with the recent changes made to him, but still very viable with a The Bloodthirster.

  • Summary

    He is my favorite melee carry because he gets results! Follow this guide and you will be well on your way of making people rage, and carrying your team to memorable wins.

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