Gangplank Build Guide

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GangPlank - The rich pirate that hits hard

written by uptownhr

Gangplank Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Grog Soaked Blade
    Very hard to make use of but take advantage of when possible. Every direct hit you do will deal additional damage. If for some reason, you are matched up against melee champs in your lain, take advantage by hitting them once and getting away here and there. Just make sure to be very cautious though. You dont' want to die.

    Main choice of damage. Your most powerful ability that you want to buff.

    Remove Scurvy
    Heals and takes helps you escape.

    [spell=Raise Morale]
    Can be passed and don't need.

    Cannon Barrage
    Great ultimate that you need to use very carefully. Using properly will determine winning team battles.

  • Introduction

    This is a guide in how you can play a stable gang plank regardless of who you are laning against. One of the main problems GP faces is early laning where you are countered hard by champs that have armor or harass like crazy. Ie. Nunu, Zilean.

    I know many people are against the avarice build but with TP you can build up your Avarice extremely fast and is very complementary to your Parley's crit stacking ability. With the avarice build you can guarentee an infinity edge within the first 25 minutes. Meaning that you can do significant damage.

    Basically, taking full advantage of teleport, port back when ever it is off cooldown and buy an avarice as soon as possible and try to stack enough gold while it is on Cooldown to buy as many avarice as possible. (3 max). I go with 3 instead of 2 because it allows you to have 50+ crit chance by the time you finish your infinity edge. Where you do not need to lane any more and still make incredible amounts of gold. Allowing you to be available for ganks and roam around for team support.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Crig Damage, Armor Penetration and Magic Resist.

  • Skilling Order

    1. Parley
    2. Remove Scurvy
    3. All the way and get Cannon barage when available
    4. Finish Raise Morale last

    The reason for not getting Raise Morale is the increase survivability. Everything about gang plank is great with the exception that he is so easily killed.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Teleport and Flash

  • Build Example

    Starting Item
    Brawler's Gloves
    Health Potion
    Health Potion

    First 350 Gold or 1100 Gold
    Convert to Avarice
    * If 1100 gold buy two avarice
    Avarice Blade
    Avarice Blade

    Next 5 minute when you're TP is back. Get your third Avarice Blade and with whatever extra gold try and get any of the items that lead to the Infinity Edge & boots. Boots first and choose Cloak of Agility over Pickaxe if you have to choose.

    From here you can do whatever. But I like to maximize my crit to close to 100% and maximize my damage to increase my parley damage.

    The next prefered item is the Atma's Impaler that gives armor to help stay alive and increase the damage a little. From here, I either go for the Trinity Force, or Phantom Dancer. Depending on how well you are doing and how much gold you have. You will instinctively choose. Both items are great but Trinity force if you are confident in your farming for the game.

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