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AD Kennen ~ Correctly

written by mitc3117

Kennen Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    AD Kennen? Thats just stupid! Ahh but with the right build and the right mindset about your abilities, AD Kennen can be IMO the best ranged AD carry in the game. A few bullet points as to why.

    Kennen's AP Ratio is mediocre, Ranging from .33 to .66 depending on the ability. It isn't bad enough to abandon your AP build, but it is most certainly bad enough to look at other options, thus you are here.

    Kennen has built into his abilities a passive that not only applies monstrous bonus damage, but also the ability to stun by auto attacking.

    AP Kennen is restricted by his energy, making him a 1 trick pony. He runs in and does a bunch of burst damage, and then the show is over.

    With AD Kennen you are able to wreak the stunning havoc of your burst abilities, but also sustain a wonderfully high level of damage over a long period of time.

    This makes you a fearsome ranged AD carry that can stun multiple times per fight.

  • The Most Important Part of this Guide!

    For the love of god PLEASE read the abilities section. Therein lies the combo that allows you to stun 2-3 times per team fight and makes the difference between mediocre Kennen and good Kennen. Regardless of build this technique is vital!

    Also, reading the item section in detail will highlight just how much bonus damage you are able to achieve.

  • Abilities

    Mark of the Storm
    As you have read in many other guides, this is the purpose of Kennen. When an enemy gets a third stack they are stunned. This is a major reason you can be a better AD ranged carry than Tristana or Miss Fortune. Referred to later as MotS.

    Thundering Shuriken
    Your check-the-bush/add-a-MotS/attack-through-walls ninja skill-shot. Not focused like it is with AP Kennen but still an important skill to master.

    Electrical Surge
    Passive: THIS is what makes AD Kennen really work! Every 5th attack adds a MotS AND deals 40% - 80% (based on rank) of your attack damage as magic damage! That means that every 5th hit not only applies a MotS but also deals significantly higher damage with an AD Build.

    Active: Shocks enemies within range for damage and adds another Mark of the Storm.

    Important! I see a lot of people in the laning phase that like to blow this as soon as they get a MotS on their target, the more damage the sooner the better right? DO NOT just use this as soon as you apply a MotS on them. Especially with the recent nerf to the duration of MotS it is VERY important to try and keep them on your enemies at all times.

    So in the laning phase instead, after applying your first MotS with your passive or your Shuriken, wait for a few seconds, allowing your Shuriken to come back up, or build a few stacks on your passive before shocking them for the extra mark. This will keep the marks on them longer, allow you to stun more effectively, and get in a few auto attacks as well, which is amazing with AD build!

    Lightning Rush
    So you go all shiny, run through things, apply negligible damage and add a MotS to your targets. You also gain armor and magic resist while it is active! This ability has two major uses in an AD build.

    First - The Gank

    This ability allows you to move very quickly and add a MotS to any enemy you run through. This is amazingly useful for rapidly stunning/ganking an enemy. If possible have your passive from Electrical Surge ready so that your first auto attack will apply a MotS. Lightning rush from your hiding place through your enemy, electrical surge, and then auto attack once to stun.

    Follow this with Shuriken and/or your ult if needed to finish them off. This combo used BEFORE your ult is amazing. Because your ult can only apply 3 MotS and stacks cannot apply when the target is already stunned by MotS it is almost useless to use your ult before your first stun goes off. Using it after the Rush/Surge/Auto Attack combo ensures a second stun and often the death of the victim.

    Second - Damage Reduction and Escape

    The Damage Reduction of this move is really nice, 50 Armor and Magic Resist at rank 5. Anytime you know are going to be hit by something fairly potent, use this ability.

    Gotta run past a turret? Use it
    Karthus is Ult-ing? Use it
    You forgot to take the quiz online for English 102? Use it

    Also be careful about blowing this too early, especially when people are MIA. It is your escape and 6 seconds can be far too long of a cooldown if you are jumped.

    Slicing Maelstrom
    See section above in Lightning Rush about the use of your ult. This massive AOE lightning storm randomly strikes people within it for damage and giving them a MotS. It can't apply more than 3 marks to a single target, and also will not apply marks while the target is stunned from MotS reaching 3 already. Also note that if it cannot apply marks, it also cannot do any damage. Thus it is best used when the target has 1 or 0 stacks. Utilizing this ability with Flash or after you complete your Rush/Shock/Attack combo will reap the greatest rewards.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Many people use the utility tree for Kennen, and I simply find that the tiptoeing you have to do around magic regen makes the tree just useless. 10% less time dead is hardly worth your time, 1 gold every 10 amounts to merely 240 gold for a 40 minute game, you should not be your teams Jungler. So is it worth 21 points for the XP bonus, 6% movement, and Summoner Ability CD? I personally believe it is not.

    I personally prefer a very heavy Attack Tree, with leftovers in Defense. Ending 24/6/0

    You may scoff but i have tried many builds and this has shown itself as the most effective.

    This makes you a beast with quite a bit of strength behind your attacks. The little bump in Magic Penetration will make your stunning capabilities hit for a good bit harder, without you having to build for it at all.

    If you are outraged at the thought of not utilizing the XP or Summoner CD in the Utility Tree you can do a 9/0/21. But I have found it much less effective AND I suggest the Attack Speed > CD Reduction.

    For runes I stick with:

    Attack Speed or Armor Pen Reds

    Health or Armor Yellows (Or Energy Regen if you are that committed)

    Magic Resist Blues (Or Energy, if you are that committed)

    Health, Armor Pen, or Attack Speed Quints

  • Items

    There are a few scenario's that will require different builds, but the core of your items stays relatively the same.

    Doran's Blade
    Doran's Shield
    Health Potion

    Start with Doran's Blade and a Health Pot. If you want to juke out the enemy into thinking your team is abnormally AP heavy Dorans Shield works as well.

    Mercury's Treads
    Berserker's Greaves

    On your first trip back grab as much of your boots as you can. Mercury Treads for most games, Berserkers Greaves for the rare cases that they are a very low CC team.

    Sword of the Divine

    Next you want to work towards Sword of the Divine. "What?!?" you scream at me, "Sword of the Divine is only good against Jax, you are such a noob!" To that I respond with a careful look at Sword of the Divine.

    First, it is a very cheap way to get A LOT of attack speed FAST. Attack speed = More attacks = Faster MotS = More stuns = Pwnage.

    Second, every 4th attack deals 100 additional magic damage, early/mid game this boost can be amazing.

    Third, its active now gives armor penetration as well as the inability to be dodged! Amazing for taking out those pesky tanks.

    Recurve Bow

    Next trip back try to grab another recurve bow, it will increase the effectiveness of your MotS and your Sword of the Divine. The Recurve bow also turns into your...

    [Item=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    Bloodrazor! Any good AD carry needs this item. It shreds tanks, gives a good AD/AS boost, and a little armor to boot, but the best part is up next and it will blow your mind.

    Now with Sword of the Divine and Bloodrazor you are attacking very rapidly with a good little bit of umph behind you, but the best part is in the stacking of passive abilities. Observe.

    In addition to your normal attack damage, you are dealing 4% of the targets maximum health in magic damage every attack. As well as 100 magic damage every 4 attacks. As well as 80% of your attack damage as bonus magic damage every 5 attacks!!

    after that there are a few paths you can take.

    Hextech Gunblade
    The Bloodthirster

    Hextech Gunblade/Bloodthirster: If you have no jungler or want a bit of umph to your stuns, work towards Hextech Gunblade or Bloodthirster. Hextech is an Attack damage/ability power/spell vamp/lifesteal/Castable slow/rape your face item from the gods that will buff every aspect of your gameplay and let you burn through the jungle with the best. Bloodthirster will make you hit so much harder, with great lifesteal to boot. However these may not be worth the hefty investment if you already have a jungler.

    Guinsoo's Rageblade

    Guinsoo's Rageblade: Again if you want some umph to your overall gameplay as well as being able to takedown turrets like a pro, Rageblade is the way to go. Cost effect with nice stats. Remember that chucking a shuriken at nothing and rushing will refresh the stacks if you need to keep them up, just be aware of your energy.

    Trinity Force

    Trinity Force: That hefty price tag buys you some movement speed and a whole lot of death for the opposing team. However, if you are able to pick up Red Buff i think that this item's price tag is too high.

    The Black Cleaver

    Black Cleaver: Black Cleaver has been re-worked with attack speed which is great for you! Get this to help down that freakin Rammus with 450 Armor.

    Youmuu's Ghostblade

    Yoomuu's Ghostblade: Attack, Crit, Armor Pen, CD Reduction, and a usable ghost+Attack speed. If you are doing well already and are looking to just destroy more, this is a good choice.

    Infinity Edge

    Infinity Edge: Absurd price tag with ridiculous results. This will make your regular attacks hit like a ton of bricks when they crit. If you choose this i strongly suggest following it up with Yoomuu's or Phantom dancer to really utilize the crits.

    Wit's End
    Phantom Dancer
    [Item=Stark's Fervor]
    Frozen Mallet

    Also keep in mind situational items such as Hexdrinker and such. Some people like Malady for the reduction to magic resist. Wit's End is useful rarely, but can be a game changer against low mana pool characters. Starks Fervor can really help out a team and isnt a bad option if no one else has it. Finally if you cannot grab red buff AND are against Trinity Force, Frozen Mallet is a solid choice.

    [Item=Elixir of Agility]
    Agility Elixers are your friends! Love them :)

  • Sample Builds

    Against some Tanks? No problem.
    [Item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    Need a little beef to survive better?
    [Item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    Karthus/Nunu/Lux Etc. Ultimate?
    [Item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    You don't have a jungler and you want in on that.
    [Item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor][Item_icon=Stark's Fervor]

    If you are facing a horrible team and you just want the highest damage output available!
    [Item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]

  • Skilling Order

    Every hero should pick up ranks of their ult as often as possible.

    I begin with Electric Surge, grabbing Shuriken at lvl 2 and Lightning Rush at lvl 3. I feel that without all of his abilities available, kennen is incomplete.

    After that I prioritize Electric Surge, the passive stacks so incredibly well with an AD build that its amazing.

    Lightning rush is next, giving you greater damage reduction and a better cooldown on your gank/escape button.

    Finally rank up your Shuriken, the extra damage is nice but thats about all you gain.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash is required on Kennen, no matter what you say. It makes him a ganking machine, allows his ult to be placed with precision, and provides a great escape.

    Exhaust or Ignite
    I pick either of these based on the rest of my teams choices.

    I don't see Ghost as a very good choice for Kennen. With Lightning Rush and the fact that you will most likely pick up some movement speed with either Ghostblade, Trinity Force, or Phantom Dancer, I really feel like Ghost doesn't add enough to the game.

    However if you are addicted to ghost like most of the LoL community, then I'm not going to stop you.

  • Pros / Cons

    This is focusing on the Pros and Cons of AD Kennen over AP Kennen. I'm assuming that since you are here, you know the basic pro's and cons of him as a character in general.

    Sustainable high end damage over a much longer period of time.
    Better Energy Conservation
    Faster/Stronger Application of MotS
    MUCH better tower destroying ability
    Better Jungling Ability

    Burst Damage not quite as high.
    Lacking items like Rylai's and Abyssal make you potentially squishier.
    If you aren't in a premade, your team will make fun of you. Prove them wrong!!

  • Summary

    So there you have it. Prioritizing Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and on hit bonus damage can make Kennen one of the best ranged AD carries in the game. Think of yourself as Tristana on steroids, with stuns!

    Remember! Kennen's abilities have a poor AP ratio because they are fairly strong without AP. This guide is not meant to make you ignore them, just utilize them for their stunning properties, with any damage being done as an extra bonus :)

    Thank you for reading! Please leave comments and feedback!


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