Evelynn Build Guide

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Lunatick's way of Evelynn

written by rastko024

Evelynn Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello fellow summoners ,my name is Lunatick , in this guide i will show you an idea that currently works for me,and you might find it amusing yourselves.

  • Abilities

    [spell=Determined Killer]
    Passive that reduces damage taken from MINIONS ONLY!
    Not important to us , and doesn't affect the gameplay in any way...

    Hate Spike
    This is your main jungling ability ,now,since it got a bit more mana thirsty ,you might wanna be careful spamming it in some occasions( early game, mid-late game = spam ON!)
    This is also one of the main abilities in ganking early game.

    Shadow Walk
    As any other guide says ...this spell is the spell that makes Eve...
    Watch out tho , due to reduction of 10 seconds per level , you might want to be careful when ganking ,it requires precision.

    A really nice high damage spell, also gives ARMOR and MR reduction to the target , very useful with smite while jungling.

    [spell=Malice and Spite]
    Now this , is a beautiful spell, gives movement speed , attack speed , and heals you for plenty of HP when you gain a kill or assist, also the cooldown resets in that occasion,also resets when you are not the part of the kill ,wonderful!

  • Runes and Masteries

    For runes i am using these:

    7x Greater Mark of Desolation
    Why? Because monsters have ~12 armor , its good to do "true" damage.
    2x Greater Mark of Strength
    Why? Well, 2 AD isn't that bad,don't see anything else to fill these marks with.
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity
    Why? Simple answer , Eve needs massive mana regen. cos all abilities excluding ulti cost a lot...
    9X Greater Glyph of Replenishment
    Why? Same reason as for Seals , but you need some flat mana regen. for early jungling.
    3X Greater Quintessence of Potency
    Why? Its good for early jungling , adding 5 damage to your Q spam , and 15 damage to your E.

    Masteries should look like this:
    External Image

  • Items

    You should start out with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion
    1. On your first return to base you should purchase Madred's Razors and 2-3 Health Potion ,if you have more money by any chance(from ganks or such) , purchase Boots of Speed .
    2. On your second return to base you should purchase Boots of Mobility AND Wriggle's Lantern if you have money for both. Health Potion should not be purchased from this moment , EVER!
    3. On your future returns to base, you want to start buying items for Trinity Force , start from Sheen , then Phage , and finally Zeal .

    You finished your CORE BUILD now, next items are suggested and they are depending on the setup of your ENEMY TEAM.

    1. Items good versus casters.
    Hexdrinker It gives a nice amount of damage , magic resistance , and sort of bubbles you from spells blocking 300 damage when a spell takes you under 30% of your maximum HP,really nice.
    Spirit Visage It reduces your cooldowns ,heals you overtime ,gives magic resistance, and increases healing taken ( AFFECTS ULTI! )
    Banshee's Veil Classic anti caster item , it gives you some nice magic resistance , some health and mana , and blocks a negative spell every 30 seconds , good to have around vs casters.

    2. Items good versus physicals
    Well there is no any,except Guardian Angel,but i will talk about that item regarding another scenario.

    3. Some other DPS items you might want around :)
    Youmuu's Ghostblade Really nice, damage ,armor penetration , cooldown reduction , and an activation granting you EVEN MORE MOVE/ATTACK SPEED!!!
    Hextech Gunblade Gives you more lifesteal , spellsteal ,damage , ability power , and a long range spell that slows and does damage , good stuff for sure.
    The Bloodthirster Really nice if you aren't dedicated to dying. Gives 100 damage and 25% lifesteal if farmed out to max, possibly the best damage item to go late game.
    Last Whisper Really nice after the remake , gives you damage ,and if the enemy team made some armor against you , well this item will help you by ignoring 40% of it!

    4. Guardian Angel You really want to get this item as soon as possible when you hit late game , because if you gain a kill or assist , while in resurrection mode your ULTI WILL HEAL YOU.

  • Skilling Order

    External Image

  • Summoner Abilities

    Summoner abilities , there are only 2 that you want to pick , in this guide i use
    Smite Because of jungling of course
    Clarity Because of jungling , and sometimes its good to go to friends in a lane, and just help them out refreshing their mana.

  • Pros / Cons

    Every champion has pros and cons , so does Eve

    -fast, has stealth,every enemy hates this type :)
    -nice damage output
    -its a hybrid , which means enemies will have to build both magic resistance and armor against eve
    -ulti gives you the ability of towerdiving ,which is great stuff ,and mostly unexpected by the enemy,specially early game
    -has a 2 second stun , good for teamplay
    -has armor/mr reduction debuff

    -can be easily focused down
    -oracle is mega trouble
    -vision wards prevent ganks most of the times
    -doesn't have any escape abilities , except the stealth that gets delayed upon taking damage ( up to 10 seconds delay )

  • Creep Jungling

    Jungling , i guess this is the part you were waiting for , well the jungle path is simple.
    Proper positioning in following sentences can be done by holding the " ` " button ( its next to "1" and above "tab" )

    1.Buy Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion as stated above , and also skill your Hate Spike
    You start at ghosts ,make sure you have some scouts in your team covering you.
    Make sure your teammates don't accidentally take your XP from ghosts!(they should stop scouting when they spawn ,and go to their lanes, mid lane should hug the opposite wall of the ghosts or just go middle and fight their opponent.

    2.Position yourself behind one of the small ghosts, so your Q wont change "main target" .
    You start by using your Smite on the blue ghost(the big one) , then start spamming your Q ability,auto attack the target that is taking "main damage" from your Q , afterwards the "off target" of Q , then stop spamming Q , and finish off the 3rd small ghost with your auto attack.

    3.You should have between 355 and 420 HP,the more , the better you did more HP you will have. Start moving towards wolves , position yourself between the 1 of the small wolves and the big wolf, make sure your Q is focusing the big one. After you clean them up , pop another potion.

    4.On wolves you hit level 2 , you should skill your E = Ravage ,move down to the blue golem buff.
    Position yourself properly to make your Q focus the golem( if blue above , if purple under/inside) ,wait till smite has 5 seconds on cooldown before you engage,engage with auto attack and pop a Health Potion, and start spamming Q till you go out of mana, or smite gets off cooldown , in that moment pop Clarity , then use Ravage on the golem , and pop smite immediately to do bonus damage due to E's magic resistance reduction. After the golem has been slain , finish of the small lizard with Q and auto attacks. You gained level 3 , skill your Q Hate Spike .

    5.You start moving to ghosts ( they will spawn by the time you get there ), pop another potion ( you will have 1 remaining). Position yourself behind the blue ghost , and use your E to engage , start Q spamming and auto attacking him , and repeat the procedure on the small ones like in point "1" .

    6.After the ghosts die , you should start moving towards 2 small golems , you can pop your last potion while getting there . When you get there , position yourself between them , and start Q spamming , see who takes more damage , then E+Smite him , after that kill the other golem.
    Now if no one was stealing your xp , and you done all stated above in 1st 5 points , you should be level 4, and you should skill W Shadow Walk , and move to gank.

    7.Make sure you gank the lanes where you have a friendly stunner ,or a crowd controller , and dont gank any lanes that are pushed too far. Also make sure to check the summoner abilities of enemies(watch out for exhaust/flash , those are the most tricky ones to prevent your ganks ! )

    8.Dragon slaying! You can do it alone as soon as you hit level 7 , and have Wriggle's lantern , but you will need a Health Potion for this scenario.

  • Farming

    Your farming , is in the jungle , or collecting minions in lanes that are empty.

  • Working in the team

    Teamwork is important for our Evelynn ,her job is to wait for your team to engage ,and make your enemy forget about you for a second ,then you jump in and surprise them , and slay them!
    Eve's best friends are stunners such as Sion,Anivia,Kennen,Ashe,Taric(but needs another dps around him) and similar , but watch out , her worst enemies are also stunners , and champions/summoners with healing reducing spells and ignite!

  • Coming soon!

    Jungle guide video.

  • Outro

    Well thats it for my guide, hope you will have fun making people rage ,thats what this guide should do :D

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