Renekton Build Guide

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The misunderstood angry Crocagator

written by sylph_uscm

Renekton Build

Table of Contents

  • Important note

    This guide is outdated at the moment. I'll be writing a new renekton guide from scratch to replace this one, as I feel the information within is no longer relevant with the recent patch changes and the current meta. Ignore this guide at your leisure. :)

  • Introduction

    Hi, I'm addressing Renekton because, as the new hero, our community isn't completely sure where to place him yet. After a large number of games and experimentation with a variety of approaches, I've decided to publish my most successful build, which capitalises on renekton's lack of mana, and will focus on building him with low cooldowns + high survivability, while still allowing a good damage output.

    Give this guide a go, and please leave a comment if you appreciate it...

  • Update history

    Modified item build. After extensive testing, I've found endgame equivalents to the old sunfire cape.

    Changed advised runes in light of randuin's omen changes.

    Many minor changes done, which I felt warranted an update here. I'm currently on a large win streak (not sure how many, it scrolled off my match history screen a few games ago). I feel that between the changes to this build, and the new patch, Renekton can be an absolutely awesome champion...
    Frozen mallet replaced by randuin's omen (I should have edited this ages ago, randuins is just so much better in 90% of matches). Item order changed in quick reference section to stack all 3 gold+ items before building our cooldown reduction and movespeed items, for massive amounts of gold and a very easy early game. Elixir drinking added to item section. Anger management expanded to include skill combos. Skilling order modified to get E at champion level 3 instead of Q (same increase to our burst as Q, no lifeleech, but overall keeps our health higher given how much less time we spend in the 'danger zone' after dashing in).

    The new patch addressed a few of renekton's shortcomings, and after a few games in it, I've changed a few perspectives on the old build. First of all, regrowth pendant undoubtedly replaces Doran's shield. I was picking a regrowth pendant some games anyway, but now that we can't get a health pot with doran's, it's a no-brainer.

    Second - the skill order. It's easy to think 'ah, so Q has been buffed, this means we should max Q quicker'. Actually, the buff doesn't change our skilling order. We should still start out with E, and max E before any other skills.

    For items, I'm still a little worried about maxing out so early on item slots, because it's hard to replace any of the items in this build... Replacing hexdrinker for a veil drops our attack damage, replacing the reverie or ghostblade destroys the build completely, replacing the boots doesn't make us any stronger in a teamfight, and Atma's/sunfire are already top items. Replacing the mallet is something worth considering, but the other health item on offer is warmogs, and due to it's buildup nature I don't feel it's worth building late in the game.
    As such, I'm sticking with the cheap item build, but recommending fortitude potions before we even start building phage. Fort pots increase everything for renekton - skills, autoattacks, durability...

  • Quick reference

    Ok, for those of you who just clicked 'lock in' and want to know the very skeletal basics of this guide, here's a quick reference section.
    Take note, however, that Renekton's Fury resource, and the use of his skills, is something that you'll not pick up during your first game with him. The rest of this guide is well worth reading over after you go negative KDA in your game...

    External Image

    Summoner spells:
    Cleanse + Ghost
    9, 9, 6, 3, 3
    -> -> -> [item_icon=heart of gold] -> -> -> ->

  • Masteries + Runes

    8/21/1 masteries...
    Renekton is well-suited to a defensive mastery setup, since his skills deal a large amount of damage, and building survivability allows him to take advantage of his low cooldowns to repeat bursts during teamfights.

    For runes, go with Greater Mark of Desolation, Greater Seal of Evasion, 6x Greater Glyph of Warding , 3x Greater Glyph of Focus , Greater Quintessence of Fortitude. Durability is key for Renekton, but to get to 39.96% cooldown reduction we'll need 3 focus glyphs.

    You can change the glyphs of warding for glyphs of focus if you feel you need lower cooldowns during laning, but the bonus will be wasted later in the match. You can also change the evasion seals for flat armour if you aren't happy relying on the random chance of a dodge, armour or dodge are funtionally very similar - dodge protects you slightly better against autoattacks once you have bought some armour items, whereas armour protects you more from towers, phycial damage skills, and early-game autoattacks before you have other armour.

  • Items

    From his items, renekton primarily needs cooldown reduction, durability, and attack damage. There are a few items that synergise well with his abilities; Youmuu's ghostblade, hexdrinker, and spirit visage. In addition, there are a few items that synergise well with these items, and this dictates the item build I settled upon after a lot of experimentation...

    Start with a Regrowth Pendant - your life-stealing with Q will be pitiful during the laning phases, and buying a pendant allows you to regenerate health without having to even think about Cull the Meek. Your skill usage or combat strategy is not to be hemmed in by the need to Q a wave of minions so regularly, and if you're relying on Q to keep your health up, you're not going to be able to stack rage for harassing enemy champions, so don't bother trying to use Q for health gain. This is a great starting item, particularly since the doran's nerf, and particularly considering that it's building towards our first gold+ item, philosopher's stone.

    First return, get Boots of Speed, a Sight Ward, and finish the Philosopher's Stone.

    Next trip back, get an Avarice Blade and upgrade the boots to Ionian Boots of Lucidity. This is a weaker start than getting brutaliser or a kindlegem, but our laning offense is strong enough anyway, and with flash + ghost we needn't worry about getting killed. Get red buff on your way back into lane if you can.

    Next trip back, get a [item=heart of gold] and a Kindlegem. The Brutalizer is also needed as soon as we can afford it. We now have a good cooldown reduction, and a huge gold growth. Teamfights are usually occuring at this point, and the cooldown reduction will help us greatly.

    Now we have a decent cooldown reduction, some extra health, a decent movement speed, and a huge gold income. We can survive fights with enemy heroes, so we'll want to start trying to control red buff to secure kills, and work towards upping our killing power and teamfight contribution a little, so we save up 3400 gold...

    Youmuu's Ghostblade, Shurelya's Reverie, Randuin's Omen. These 3 items make us an absolute beast whenever we want to be. Shurelya's is amazing for chasing enemy heroes, and works well with cleanse to escape combat. Take note that it can save your allies too. Don't be dissuaded by the fact that it offers (useless) mana regen - it's still an absolutely awesome item on renekton, easily better than spirit visage if you use the active properly (and offering a lot more health regen than visage's boost to your Q will offer). Ghostblade also increases our chasing ability, and it makes us an absolute beast when we autoattack - this thing is everything we need in an attacking item (and the only pure attacking item we'll be building). The movement speed, attack speed, critical chance and damage all help us put on the hurt in combat. Randuin's omen places a strong AOE debuff on the enemy team, greatly assisting in a teamfight, working well with your 'in the thick of it' AOE playstyle, and also helps chase people down. The three together, combined with our ultimate, will make renekton possibly the most powerful 1v1 hero in the game. You'll beat tryndamere, warwick, olaf, even udyr! All 3 items also offer cooldown reduction, meaning we don't need our boots anymore, so we can sell them and buy berserker's greaves, which only costs about the same gold as an elixir. I've actually found berserker's greaves to be the best choice, surprisingly, because we already have enough survivability to keep us out of trouble, we have cleanse meaning we don't need mercury's treads, and randuins makes ninja tabi unnecessary.

    After we have this core, we spend the rest of the game getting hybrid items and drinking Elixir of Fortitude. We want to be drinking these things for the rest of the game, no ifs, no buts. This item build is so cheap, that we have to start drinking now, or we'll cap out on gold too early, and will have to resort to buying oracles elixirs and agility elixirs just to burn cash.

    The most important hybrid item, and the first one I'd advise, is Hexdrinker. This rarely-used item offers attack damage and magic resist, so it's already exactly what we're looking for for durability and damage. Furthermore, it offers a shield when we're low on health. A 300 damage shield, which recharges in 60 seconds. The shield has a good synergy with 2 of Renekton's skills - his passive (extra fury when low on health) will work for a good portion of your effective fighting time, and his ultimate will allow you to perform some incredible fakeouts. You're pushing a tower or securing a red buff when you're ambushed by an enemy - you fight them, and they're sure they'll win the fight. Suddenly, between hexdrinker, your ultimate, and your empowered cull the meek skill, you have an extra 1000+ effective hitpoints they'll have to carve through! As an alternative to hexdrinker, if the enemy team really isn't firing out any spell damage, consider thornmail or atma's impaler. Atma's is a similar item - offering attack damage and resilience, but is focused on physical damage instead of magic. Thornmail obviously offers a large damage return, but is less useful for renekton than many other heroes - his bursty in-and-own combat style stops thornmail offering nearly as much offensive damage as it usually would. Usually, though, hexdrinker is best for it's eye-bulgind last-minute survivability.
    External Image

    At this point, you have enough survivability (between randuin's, hexdrinker, shurelya's, and your cleanse + insane movespeed ability). You are also putting out a decent amount of AOE damage and stuns, and your chasing skill is pretty much the best you'll witness in LOL (and I've played AD janna plenty of times). Nobody is escaping you, nobody is going to win a 1v1 against you, and nobody will be able to catch you when you leg it...

    Hextech Gunblade is sixth item I advise. Like shurelia's, it's easy to be put off by the (useless) ability power boost from this item, but in truth it's still incredible on Ren. Old versions of this guide advised a sunfire cape as a last item, for great durability. I found, however, that hextech gunblade offered much greater survivability than the cape, due to the spell vamp. Along with this great defense, hextech gunblade offers +60 attack damage, massively boosting all of our skills' damage output. Even without the active, hextech gunblade is an amazing final item for Renekton. The active is just icing on the cake, and allows us even more active movespeed adjustment. Between shurelia's, ghostblade, randuins, gunblade, ghost, and cleanse, you'll feel like the speed of the champions on the battlefield is something you have absolute control over.

    Finally, if need be, feel free to sell your boots for a phantom dancer - it will reduce your move speed from 390 to 368, but the attack speed and critical chance are not to be trifled with, and we have incredible control over movespeeds anyway. Alternatively, or additionally, feel free to sell shurelya's reverie for another item as situations require. Often, the best is another hextech gunblade, but any nice +damage item is good here; black cleaver, trinity force, atma's, even tiamat!

    Of course, all items are situational, and in this build the main point to adapt is hexdrinker - feel free to change it for atma's impaler if you're not scared of spells finishing you off, or a thornmail if a trynd/yi character is destroying your team.

    As a last note on items - buy wards every time you return to the fountain. Buy 2 if you feel you can afford it, but at least one is practically mandatory. It's about time LOL players started to shoulder the very small gold burden that supreme map awareness and ungankability requires. In this build, we max out our 6 item slots *early*, meaning we can't buy wards, so make sure you 'pull your weight' before you lose the ability to hold wards.

  • Skilling Order

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that you do *not* level Cull the Meek as your first skill. Q allows us to do pretty mediocre damage to a large group of enemies, with some pitiful healing to renekton, and *no* extra effects.

    At level 1, we acheive the highest damage with W, but given that E is an AOE attack, and a lot safer to perform, it's by far our best skill to start with, for both survivability and damage output. Q is not worth starting with... Slicing in and out deals double the damage of cull the meek, and gives us the huge utility to be able to blink around in every fight from the get-go. Where Q would hit an enemy for 60 damage, while he hits you back for more, E lets you hit him for about 90, without him having much of a chance to think before you're back to safety. In comparison, W hits for 94at level 1, but has a long attack animation, and only effects a single target.

    W is also a great starting skill, Rivalling E for damage, but unfortunately it draws minion aggro. I find W the best starting skill if laning against an opponent with a silence, since E gets countered by silence harassment.

    At level 3 we have a dilemna - do we go Q, or E? Both of these will increase our burst by 60 damage, but Q offers life leech, whereas E doesn't spend as much time in the 'danger zone', and reduces the cooldown of our entire combo. After a lot of experimentation, I've found that getting E at level 3, and waiting until level 4 to get Q, usually keeps us healthier, despite the lack of life leech. It also makes managing our rage much easier.

    Also, note that you'll have 2 standard combos against enemy heroes - E-W-Q-E, and E-Q-E. These combos can only be used when your cooldowns are all ready, and since Q has a smaller cooldown than E, levelling E quickly will allow you to use your combo more often, whereas levelling Q will not. In fact, synchronising our cooldowns is the best way to play well with renekton. I find levelling E first to be most important. We get +60dmg to our burst each time we increase E, as well as a reducing the cooldown of the full combo by 2 seconds. Increasing Q gives us +30dmg to the burst, without reducing the 'bottleneck' cooldown to use the combo. Increasing W gives +20 damage to the burst, and only reduces the cooldown if E is already at level 5...

    This un-raged burst of 418dmg by level 5 (q1e1w3) is the absolute max we can acheive with our skilling order, and most of it is AOE.

    Final 'strange point' to explain is at level 10... We upgrade W, despite the tiny amount of damage it offers to our burst. Why do we do this? Simple, at level 9 we will max out our E skill, and when we do that, our longest cooldown is W, which holds back our bursts. If we increase W at level 10, then the cooldown on E and W are equal, which is the lowest cooldown we can burst with, and this ability to burst more regularly is more important than a little extra damage. Why not get W at level 8 instead of level 10? Simple - a wave of caster minions will not die to E-Q-E until we have level 2 Q and level 5 E.

    After W is level 2 and E is level 5, we're not gonna reduce our combo cooldown anymore, so we focus on Q to increase our damage ourput per burst, help our farming, and keep our health topped up.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost is absolutely non-negotiable for me. In addition to ghost, I like to take Cleanse. Along with slice and dice, cleanse offers an incredible escape mechanism on a low cooldown, and allows you to take boots of lucidity instead of mercury's treads.

    In fact, I'd go so far as to say that cleanse + ghost is probably the most important bit of advice in this guide. Cleanse has an incredibly short cooldown, and with slice and dice, it basically functions as a flash that gets past cc effects. In other words, for Renekton, cleanse is basically a better flash with a 105 second cooldown. Don't miss out on it, it's essential. Renekton is incredibly vulnerable to CC effects when he dashes in, and needs the ability to get out alive.
    External Image

    Exhaust is useful, but you'll rarely have need for it beyond the early game - you can shut down a physical carry with your W without exhaust, you burst your damage rather than toe-to-toeing opponents, and frozen mallet or red buff offers better slowing for a chase than exhaust. Basically, exhaust is a good spell, but Renekton doesn't need it, and it makes little difference to his performance.

    Flash is also a good spell, and for a while I considered flash + ghost a good summoner spell combo for renekton for stupid survivability (which renekton needs). However, after trying cleanse for a few games, you won't miss flash at all.

    Teleport is a nice spell, but really, we need ghost to secure chasing kills, and cleanse to save us from the inevitable focus-fire that renekton receives.

    Other summoner spells aren't worth considering, imo. Revive and rally are junk, fortify and clairvoyance are better used on another team member (one that doesn't rely on summoner spells so much), heal and clarity are pointless for our purposes,

  • Early game

    Start the game with regrowth pendant, a health potion, and your E skill, slice and dice. Defend your jungler if necessary, then move into lane. If you're up against an opponent with silence, request a lane change immediately, since your main harassing tool is completely shut down.

    Try to harass enemy heroes with slice and dice, getting 2 hits if possible. If it's a tough lane, just use slice for last hits.

    At level 2, get your W if you're doing well, or your Q if you're lower on health. W is best, but it pulls minion aggro, so you'll want to avoid it if you can't spare the hitpoints.

    Once you have all 3 skills, get a few more levels in slice and dice, so that your cooldowns are in-sync.

    When you hit level 6, look for a chance to kill an opponent. You have eye-bulging tower diving skills between your ultimate, cleanse, ghost, and slice&dice. Seek to use your ultimate immediately, for the healing it offers, if nothing else.
    When you have over 1000 gold, pull out of lane and get the lizard buff. With your ultimate you can get lizard at level 6 without losing much health, so even if you're nearly dead, get lizard before returning. Fighting lizard is a matter of mixing your autoattacks with skills... Slash, Q, slash, E, Slash, E, slash, W, slash, R, slash Q etc...
    Back at base, get boots of speed, philosopher's stone, and a ward. Any extra gold can go on potions, or an avarice blade.

    On returning, your ultimate will be off cooldown very shortly after you get back to lane, so seek to use it + lizard buff to get another kill, or use it to gank another lane before offering an ally a chance to return.

    Now you can just continue laning until the game starts to progress to a more team-oriented stage.

  • Late game

    In the later game, don't be tempted to charge straight in to fights. You're nowhere near a primary tank, and need to allow others to initiate. Slice & dice is *not* an initiation ability at all, and will get you killed very quickly. Moving in after a fight has begun, try to target their primary damage dealer. Slice in, activate randuin's omen and youmuu's ghostblade, use Q if you are not quite on 50 fury, then stun them with w. After they're stunned, either slice out again, or slice through them to cut off their escape and finish them with autoattacks + shurelya's, if you feel you can safely do so. Sometimes, both slice and dice must be used to reach their damage dealer. If this is the case, do so, and be ready to use cleanse + ghost + shurelya's to retreat when their team open up on you.

    Activate your R *after* the fight has begun. Using R before a fight just encourages the enemy team to move back for 15 seconds, and is a total waste. This will come naturally to nasus players, but those of you who didn't play nasus previously need to learn to only activate the ultimate when you're sure the teamfight has fully begun.
    Compared with nasus, you'll want to use dominus a little earlier, and a little more liberally. This is because, with the CDR at 40%, you'll have a shorter cooldown. More importantly, it's because dominus takes a while to build up the rage you want in a fight. Ideal use of dominus means it will be activated when it's too late to wear out, but will finish and you'll be back to normal size just as the fight ends. Being able to use an empowered slice & dice as your debut spell in the teamfight is icing on the cake.

  • Abilities

    Reign of Anger
    Renekton's passive. Surprisingly useful for jungling on the way back from lane, and a good way to amass 100 fury if you've backed out of a teamfight at near-death, but know that you'll have to go in for another burst to tip the scales.
    Absolutely do not, ever, try to keep your health low to allow more rage. Manage what rage you have obsessively, but don't get injured/sloppy just to get more.

    Cull the Meek
    A nice AOE blast of damage, but not something to focus on. This skill leeches a pretty mediocre amount of life from opponents/creeps/minions, but it's NOT your primary damage-dealer by a long shot.
    Take special note of the fact that cull the meek does *not* work off attack damage like ruthless predator. It works off *bonus* attack damage, and as such is far less powerful/important than Renekton's W skill. Additionally, it only hits once, so it's half as powerful as slice and dice.

    Ruthless Predator
    A really, really nice skill. This is a long-ish lasting stun when empowered by rage, and offers a hefty blast of damage. The ability to proc on-hit effects is nice, but consider it something of a gimmick - building madred's or wit's end is not going to turn you into a powerhouse, it's just gonna get you killed...

    Slice and Dice
    Renekton's best skill, by a long way. Remember that you'll be using slice & dice twice if you apply it properly, so count it's effects. This build will be doing 432 damage with slice & dice, which is no small amount for a tanky character out of 1 skill, particularly considering it's an AOE attack that can hit a multitude of opponents, on a 7-second cooldown.
    If you've managed your fury correctly, this skill will be empowered, dealing 540 damage, and the enemy defense will be reduced by 65. Consider that every single main item we have bought offers defense (even youmoo's ghostblade offers good defence from it's movement speed gain, all the other offer health, magic resist, or armour), and it's easy to see why 540 is a huge amount of damage to deal.

    Get this first, max it first, use it first.

    Renekton's ultimate is similar to nasus' ultimate, but the rage mechanic makes it's use somewhat different. There are times when you just want this for the long-term healing effect, particularly during laning. That is, you're on 600/1200 health (50%). Pop dominus, and you're on 1050/1650 health. When it wears off, you're on 1050/1200 health. If you used the bonus rage for a good cull the meek, you'll be back on full health. That's a 50% heal on a short cooldown (with cooldown reduction at 40%), which is a much better healing mechanic than cull the meek.

    For aggressive use, there are 2 ways to use it. Either use it to build up your fury prior to combat, or use it during a fight for the sudden health game. Generally speaking, the earlier you use it, the better, but using it too early will waste some of of dominus' potential.

  • Anger Management

    This section is important. Rage is the reason Renekton is a hard character to play. Rage starts to fall off *rapidly* after 12 seconds outside of combat. A lot of the skill of laning with renekton is making sure that you aren't idle for more than 12 seconds, so that your rage stays up. This often means attacking a minion within range of an enemy tower, or running out of a bush and hitting a minion, despite it drawing minion aggro. Learning to stay 'in combat' for the entire laning phase is key to getting renekton to deal hefty damage during laning, and must be learned as a priority.

    Later in the match, jungle creeps are a good source of rage. Our 'slice' skill is the only skill that will not consume rage when it is over 50. If you're under 50 rage, slam some minions/creeps with Cull the meek before hitting with a slice. If you're over 50 rage, use only slice to attack minions/creeps so that your rage isn't wasted.

    Dominus is a great way to ensure that you have full rage for an attack on an enemy, but having full rage before you pop dominus is even better. At 100 rage, you can burst out over 1200 damage without autoattacking. For comparison, Anivia will burst out this amount of damage only when she has her archangels staff, deathcap, and rod of ages... An enraged croc has *huge* burst potential, and a lot of it is AOE, without needing any dedicated offensive items to acheive.

    In short, try to remember - attack minions with E-E-W-Q if your ragebar is grey. If it's red, attack with just a single E.

    When attacking enemy champions, it's usually best to use rage on the W skill. When we're lucky enough to have 100 rage, make sure to use slice *and* dice before using our W and Q skills to acheive huge burst damage.

    Skill combos & rage:
    When we have fury, we should usually use the fury to hit with an empowered W. E-W-Q-E. The increased stun time is valuable, but more importantly, it's simply the most damage we can get from one combo, even if we don't slip in an extra autoattack while the target is stunned. W, since it scales off our *full* attack damage, rather than just our bonus, scales better for rage empowerement than E or Q.
    When we *nearly* have 50 fury, we use another combo: E-Q-W-E. Q builds our rage up high enough to empower our W. If we used this when we had 50 fury, it would be a complete waste of our fury bar.
    When we're going in for the kill on a target, and just need to put out as much damage as possible with our burst, fury should be used on E. The 'killing' combo for finishing a hero off is slice -> dice -> W -> autoattack -> Q -> (ghost)autoattack (E-E-W-A-Q-A). This takes advantage of the armour debuff from empowered E, since obviously our escape mechanism isn't needed - we're going for the kill! This combo also works for 100-rage situations, and it's crucially important that we debuff their armour before hitting with our empowered W for maximum damage. This burst, at only level 6 and with no +damage items, will reach around 1000 dmg (ultimate included), in the space of around 3 seconds, which is absolutely massive.
    Most champions at level 6 only have about 1400 hitpoints. That means if you see a champ on 60% health, activate your ultimate and run in with this combo - not only will you kill your target with very little resistance, you'll be doing most of this damage in an AOE, making for a lot of double kills.

    Learning these skill combos (E-W-Q-E, E-Q-W-E, E-Q-E, E-E-W-A-Q-A) are important, since which one we pick depends on our health, our opponent's health, and our rage bar. Mastering renekton during laning is in no small part down to analysing which of his attack combos to go for, and often we'll mix in autoattacks depending on whether we have the health advantage or not, because autoattacks are on a seperate cooldown timer to each of our skills.

  • Creep Jungling

    From level 6 onwards, you'll want to have red buff as much as possible. It's incredibly important on Renekton. In fact, if there is no jungler on the team, we can expect to spend about 35% of our laning time jungling, so we're a semi-jungler here... Due to the short cooldown, don't be afraid to use dominus to take red while you're on low health, or to prevent renekton from losing health after fighting the lizard.
    Blue buff is totally useless on renekton, but the big blue golem is in a good position for building rage, so feel free to attack it. Your teammates will probably smile when they go to get golem, and see that the 2 small creeps are already gone when they arrive. :)

    The wraiths are an excellent source of rage throughout the game. The wolves and smaller golems are somewhat less well positioned, but still useful at times while you're walking around the map. At the very least, slice through each jungle creep as you move around, to keep your rage up. Usually, though, you'll want to take them out for the gold and experience gain.

  • Evidence

    External Image
    External Image
    External Image
    External Image

    Spirit visage:
    External Image

    Shurelya's Reverie:
    External Image

    Shurelya's + randuins:
    External Image

  • Final word

    I've toyed with plenty of builds with Renekton. Pure damage is *far* too squishy and easily focused. Pure tank is lacking in damage, and not taking advantage of Renekton's burst or chase capability makes you a pretty pointless member of your team. Element'z build, which incorporates a sunfire cape, is somewhat successful. Other guides on leaguecraft at this time, I feel, miss out on some important points I learned playing Renekton, such as the power of slice and dice, cleanse, and hexdrinker.
    While discussing other guides, I feel I must mention LordSlash's guide. He's on the money with his hybrid item build, and he's made an awesome map of summoner's rift with all the non-obvious walls that can be sliced through. Nice work LordSlash!

    After playing *lots* of games with Renekton, I hope players feel inclined to give this build a go, and see how awesome the croc can be if played hybrid.

    Thanks for reading. I'd also like to thank the league of legends forum members for constructive feedback and braintstorming on Renekton, the players from my arranged teams who put up with my pathetic performance while I was trying things out, and crocodiles all over the world, for being the ancient unchanged apex predator kings that they are, and the only animal to drive humans in western civilisations out of their homes, reclaiming land for the animal kingdom!


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