Heimerdinger Build Guide

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Heimerdinger - Most hated champion

written by kebrus

Heimerdinger Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I think RIOT regrets creating Heimer, back in beta he seamed like a good original champ, but with the constant stream of new champs I'm pretty sure they are having a hard time to mix Heimer abilities with the metagame. That said, if you like Heimer you are in for a tough ride, he already suffered mini "remakes" like 3 times, and I'm pretty sure this wont be the last one...

    Like it or not, most gamers don't really care for the game objectives, most of them just like to feel special, either by killing a lot, support a lot or do anything else that shows off in the game. Heimer is the opposite of all this, he only has one role in the game and everything else like killing or assisting a lot is just an added bonus.

    His job is to push and prevent pushing, it always has been his job, even in beta when he had 6 turrets he could only excel in this job. Thats the root of all hate towards Heimer. Whenever a champion pushes the other team is forced to counter his push and that means they wont be doing whatever their champ should be doing. This pisses people off because they can't concentrate on ganking, supporting, killing as much as they would like to.

    No one likes to face Heimer, he's mostly unpredictable so whatever strategy they have, it might not work against him for many different reasons which, ultimately, pisses people off too. I started playing with him back in beta when i saw someone constantly creating mini bases for his team, and my team couldn't do a thing about it. Since then i mained Heimer for so long and tried so many different builds there's simply nothing i don't know about him, in fact, i learned so much about the game through him that i never even lost against another Heimer in my 500+ games with him. I can tell when I'm gonna win just by looking to the other Heimer's starting items.

    You might hate this guide and my builds, but even if you do i hope you can learn something with it, i will cover a lot aspects of Heimer that are closely tied to the game mechanics so even if you hate this build you might learn something that will help with your champions or, who knows, how to counter Heimer effectively.

    This guide supposes a mid lane heimer, but it works just as fine on a side lane with a partner or solo. I never found a particularly good combo with other champs but at the same time i never found a nonworking one either. Heimer is a really good partner for a side line, it will make his teammate job easier to accomplish. But don't screw your team composition just because you know the other guy who is with Heimer is safe.

    This guide isn't finished yet. I still need to do some things, but feel free to drop a comment.

  • Quick Reference (working with patch v1.0.0.111)


    1. mana pool > mana regen at ANY time, forget Archangel's Staff though
    2. forget cooldown reduction
    3. survivability is key, work with your passive
    4. no matter how many AP you got or how fed you are, you are a pusher
    5. learn to play WITH your team and teach your team to play WITH you

    Spells: or or

    Masteries: 9/0/21 should work, but there are more, read on to find out

    Runes: x9 x9 x9 x3 (any combination of HP, AP and MPen)

    Base Items: (starting item) > > > > > > >

  • Abilities

    Techmaturgical Repair Bots
    This passive is one of the best of all champs, but whats even better is how the other champs completely ignore it, think about it, sometimes the other champions will try to harass you. What they don't realize is that if for some reason you fight back, instead of just running away, you will heal much faster afterward, if they keep at it, they will soon run out of HP and you will successfully push your lane.

    Tips: don't use your ulti to heal turrets unless really necessary, instead try to heal them with you passive. Towers get healed with this passive as well, this means if you are just defending your tower against two or three champs you only have to worry about killing the creeps, since all the damage they to your tower can be restored with this (considering you give it enough time). Try to stay in range of your tower to heal it at all times.

    H-28G Evolution Turret
    The root of all evil in LoL. They are the reason why Heimer received many of his nerfs and buffs. A lot of people will tell you his problem is in his others skills. Those are the same that complained about his nades doing damage to the tower even when his auto-attack did A LOT more damage. Those people don't know how to play with or against him and don't fully realize your role. I miss the old 6 turrets, or even the old 3. but right now the existing two with the ammo system are pretty good too.

    Tips: Don't try to tank with your turrets, back in the days this was possible, not anymore. Keep them separated at all times since it will increase your chance of hitting a champion and AoE skills will have a harder time to kill both. Try to save your turrets and keep your turrets stack to the max, but if for some reason they are dying too fast don't waste them. They attack faster when you place them. At the beginning of the game, place one turret somewhere in the middle of the game, return to get back your lost mana before the minions spawn. When killing creeps from the jungle place your turrets first to tank them, great for the dragon.

    Hextech Micro-Rockets
    Your harassing tool, this with your auto attack will make the other champion cry in despair. Just remember that this hits the nearest three enemies.

    This is also a good finisher for a champion running away, but it's not very reliable in a team fight since it has a long cooldown and it's hard to land a hit with it, try to use it mostly before and after team fights.

    Tips: If there's no other way, make yourself close to hit with it. Use it to remove the Banshee's Veil aura from enemy champs. If you have [item_text=Rylai's Scepter] remember to use it to slow an enemy down.

    [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade]
    Awesome crowd control skill, it really doesn't do much in terms of damage, nor in CC time, but if well played, you can stop other champs moves with it.

    Keep this CC idea in mind, whenever you are doing something think how this skill might help you accomplish that better, for example, be it chasing, escaping, harassing, disabling, denying or anything else. That really short CC might really help in a critical situation.

    Bad news: this is probably the most difficult skillshot of the game, with anivia's as a close second, it's slow, and with a very small AoE, master this skill and you've mastered all skillshots of the game, believe me, even blitz grab will look like a joke after it.

    Tips: flash + nade is a good combo for a chase. Don't waste this skill, but if you do and hit, use it to auto attack one or two times and run away. you can use it to check bushes and prevent you from ganks. if you attacking their tower, use it only when the other guy starts attacking you and run away.

    This skill was a lot more useful before, it used to upgrade your turrets, thats why the name UPGRADE!!!... still, it was also a lot more useless before. right now the main reason to spend points here is the cooldown reduction, which means you wont need any cd reduction coming from items and/or runes. The recent changes to the other skills are nothing to brag about, they are only useful in very specific situations, which might never occur in a game.

    Tips: whenever you want to return, place your two turrets, return, and if/when the other champ starts attacking your turrets, heal them for extra time on coming back, he will either fallback or keep attacking, but by the time he destroys both of them you already came back and you place another two turrets. This doesn't help your nade as much as you might think it does so don't waste it for that combo, on the other hand this might help rockets a lot so use it for that.

  • Key Points

    1. Mana Pool > Mana Regen

    DO NOT go for mana regen, in fact, playing with Heimer, which is a very mana dependent champ, made me also realize how overrated mana regen really is. There are a few champs that benefit from it, but Heimer is not one of them.

    The reason is simple, Heimer uses a lot of skills in short periods of time which means they consume a lot of mana really really fast. If you go for mana regen you will have the chance to use one of those skills faster when you deplete your mana BUT, who saves mana for ALL of his skills? If you consider that Heimer places two turrets, sends rockets, sends his nade, and uses his ulti in one full combo very often you will realize how futile it is to save mana for your NEXT skill, which, most probably, will be placing one turret, this makes you useless and you will feel the need to return to base. In late game this is even worse since you stop getting mana problems and you now have different needs that you can't fix because of your mana regen build. If you instead go for mana pool, not only you have more mana for more full combos but you also get better items for late game. This way you only have to work out the problem of returning for more mana, which can, for most occasions, be fixed by using either clarity or teleport.

    Whenever i see a heimer buying dorans ring or meki pendant i know for sure that i'm gonna win against him, simply because his initial advantage is only relevant for the first levels, when everyone is still concerning on leveling up and no one is caring about ganks yet, as soon as you get your first item, the other heimer is still a long way from building his, by that time you outbuild him constantly and he gets no chance to fight you one on one.

    I hate archangels staff for a similar reason, i think it's highly overrated. You only get the full benefits really late in the game and ONLY if you are constantly using skills, which makes useless unless your team starts doing really well and you recover from it. On the other hand, rod of ages only takes 10 minutes for the full effect and it gives more survivability, making you less squishy. Try it in a practice game, see how long it takes till you get to the end of the stacks, then add 10 to 15 minutes on top of it for a real game and see for yourself how useless this item really is. Once, cho had this bug where he would receive the benefits for archangel just by toggling his forward spikes skill, i tried it in a normal game and it took me ages to get the full benefits even when i only had to toggle the skill.

    2. Survivability

    By going after RoA and rylais you get tons of HP that makes you an annoyance to deal with, the other champions can not ignore you when they are attacking or defending, if they do, you win, if they don't ignore you, you must have a way to survive from their attacks, by having lots of HP you can almost guarantee an escape even after a nuker attack, and you always have your turrets with slow and you nade for that. A full build will only grant you with around 600 AP, which is not much considering other AP champions, but you don't need more, a full build will also grant you a lot of HP to keep pushing safely, and with the help of your team they don't really stand a chance.

    3. Working With Your Team

    It's imperative to know your role in the team, and a lot of losses in games result in conflicts from champions from the same team. You are a pusher on primary objective, and a support champ on the secondary objective. You are not the carry, tank, dps, nuker or anything else, so don't try to be one. destroy their first tower and help you team destroying their lane tower. When done, gather up your team and push tower a lane of your choice, but be sure the other lanes are well pushed before that, so you wont get surprises.

    This is where the problems starts. Normally your team doesn't know how well you can survive with your build, so they stay with you there because they love your turrets as partners. The problem with this logic is that you are not there to help them STAY there, you are there to help them push or defend. Which means that sometimes you don't even need them with you, this might result on a lost tower on another lane, or you and your teammates trying to kill them unsuccessfully and sometimes with disastrous consequences. You can easily solo a lane vs 2 (soloing only means defending, not attacking). Lets say you took mid and you already destroyed their mid tower, if you go help one side lane, that means one of two things, either you go help them two to push that lane till you destroy their tower, or you REPLACE one of both teammates so they can help pushing somewhere else. If, in this example you go top, both top teammates could easily go bot.

    Other common mistakes from your teammates is not knowing how much can you hold pushing, if you team is pushing mid and you are there with them you should all retreat when heimer retreats, not sooner, not later. As long as you are able to push your team should be there for you, but as a heimer you also must know when to retreat, if you run out of mana or everything is on cooldown you should stay back, if half of your team is almost dead help them retreat, but if they are still with you helping you push then continue to push. Remember, priority number one is to push, priority number two is to support.

    4. Heimer Can't Jungle, But...

    Get over it, he's not a jungler, period. Sure create a build that enables you to jungle, thats the same build that enables you to suck... hard. Truth be told, there are things you can do with the jungle. First of all, the golem buff is awesome on Heimer for the obvious reasons, not only that but at level 3 of his ulti you get 20 cooldown reduction, if you then have the standard 9/0/21 masteries build you get a total of 29% cooldown reduction, which is A LOT without cd reduction items. With the golem buff this goes to 40% easily which is the cap for cooldown reduction.

    There's one more trick to the jungle. When on mid you can send you grenade and rockets to the wraiths (the four ghost creeps on the jungle) WITHOUT never leaving mid, this will get you additional exp that the other guy doesn't have. (don't screw you jungler jungle though). If you are pushing hard you can even steal the other team wraiths. One tip, let the nade hit them first to maximize damage output. (sometimes you only kill three of them)

  • Summoner Spells

    Any combo of Flash, Clarity and Teleport should do:

    Flash: This is great for sticky situations, you don't want to be ganked or be on the center of a team fight, this will help you out. It's also great to chase someone and stun him with your nade.

    Clarity: The thing about this spell is to keep you pushing longer, but truth is, it gets gradually useless as you get more and more mana. In late game you'll use it more for replenish your team mana. If you don't care about them you can go with Teleport for the same deal.

    Teleport: Need mana? hp? buy things? defend a tower? push a tower? One tip though, i wouldn't use it to get mana or hp, most of the time thats a wasted teleport, i prefer to hold it to save a tower or do a surprise push, a lot more useful i believe.

    I can't really think of any other spells that might help you do your job better, some worthy nominees would be Exhaust, Ghost or [spell_text=Fortify].

  • Masteries

    External Image
    A standard 9/0/21 should be enough. Some things to point though, [mastery_text=Expanded Mind] is useless, don't know if it's a bug but this mastery doesn't do what it says, it's only counting with your base max mana and not any mana that you might have, so in the end this would give you like 60 mana on level 18, which is worthless for 4 points. If you even consider taking Greed with you, do us all a favor and uninstall LoL.

    There is one particular mastery thats pretty cool for heimer. Strength of Spirit works awesomely well with your passive, it will make champions like Mundo envy you. So if you want, get a try on these two additional setups: 9/7/14 or 3/7/20

  • Runes

    It's pretty simple, boost your strengths, not your weaknesses. This means any combination of AP, HP and MPen, like so:

    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    Greater Seal of Vitality x9 OR Greater Seal of Force x9 OR Greater Seal of Potency x9
    Greater Glyph of Force x9 OR Greater Glyph of Potency x9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3 OR Greater Quintessence of Insight x3 OR Greater Quintessence of Force x3 OR Greater Quintessence of Potency x3

    While i do not recommend it you can also try mana seal runes. (Greater Seal of Intellect or Greater Seal of Knowledge)

  • Skilling Order

    You shouldn't rely on your nade to do damage, but it's great for CC. This is the basic skilling order:

    Sometimes you are doing so well with your harassing at the beginning that you don't even feel the need for the grenade, if that happens one of these should do:

  • Items

    If you read everything on this guide you should know by now which items to take. Still here they are:

    Ruby Crystal (starting item)
    Yep, no mana, no AP, no boots, for me there are only two viable items for this part of the game for heimer, either Ruby Crystal or the Sapphire Crystal. I still prefer the Ruby Crystal for one simple reason, your passive. since you regen so fast having a high HP pool will make you very hard to kill even when ganked, if you then take clarity with you, you wont have any problems of mana. Now work with this advantage of yours and keep harassing, you can always stay back for a minute or two recovering while the other guy his having a hard time with your rockets. You should only use your clarity spell at level 4 when you are at half of your mana. As soon as you get 850 of money return for the next item, you should be around level 6, place your two turrets and go back.

    Catalyst the Protector
    I simply love this item early on, i use it in a lot of builds for mages, and for heimer this will help you stay pushing even longer, even if you make a mistake and you get low on hp and can wait for a level up to get you back on pushing.

    Rod of Ages
    At 15 minutes you should have this item, even before buying level 1 boots, remember, you are a pusher, you are not gonna chase anyone and you can always go with flash for a quick escape. At best get Blasting Wand before Boots of Speed.

    Mercury's Treads
    DO NOT GO FOR Sorcerer's Shoes, i mean it, Ninja Tabi MIGHT be useful against some teams setups but generally you want Mercury's Treads. Think about it, you don't need to move faster, you don't need cooldowns or attack speed and the magic penetration you have from your runes and masteries should be enough for this time on the game, you can always get Void Staff and Abyssal Scepter later in the game. Not only that but if you compare Sorcerer's Shoes with Mercury's Treads you'll realize how useless one is over the other, while one gives 20 magic penetration, the other gives you 25 magic resistance and 30% of CC reduction, so if you face someone with Sorcerer's Shoes it's like negating those 20 MPen and getting +5 magic resistance and 30% of CC reduction. The ONLY time Sorcerer's Shoes is useful is if their team is full of tanks with no CC, and when is that gonna happen?

    Rabadon's Deathcap
    You wont have problems farming so you getting this shouldn't be difficult, and since you already have all the mana and HP for this period of the game now you need more AP. This is the one that grants you more AP easily. DO NOT even consider mejais, mejais is for gankers and you are a pusher, even if you sometimes kill champs and get assists its not worth it, you can't guarantee you'll get them and you'll be behind everybody else for the rest of the game if you don't get those kills and assists. PUSHER, remember?

    from here on it depends on the other team composition and on how well you are doing.

    Final (possible) items:

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Awesome item for Heimer, get the giant belts first and build the rest as necessary. The slow CC is a nice complement to you. Unfortunately they don't proc on his turrets so they don't give any additional slow from it. ;(

    Void Staff: if you are hitting hard for some reason this will help you hitting harder.

    Abyssal Scepter: get it if you are having troubles with their casters.

    Zhonya's Hourglass: i usually get this as last item, it can give you good combos with your turrets, you place them and pop this item active if they start hitting you and hope for the best. this is also the only item that gives you ap with armor, so get it if you are taking too much physical damage.

    Deathfire Grasp: if they have a really hard to kill tank, like a fed cho, this should help you out. get it only in this situation.

    Will of the Ancients: From my tests is wasn't very useful, even though it works perfectly with Heimer spell vamp doesn't work with his turrets anymore. It works with his rockets and nade though.

    all other AP items give you stats that you don't need with the exception of Mejai's Soulstealer and Archangel's Staff, which you shouldn't get, but hey, be my guest to suck...

  • Build Examples

    This is your base build:

    General build for a mixed team:

    If you are dominating:

  • Working Against ...

    Work in Progress... give me time to write all this later ;]

    I'll talk about facing: Heimerdinger, Sivir, Karthus, Pantheon, Malz, Caitlyn, Anivia, Annie, LeBlanc and any other champ i might think of that is relevant to refer against Heimer

    Alphabetically ordered:

    External Image
    Ashe - At first I wasn't going to specify Ashe on this list, there's nothing really special about facing her that differs from other champions. But, Ashe is probably the most popular champ and the most popular carry, which means Ashe will be the champion you'll face the most. Fortunately for you she's pretty easy and predictable, sometimes so much it hurts your feelings :( . The first thing you should know is that she will try to critical hit you when you first meet, don't let her obviously, force her to spend that critical hit on a creep. Then the only things you have to avoid are her slow and volley, both very easy to dodge, with the slow you just have to be sure to be around your turrets and creeps because hitting you will aggro them and since she's awfully squishy, you, your turrets and creeps will deal an unrecoverable amount of damage. With volley the solution is staying behind creeps, enough said. Ashe wont use her ulti on you with this build, it's simply not viable for her, by level 6 you have too much HP for her to finish you off, and if she insists on killing after sending her arrow you probably kill her in your turrets nest. The only thing to be afraid of is ganks, which is why i take flash with me. Ashe is just too squishy for your harassing.

    External Image
    Blitzcrank - This one is my favorite. You probably wont face Blitzy on mid but on a side lane is just giggles after giggles. Everyone hates Blitzy grab, but fortunately for you, Heimer puts down turrets way faster than Blitzy puts his arm out. Basically you have to pay attention to the grab animation, as soon as it begins Blitzy stops for a second to aim. Pop one of your turrets in front of you and he will grab it instead of you, and no, he doesn't pull them, they stay where you put them. The reason this is so fun is that rocket grab cooldown is almost the same as your turret cooldown, so every time he tries to grab you chances are you have a turret ready to place. Even better is the fact Blitzy doesn't have as much mana as you, so i even tease them to try rocket grab me just to make them run out of mana. Believe me, you'll feel great after 3 or 4 failed grabs in a row.

    External Image
    Mordekaiser - A tough one this is. Just like you, he's a pusher. He can clear a wave of creeps AND your turrets in a flash. Solution? Put your turrets far from each other so he wont destroy them at the same time, then simply auto-attack his shield, and ONLY use your skills when he's out of shield or very low, don't waste your mana on his shield. If for some reason this isn't working just stop caring about your turrets altogether and concentrate on your auto-attack + rockets combo, when he's level 6, watch out for ignite + ulti combo, while you should have lots of HP already he'll try to kill you if you aren't careful enough and let your HP drain out.

    External Image
    Teemo - Short story, forget harassing. Long story, this guy is a problem, you can't effectively harass him with your auto-attack because he will blind you and attack you when you try to do so. The best strategy to beat him is to concentrate on farming, place your two turrets somewhere he wont risk to kill them. Then just wait, keep an eye for a gank, he alone can't kill you. Eventually you will get stronger than him, even if no one of you returns, and you will outfarm him and most probably outbuild him if you take teleport with you. As soon as he moves away, check for enemy positions and advance.

    External Image
    Vladimir - This one is a lot easier to face than you might think of, every Vladimir guide that refers Heimer will tell him to keep draining your turrets. You know what? Let him! ^^ First of all he can't insta-kill your turrets with them in the first levels. Second, he actually has to be somewhat close to them to do it. Third, don't level up grenade at level 4, level up rockets instead, Vladimir can escape really easy from your nade, so unless you think you are gonna get ganked keep leveling up rockets and turrets. When he comes draining your turrets or you, just keep using your rockets and auto-attacking AFTER the drain, slowly you will be the one draining his HP, he can't compete with your HP regen and your rockets and auto-attacks do more damage than what he can recover from his drain.

  • Patches

    Patch v1.0.0.111 - Nothing really noteworthy. The new AP item is NOT for you. Feel free to try it out, but that item is the opposite of what this build stands for, you don't need cd reduction nor mana regen. I'd much rather save the money for something better or buy void staff instead.

    Patch v1.0.0.110 - This patch changes some things on the mana regen front, RIOT wants to somewhat close the big gap between some with a mana regen build and someone without, so all in all the result of this patch is that no mana regen builds gets a slight buff, meaning a higher base mana regen for Heimer, since this build is actually a no mana regen build this means this patch is actually a slight buff on this guide as well.

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