Tryndamere Build Guide

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Right Click To Win; Till You Rage

written by Jancarius

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    Tryndamere's passive was one of his two skills to get a major rework in .22. Now, he gets no base crit from it, but instead, gains crit as his Fury increases, to a maximum of 35%, nerfed from it's previous 10-50% based on health. Overall, I view this as a nerf, as the base 10% crit was helpful to my build, and as Phreak said "low level Trynd either crits and cuts his enemies in half or doesn't hurt them at all." More concerning is the nerf to the top-end crit, but nothing Trynd can't survive (and not like you won't build a bunch of crit on him anyway).

    The other major skill rework is Bloodlust. Bloodlust now passively adds AD to you (5-20/10-30/15-40/20-50/25-60 Attack Damage depending on how wounded Tryndamere is), which whether it's a buff or nerf from the old version depends on your health I guess. Generally, I suppose it's an endgame buff. However, the heal has been nerfed. Rather than healing you for 10/20/30/40/50 per stack, the heal is now a flat amount+ an additional amount based on Fury. Specifically: Consumes all Fury to heal Tryndamere for 30-80/40-135/50-190/60-245/70-300 depending on how much Fury was consumed. It was also buffed to reduce it's CD as it ranks up, which is nice. So, I guess it's overall a buff, with a fairly minor nerf to the heal.

    Mocking Shout
    This is Tryndamere's slow. Generally, people will run away from a Tryndamere running straight at them, so landing the slow is not difficult. As an added bonus, it also reduces the AD of every enemy in range by up to 100 damage at max rank. 100 damage off an AD champion is pretty serious debuffing and the CD is quite short, so don't be afraid to use to help bring down an enemy champion. This patch, they took the cost off it. So yea!

    Spinning Slash
    Trynd's escape/closer. Spinning Slash is key to surviving a team fight. When Endless rage is up, the enemy team is VERY likely to try and blow you away (people object to being crit'd all over for some reason). Spinning slash let's you cross walls or just plain get some distance. As a closer, it does AD+bonus(+any AP you have) and is good for clearing out minion waves. The damage was adjusted this patch to be higher base damage at rank 1 and lower at rank 3 and beyond. However, they also increased it's AD scaling ratio to 1, so that more than makes up for it. Some specific new tactics to be discussed in guide.

    Undying Rage
    Undying Rage gives you 5 seconds of unkillable Tryndamere. Depending on where you are and who you're fighting, this is either typically at least one dead enemy squishy, or Tryndamere surviving a otherwise unsurvivable counter-gank, or just a crazed initiate.

  • Quickplay Guide

    Masterys: 21/0/9 (last point in utility is a flex point, place in any talent you think is useful)
    Runes: All crit% except Red/Marks which is Armor Pen.
    Skill Order: Level 1 take Spinning Slash, then Bloodlust, then Mocking Shout.  Max Bloodlust first, taking Undying Rage at 6, 11, and 16.  Max Mocking Shout second, and finish with Spinning Slash

    Quick Build Items:
    1) Vampiric Scepter
    2)[item=Emblem of Valour]
    3) Berserker's Greaves
    4) Zeal
    5) Infinity Edge
    6) Phantom Dancer or Frozen Mallet or Last Whisper or [item=Force of Nature]
    7) [item=Stark's Fervor]

  • Summoner Spells

    My 2 summoner spells, which I go with almost exclusively are
    Exhaust Teleport
    The reasoning: Early game, when mocking shout is more of an inconvenience slow, this will let you keep champions in range for you to finish. It also heavily debuffs damage of both AP and AD champions now, which can also be critical in the under-6 part of the game. Teleport is obviously excellent for almost any champion, and while late game Trynd gets a nice bit of speed from Phantom Dancers, early game you want to be able to spend as much time in lane as possible farming so that you can right click to win later. Also, while not ideal, teleport can be used to escape ganks faster than recalling in a bush. Since in the latest update of the guide, I change the focus to solo top, the Teleport can let you get a quick edge on your opponent by going back to buy with a minimum of lane time lost.

    Other good choices
    One of the ways in which many enemys will finish off a Tryndamere is by CCing him near the end of Undying Rage. This is one of the 2 most common ways you will die as Tryndamere (the other being DOT effects/champions). However, I prefer the Quicksilver Sash if this is a problem you're facing. Not only is it BETTER than cleanse (it removes DoTs and other debuffs, not just CC), but it's very affordable, on a fairly short CD, and gives you some MR which will give you more time to wail on their team before having to rage and GTFO.

    Similar to Exhaust, this can help you get some early game kills. I've had Taric's escape by the skin of their stun with just barely over a heals worth of HP in an early bush fight, and ignite would have taken care of that. However, I tend not to take it because late game, Trynd will carve through HP like butter anyway. If you know the enemy team has a lot of healing/lifesteal, this may still be a better choice than exhaust, but in solo normal, I always go exhaust.

    Another escape/closer. Pretty redundant in my opinion with Spinning Slash, but I suppose you could justify it as anything that keeps you from dying is good. As a couple of comments have mentioned low level dives with Flash can give you some early levels, and flash is never a bad choice.  Given it's recent nerf however, I think I would generally avoid it nowadays for Tryndamere.

    Ghost is probably one of the overall best summoner spells in the game, with a significant move speed buff that lasts for a pretty decent length of time. Good for chasing, running away, getting to a team fight, pretty much any time you want to move faster. However, with Phantom Dancers, Trynd will already outrun most champions most of the time, and once he gets in shout range, very few champions will ever escape.

    Poor spell choices

    The usual reason: Dying is something to be avoided.

    Trynd's own self healing should be more than sufficient for keeping you alive outside of team fights, and heal wouldn't save you in a team fight.

    The worst possible spell for Tryndamere. You don't have mana.

    Surge is one of the new spells, replacing Rally. It's an attack speed buff for Trynd, but not worth taking. The main users of this spell are AP/AS hybrids like Kayle.

    A great spell, but better taken by a more support oriented character.

    Used by junglers. While Trynd can jungle, this guide is more about laning as Tryndamere, though I will add a jungling section later when I've had time to experiment and practice a jungle build.

    I can't say I've gotten much use out of this on any champion I play, and Trynd doesn't need a minions help farming. 

  • Runes and Mastery

    Greater Mark of Desolationx9
    Greater Seal of Malicex9
    Greater Glyph of Malicex9
    Greater Quintessence of Malicex3
    This will give you +12% crit starting, and 15 ArP.

    Mastery I go 21/0/9, but that last point in utility is pretty flexible (Ie, if you want to go 22/0/8). The talents to take in Offense should be clear. I skipped Demolitionist (Trynd is already a great tower destroyer), and the lifesteal talent (because my build includes it already, and I valued getting Quickness in Utility). As mentioned, the last point in utility can be placed almost anywhere. Prior to the 11/29/2011 patch, I was using it for extended monster buffs, but you could make a case for Greed, the ward radius talent, quicker recalls, or one last point in Offense.

    I've started assembling my crit dmg rune set, but it's very expensive. I haven't yet gotten to test how the sacrifice of early game crit trades off against end game damage.

  • Skill Order

    Tryndamere has an extremely simple skill order. I open with Spinning Slash (for level 1 escapes, engages, and chases around the bush). Then Bloodlust, then Mocking Shout. From that point on, every level is Bloodlust (except 6) until it's maxed out. Then, max Mocking Shout, and then finally, finish up Spinning Slash.

  • Items

    For Solo Top:
    I have returned to generally starting with a Vampiric Scepter. As I have shifted to a mainly solo top role, I frequently oppose champs against whom I can maintain regular harass and farm. I would still consider starting with a rejuv bead for a lane in which I would need to hug the tower for a few levels (IE, if you're forced to go 1 v 2). The build is still functionally the same as a duo lane, with a couple major notes: Consider going for an Executioner's Calling especially if the lane opponent has a strong heal/sustain mechanic, if there are no other AD to benefit from the eventual Stark's, or if the enemy has strong support healers (Soraka, Sona,etc).

    When solo top, I try and head back around 500 gold (depending on how the lane is going). Knowing that I'm goingback, I play my first few levels very aggressively. On my return, I complete the [item=Emblem of Valour] and buy the Vision Ward. Why a pink ward, you ask? Well, assuming the enemy solo has warded, you'll get back 25 of the gold by killing their ward, and deny them sight that protects them from ganks. Also helpful if facing a Twitch or Evelynn, rare as that is. Now, you're going to stay in line for a while. You want to be able to purchase at least Berserker's Greaves and the +crit item for your Zeal. The trip after that complete Zeal,and get either a BF Sword (if you can afford it) or more likely a Cloak of Agility. From here, complete the Infinity Edge as soon as you can afford.

    For Duo Bottom
    Personally, I like to start with a Rejuvenation Bead. I used to start with Vampiric Scepter, but frequently, I found going against ranged harassers would deny me the ability to actually hit minions for getting your life back. With the Rejuv bead, you can hold up at the tower and still recover health. Feel free to choose between these based on your lane partner.  If they have a heal mechanic, go with the lifesteal.  Once you have 550 gold, recall and get [item=Emblem of Valour] and then teleport back to the lane. You lose almost no time thanks to teleport, and now you and your lane partner have a pretty decent amount of health regen+your own lifesteal. Your 2nd rank of Bloodlust should be coming in by now too. Once you hit 5 and your 3rd rank, Bloodlust+[item=Emblem of Valour] should make you extremely difficult to harass, barring certain enemy champion combination's. Now, you should be able to farm contentedly for a while. Stay in until you have a decent chunk of gold. Note, that is is EXTREMELY important for you to use some of your own judgment here. Remember that you do not have boots at this point, which can put you at a real disadvantage. Ideally, you'll reach over 1k gold by the time your teleport is up again, in which case, feel free to make use of it to retrieve your Berserker's Greaves, or just the [item=Boots of Speed] if you can't afford them by the time you're back. However, if you don't need the speed (for example, you are already faster than your opponents, or your lane partner has powerful slows or taunts), feel free to hang out as long as you feel you can afford to operate without boots. If the enemy is particularly stun or immobilize heavy (particularly if they are also AP heavy), [item=Mercury Treads] may be a better choice than Berserker's, but your DPS will be noticeably less for it.

    Once you have your T2 boots, the next item on your agenda is a Zeal, or at the very least it's components ([item=Brawler's Gloves] first if you must choose]). Zeal is an amazing item, it speeds up your attack speed (more attacks = more chances to crit), gives you crit, and perhaps most importantly, gives you move speed. Should bring you to about 420 move, which should be plenty for the time being. Next, we start on the item which is the very soul of a Tryndamere, the Infinity Edge.

    It is EXTRAORDINARILY unlikely that you can just buy the entire IE at once. I almost always start with [item=Cloak of Agility] which brings your crit to about 42% at 100% HP. Whether you get the Pickaxe or B. F. Sword next is largely up to you. The Pickaxe costs half of what the BF sword does for half the damage it gives, so the order is pretty unimportant. I'd go with the BF if possible, but if team fights have already started at this point, you made need the smaller damage boost earlier. Either way, you're getting both and then finishing the IE.

    Post Laning Phase
    It is around this point that the game starts to belong to you. Next, we upgrade Zeal into Phantom Dancer or start Phage. Phage is great is the enemy is particularly kite-oriented or is frequently fleeing, and also gives us a bit extra HP. This boosts our move to a very respectable 442, and makes us swing like a crazy dude, crit'ing virtually every swing. Note that if a particular champion has been a problem for your team, now is the time you begin to counter build them.

    At this point, you are completely ready to dominate the game, if you haven't already. You can carve through squishy's in probably 2 seconds flat, and even tanks can't ignore you for long. It's up to you to decide whether to complete the Frozen Mallet or Phantom Dancer first, but both are core in all but the most unusual cases. So what items you build next is somewhat up to you. Here are some common choices for me below:

    [item=Stark's Fervor] Stark's is pretty much one of the best items in the game. You already have the Emblem of Valour from early laning phase, so all you need is another 1750 and you get a lifesteal and attack speed aura for your team, and an armor debuffing aura that affects your enemies. Pretty much the only time this is not incredibly awesome is if someone else on your team has built it already, it sort loses some of the appeal. However, I often wait to build this till after I complete Phantom Dancers, IE, and depending on the flow of the game, a defensive item or two.

    [item=The Black Cleaver] or Last Whisper Enemy tanks are likely to have good armor, and tanky DPS are as well. Depending on which is being more of a problem, take one of these. Both give good AD, and the cleaver boosts your AS even more (though it costs about 1k gold more too). Frankly, I almost never get the Cleaver. With the new Mastery's, Last Whisper makes for a 46% ArP. Only a pure armor build can really stand up to that, and that's why you have AP teammates. LW has practically become core in any game in which enemy team members purchase armor items for me.

    Sword of the Occult Always fun when you're dominating a game. However, I can't recall having gotten this item since hitting Summoner L20. I'm going to go with almost 100% of the time, you are better off with a defensive item in your 5th and 6th slots, or a hybrid item like Frozen Mallet, or something like a Bloodthirster to give you a nice Lifesteal chunk with your AD. I can't think of a time I've used this in a real game as Tryndamere.

    [item=Quicksilver Sash]A personal favorite of mine for MR, this item is great for when the enemy team tries to keep you there with only a second left on UR. Also great for: Ruining the day of any Malzahar, Vlad, or Warwick who ults you. Nothing like watching their ult dissipate in the press of a button right before you cut them in half to give you that "Pwned, noob" feeling.

    Guardian AngelDo you want to frustrate the hell out of the enemy team? GA is for you. Gives some nice all round defensive bonuses, and the getting back up is nice too. Don't rely on using it to rejoin a fight, since you'll probably have burned rage before it activates, but at least they didn't get a kill on you, and you can return in a minute after you go whack a few jungle mobs to heal to full. I've only done this once as a troll build, with a Zilean and Yorick on my team.

    [item=Force of Nature] or [item=Randuin's Omen] or Thornmail For teams that are overstacked on one damage type or the other. Thornmail/Randuin's for physical and FoN for magic. FoN has the added bonus of more move speed and a ton of health regen, and a Trynd wearing it is pretty much the terror of the battlefield to any caster. Thornmail is less devastating because melee characters generally try and avoid slugging it out with Trynd to begin with. The FoN combined with a Frozen Mallet is even better, as it increase Trynd to having near 3k health, improving both the regen effect and giving him a slow on attack. Randuin's can be a very solid choice (it slows people attacking you and gives you a second AOE slow as it's active), and the HoG component will mitigate the cost somewhat.

    [item=Bloodthirster] is on it's face a great item. Unfortunetly, you'll usually have to either get armor pen or defensive items or utility in your last 2 slots, and if you need none by the time you can afford this, you're already winning too hard anyway.

  • How to Play: Early Laning: L1-6

    Previous to the big Tryndamere rework, Tryndamere was extremely dependent on runes+masteries to have any chance to do any real damage, as Phreak put it "Tryndmere either crits and takes half your life, or doesn't and does absolutetly nothing." Now, they've raised Tryndamere's early game a bit, particularly by removing the health costs to his abilities and the change over to the Fury system.

    I personally like to duo lane with what I call a stunner. Alistair is my personal favorite, but anyone with a 1 second stun or immobilize who can harass the enemy and zone them out will do. Taric is another good choice, with a long range stun and the ability to counter harassment by his heals and giving you some extra armor (though frankly, Alistair is so much better than Taric as to be ridiculous).

    When working with a tank partner, I often let my tank zone control from the bush. This lets me farm freely in the lane while making the enemy nervous to engage me (particularly vicious with AListair or Singed, who can headbutt/throw them far from their partner). Working together, you will often push them to their tower very quickly this way, even just last hitting minions. For this reason, warding your bush is a good idea, especially if you have poor map awareness, or they have a jungle. And yes, I know, warding your bush is ALWAYS a good idea. As mentioned in the item build, don't be afraid to use your teleport to go buy and return quickly, or to quickly shift lanes to help an ally or tower in need. But don't enter into a suicide either. Consider whether you CAN turn the fight around before just rushing in. Having a good grasp of your ability to contribute is key.

    Tryndamere is an excellent tower diver, especially with a loyal tank friend to absorb hits until you have Undying Rage, and to stun or other CC your target. His whirl allows for quick exits from the tower's range, either by jumping the wall or just by rapidly gaining distance, and if you have a full Fury bar, you can heal off most of the damage from at least one attack from the tower. Even if you are trading 1 for 1, this is probably an advantage to you (This doesn't mean you should go for it, but if it happens, it's more of an advantage to you than an even trade) simply due to the power of Trynd's end game. This applies mainly to the duo'ing Trynd, solo Trynds should endeavor to stay alive and farming in their lane for as long as possible.

    Solo laning as Tryndamere:
     Tryndamere is a pretty freaking powerful solo. Especially with the potion nerf, Tryndamere I feel is one of the strongest melee AD solo champs.  He can win most damage exchanges, and his whirl does not provoke minion aggro, so use it to harass enemy champions with minimal retribution.  If they start hitting back, your minions can step in. 1 v 1, Tryndamere can handle nearly any of the usual solo opponents. 2 v 1 however when the enemy team lacks a Jungle, Trynd can run into several problems. 1 v 1, you'll very quickly exceed most champions harass capabilities with your own recovery and lifesteal(except maybe dedicated harassers like Kennen or Caitlyn or Ashe OR VAYNE). Against them, it won't hurt to play defensively. The worst thing you can do is get killed in solo lane. That leaves their solo to farm unrestricted, and that just makes it that much more likely that they'll kill you again. Focus mainly on getting last hits, and (allowing as always for situational flow) consider going back at 825 for your emblem, boots, and a pink ward to place in the bush. There have been times I waited for 1400 or 1500 gold or so when the opposing champ just was completely unable to oppose my farm, but you want to have whatever item advantages you can get to kill/escape their junglers inevitable gank, especially since the meta is very oriented aroudn L2-3 jungle ganks these days.

    Certain champions are to be avoided at all costs in the solo lane. Vayne is one. If there's a Vayne, swap out if ANYONE can take it, she is brutal on Tryndamere. Double stun 2 v 1 is survivable, but you will be zoned out and lose a lot of farm while tower hugging. Generally, let the melee minions take 2 shots from the tower, then hit them to finish. The caster minions are trickier, they can only take one hit and then you usually have to crit them to take it out.  The other major threats as a solo top are Nassus (because of Wither, he's manageable at low levels, but he'll eventually wreck you) and Rumble (He can put out a lot of damage on you without drawing minion aggro and his shield helps him live.  Watch out for that ult!).

  • The Midgame: L6-12

    Now you're L6 (and can pretty much dive towers freely on most champions). At this point, you should begin helping your jungle (or you and your tank friend) to take dragon. Anytime between 6 and 8 is really fine, depending on how your farming has been going, but usually when I engage, I have my [item=Emblem of Valour], Berserker's Greaves, and Zeal. Any 2 characters can handle dragon really. If working with a tankier ally, let him pull the dragon and you DPS. If working with a squishier caster/support, Trynd can tank and heal just fine with Bloodlust and the Emblem. You can also easily kill anything else in the jungle by yourself at this point, though it can take a bit to finish off Lizard or Golem (which you shouldn't be killing except to set up for your allies or to deny the enemy their blue). Team fights also tend to start in this phase of the game. Honestly, I often try and avoid having team fights start for as long as possible in order to continue farming. You are more likely to die or be forced to rage and runaway at this point than anything else. Don't ignore a team fight if it happens, but again, judge the time it would take you to get there and the flow of the fight. Teleport if it's up, but if you have to cross from bottom to top or vice versa and TP is down, you may as well stay and farm, you won't arrive in time. By the midgame, your bloodlust can be used to heal you for about a 1/3rd of your health each time you use at full, and you are a minion wrecking machine.

    If left alone for any length of time, you can destroy or at the very least heavily damage any tower. If a team fight starts far from you, push the shit out of their lane. One time, there was a 4 v 5 harass battle going on at top, and I destroyed the outer and inner turrets before the enemy team realized that the dudes they were trading potshots with were just watching me burn a path through their lane. During this phase of the game, you should be building your Infinity Edge. If engaged 1 v 1 (and the rest of the enemy team is accounted for), feel free to put some hurt on them. Be aggressive in engagement with ranged foes. Ranged are generally squishy and when you whirl up to them and cut off a quarter of their life, they'll rethink the whole shooting you plan and focus more on getting away. Remember that you have rage and bloodlust when fighting enemy champions, so it's not a big deal if your life bar is going faster than theirs unless the speed is grossly imbalanced (also watch out for Garen, you'll have to rage at like 50% if his ult is up).

    For the Solo laning Trynd:
    It is very likely that you will actually remain in your lane through most of this entire phase. This is a good thing as long as you are outfarming your lane opponent (generally not that difficult, with the harasser exceptions mentioned in the early game). In my most recent match, at L12, I had about 150 minion kills to Heimerdingers 57, ontop of the 2 succesful dives and an assist on their jungle Shaco. Remember, your goal is farm farm farm. Keep an eye on your teleport, and when you have enough to purchase major items, push up to their tower, recall from the bush, and then TP or walk back. I like to use my teleport just to keep my active lane time going and to keep pressure on them, but this will not always be the case.  You can also use your teleport to suddenly join a fight in Bot or middle, or the jungle if you have a ward to TP to nearby.

    Make sure you keep a ward active.  A lot of the times, you will find yourself pushed up to near the enemy tower and without warning of incoming jungle ganks, you could wind up handing the enemey a kill.

  • Endgame: L13+

    Once you have your Infinity's Edge and Phantom Dancer, you are a dominant force on the battlefield. Unless you are on all AD team and the enemy is just armor tanking you to death. But generally, dominant force. Engage with your team (preferably just behind your own tanks) and use whirl to hit a bunch of their champions on your way to their squishies. Remember when doing this you are committing for several seconds before you will be able to use whirl to exit, and that if they have a lot of slowing power, you may find yourself in the middle of their team, moving at a crawl. Nonetheless, by this point, most DPS champions can be cut down in a few swings, and UR and your quicksilver sash should buy you those few swings. Plus, as their DPS drops, you're more and more able to heal your way through their damage. This phase of the game your item choices also become more dependent on the enemy team comp and how well you've been playing.

    Even if your early and mid games have been weak, Tryndamere can turn the entire game around after he finishes that Phantom Dancer, particularly if his team is highly AP oriented and the enemy hasn't prepared armor to tank against him. If trying to recover, just remember to stay alive at all costs and do every bit of farm you can to bring in the gold to fight back. Allied CC is Trynd's friend, giving him the opportunity to attack isolated targets and often drop them before they can even respond.

    By this level, soloing Dragon should be easy. In fact, you can probably solo Dragon anytime after you get your zeal and L9. You can also grab Baron from about L14 on with just a tank champion and one other DPS if the rest of your team can keep them occupied. Make sure to ward the 'access' points to Baron if you're going to attempt this, you don't want to hand them your lives (and possibly Baron) for free.

    When pushing against their base, I often like to split from the rest of my group and push a 2nd lane. As long as they're all grouped up around the lane my teammates are pushing, Trynd can casually push minions up to the tower and destroy it in rapidly. Even if one of their champions teleports or takes other measures to preserve the tower, by this point, Trynd can go 1 v 1 with pretty much any champion, or, if all else fails, just use rage to tank the champion long enough to escape.

    Depending on how the game is going, your last 2 items can either be defensive, or just more offense, or some mix of the two (like Frozen Mallet).

  • Champions of Note

    Certain champions are particularly easy or difficult for Tryndamere at various phases of the game, and certain champions are very dangerous when paired with certain partners or types of partners.

    Teemo gets first mention because I hate him. I hate his stupid adorable face, and I want him to report for execution, not for duty. I hate his stupid mushrooms in the bushes in the jungle, and I hate when his poison outlasts UR and finishes me after I leave a fight, and I hate when he used to be able to blind-exhaust-blind me. Fortunately for me, Teemo is squishy. REALLY squishy. Unfortunately, he's also really good at running away. If he's harassing you early in your lane, whirling to him and smacking him a few times is usually a good way to discourage him, but...

    By around L5-6, your healing should pretty much outdamage his harass. Most Teemo's nowaday seem to go AP/AS, so if there's a powerful AP carry, that FoN you should be getting will mitigate him as well. But he's still worth bewaring.

    Teemo/CC partner
    This is where Teemo becomes a real danger to Trynd. With a stun, taunt, or immobilize capable partner, Teemo becomes fairly safe from counter attack by a solo Tryndamere. A stun on Trynd after he's whirled to Teemo is likely to be fatal for Trynd, or at the least, force a rage. At this point, you may be best off retreating to your tower until your lane partner or jungle can assist you in killing the damn munchkin.

    Lee Sin, the Blind Monk
    Whoa boy. Lee Sin is a pretty hard counter for Trynd. He slows your attack speed with Cripple, gains armor and lifesteal from his shield, and most of the successful builds I've seen have been fairly tanky. Oh, and he can chase pretty well by combining Safeguard and Sonic Wave. His ult also deals a pretty big burst compared to his other moves and can take you offguard. It also lets him get away pretty effectively if you're beating him in a fight. If you can make him miss you with Tempest though, you've got the edge.

    If Caitlyn starts in your lane, she's actually not that bad. She can harass you, but if your partner is helping you control the bush, it's not too bad. Where Caitlyn becomes a real problem for Trynd is if she starts mid and then leaves mid to harass other lanes (which puts her damage generally above your ability to heal). She is difficult to 1 v 1 for Trynd in a lane because of her ability to control the bushes with her traps and range. Her sniper shot can (and usually will) strike after Rage ends, resulting in your unfortunate demise.

    Stealth Champions
    Other than the usual oracles/vision wards solutions, Trynd has a special advantage in detecting stealthed champions. If Mocking Shout is useable, but there's no one visible around, there is a stealther near you (also useful for bush checking!). Retreat to a tower, or at least get some help, a gank is probably coming your way. Akali's smokebomb is also a real pain for Trynd, but when trying to outlast it, just head for the nearest bunch of minions and start carving em up for health. This will matter less after the stealth rework, but that's not in yet.

    It used to be that Galio's ult basically amounted to suicide if he caught Tryndamere in it, because a Tryndamere, combined with the rest of his team, would often kill the Galio before the ult ended, accomplishing little. Now that his ult has built in damage reduction, try and stay spread out. Your still likely to be the 'target' of the ult, but try not to let him take your AP teammates with you.

    Don't panic when he starts fearing and draining you. As long as you've gotten your IE, you can cut him down faster than he can probably drain you and his silence won't do shit to help him. And when he gets you low, rage and just take his face off. That being said, I hate Fiddle almost as much as Teemo and I often get an Executioners Calling just for him (and the lifesteal+crit isn't bad). If he gets the drop on your team with crowstorm, focus him. Your ult will buy you the time to at least remove him from the field, and you may even live afterwords to enjoy it.

    Ugh. Udyr is one of the most frustrating champions in the game for Tryndamere (and I think everyone else), just because he runs super fast with his turtle shield on, and then when you get to him, he stuns you and runs off again. Frozen Mallet or help from your teammates is really all you can do to kill him.

    If you need to kill a Rammus, wait for his Defensive Curl to go off. Rammus is actually surprisingly squishy when that isn't on, and hitting him while it is is likely to do next to nothing (and it has a damage return). If a Rammus is pursing you, try and run him into minion lines. In the jungle, consider whacking a camp mob so that they follow you and crowd the already narrow path in the jungle for him to run into. Try and fight near minions, every Rammus ever has Sunfire and will draw some aggro from minions and you will have a convenient source to hit for lifestealing your health back to survive tremors.

    Free kill, 1 v 1, unless Yi realizes this in time to pop his ultimate and run away. Yi's should never engage a Tryndamere alone unless fed to godly levels. The only real other danger I can see is the AP Yi build might surprise burst a Trynd before he ults, but you can see the Alpha Strike coming, so shouldn't really occur.

    Pre Phantom Dancer nerf, my advice was Do Not Confront. Now, they have more manageable dodge, but you may want to consider a sword of the occult anyway if they're doing well. Do not stand toe to toe with a Jax. Jax gains a stacking attack speed buff, so when fighting him, whack him a few times, and then run off until you see the buff dissipate off him, then re-engage. Smart Jax's will keep this up by hitting your minions, try not to fight him near them (this is doubly true, as they will attack him, miss, and give him more dodge/stuns). Even if fed well above Jax, do not underestimate him, he can ruin your day.

    Another champion with an annoying ability to run away, if you don't catch him almost immedialty during pursuit, back off. You are chasing through a poison cloud (if the Singed is even halfway competent) and when you are low enough, Singed will turn around, throw you, and then spray goo on you to slow you. As mentioned earlier however, Singed can be a great laning partner for early game kills. A FoN+Frozen Mallet can be an effective counter to his strategy, but still, you're usually better off doing something else.

    Pantheon has been at various points kinda scary. Since his stun length and burst damage was nerfed, he is now actually kind of squishy, and nowhere near as dangerous. The key is to remember that your first hit will always be blocked, and to walk around his Heartseeker strike (in other words, don't stand in the spears).

    Generally, you will be able to outdamage the healer as long as you can sustain damage on the target (meaning they don't stun you). However, I prefer to just kill the healer whenever possible. Taric is particularly vicious with a ranged harasser in early game however, as he can stun you in place when you whirl in and then shatter to lower your armor while the ranged (or just his minons) tears you up.

    Karthus is pretty easy to kill (Though he'll remain in the fight for 8 more seconds after that), but the reason he's getting a mention is his ult. Karthus's LOVE to use their ult to finish a Tryndamere who has escaped and whose rage has worn off. I STRONGLY reccomend MR against a Karthus. Even if you just buy a Negatron Cloak and nothing else. On most champions I would say a BV, but the lack of mana on Trynd makes that suboptimal. Here's a fun fact though: Quicksilver Sash cleanses Karthus's ult. That's right, his ult is like Vlad's on a global scale in that there's a debuff that triggers the damage at the end. Pop... no ult.

    Edit: This is no longer the case for Karthus's ult.

    Nocturne is one of the newer champions, and a personal favorite of mine when I play to play a ganking assassin. His only real danger to Tryndamere is if you're at low life and you see Paranoia (Nocturne's Ultimate) go up, you may want to consider a pre-emptive rage. If you think you can survive it, feel free to just wait for him to show up. A lot of Nocturne's power comes from his ArP combined with the panic that losing sight of everything on the map causes, but in a straight up slugging match, he should be no match for Trynd. If you dodge his Q attack (the claw thing), he's pretty much screwed, as it is a major damage source for him. Oh, and his fear is a bitch too, but no more than anyone else with a 2 second CC.

    Fuck Vayne. I don't think anyone else as bad to go against as Vayne for Tryndamere. She can rapidly attack, close, and retreat, deals lots of burst, and can knock you away, stun, and escape with easy. She gets faster when she chases so if you move to engage, you pretty much have to committ, because running will kill you. This is where having a stunner is essential, because a decent Vayne will roll around you, shoot you into a wall and stun you, and you'll be half dead and she'll be halfway up the lane before you catch up.

    A skilled Riven can be a major threat, particularly in Dominion.  Try and juke her stun (ie, run in close, and immediatly back off, the range is very short), because if you manage this, you will probably have her.  She can't usually win a straight slug fest with Trynd, but she usually doesn't have to.  Her high mobility let's her escape easily even when slowed.  In Dominion, where she doesn't really need to farm, she is much worse, as farming is probably her main weak point.

    Frankly, not much of a threat to the average Tryndamere, his ult is a knockup and other than that, he's just a bruiser. His Decoy is kind of a pain, but frankly, not much to say about it beyond just anticipate where he'd run.

    Nassus/Nunu/AS Slowing champions
    These guys are Tryndamere's bane.  My build includes a large amount of AS and their slows can cripple you.  A Quicksilver Sash can almost become a requirement against them if they constantly use their AS ability against you.  Oh, and Nassus's staff attack is a large burst which can be hard to anticipate, frequently forcing an early rage in late game.  So, have fun with that.

    Fizz isn't much of a problem for Tryndamere, except the whole running away thing he likes to do.  Make sure not to waste your shout until he's used his little "standing on his trident" move, because even if you slow him, he can get a good amount of distance off that move.

  • Dominion: Items

    Dominon came up a few weeks ago, and at first I was a bit concerned about Tryndamere's performance.  His farming edge doesn't really have the same impact that it can in SR, so it took some fiddling with my build to come up with something I like.  This section will be expanded out to more details later, but for now, here's what I advise for Dominion.

    Start with Vampiric Scepter and Berserker's Greaves.  Try and get bottom, this combo does not lend itself to significant contributions to the team fight at the top.  Typically, you will face off against a defensive champion.  Xerath, Heimerdeinger, Karthus, and Riven have probably been the most common that I have encountered personally.  Focus on getting minion last hits and keep pushing your wave.  Don't worry about tagging the tower, unless you manage to kill the enemy bottom champ (or he leaves bot to go top for the teamfight, then take the hell out of that point).  Frequently, these defensive champions won't have a good means of stopping a large minion wave, which you can easily build up by just gradually pushing.  Around 1200 gold, if you aren't busy keeping the pressure, go back and get Zeal.  Move speed can be king for Dominion, and it's a great item anyway.  Remember, pressure on their point is more important, even if all you do is Neutralize it, you'll still draw enemy champs to recover it, and that's champs not covering the other points.  Next, we'll try and finish our Sanguine Blade, which will require about 2450 gold.

    From here, Dominion's item build becomes much more complex than SR, where minor variations of the build occur, but generally everything is the same.  If the opponents are getting tons of armor, Last Whisper is probably appropriate.  Enemy Jax?  Sword of the Divine.  Kiter champions, or at least, ones that keep escaping?  Frozen Mallet.  More damage and speed needed? [item=Phantom Dancers].  Akali or other stealth champions irritating you?  [item=Lightbringer].  I can't give you a 100% of the time build, because it's very important in Dom to adapt your build to the enemy team.  Expect expansions to this section as I get more practice with Trynd in Dominion.

  • Dominion: Strategy

    Frankly, I don't really like Dominion, I will probably be removing this section from my guide.

  • Tryndamere Videos

    I apologize for the fact that the game drowns out a lot of what I say, it was my first time attempting to do a video+gameplay. This shows a pretty great solo lane Tryndamere game. What I learned from making this is A) People probably can't hear me over the game most of the time during fights B) Maybe I should watch the replay once and take notes BEFORE trying to narrate it, so I remember what I'm doing a week after the game occurred.

  • Version History

    1.05: Added quickplay section, updated items, summoner spells, and gameplay notes
    1.04: Added Dominion items section, added area to fill in.
    1.03: Added video section, updated a couple comments
    1.02: Corrected some out of date information brought to my attention in the comments
    1.01: Tryndamere Fury re-work, updated several sections of the guide in line with the rework
    1.0: The guide is published!

  • Final Comments

    Well, this is my first attempt at writing a guide. Credit goes to I R BABOON for his guide, which I used when I was first learning how to play Tryndamere. I found that the build I describe here works better for me than relying on pure crit-bloodlust heals, but it's up to you to decide which build you like best.

    If you vote on the guide, please leave a comment either way (though particular if you downvote), so I know what I can improve on the guide.

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