Morgana Build Guide

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Evil Morgana, Because Not all Angels Are Good

written by Mariya

Morgana Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Soul Siphon
    This helps brilliantly! After escaping a team fight or popping a pot I go kill easy neutral creeps and gain health back pretty quickly. It's not as good as the life steal some characters have and won't save your life in a team fight but it will help you out a fair bit.

    Dark Binding
    Your bread and butter, this is Morg's initiating spell, capturing spell (for fleeing enemies), keeping melee enemies out of fights, last hitting people, snaring near turrets, and a great help escaping.

    Tormented Soil
    This is the skill you want to max out first. It is all your best farming skill, great for manipulating enemies to go the way you want them to, and best damage output.

    Black Shield
    This is one spell I wouldn't worry about maxing out, one point in this until all others are maxed is perfectly fine. This spell is a life saver, it blocks lots of magic damage, can be the difference between life and death when it comes to many things like Karthus' ulti for one. But don't be greed and use it only for yourself. It's a great support for whoever initiates your fights.

    Soul Shackles
    What a wonderful ulti. With this, the only think you need to worry about is someone jumping out of the bushes or fiddles. There is no need to worry about that Evelynn showing up out of no where and ganking you, or that invisible twitch. Not one does your ultimate deal damage, slow, stun, and do even more damage, it also tells you when a champion is close to you.

  • Introduction

    This guide is unfinished. I had to leave it incomplete temporarily because of some stuff that's needed to be done around the house. I'll finish it as soon as I get a chance.

    Hello, I'm Mariya, and this is my first guide. I won’t lie and say I'm an expert, a top tier player, and have months of gameplay under my belt. I won't lie and say that I know how to play every champion really well. Because… I don't. But Morgana is a little different. She is one of the few champions that I actually do pretty well with. I absolutely adore her. And that is why I'm writing this guide. It works really well for me an average play.

    Now this guide isn't meant as any strict set of rules for you to fallow. Actually I encourage you to experiment with it find out what works out best for you. Just let me know if you have any tips for me to better this build. I've been recently considering trying a build with Doran's Ring since people seem very fond of it.

  • Runes and Masteries

    Note!: The armour pen runes are what I've been using with advice from my brother. This does not mean you have to use them. Also I am planning to test out other runes and see what combos work better. {Also at least try it before you knock it)


    I like having the armour pen because it allows me more room to last hit minions, and I've always just found it really great. As for the Quints I had played a game as Morgana with my Rammus page, they had Quints, and that was about it actually. xD But I found that the health quints were more useful to me than the CD ones I had been using before.

    [mastery_icon=Resistance][mastery_icon=Hardiness] Hardiness and Munder's Faith are both good masteries to get for the extra protection, and also because you need to put some points in the tree anyway if you want Strength of Spirit
    [mastery_icon=Strength of Spirit] I personally find Strength of Spirit to be a GREAT spell on most champions. Think about it you’re regeneration is increasing by .3% of you mana. I doesn't sound the greatest on paper, but after playing you'll see it is a big help.

    [mastery_icon=Good Hands] I like to take Good Hands over Perseverance because though I don't want to die, and sometimes manage to pull a game off with 0 deaths, I rather be able to get back in the field quicker, that extra time taken off could actually make a huge difference, you might get up just in time to stop your inhibitor from going down. That's 10% less time spent dead. Just think about that.
    [mastery_icon=Haste] Maxing out Awareness is my favourite thing to do on ANY champion. It gives you 5% extra experience. It can be a huge advantage when you have a solo lane, and especially in mid. If you take a 2v2 you can still get great amounts of extra experience. And in a 2v1 camping the tower you’ll still get huge HUGE experience.
    [mastery_icon=Awareness] Maxing out Awareness is my favourite thing to do on ANY champion. It gives you 5% extra experience. It can be a huge advantage when you have a solo lane, and especially in mid. If you take a 2v2 you can still get great amounts of extra experience. And in a 2v1 camping the tower you'll still get huge HUGE experience.
    [mastery_icon=Expanded Mind] Meditation is a must for Morgana, or at least my build, you'll find early on you will be using a lot of mana, the mana regeneration you get helps quite a bit actually, with it and your passive you have some pretty good lane staying power.
    [mastery_icon=Meditation] And it's a smart idea to get Utility Mastery because you'll be wanting blue buff a lot.
    [mastery_icon=Utility Mastery] And it's a smart idea to get Utility Mastery because you'll be wanting blue buff a lot.
    [mastery_icon=Intelligence] Intelligence is an obvious for the cooldowns.
    [mastery_icon=Presence of the Master] Presence of the Master is nice for your summoner abilities.

  • Items

    {I'm gonna try some other builds out but this is my usual.)


    Starting with a mana crystal may decrease the 'survivability that Dorian's gives you but it will allow you to get your Rod of Ages quicker, and your quints should give you a leg up on most of the usual squishy mids anyway. (Or if you're in the 2v1 you should just worry about playing defensively anyway.)

    First Trip Back

    Catalyst is a good item for keeping in lane, especially if you're closing in on a level. Don't expect it to keep you alive though. I usually bring 1-5 health pots. And most times I'll be carrying 5 health pots until really late game. Don't underestimate the pots. If you don't have enough money just grab a health crystal and pots or the catalyst and pots. Your boots aren't as important especially since you're carrying ghost and a snare.

    Second Trip Back
    [item_icon=Catalyst of the Protector]xxx

    I like the feel of the cd boots. But they can be replaced by almost any boots. Sorcerer's Shoes are nice if you see them grabbing treads or banshee's but I prefer to get an Abyssal Scepter for the magic pen. [item_text=Boots of Swiftenss] are actually also a decent choice. I've gone several games with them, they are nice for hunting down enemies, only get these if you're doing good and ganking a LOT. Mercury's Treads and Ninja Tabi are situational. I personally prefer not to get either because not only do you have the increased magic resistance and armour from your masteries you also have magic resistance from your Black Shield, and a Frozen Heart is a nice choice if you want more armour. Boots of Mobility and Berserker's Greaves are just big no-nos on Morg and should just be avoided.

    Third Trip Back

    This is about the time I stop getting health pots every trip and switch to warding a lot more, you should be warding early game too, but by 20+ minutes in you want to start warding dragon and baron constantly. Also warding major ganking points and/or blue buffs are great ideas. I usually grab two ruby crystals at this point to build into a [item_text=Soul Shroud] if you already have enough for this good, great grab it and watch your health sky rocket and laugh at how you're probably have more health than your tank.

    This is where the game gets really, really situational, and based on your preference. Here are some recommended items.

    This usually comes next in my build, it's a nice item and I personally prefer it over Rabadon's Deathcap it gives you more survivability, you don't lose out too much more on the ability power, and you gain a really nice active from it.

    I like this item simply because Morgana isn't a nuke character, and a lot of times you'll be wishing you had that little extra damage to deal. I find it really good for finishing enemies off quickly in team fights.

    As I mentioned earlier, if you find yourself lacking a fair bit of armour this is a nice item to get. Not only does it increase your armour you also get more mana and even more of a cooldown decrease all the while slowing nearby enemies. It's really useful in team fights. {Still don't know if it really stacks with your ulti though.)

    If the enemy team is grabbing banshee's and mercs I usually grab this to offset thir magic resistance even a little. It's also a nice defensive item with it's 57 mr.

    I think everyone knows why this is a good item? Who hasn't gotten a banshee's veil in a game when there's a lot of CC on the other team? It's a good item, and plus it's gives you TWO bubbles. Stack this with your shield and unless they all are going to waste time on you the'll probably turn to focus another squishier champion.

    It's a really great item. It gives you LOTS of ability power, just what you need for that extra bite, but it also costs a lot of money. But it Morgana's ap ratios are nice, and you probably don't have all that high of ap after the first three items are build.

    It's stackable and a great all around survivability item and adds some nice ap. I reccomend dropping soul shroud for a second one of these late game.

    It gives you some nice mana, and with two rod of ages you'll have the mana to be putting out some nice ability power with this item. I just love it!

    This item does not come highly recommended from me. It's very situational and can easily become bad if you start getting focused and picked off in team fights. It does give you some nice ability power, and you shouldn't be EXPECTING to die, but realistically you will die.

    Despite being a minute and a half shorter map awareness can be a key part to winning the game. You should be warding major ganking spots, dragon, and baron with these often.

    Vision wars aren't highly recommended early game they're nice to have, but at level 6 it becomes easy for you to notice stealths. Make sure early game to grab one and put it in the middle of your lane if there's a stealth.

    [item_icon=Oracle's Elixir] It's very situational. Don't grab it if you're being targeted and killed in all the team fights. It's nice for noticing wards and/or mushrooms. Though I usually just run into bushes while black shielded if I expect a mushroom, it give you very little damage.

    I will always, ALWAYS stand by and say Health Pots make all the difference, especially during the laning phase. They can save your life, get you the kill on the opposing champion, and make Warwick think twice about tower diving you.

  • Skilling Order

    Now there are three different starting builds I reccomend. It's a minor change in each build on where to get your shield.

    - This is my recommended, average game build.

    Go with this if your lane is pushing hard with some major magic damage or lots of CC. It could save your life.

    I usually recommend this gainst Vlad or Nid. It takes some of the sting out of Nidalee's spear, and it can save you from haveing Vlad life steal you. Also helps you kill him quicker because he'll probably still try to life steal you over the minions.

    Priority List

  • Summoner Spells

    Recommended Spells
    Ghost - Great for escaping, hunting down, ganking, and getting to places quickly, especially after getting golem and getting back to lane.
    Ignite - You're not a nuke, and there’s often a rather large chance your enemy will get away, this narrows the chances down a fair bit, plus helps slow the healing process.

    Meh Skills
    Exhaust - Slows the target making it harder to escape, it's alright, but the cool down on your dark binding usually comes up before they get away, at least in an average fight.
    Heal - I nice spell for all champions to have. It works great as a (I'm gonna kill you. Oh! Shit! They brought heal. Damn.) type spell.
    Smite - You might be wondering why SMITE?! That's a jungler spell. Well it's actually pretty good for Morgana. It allows you to get rid of minions in the way of your q skill. If you're really experienced with this trick you can shoot your binding first then quickly smite the minion away for a surprise attack to the champion.
    Teleport - Useful on most characters since it allows you to leave lane and come back quickly, but usually I wait until the other team had to go back and then take that chance to go get my items.
    Clarity - Yay mana! It's a good spell for EARLY game. Late game Morgana doesn't usually have as much mana issues.
    Clairvoyance - It's a good skill to have on your team but it is better for someone else to take it.

    Not Recommended
    Revive - A very situational spell, not useful on Morgana. (Though I recommend it on either Pantheon for a sudden revived jump, or TF for same reason)
    Cleanse - You have a shield that prevents negative spells, you don't really need this if you time it right, besides that's what banshee’s is for.
    [spell_text=Fortify - Not really an item you want. You shouldn't be expecting to have your towers pushed, and by the time it is getting pushed you’ll probably be dead and not be able to do anything about it. If it is necessary it’s better for someone else to use it.
    [spell_text=Rally] - A pretty bad skill all around in my opinion and the Attack Damage won't help you.

  • Tips

    {More tips to come)

    It may get costly but make sure you are constantly warding your bushes. (The ones on the rivers so you can see for ganks.)

    Remember to make sure to put the wards in the bushes, unless warding dragon and baron, put them out so that you can see the river as well.

    If you ward golem make sure to ward him on the inside of the bush closest to him and his minions so you can see both the bush and the golem.

    Always buy pots. I usually carry 5 pots around until 30+ minutes in. They save your life.

    If you wanna be mean and get Teemo and/or Caitlyn to rage, pop shrooms and traps using your black shield. You’ll take minor poison damage from the mushroom but at least you aren’t blinded and slowed.

    Try to stick to last hitting. It makes them easier to gank becaus they'll be pushing out, and helps you avoid being ganked.

    Don't only use Tormented SOil to deal damage, you can use it to manipulate the enemy’s movement, most people will avoid going into it and instead run away from it. This is useful for blocking off usual escape routes, or gank routes.

  • Note

    Sorry, but I don't usually go by game time to determine my 'early' 'mid' and 'late' games. My standard early game Is when the front turrets are still up and it's still laning phase, mid game is when lanes have been pushed turrets are now down, and there's a lot more ganking going on. Late game is team phase in my mind, you stay with your team try to push down the inhibs, best time to be getting Baron or warding him.

  • Start of Game

    At the start of the game decide where you'll be. If you want mid or if another 'carry' character would be better there. If you have a jungler take this chance to solo top, or take mid, both are at least my personal preferences.

    Grab your mana crystal, a health pot and a mana pot and be on your way.

    If you’re in a solo lane, good great, you get to have lots of fun. But first you should probably worry about your jungler. Most people make it a habit to ruin jungler's lives and rush golem buff in attempt to kill him. If you’re mid it is a smart idea to hang around the bush either just south (I'm going from blue side) of golem, or the bush closer to baron. If you're top take either the bush by your lane, or even just standing in the hole to golem is fine. Once minions reach mid turret (if you're top lane you have a few seconds to get to your lane. If you're mid leave when they're between your turrets.) it's time to go back to your lane. And make sure not to come charging out of the river, it'll give away your jungle's position.

  • Early Game

    This is where I've seen most people tell other players to harass, harass, harass. And this is where I tell you DON'T. Harassing and pushing are great and fine, in a 2v2... Actually I lied. You don't want to push. Harassing is great and fine, but try to stick to last hitting minions, it keeps the enemy out longer. In a 2v1 lane this can make all the difference in the world as they will push to you to your turret giving you extra defence. Most 1v1's do the same.

    If mid I recommend harassing the mid champion with your dark binding only if you have a clear shot. Or at least play around with them. Dart about the minions from one side to the other. You'll see them immediately run to the opposing side to stay behind minions. It's fun to watch, and keeps them on edge.

    Take this time to figure out who you're laning against, and how they play. If they're overly agressive you might want to grab your spell shield a level or two early. If they're defensive you can wait on it. Best for Vladimir and Nidalee be sure to grab it. I can't stress how many times it has save my life against them and got me kills. If they have lots of stun/slow/silence/ect, grab it around level 3, unless you're being tortured by slows and silences.

    Be sure on your first trip back to have room for 1 or 2 wards, you want two if you're mid, one if you're 2v1 or 2v2. Throw them into the brush at the river. Make sure your enemy doesn't see you doing this.

    Once you hit level 5/6 you're at the best time for ganking. Your tormented soil should allow you to destroy the minions and push to the enemy turret quickly enough to be able to gank top or bottom from mid. It's harder to do this if you're in a solo lane, but is possible to do in a 2v2 lane, though remember if you gank mid they'll probably be higher level than you. You can use ghost to get from your lane to the other lane and pop out of the brush after a snare. If your snare failed, oh well, that's what your ulti's for. If it hit immediately fallow up with a tormented soil.

  • Mid Game

    If you played defensively and well you should still have your turret and roughly a 0-0-0 score. If you managed to gank, or get a gank then you probably have a better score, and if your opponent was stupid and reckless you should be considered fed. (I’ve had countless champions turret dive me. You probably will face many people who assume they can get you at turret when you have low health. Just snare them tormented soil, ignite, and a few normal hits and let the turret destroy them.)

    You should roughly have your Rod of Ages, boots, and most of your soul shroud finished by this time. (Make sure you started with the two hp crystals as they give you the most survivability.) Usually around this point you’ll have more or as much health as the tank. I consider this the random running around phase part 1 as that is what it will feel like you are doing.

    What you want to be focusing on is getting golem buff when it’s up, and dragon. These can lead to huge advantages in team fights. If you aren't getting dragon, you should be warding it. If you see your team engaging in battle while you’re not there (off getting golem should be one of the three reasons you might not be with them, other than defending against a huge minion wave, and last you’re placing wards.) make sure to use your ghost to get there as soon as you can. You're an important part of team battles with your ultimate and snares.

    Morgana is also a great pusher. I've managed to take turrets from full health to dead in a pretty decent time. Use this to your advantage, if all members of the opposing team are accounted for and/or dead push hard. Your tormented soil can clean up the minions quickly, and if the turret is low enough you could probably even tank it with all your amazing health.

  • Late Game

    Under Construction

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