Renekton Build Guide

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Off-Tank. Much more a build than a guide.

written by DeepHatred

Renekton Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I've played a few games with and against a good amount of Renekton players, and no one of them could do anything good late game. Yes your high AD enables you to get easy kills at lower levels while laning, but what happens when it's time to fight all together? Your skills are aoe, you actually need to be INSIDE the enemy group to really exploit them.
    So what we are going to build is survivability plus some AD, and start playing as an off-tank.

  • Abilities

    Cull the Meek
    Nice aoe skill that recovers you a bit.

    Ruthless Predator

    Slice and Dice

    Buff and aura that damages nearby enemies per second. With this build you'll exploit this.

  • Items

    Start with and a .
    When you get back to base you will want some move speed. So buy the .
    What we're going to build first is the which will add damage to your ulti's aura and grant you some nice survivability too. Possibly buy the first, and use some money to build the before you finish your sunfire.
    Now it's time to build a . I don't need to explain why, do I?
    Now you'll realize that your damage output starts to be a little bit too low and you'll want to add some AD. Time to go for . That way you'll raise both your durability and your damage output.
    As last item you'll want some magic resist to be able to fight longer. Build a [item_icon=Force of Nature], obviously buy magic resist first.
    Now, if the game is still running, replace the with a better item (if you still didn't sell it).
    For durability:
    Both defenses and revive at least once before the game ends.
    More HP: more survivability and AD.
    For damage:
    Some AD and magic resist too.
    For some nice AD, armor reduction and Atk speed.

  • Build Example

    Build Example

  • Summoner Spells

    Since I play him tank-ish I pick tank spells:
    and .
    If you don't like heal then you can replace it with , pretty good for evading a fight before you die, or if you are more of an aggressive player then or .

  • Working in the team

    In team fights always try to get their ranged DPS or mage. Possibly any enemy champ that doesn't have a high amount of HP. You can tank a good amount of damage. Slice and Dice in, Dominus, Cull the Meek, then choose your target and stun him with Ruthless Predator. Ignore their tanks, unless their DPS start running too far from the battle. DON'T chase to kill one and let your whole team die. If your health is dropping too fast then try to Slice and Dice away before you die. If the enemy team is pretty stupid they will chase you, while your team kills most part of them.

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