Vladimir Build Guide

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Vladimir, The New Garen

written by BlueTortuga

Vladimir Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This guide is no longer viable since the change to his passive. His hp to ap ratio was drastically lowered. It used to be that every 25hp would give you 1ap. Now it takes 40hp to get 1ap This is still a "decent guide" that gives alot of general tips as well so i will leave it up. A new Vlad guide will be written by me soon, and I will have it up asap.

  • Updates

    This is the first time I've updated this guide since I wrote it on Feb 4th 2011. There have been three patches since then, so there is a lot to cover. Btw, I swear it is like Riot hates me and doesn't want to pwn anyone. I wrote this guide, and then the very next patch made it way less viable to build HP Vlad (which is the way I preferred to build him).


    -Crimson Pact Bonus ability power gained reduced to 1 ability power per 40 bonus health from 25 health
    You need 60 percent more hp to get the same amount of bonus ap. (I'll adjust the number crunching
    below so you can see the difference)

    -Sanguine Pool no longer grants a speed bonus on use
    You can't pool to catch runners/juke chasers.

    -Fixed a bug where Turrets would sometimes idle while Vladimir was pooled
    You used to be able to confuse turrets so they wouldn't attack allies.

    -Fixed a bug where Sanguine Pool would occasionally not properly draw aggro upon exiting his pool
    You used to be able to attack enemy champs without drawing tower aggro.


    -nothing Vlad related


    -nothing Vlad related

  • Abilities

    Crimson Pact
    This passive is awesome. More ap = more hp, more hp = more ap.

    Vlad's bread and butter. You'll be able to use this skill every 1.8 seconds. Use it to peck away at the enemy.

    Sanguine Pool
    This is was makes you almost indestructible. I say 'almost' because once you use it, you cant use it again for a while. You need team mates good enough to save your ass in tight situations.

    Tides of Blood
    This ability can mean the difference when taking on 2 or 3 enemy champs by yourself. With this ability at full stacks and a spirit visage, you can go from no health to half health fairly quickly. Another note about this ability: when casted, the animation shows blood attacking stealthed units like wards, shrooms, and Eve.

    This is my second favorite ult next to DEMACIAAAA!!!! It increases ALL damage dealt to enemy champs affected by it. I use it at the beginning of team fights then cast pool immediately to slow everyone.

  • Runes and Masteries

    Runes I use for Vlad
    Greater Mark of Insight The only marks you get with Vlad
    Greater Seal of Regeneration The health regen offsets the cost of you spamming your E
    Greater Glyph of Force Makes your Q and E stronger every level while also increasing your HP
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness Gotta be able to catch up to them to kill them

    Other viable runes are:
    Greater Seal of Potency, Greater Seal of Force, Greater Seal of Vitality
    Greater Glyph of Insight
    Greater Quintessence of Potency, Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    Runes to ignore:
    Greater Seal of Fortitude Because at level 5, seal of vitality gives more hp
    Greater Glyph of Potency Because at level 6, glyph of force gives more ap


    I use 9/0/21. I dont take the ignite buff for three reasons. One, i rarely take ignite. Two, 10 ap is nothing to vlad. Glyph of force gives you 10 ap by level 5. And three, the presence of the master mastery 15% cdr on summoner spells is better long term.

  • Summoner Abilities

    98% of the time i use the same summoner spells.

    Teleport The most underrated spell in LOL. Allows for continuous laning with no exp loss. Port to a ward or shroom to gank or steal golem. Port to a tower with 20-30 enemy minions approaching for easy farming.
    Ghost Good for chasing or initiating. Or if you know you're about to die, Pop ghost then pool away from everyone.

    Other viable options

    Ignite Necessary to annihilate Mundo, and perfect for killing Trynd. As he turns to run away with no hp, cast it on him so his Q heals him for half. Then watch him die to the rest of the true damage. Only get it if no one else on your team has it.
    Exhaust Useful if you have a really squishy team. 70% damage reduction on melee attacks or 35% reduction on damage from abilities.

  • Skilling Order

    I prioritize Q to get its cooldown to 1.8 seconds as soon as possible. If you are mid versus a squishy like ashe, kat, or veigar, just peck away at their hp with your Q until they're about 1/2 health. Then use your combo to kill them (R+E+Q+W+E+Q). I prioritize W second to get its cooldown low enough to use it twice in a team fight.

  • Items

    Doran's Shield should always be your first item. It gives you 120hp, 8 armor, 8 hp regen, and 5 ap. Also get a Health Potion. Once you have 935 gold, push the next minion wave and recall. Buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity and another Health Potion. Then teleport back to your lane before you miss any experience. When you get 1960 gold, recall again and get both a Giant's Belt and a Kindlegem. The next item you want to get should be a Warmog's Armor or a [item=rylai's scepter]. Now I know what your saying. "OMFG you n00b! Quit trolling. What's there to think about? Warmog's is for baddies." Well let's do some numbers though. Warmog's is 3000 gold and gives you 1370hp and 55ap (due to your passive). Rylai's is 3105 and gives you 660hp and 100ap (due to your passive). "But BlueTortuga, at least you dont have to charge Rylai's." Stfu. Five assists and 50 minion kills is all you need. That's seven waves of minions. You can fully stack your warmogs in 5-7 minutes if you are getting assists too. Now I'm not saying one item is better than the other. i'm just saying that warmog's is nothing to laugh at. I typically get both every game. After you get whatever item you chose, your next step is to finish your Spirit Visage. Your next item needs to be a Needlessly Large Rod. Then you want to upgrade that to a Rabadon's Deathcap. By this time, the game is usually ending due to a surrender by the opposing team. However, if the game continues, your 6th item is usually situational. Nine times out of ten, i get a Guardian Angel or a Zhonya's Hourglass. The GA is just intimidating on someone with 4000 health and 300 ap. But the cooldown on Zhonya's is only 1 minute so you can use it plenty of times. Plus it boost your ap, hp, and armor. If you're facing a very tanky team, the Void Staff is the way to go.

    My core build

    My mid-game build

    My late-game build

    My OMFG this game wont end build

    [item_icon=elixir of agility][item_icon=oracle's elixir]

  • Farming and Laning

    WIth Vlad, you always want to be mid unless you have a jungler. Then you want to be the solo top. Always solo top; never bottom. Bottom needs to be two so they can grab dragon as often as possible. Also, if you're soloing top, you want to make sure that you let the opposing team push so you don't get ganked easily. For the first few levels, you want to hide behind you caster minions and use your Transfusion to last hit minions. Once you get a point in your Tides of Blood, you can use it to last hit multiple minions at one time. And eventually you'll be able to pop your Tides of Blood and then Sanguine Pool to kill entire creep waves at once.

  • Number Crunching and You: Ap vs. Hp

    In this section, I will go over the various builds, ap heavey and hp heavy, and the bonuses they present. I, personally like to go hp heavy for the durability and the added effect of strengthening your pool. But many people think that the best defense is a good offense. Those people like to go all ap.

    On to the number crunching. This is your typical ap build on Vlad

    Final stats: Hp=3450 Ap=780

    With this build, you get 760 ap and 500 hp. Due to your passive, you gain an additional 20 ap and 1520 hp. Your base hp at level 18 is 1930. So when you hit level 18 and have all your items at max stats, you have an intimidating 780 ap and 3450 hp. This build drastically increases your q, e, and r.

    This is your typical hp build on Vlad

    [item_icon=force of nature] Final stats: Hp=4550 Ap=265

    With this build, you get 2620 hp and 160 ap. Due to your passive, you gain an additional 320 hp and 105 ap. Your base hp at level 18 is 1930. So when you hit level 18 and have all your items at max stats, you have an intimidating 4550 hp and 265 ap. This build drastically increases you w. And, due to massive health regen, it also allows you to kite extremely well.

    My typical build on Vlad

    Final stats: Hp=3800 Ap=436

    With this build, you get 1870 hp and 335 ap. Due to your's and rabadon's passives, you gain 670 hp and 101 ap. Your base hp at level 18 is 1930. So when you hit level 18 and have all your items at max stats, you have an intimidating 3800 hp and 436 ap.

  • Team Fights

    Let me start by saying this: You can't be an undeniable killing machine without good teammates. Shen, Alistar, and Rammus are ideal teammates for Vlad. They have the ability to control enemy champs long enough for you to destroy them. You always want to initiate team fights with Vlad. I like to get my e to full stacks before I initiate. Make sure to let your team know that you are about to initiate and then cast your ult on as many enemy champs as possible. Then spam your e and q. If it looks like the enemy champs are about to run, use your pool to slow them. Then cast e immediately, and use q to kill the squishiest person or the person the rest of your team is focusing. If you get low on health, pull back and q to get some health back until you can pool again.

  • Things you should know

    Sanguine Pool - When you're playing against pros, they will often wait to engage you until you use your pool. So it is absolutely imperative that you wait to use it until it will guarantee your escape or guarantee your kill. Never spam this spell unless you know where everyone on the opposing team is.

    Wards as vision - There are a couple of things you should know about how and when to use wards. There are key places in the jungle where wards should be placed. I like to put two on each side of the river. One in each of the tiny bushes next to Baron/Dragon and then next to the entrances of dragon/baron. This particular spot is tricky though. You have to place the ward slightly east of dragon or slightly west of Baron. The reason for this is because with wards in these four spots, you can see EVERY entrance to the river. You shouldn't be the only one buying wards, but they are cheap and you can do it.

    Wards as an ability interrupter - The most annoying thing in the world to me is when, right after I kill someone and now have low health, Rammus runs right up to me with his , taunts me, then casts and kills me. It's so lame. Wards can be used to save you from this lame ass tactic. If you see Rammus spinning towards you, wait until he is almost to you and place the wards between the two of you. If done correctly, Rammus will run into it and won't stun you. This tactic can be used against several abilities ie: , , and .

    Defense - Sometimes, you are going to have to get a heavy defense item like a or a . These items can drastically help your lane-staying ability in your early-to-mid game. After you get your core items, build your into a or your into an .

    Summoner abilities - During team fights, you should be aware of what teammates have spells like ignite and exhaust available. You need to coordinate with those individuals to most efficiently execute the team fight. You should also be aware of what spells the other team has. You want to hang back a little until they cast them on someone else. You are a carry, and therefore need to be able you attack with your full potential.

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