Janna Build Guide

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A competitive guide for Janna, the goddess of League of Legends

written by Rydra_

Janna Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

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    Janna is probably one of the best support champions in League of Legends. She's funny to play and her versatility and utility makes her a great asset for any team. However, she's pretty underused by all those low-mid ELO players who just want a good KDA ratio instead of driving his team to glory and victory. The use of Janna will make you a different player from the most common ones, so if you need to feel special, Janna could be a good choice for you.

    However, take into account that playing a support character requires you to have a good team spirit, infuse that spirit in your mates, be selfless and have a low amount of kills (but tones of assists). If you can't stand with this statement, then forget about Janna and be a quiet sheep in the great herd of League of Legends.

    In this guide I will present to you the most common competitive playstyle of Janna, and, as a funny section, how to jungle with her (don't do it too often, only when you want to troll a bit and don't feel to play Trundle :P)

    Here there are my stats in ranked with Janna.

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  • Summary

    This section will only post my current build for Janna for a quick reference. If you wish more insight, read the guide :D. As my exclusive playstyle at the moment for Janna is Support Janna, I will only post her in this summary.

    Masteries: 0/9/21

    Runes: 1x 2x

    Summoner spells: + /

    Items: / [item_icon=Heart of Gold][item_icon=Heart of Gold][item_icon=Oracle's Elixir] + ///[item_icon=Stark's Fervor]//[item_icon=Soul Shroud]/

  • Reviews and Updates

    [27/04/2011] I've lightened some words on the guide in green to ease the reading and comprehension of key concepts.

    Update a bit the playstyle of Janna, and formatted better the Item build section.

    [25/04/2011] Deleted the AP Janna part from this guide to keep it simpler and focused on competitive gaming.

    Also I changed the item build section. Check it out for updated information.

    [12/04/2011] HUGE nerf to Heart of Gold, unless you want to build Randuin's, it's not a worth item to stack anymore, as it doesn't provide any armor. Now if you want to take advantage of item slots and make up for survivability, I would advise getting 2 Doran Rings (unless you want to make the Shurelya's reverie, in which case you would replace the 2 rings for the philosopher stone and make your way up to Shurelya's. Besides that, not any important changes for Janna come up.

    [07/04/2011] The more I see high ELO streams, the more I am realizing that Janna doesn't need great items but be a warding machine and roamer. I added a new build for Support Janna.

    I also added some red notes in some parts of the guide with a date. I changed my playstyle since I wrote this guide and I will write in red which updates I made on my personal playstyle. LEARNING IS A PROCESS WHICH NEVER ENDS!

    I added also a summary for lazy people :D

    [23/03/2011] No important changes in new patches for Janna.

    I realised that Soul Shroud is not that important since the nerf to CDR (5% is a hard hit to the item) and the Aura is situational (Long cooldown team, caster oriented team, mana hungry team...). So I erased Soul Shroud from the core items on Aura Janna. Since I took out Soul Shroud from core items, I modified a little the description of runes, recommending the clarity seals, and changed the item section of Aura Janna. If you already read this guide, I recommend you to reread this section again.

    I recently discovered the wonders of roaming supports. In the playstyle of Aura Janna, I changed a bit the laning phase section talking about the roaming.

    [08/03/2011] New patch Nerf to Janna's ultimate, it doesnt't slow anymore (just knockback's and heals). Buff to [item=Morello's Evil Tome], making it worth for AP Janna.

    [19/02/2011] Updated guide for new patch. Soul Shroud has been severely nerfed with a 5% CDR less for the aura. This implies some changes in masteries and runes.

  • Pros / Cons

    General advantages of Janna:
    * The highest natural speed of the game (other champions need ghost or other temporal sources of speed to match Janna's speed, Janna has a high speed ALWAYS (if Zephyr is not used, ofc).
    * Is a natural counter against AoE team compositions:
    - Counters Kennen's, Fiddle's and Morgana's (if not shielded) ult with Janna's Monsoon (Kennen can counter-counter this with flash)
    - Counters Katarina's, Nunu's, Amumu's ult with either Howling Gale or Monsoon (if they have Banshee's Veil, use first Zephyr or Gale to fade the shield, then Gale/Monsoon to counter her)
    * Her spells make her very item independant. Even with 0 AP or underfarmed, her spells have a great impact even late-game.
    * Perfect choice for duo lane
    * Great value on teamfights (slow, knock-up, knock-back, +damage, damage absorption)
    * Well played in a good team allows to have 4 well-farmed champions who are more item dependant (considering there is a jungler), instead of the typical 3 well-farmed champions (I'll explain this later with more detail). This point is very related with the previous one
    * Nice survivability
    * Warder machine

    General disadvantages:
    * Squishy and usually targeted by opponents (sometimes you can use this to your advantage in teamfights, blind and dumb opponents start to chase me in the middle on teamfights whenever I am on low health without considering that I am way faster than them. That makes Janna a good kiter)
    * Team dependant (this can be an advantage with a good team or a premade one). Janna is as good as her mates are (Nevertheless, you can help them a little to be more effective by giving them all the utility you consider they may need).
    * Her heal and damage absorption from shield are not as effective as AP Janna (¡but still useful!)
    * Her Gale's and Zephyr do not deal lot of damage (but they still CC enemies!)
    * Bad farmer (Anyway, all the farm must be given to mates if possible)

    When to play Janna over other supports
    * Soraka/Nidalee have advantage against poke-oriented teams with respect to Janna. Soraka pales later in the game as she has no CC at all besides a silence and her ultimate requires some AP to be noticeable late game. Janna's ultimate is really useful in competitive environments for the knock back, not the heal, so Janna is less farm-dependant than Soraka.
    * Soraka is a good contribution on caster-oriented teams due to the Starcall MR reduction, mana recovery and armor addition to squishies.
    * Taric is good when your team requires some hard CC like a stun (since Sion's stun nerf, Taric's has become the longest non-ult targeted stun in the game) or when you require a tanky character (thanks to Shatter, Radiance and Imbue Taric has a very high survivability).
    * Alistar follows approximately the same criteria as Taric in terms of tankiness. In good hands he maybe be even the main tank in teamfights.
    * Sona and Karma have no good CC in order to contribute as much as Janna on teamfights without being farmed.

    (More advices and suggestions about these comparisons are welcome. Try to avoid trolling)

  • Abilities

    A good passive which boosts even more your already-amazing speed, and gives an edge of chasing and fleeing to your teammates.

    Howling Gale
    A nice early-game source of damage, 1-second AoE stun and pushing tool.

    For Aura Janna is a tool for CC, chase and flee, not for push nor farm.

    Howling Gale has interesting uses:

    - Fully charged, causes a nice amount of damage to minions, but it is easily dodged by enemy champions.
    - It eases your fleeing. Janna is the best champion at fleeing, not only for her speed, but while she is fleeing, you can cast a backwards Howling Gale to stun your enemies while you are fleeing. Release the Gale when the enemies are in the reach of it, and it will be an almost 100% escape.

    Double tapping Q (Instant Tornado cast) has several interesting uses:

    - Disrupt enemy champions in a teamfight.
    - In conjunction with Zephyr, it greatly eases the chasing of a champion. If a champion is fleeing and out of the reach of Gale, chase him with your mighty speed alongside your mates, Zephyr him first, and then gale. It will be a 99% sure chase. An the other way around, if it is in the reach of a quick Gale, Gale him first, and then Zephyr.
    - In the AP Janna, it's an amazing farming and pushing tool.
    - Cancel channeling spells.

    You should only get 1 level of this spell, and then level it up the last. However, if your lane is being heavily pushed, feel free to level it up a bit more to equilibrate the minion waves and center the fights in the middle of the lane.

    At lvl 1, it provides an 8% MS which allows you to reach +400 speed with just basic boots, and allows you to fly over the creeps. It's also a very nice slow which may help to catch enemies or to delay them to get into some places.

    Remember, if you use Zephyr, you will lose it's passive while it is in cooldown, with the consequent slow to yourself. If you are being chased by only 1 enemy it's good to use it against him, but if you are being chased by more than one enemy, don't try to use it, use Gale and Monsoon instead in order to scape.

    Eye Of The Storm
    The best shield of the game, only matched by Morgana's Black Shield. At lvl 5 it gives to your carry a free B.F. Sword (which happens to be a lot), and a nice damage absorption even without any AP boost. Pair it with AP, and your carry is protected for almost the whole teamfight. Also can give to your initiator/tank some boost to his balls of steel.

    Shield spamming is ok to give you a good early game, specially if you carry clarity with you, but it will quickly drain your mana (and shield's mana cost is fairly high). Here there are some tips about when to use it:

    - Lots of projectile or single target attacks have a travel time (Kassadin's Void Sphere, Sion's Stun, Pantheon's Lance, a turret shot...). Learn to react and time the shield correctly in order to prevent the damage, while the projectile “is flying to your target”. This way you will not uselessly spend mana. Good Jannas time their shields in the laning phase, where mana management is more important and a common issue.
    - Karthus is gonna kill a friend with his ultimate. Shield the mate and he will love you. This tactic is specially effective with the AP Janna build, as the shield of AP Janna absorbs more damage.
    - Learn to know who has a priority for your shield in a teamfight; AD carry, initiator, a low health mate or a heavily focused mate (or yourself if being focused) have top priority for your shield.

    A knockback which resets bad teamfights into good teamfights, and heal mates. It's one of the most useful ultimates in the game, but requires skill and timing to use it effectively. For Aura Janna, it's main purpose late game is to reset teamfights, knockback enemies in a bad situation (you can use the knockback for many purposes), and ofc, a little heal. For AP Janna, it's a knockback with a monster heal which is capable of healing your mates to the fullest.

    More strategies about the using of Monsoon in the playstile section of every Janna.

  • Masteries, Runes and Summoner Spells

    Masteries: 9/0/21 or 0/9/21 (I recommend the latter, added survivability is always awesome on a support)

    The rune build I recommend for this is this one:

    Marks: Greater Mark of Desolation (for better last hitting of minions or harrassing) or Greater Mark of Resilience or Greater Mark of Warding (for better survivability early).

    Seals: You can go Greater Seal of Clarity or Greater Seal of Resilience for more survivability. I prefer Clarity seals since via items, your only source of regeneration will be the Philosopher's Stone/ Shurelya's Reverie. If you finally don't use clarity seals, you will need to build a Soul Shroud or another Philosopher's Stone to compliment your mana regeneration (Or unless you feel you are a zOMG I am an uber-pro mana manager).

    Glyphs: I recommend 6x Greater Glyph of Focus and 3x Greater Glyph of Clarity, or 9x Greater Glyph of Focus/9x Greater Glyph of Clarity if you wish. With the first combination, you will have with runes and masteries a 10% CDR, add a Ionian boots and Shurelya's Reverie and you are at the 40% cap.

    Quintessences: Here you have several options: 3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness, because it almost turns your Ionian boots into Boots of Swiftness, but with 15% CDR, if you are too HP quints lover, then 3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude. Nevertheless I've been running for some time 2x Greater Quintessence of Potency and 1x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, as 10 AP is very useful in early fights.

    You could also use 3x Greater Quintessence of Avarice. This, and with the greed mastery, you have 4g/10 sec, or 24 gold per minute. You may say "omfg, you are a noob, I love my HP quints too much and swiftness quints are just awesome! 24g per minute is just 2 kill creeps!". Say whatever you want. Janna is a bad farmer, so any gold help is always good. What's more, Janna is already very fast, and with the diminishing returns on movement speed, the speed increase from Greater Quintessence of Swiftness for Ionian Boots of Lucidity is 14, and for Boots of Mobility is 10, IMHO, not much noticeable (maybe in some occasion may save you those 14 extra ms).

    On the other hand, a Sight Ward lasts 3.5 minutes and costs 75 gold. This means that quintessences gives you 1 ward every 3 minutes!!! That's very, very cool. On the other hand, they will help you rushing your auras faster.

    However, if you finally decide to go with Avarice or MS quintessences, your harrassing power and laning survivability will be decreased by a good amount, so you will have to play more carefully. Also it will make you more vulnerable for example to a possible Sion's Flash/Stun/Boom combo. It's up to you, test every combination and take the one you feel more comfortable with.

    For Summoner Spells, under my opinion:

    Clairvoyance is perfect for Janna. It provides good map awareness and utility to the team, helping them and yourself to foil ganks and avoid facechecking bushes with that Garen inside. Also helpful to track that Jungler and help your initial Golem's buff ganking, check out if the enemy's jungler is being heavily warded by their mates or you think you can rape them at the start with the consequent first blood. It's like having a ward for every 40 sec for 10 seconds duration, time more than enough to see if you can continue pushing your lane or just you have to go back because the jungler is waiting for you at side bushes. You can use it to make your map travelling safer whenever you want to put some wards. There are also lots of uses for this spell, just practice with it! 100% mandatory having it.

    Flash is cool for Janna. Ghost is not needed as you already have an amazing movement speed, and flash can get you out of a tricky situation, or use a desperate Flash + Ult combo. Usually you stay backwards in teamfights, protecting your mates and ccing the enemy team, avoiding to take any damage, but if the teamfight is going bad, just flash in the fray of the combat, pop your ult and the enemy positioning is messed up (and you maybe even turn the scales into your favor).

    Another spells that you could use are and .

    Clarity is good to allow your team continue pushing after combat, or improve your early game by being able to spam your shield more continuosly. Some players (included myself) don't like clarity on Aura Janna because spell spamming is noobish, but someone in a team should carry the clarity IMO, and you already will have a good mana regeneration.

    In terms of competitive/serious playing, there is some controversy with clarity. The effectiveness of clarity decreases as the game goes on, leaving in the mid-term a useless very situational summoner spell in your hands. When you achieve lvl 30, everyone should know how to manage his mana properly, so you shouldn't pick this spell. Pick instead other useful spells like Flash or Clairvoyance. Nevertheless, if you are a low level summoner without runes nor masteries or you are just beginning with Janna, Clarity is a good choice.

    Cleanse is good against heavy CC team. How many times you died trying to pop your ult in the fray of a battle to save yourself, but you were silenced + stunned + stunned + whatever? Tones of times, I'm sure. Cleanse suppresses this problem. If you don't carry cleanse, but you faced the previous situation twice at least, consider getting Quicksilver Sash in your item build. Time over time, I'm starting to like to use Cleanse over Flash.

    Ohhh, and don't think of [spell_icon=Fortify]. Indeed, it's a very useful spell, but it should be carried by the tank, who must get the related mastery (if your team ever decides to carry it).

  • Skill order

    This is the general skill order your should use as Aura Janna in every game you play her in a duo lane with a Physical DPS champion:

    Or, in the unlucky situation you have to lane with someone who doesn't benefit a lot from the damage boost of the shield or you are not being heavily harrassed:

    Remember, for the second skill build, at around lvl 7 the laning phase for duo-lanes is finished, and you must turn back into leveling your most powerful spell, which happens to be the shield.

    Remember that this build is not set in stone. If at low levels your are being heavily harrassed by your enemies, or heavily pushed, consider leveling a bit more the Howling Gale, as it has a nice impact early. Mine are just recommendations, it depends on the situation how you must build your Janna's skills.

  • Item build

    Given Janna's item independency, there are several option for item builds. No one is the decisive build, and it depends on your likings, your team composition, enemy team composition and the flow of the game. I explain the reasons of every core build:

    Core #1:


    2 Doran Rings will give you a nice boost to your survivability, 30 AP which is awesome early game for better shields, and the mana regen you always wanted with runes and masteries. However, you will not benefit of any gold per 10 passive, so I would only use this build only when I'm having troubles in my lane and I need that AP/HP boost.

    Core #2:


    This is my current preferred build. Since Janna should not farm, the stone and the Heart of gold will keep your gold income up ready to be always able to buy wards and oracles, while providing useful stats (the stone gives you a great laning power, and the Heart of Gold resistance to nukes). You may even decide getting a second Heart of Gold, but since the recent nerf (no longer provides armor) it's up to you getting a second one or not. If you have some gold to spare or you are not having too many survivability problems, you could get a second stone and delay a little other forms of protection.

    As the game progresses, you can sell the Stone or the Heart of Gold for better items if you need the item slot. Remember that they both pay for themselves after around 13 minutes if you decide to sell them.

    Core #3:


    This build is for caster-oriented team (for example, a team which has Sivir/Malzahar/Kassadin/Amumu). Soul Shroud is a situational item and only get it when your team will really benefit greatly from the aura, specially the CDR, since the mana regen becomes less useful as the game goes on.

    After these cores, unless you have a Rammus/Amumu jungling (which they usually start with a Cloth Armor and turn them into Aegis since it no longer turns into HoG), you should 99% of the time build the Aegis of the Legion. It provides a very nice stats and survivability for a very cost-efficient price while providing a very useful aura to teammates and minions (yes, it benefits minions too). Unless you are at a point where enemy Leblanc/Annie/Whatever is 1-shooting you (in which case you should get the Banshee's Veil), you should go straight for Aegis.

    Possible choices for boots: or or .

    The choice of boots is up to you and depends on the situation:

    - If you feel you manage pretty well to stay away from the range of attacks and CC, or you carry Cleanse and you think that's enough for you, You can go Boots of Mobility. Those boots are just awesome on Janna. It allows you to reach 498 Movement Speed with lvl 5 Zephyr, making you highly mobile and being able to quickly put wards in needed areas, and stay more time with your mates and being able to scape easier from sticky situations (if you have not been hit yet).

    The situations that put Janna in combat status and drop the movement to 454 (supposing lvl 5 Zephyr) are:
    * Being hit by someone or something
    * Using Howling Gale and hitting something
    * Using Zephyr. This will drastically reduced your movement speed to nearly 400, so care at using it.

    - Support Janna is able to recive some hits before dying (she has a nice survivability). If you are not that good at keeping distance, or you face a heavy CC team (common), you can use Mercury's Treads. The give you a nice 25 MR, and a 35% CC protection. This, in conjunction with Cleanse, offers you a 100% CC protection for 3 seconds (**some tests I performed proved this). In 3 seconds, with 454 movement speed + Howling Gale + Monsoon allows you to be able to scape nearly always unless they Ghost and you are too far away from safety (what you shouldn't, if you are not with your team - for example, putting wards in enemy jungle - try always to use Clairvoyance in order to make safer moves).

    ** The test was made using a Miss Fortune with Cleanse and Mercury's Treads and a Veigar with [spell=Event Horizont]. Miss Fortune was able to cross freely the trap without stopping running. Some more feedback about this test would be nice.

    - Ionian Boots of Lucidity allows you to reach the CDR cap very early, saving your money for more important items like Aegis or Stark's. Against low CC team or you are a master scapist, they can be a cheap way to reach CDR cap while saving some money.

    After the core, then you must make a decision and take situational/survivability items. However, remember one thing; your first priority must be always stay alive. I will mention items like Stark's Fervor or Will of the Ancients, but unless you feel you are surviving very well or your team is just roflstomping the enemy team, you will have to invest your money in survivability (besides wards, which you should always have in your inventory, they are a #1 priority) rather than boosting teammates with auras:

    - The enemy team is heavily DPS oriented -> Frozen Heart. This item is also a good counter for an enemy Stark's (enemy teams who usually build starks are based heavily on physical damage dealers)

    - You are the first priority target for that Trynda or Yi -> Thornmail and they will think twice about focusing you.

    - You are being nuked to the death by that Anivia or CCed -> Banshee's Veil. This item will also increase your overall survivability. It's IMO the best defensive item in the game, I grab it 90% of games after completing auras. Consider getting it even earlier if you are having serious troubles with nukers or CC.

    - If your team is caster oriented -> Will of the Ancients, [item=Soul Shroud] or if you feel you need it too, Abyssal Scepter. [item_text=Will of the Ancient] will increase the power of your shields and healing by a little bit, while giving them more survivability thanks to the spellvamp. Soul Shroud gives you survivability and an Aura which will help your casters to spam spells more often. You can take it in the case where you have for example an AP Carry, an AP-based off-tank (Sion, AP Gragas, Vladimir), and tank which main source of damage is magic (Amumu).

    - The other way around, if your team is DPS oriented (for example, Ashe and Xin Zhao in your team) -> [item=Stark's Fervor]. Stark's is incredibly amazing. It provides a ton of benefits for your autoattackers (tank, off-tank, AD carry), giving them a lot of survivability thanks to the HP regen and lifesteal, while making them also more deadly thanks to the armor debuff and increased attack speed. A possible team composition may include a physical off-tank, an AD carry and a tank, in that case Stark's would be great after Aegis as 2 members will greatly benefit from it.

    - You are not carrying Cleanse, and you face a team who can keep you stunlocked or silenced, making you unable to cast spells for long durations -> Banshee's veil only protects you from 1 spell, so if you are targeted with 3 stun/silences, you will suffer from it. In that case, Quicksilver Sash can save your ass in more than one situation. If you are getting heavily CCed, use the active and immediately use your ultimate or any scape mechanism you may have at hand (Howling Gale, Shield, etc), and reposition yourself in order to continue supporting.

    - At some point, whenever you consider necessary, upgrade the Philosopher's Stone to Shurelya's Reverie. A good point to upgrade it would be when teamfights start to happen very often, or when you need to ease the chasing/scaping capabilities of your team. Also Shurelya's add's more mana regen, nice HP and the CDR needed for you. Basically, every 60 seconds it gives you a version of Sona's Song of Celerity, making you and your mates being able to scape, chase or gank better (it also eases initiation). A 40% movement boost in your mates for 3 seconds can be overwhelming for your enemies. It needs timely use for fully effectiveness, so make sure your mates know that you have this item, they understand what it does and they know how and when you will use it (yeah, I believe too much in a perfect world where you find in solo queue 4 intelligent mates). Personally, I only get Shurelya's when my team does not have good initiation skills or is more dependant on positioning than other setups.


    Always, ALWAYS, keep in your inventory Sight Ward, a Vision Ward for baron and dragon, and at some point, you should get [item=Oracle's Elixir]. In general, Janna should stay away from battle and have a low death rate, so Oracle will be useful to detect and destroy enemy wards and detect stealth enemies.


    How to start:

    You have several choices to start. Given the nerf to Strength of Spirit in patch, it is still strong but not as much as before, so I would recommend the following beginnings:

    - Start with Mana Manipulator or 2 Faerie Charm + 1 Potion + 1 ward if your teammate is very mana dependant and hungry (Sion, Pantheon) or or you want to start with the Soul Shroud.
    - You could also start with Cloth Armor + 2 pots + 1 ward or Null-Magic Mantle + 2 pots if you want to rush for Aegis in first place and you don't want the Shurelya's Reverie. With this build you will run out of mana quickly in your laning phase if you do not manage your mana well or enemies are very aggressive, so I don't recommend it.
    - If you plan on roam, you can also start with Boots of Speed + (1 Ward + 1 Potion/2 Potion + 1 Mana Potion).
    - You can also start with 1 Faerie Charm + 2 Wards + 3 Potions + 1 Mana Potion. You are the support, so you will need to get lots of wards and put them in key locations, and starting with 2 ensures a good dragon control and even you can ward enemy jungle for a gank. You will have a very good lane stayability at the cost of having to be more careful about your mana management. Whenever you can, turn that Charm into Philosopher's Stone.

    Next get your boots, and then finish your aura items. Pretty simple.

  • Playstyle

    Now let's go to the most interesting part of Aura Janna, but first, let's talk about the philosophy of Aura Janna.

    1- You are not a damage dealer nor a killer. You will rarely get kills unless you kill steal by accident, what you shouldn't.
    2- Your work is to help teammates. Selfish people can't play Janna. You are 9000 steps over selfish and childish players.
    3- Your gold belongs to your teammates. If you rack any gold, spend it in order to help even more your team, either by being able to survive a little bit longer and support more, warding, or building aura's. Remember that auras are like "I don't need the gold, I build auras because this way I indirectly give my gold to my mates".
    4- You don't need to farm, and you are a bad farmer given the skill order I provided. If there is a huge chunk of creeps heading to a turret, let your carry or someone else to go there and farm it. You are a support. You can't go alone through the map unless you're sure you'll not find any enemy (protip: DO NOT FACECHECK BUSHES if there are MIAs). Unless you are roaming and warding the map, stay with your team because a support without no one to support is just nothing.

    Once you saved the previous points inside your brain, then we can start talking about how to play as Janna.

    In the laning phase, as Janna you may have 2 options: babysit or roam. I explained above what consists babysitting a teammate.

    Laning Phase: Babysitting

    1- You will always want to duo-lane, as you will not have the runes nor the summoner spells to be able to solo effectively. What's more, a leveled and farmed support provides nothing to the team compared with a leveled and farmed carry.

    2- You want to lane with a physical DPS, but other alternatives are also good (Shen, Cho'gath...). It will fairly guarantee a good lane domination, as the shield provides him with more damage and protection.

    3- You want to be sure that your teammate is the only one who farms in your lane, because he needs the gold more than you, and that he last hits well (of course, you must also last hit minions that you think your mate can't get), you can see if he is last hitting and farming well by checking the creep kills by pressing TAB. If he is not doing well, give him some tips to help them last hitting better, or throw a Gale to ease his farming. If he isn't still last hitting well, send him to the hell and start last hitting you.

    4- Shield your mate whenever he is being harrassed. Try to time it correctly in order to not waste so much mana. You can also shield your mate in order for him to be able to be more aggressive or farm safer.

    5- Try to stay backwards when facing 2v2, shielding your mate, and helping your mate when he decides to harrass enemies (consider the situation!)

    6- Do not overextend and try to keep the fight in the middle of the lane. Otherwise, you will make enemy Amumu happy.

    7- If you are facing the 2v1 lane, tell your mate to NOT overextend, and just last hit minions, not autoattack them. You will place yourself between the creeps and the soloer, trying to deny him from gold and experience while your mate is farming safely (You act as a bodyguard for your mate). If the soloer tries to attack you, shield yourself to prevent damage and attack him back (your mate can help too in order to keep him away and denied).

    8- Try to get bush control. That will help greatly in denying enemies from farm and experience if you harrass well from there.

    9- If your lane partner can hold the lane for a second and other lanes need assistance, move there and help them.

    If everything goes well, you will have 4 mates with a nice amount of farming (considering you have a jungler), and you will rack assists and gold for them in case of good early, making you get your aura's soon (the components for the auras are fairly cheap, so it won't be difficult to build them up).

    Laning Phase: Roaming

    Roaming is a popular technique used in ranked (specially mid-high ELO) and consists on, as the name suggests, roam the map in order to set up ganks in other lanes, support a lane which is having a hard time, replace a teammate who has to go back to base, etc. The most common roamers are Alistar, Taric, Janna and Blitzcrank (and maybe others).

    Sometimes, you will lane with a teammate who can hold vs 2 people and have little problems at farming when facing 2 people (Cho'gath, Karthus come in mind). In that case, you may leave that lane for him and go roam. That way, your teammate will level up faster, giving you an extra solo lane.

    Roaming the map will give your team extra map awareness and extra gank capabilities. With the aid of your Clairvoyance, you can track the enemy jungler and go disturb him (you can harm a lot the jungler if you disturb him. For example, Amumu is pretty weak early for a counterjungle). You can also help your jungler in ganking a lane, replace a mate in a lane, etc. There are lots possibilities for a roamer. However, as your are travelling a lot by the map, you will be underleveled with respect with other teammates, but thankfully supports are not that level dependant like, would say, a carry. You will get your experience from teamfights, lane supporting, ganks and replacements. A well-done roam is very disrupting early game, and a good early game can lead easier to a good end game.

    Mid-Late game

    1- Stick to your team. Always stay with them and never go alone. They need you to perform better in fights, your shields and your CC in order to rape the enemy team easier. Try to stick in areas where there are more teammates, or there is someone who urges for help.

    2- Janna is a good substitute when someone needs to go back, as she can shield turrets, preventing the damage, and keep enemies away scaring them with Gales and Zephyr (sometimes it doesn't work against persistent enemies). Also, in case of necessity, you can pop your ult to keep enemies away from the turret, gaining some valuable 1-2 seconds (sometimes time more than enough for a mate to come help defending the turret).

    3- In the fray of team battles, shield your carry/initiator and keep ccing the enemy team with Gales and Zephyr, but always try to stay back, far from enemy focus fire. If something is going bad and your think you really need to pop your ult, flash in the fray and pop Monsoon. Remember: Your objective is to protect carries, not deal damage/slow/cc mindlessly. If your team manages to take down that low-health Shen, but enemy Akali is raping your carries behind, you (and tanks) are doing your job bad.

    4- Janna can initiate with the Flash + Ult combo in order to scatter the enemy team and mess with his positioning. It is not advisable to do it if you can avoid it as it will almost assure your death, but sometimes the risk may have it's benefits (if you die, but 2-3 of enemy die, it was a worth sacrifice). Consider always the situation.

    5- Save your ult and Gales against all the situations I mentioned in the general advantages of Janna (Nunu's, Kat's and Amumu's ults, Kennen's, etc).

    6- Ward, ward, ward and ward more. You are the support. You have to ward the map. Map awareness wins games. Nevertheless, you are not a gold-generator machine, and you sometimes have to ask your mates to help you keeping the map warded. There are lots of guides who tell you where to ward. Most popular points are dragon, baron and side lane bushes.

    7- As you are a support, if you die first, you are useless. Try to survive!!! Stay behind or build more survivability!!! (Unless, depending on the situation, your death means that the carry is alive).

    These are the main points of the playstyle of Support Janna (my playstyle). Any comments or advices are always welcome. In order to make this section greater.

  • Good Partners

    Aura Janna is specially effective when laning with a physical dps, specially those who have an amazing early game:

    - Xin Zhao: Xin has a very good early game and is pretty bulky, and with his E and Three Talon Strike, allows him to harrass enemies greatly or even go for a kill. The shield helps him not only by protecting him and giving him more damage, but psychollogically gives him more courage to go for the first blood.

    - Miss Fortune, Corki, Kog' Maw, Ashe... in general any ranged carry: Never ending farming and harrassing. With them, you save more mana thanks to their ranged attack, so you will usually not have to shield them as often as with melee DPS. The shield in this case is used not only to avoid harrass, but to go offensively, avoiding the damage taken by the minions once you attack enemy champions.

  • Your way out of ELO Hell

    If you see my profile, you'll see that the majority of my games in ranked have been played with Janna. Janna is the type of champion that will take you out of the ELO hell, as most compositions by that ELO range do not include any support (most players want to play carries, tanks... the character they want instead of what the team needs). What's more, the typical support champion player behaves differently from most players: they are selfless, they are conscious that they play for the team and not for themselves. I know, it's hard, but this kind of players may infuse that team spirit into the other players, making the overall performance way better.

    However, as Janna is team dependant and the likelihood of finding a good team in ELO hell is pretty low, my suggestion for you is to get a good friend to play an AD carry with you, and lane together, and you, as Janna, become "his 7th item" (remember, that besides supporting your carry, you should support your team by warding). Chances are that your win/loss ratio will increase dramatically (it did with me, these suggestions are based purely on my own experiences), so if it worked for me, why shouldn't work for you?

    Good luck!

  • Jungle Janna

    Janna can jungle. Yes, I'm serious! She can jungle, and at lvl 1. But it is a waste of laning power putting her in the jungle. However, whenever you have a stupid team who doesn't understand the importance of having a jungler and a support in a team, you may have to face the reality and... do the two jobs in one!

    Jungle Janna jungles pretty fast thanks to the gale, but she's pretty susceptible to a gank, as there is only 1 unique path to play her in the jungle (I tested several paths and she's too golem buff dependant). And after lvl 6, she shouldn't continue jungling and shift to the aura build and playstyle, giving the buffs to your mates.

    What's more, she's extremely masteries and runes dependant. There is only one possible mastery and rune set in order for Janna to be able to Jungle from lvl 1.

    Nevertheless, she's a good ganker (not as good as others, but not bad). With the aid of the Gale and Zephyr, she can start ganking at lvl 4 after getting the lizard. And she's pretty effective at doing it.

    Runes and Masteries:

    9x Greater Mark of Desolation, 9x Greater Seal of Resilience, 9x Greater Glyph of Clarity, 3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude or 3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation (these last ones make your jungling a bit faster as you deal more damage to big guys, but a bit unsafer too, it's a trade off, you choose). The only interchangeable runes are the glyphs, the other ones are necessary.

    Masteries: 0/17/13

    Summoner Spells:


    Smite and Fortify are a must, Janna can't jungle without it, and Fortify makes her jungling safer, since with the new patch, all those monsters with negative magic resistance now have 0 magic resistance, and this hurts the jungling of Janna, because smite does not deal as much damage as before.

    Start Items:

    Cloth Armor + 5 pots (the armor will turn into Aegis). Your starting spell MUST be Eye Of The Storm

    Jungle path

    Start at the Blue Buff Golem. This will be the hardest battle you will have to face in the jungle. After this one, everything goes smoother.

    Start autoattacking the golem and let him hit you once. Once you get hit, pop a pot and your shield, and keep autoattacking him. Use your shield every time it's available or you will fail. Before you kill the golem, you will need to pop a second potion once the first one is finished. After the golem reaches half HP, smite him. If everything goes well, you will have killed him and get the golem buff. Kill the little dragons and you reach lvl 2.

    Pick Howling Gale as your second spell. Then head to wolves, but while you are moving to the wolves, huge cast range of howling gale allows you to prepare a powerful gale while you are moving to their camp, so do it. Shield yourself and start autoattacking wolves. Whenever you can, throw another full charged gale and finish them. Remember to pop a pot whenever you need it, you must keep yourself at nearly full health.

    Head to wraiths camp, once again preparing the Gale with anticipation in order to kill them faster. Focus the blue one, and kill the others. Should be pretty easy. Do the same with the little golems' camp. After the golem's, you will reach lvl 3, and you must pick lvl 2 of Shield. Prepare a Gale to the Lizard camp, and start autoattacking the big guy, and shielding yourself. Keep autoattacking, shielding, throwing full-charged gales, and smite him when you consider you have to. You will kill him and get the buff and lvl 4. Now you will have to go back to base, and you have 2 options:

    1- Learn a second level on Gale an continue jungling.
    2- Learn Zephyr and start ganking

    When you go back to base, get some more pots and boots.

    That's all the jungling. Just remember to stop jungling at lvl 6, switch to aura role and help your mates. I hope you have fun with this wierd way to play Janna ^^

  • Replays

    Here I will attach some links to Janna replays. I will try keep it evetually updated.

    Replay #1

    Also I heavily recommend watching tournament streams and replays, as 99% off the ime both teams have a support (most common are Janna, Taric, Alistar, Blitzcrank). Check these sites for videos, information, guides and more!

    Elementz's Blog

    And here some interesting games where supports have been playing (there are tones, just look for them!)

    US vs EU replays

  • Last notes and conclusions

    Janna is an underused champion in Low ELO, which, under my opinion, is the best support in the current metagame. As you improve and increase your rating in ranked, you'll see more and more people playing supports, as they are a huge additions to almost every team composition. Her utility and versatility provides too much value to a team to be ignored.

    Please, feel free to comment anything you consider, or contribute aswell in order to improve this guide. Or just commenting to tell that this guide sucks or rocks, everything is welcome.

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