Irelia Build Guide

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AP Irelia

written by Zoa

Irelia Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi guys, this is my first time writing a guide and I don't usually do this kind of stuff, so sorry if this is kinda bad. But anyways, I was looking for an AP Irelia guide and noticed that there wasn't really a good one or one at all, so I decided to test it for myself, then thought I would share my experience. Will update when I get more time.

  • Abilities

    Ionian Fervor
    This is a nice passive, especially in team fights, my favourite thing about it though, is that you can tell when the enemy team are trying to gank you. Usually you should have 2 stacks of this most times, but as soon as it becomes 3+ you know your about to be ganked.

    This is a nice skill to use so that you can last hit minions. Another way to use it is to use it to jump along minions that are low hp when an enemy is fleeing from you. My favourite use of it, is when 2 enemy Champions run away on low health, you dash onto one and finish him, then dash the other and double kill.

    Hiten Style
    This is Irelia's bread and butter, it will keep you alive as long as you have faith in it. It also has a very nice Active skill that you can use to last hit minions or chop up tanks.

    Equilibrium Strike
    This is the best skill that Irelia has when AP since she gets 1 damage per AP ratio, the trick is to try and keep your hp a little lower than your enemies at most times so you can use it to stun, when your on a 2v1 lane or ganking someone this is really effective. For example, Jax gets brave and starts smashing your tower, you stun him and use your ulti to kill his minions while putting some hurt on him and the tower will eat him.

    Transcendent Blades
    This skill is amazing as AP Irelia, each blade gets 1 more damage for every 2.5 AP you gain, that means every 2.5 AP gives you 4 extra damage. You can use this as you see fit, I usually save it for when my tower is under attack and I can't possibly take out the minions in time, so I pop this and destroy the wave and quite alot of the enemy hp. It is also very good end game for killing the enemy team while theyre grouped and for finishing people that try to run. Alot of people also use this in the jungle.

  • Why AP Irelia over AD?

    1. It gives a little versatility to the game.
    2. I find it more fun than AD Irelia.
    3. You dont just run around bashing people in the face with Hiten Style.
    4. Helps if the rest of your time decided to play AD heroes.
    5. It's funny to 1 shot people who have never seen an AP Irelia before.

  • Reason's For Not Trying Hybrid AP / AD

    1. Main reason is her Transcendent Blades doesn't work like Katarina's Death Lotus it says AP OR AD, so you should decide on one or the other.
    2. Another is that Lich Bane will only do extra damage from AP not from AD aswell.
    3. Attacking towers will only go from AP or AD, for example 900 AP would do around 404 damage to an inhibitor per hit, 420 AD would do about the same, but 200 AD and 500 AP would do around 220 damage each hit. So hybrid would make you a less effective tower killer.

  • Pros / Cons

    Good at harrassing
    Hurts a lot
    Passive life regain on Hiten Style
    Ulti gives back a lot of hp
    Nice disable mechanic
    Good jungler
    Equilibrium Strike can cut enemy hp in 1/2

    Not so great if she gets focused by CC
    Hard time holding lane against a ranged / melee combo or 2 ranged if your jungler isn't good
    Not as good at jungling as AD Irelia
    relies on her ulti more than AD Irelia does

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Masteries and Runes I usually go with...
    Solo Lane


    As for Runes I use the same for both jungling and Solo Lane which are

    Greater Mark of Alacrity x9 - Attack Speed is nice for the life regain and for Hiten Style Active, also really helps out in the jungle
    Greater Seal of Force x9 - Scaling AP is nice, you don't need to worry too much about damage early game since you are levelling Hiten Style 1st anyways
    Greater Glyph of Force x9 - Scaling AP is nice, you don't need to worry too much about damage early game since you are levelling Hiten Style 1st anyways
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness x3 - I take these on every hero, I think they're really good, they can help you get to places and away from places even more so than usual, taking these will start you off at 355 Movement Speed.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Solo Lane
    For solo lane I like the use of Ghost/ Exhaust
    Reason for Ghost is that it will help you escape and catch up to enemies, can also use it to get back to your lane faster to defend it.
    Reason for Exhaust helps with ganks, will help you defend your tower and can help you escape too.

    For jungle I like the use of Ghost/ Smite
    Reason for Ghost is that it will help you escape and catch up to enemies and if you really want you can use it to get to jungle minions faster and to defend lanes.

    Other Viable Options
    Flash Can often get you out of trouble or into range so that you can finish off an enemy.
    Cleanse Nice to have for those times when the enemy thinks of using their Crowd Control on you
    Teleport Good for getting to places, such as making quick stops to the shop or helping defend lanes.
    Ignite Can be used for stopping people healing over your damage and finishing them off.

    Not So Great
    Heal Kinda pointless all game in my opinion
    Clarity You dont need this as Irelia, if you do you're wasting your mana too much
    Clairvoyance Let someone else take it
    Revive Pointless, should be removed from game

  • Items

    Solo Lane
    When taking a solo lane I like to start with Doran's Shield this ensures that I have a bit more survivability on my lane which is important for solo laning.
    After that it usually depends how much gold im on when I go back to the base, but I usually just go for the item that will give me the most AP so usually I grab Mercury's Treads and a Needlessly Large Rod or I go for a Blasting Wand If its a hard lane I sometimes use all my gold buying Doran's Ring stacking a few of these gives me the mana regeneration to harass hard, the health to live longer and the AP to hurt them.
    whichever way I go, I tend to make Rabadon's Deathcap as my first major item, this is where things start to get fun on AP Irelia, since you finally have some AP.
    After that would be Sheen This will proc off your Bladesurge skill, making it do some extra damage and is later upgraded to become Lich Bane.
    After making your Lich Bane, you will want to be making Void Staff but only if your enemies have start to build Magic Resistance, if not you can go ahead and make Abyssal Scepter instead.
    If the game is going good early on, at some point I will make a Mejai's Soulstealer and start snowballing some kills.

    When jungling I will do the exact same as when on a solo lane, but instead of taking Doran's Shield first I will take Cloth Armor and Health Potion x5. Then I will upgrade to Madred's Razors, but I will not uprade these I will just use them for jungling and will eventually sell them at the end of the game unless their tanks are overwhelming us, in that case I will upgrade them to [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor][item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor]

  • Situational Items

    [item_icon=Madred's bloodrazor][item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] - If the enemy has a lot of high hp heroes that are getting annoying and you think your auto attacks need to do a bit more.
    Mejai's Soulstealer - Awesome if you can hit 20 stacks.
    Hextech Gunblade - If you think you need Lifesteal it's nice to have.
    Deathfire Grasp - This is like the caster version of [item_icon=Madred's bloodrazor][item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] in a way, nice for eating tanks, aswell as many other players. Just remember to use it.
    Banshee's Veil - Will help you out quite a lot if the enemy team is deciding to focus you.
    Rod of Ages - Haven't tried this item on Irelia yet, but if you decide to make it, i suggest getting an Archangel's Staff along with it, because they have nice synergy
    Guinsoo's Rageblade - Will have nice synergy with the runes that are explained in the guide.
    Sunfire Cape - If you feel you lack Armor and Hp, will also help you to farm gold and possibly do some nice damage against enemy champions for you.
    Guardian Angel - Some nice resistances and not a bad on death effect that it has.
    Randuin's Omen Nice chunk of armor and some health with a nice effect that will stop the enemies running away.
    Leviathan - Could make this if your game is going well and you're feeling a bit squishy 20 stacks = 15% damage reduction, aswell at 640 Hp + the 180 Hp it already has.
    Nashor's Tooth - Tried this item and got great results, may add to my core build.
    [item_icon=Malady][item_text=Malady] - Pretty nice item, if combined with Nashor's Tooth and [item_icon=Madred's bloodrazor][item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] you pretty much hit the attack speed cap.
    Sorcerer's Shoes - If you feel like you need the MPen.

  • Quick Item List

    This is something like what your items should look like if you are not being focused and you decided to max damage output.

    1.Doran's Shield
    2.Sorcerer's ShoesNeedlessly Large Rod
    3.Rabadon's Deathcap
    4.Sheen or Nashor's Tooth
    5.Lich Bane or Sheen ==> Lich Bane depending on your choice at 4.
    6. Void Staff

  • Skilling Order

    I use these for both jungle and Laning.

  • Working in the team

    When in a team fight you have to make sure that you don't go in first, in theory you don't even have to go into the fight, I have helped the team loads in jungle fights just standing behind a wall and firing my blades at the enemy, then picking off people that try to run my way. As soon as the enemies group up though you want to stun one and start firing off that ultimate like R is the only key you know how to press.

  • Farming

    Farming on Irelia is easy, you want to make sure that you use Bladesurge to last hit minions as it will reresh the cd and give you back 1/2 the mana cost. For big minion waves you can also use your ultimate, but you should only do this if the wave is too big to take without it.

  • Turret Pushing

    If the enemies ever leave there tower to you just before you get a nice wave of minions about to attack it, you will want to use your ultimate as soon as the enemy minions wave gets close to you, this will ensure that you have a free push on the enemy turret, I often use my ultimate on the minion wave just before the turret which usually has their turret tank making it alot more effective.

  • Jungle Vs Solo Lane

    Since I don't like to lane with other people and I don't feel like Irelia is that good 1v1 against a ranged in mid, I either take the jungle or a solo side lane.
    Obviously AP Irelia is better in the solo lane though, since you wont be taking your damage skills until a later level and you arent that good until level 6, the turret is there to assist you.
    But if nobody in your team is deciding to jungle, then probably better that you do it, so that your team is getting more exp all round.

  • Mid Irelia

    Tried AP Irelia in mid against an Ashe, had no problems at all, I wasn't even bothered about her constantly shooting me because my Hiten Style was giving back more hp than she could do damage since I have Attack Speed Runes. Then as soon as I hit level 6 I killed her with my ulti. She came back and I done it again. Left mid with about 5K gold and carried the game.

  • Twisted Treeline Irelia

    This is where AP Irelia really shines, main reason is because people don't expect AP Irelia to be so good, so it catches them by suprise, they will try 3v1 gank you and they will fail because your Transcendent Blades will just heal your hp that much, last game I played as Irelia they tried using Warwicks Ultimate, then Amumu's Ultimate and having a Tryndamere finish me off, they failed as I Flashed away and used my Transcendent Blades which killed 2 of them, Tryndamere was picked off by my team mates shortly after.

  • Other Heroes and Irelia

    Annoying Heroes To Irelia
    *Rammus - He is just so annoying with his stuns and taunts, as soon as he gets them on you, your as good as dead, unless you have taken Cleanse.
    *Evelynn - She can 2 hit you end game unless you decide to make some items that give Hp and/or resistances.
    *Pantheon - If your team feeds him your dead, no way out.
    *Anivia - She can one shot you easily if she knows what she is doing.

    Heroes That Assist Irelia
    *Warwick - Warwick is the best hero for Irelia since he usually jungles, giving you a solo lane, hes also really good for you in team fights because of Hunters Call and Hiten Style combo.
    *Ashe - Ashe is a really nice hero to assist Irelia because of her Frost Shot and her Enchanted Crystal Arrow
    *Rammus - Rammus is the best assisting / ganking hero in game, of course hes a great asset in helping Irelia, also hes a tank so he will take the damage for her.
    *Shen - Pretty much the same as Rammus, but he can use his ultimate to assist her from anywhere.

  • Heroes That AP Irelia Eats

    There are quite a lot of heroes in game that will hate you once you learn to play AP Irelia. I will list a few here
    *Ashe - Low hp, once her stun is gone and your hp is lower than hers, shes dead.
    *Fiddlesticks - If he uses Crowstorm on you, stun him and dash to the nearest enemy out of his circle. Then go back and kill him with your ulti.
    *Heimerdinger - He's nothing to be scared of, just watch out for his turrets early game.
    *Kassadin - His burst damage will be the end of him as soon as you he uses his combo on you, hit him with an Equilibrium Strike then when he uses Riftwalk to escape, use Bladesurge and Transcendent Blades
    *Akali - She's a pain but once her Twilight Shroud is gone, shes dead. If she goes into shroud on low health, just pop your Transcendent Blades and try shoot her down before help arrives.
    *Twitch - Once he comes out of invisible and takes your health down a little Equilibrium Strike him, then use Transcendent Blades to finish the job.

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