Miss Fortune Build Guide

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Top ELO Miss Fortune Build (As stolen from ZeroBoom)

written by Fjall

Miss Fortune Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I really wanted my MF to be better, so I decided to see what the pros do. I spent a full hour looking in order of highest elo for someone who mained Miss Fortune with a recent match history, and lo and behold I found ZeroBoom's. He has over a 75% win ratio with MF so I take it his builds are successful.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Take [mastery_icon=Archaic Knowledge], he does too, and your ult is magic damage.
    Take [mastery_icon=Utility Mastery], buffs are awesome. ZeroBoom recognizes this.

    Runes, don't cry. It works really well considering double up is the main way you pwn lanes so you can free farm. Stolen from ZeroBoom's page.

    Armor Penetration Marks (red)
    MP/5 per level Seals (yellow)
    Flat MR Glyphs (blue) with the option for per level MR (he has a page for each, one is mf1 and the other mf2, from the last game played and my own experimentation you want the flat MR as it nets you the solid laning phase upon which you build your career).
    Flat AD Quints (For better Double Ups and ease of last hitting and to overpower someone who trys to mess with you, it works pretty awesome)

    A lot of any ranged carry is how many CS you can get in the laning phase as that is directly related more than even AP carries to how well you will do the rest of the game and how much dmg you will do.

  • Items

    Doran's Blade + Doran's Blade + up to 4 if the need arises, but cut off at 2 some games, 3 some games. Have to read it for yourself.

    Depending on the game get one of the following:
    Mercury's Treads (Do they have lots of CC or magic damage? Good choice).
    Berserker's Greaves (If all you have to worry about this game is how hard you pwn, which is what you get to hope for).
    Surprisingly I never saw him take boots of swiftness even though once knocked out of strut she has 370 (read abysmal) movement speed, to credit however, it still doesn't fix the problem even with boots 3. Learning to deal with this is jut part of learning mf. You have to be in good position before you are knocked out of strut or burn a summoner spell 89% of the time.

    Always Get this:
    The Bloodthirster Stack these if you can (I.e. you dont' need armor pen or a GA, then go for it! This is what you hope for)

    Get one or both of these almost every game
    Last Whisper IF you need Armor Pen because everyone bought thornmail or something like that
    Guardian Angel So you can take it and dish it out even longer much to the tears of the enemy team.

    I've never seen him get an IE. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Skilling Order

    R > Q > E > W

    Exceptions can be made. I can't verify ZeroBoom uses this skill order but from all the experience I've gains Double Up is your laning phase core, Make it Rain is for saving your ass from ganks or when your team ganks, and W is just meh unless you are vs a healer like vlad.

  • Summoner Abilities

    You want either Cleanse and Ghost or Flash and Ghost, you make the call. Exhaust is really a pain however, but positioning is everything. And her base movement sucks so you need ghost at times and it's pretty much required in high elo on just about everyone. A really aggressive MF might go flash and ignite. I'm not sure what ZeroBoom uses as I can't take that from his page or match history.

  • Abilities

    It's for positioning, lane control, ganking, and map control. But once the team fight starts you just get slapped in the face and reminded you can't run in high heels.

    Double Up
    Trademark skill if there ever was one. Practice, as it's finicky and you have to develop a feel for when it will hit the thing you're aiming for or the thing just to the left of it. And in the laning phase that can be the difference between you getting 100 CS at 11 minutes and only getting 69 CS at 11 minutes because you are pushed out of your lane and denied farm and exp.

    Impure Shots
    Healing reduction, damage addition, and attack speed buff make this the only attack speed miss fortune needs.

    Make It Rain
    Does a surprising amount of damage for a skill you never pump. And it's AoE, and it's a slow. Win.

    Bullet Time
    Very good skill, make sure you use it well when you use it though, it can and will either win or lose games for you if you do. And if you did good and farmed up a lot of AD early, it will still melt faces. If you get denied farm though, prepare to watch as they shrug it off. So be sure to farm.

    Early game it provides safety, lane control and a rare kill. Don't be afraid to use it to harass/push/farm. I'll often use it before I go and buy, or if the lane is pushed in such a way that is disadvantageous to me (too many creeps on his side or I'm too far extended) to reset the minions in the middle next wave since it pushes so fast the turret will have time to kill all your minions before the next wave arrives. Doing this also denies the opposing champion farm, as the turret out last hits many creeps.

  • Working in the team

    She has two roles. One is AD carry, and the other is to mind game the other team. Most people can't gauge how well she will lifesteal tank their attacks. You however, should be able to gauge that accurately knowing your CS score.

    In most cases it is simple, hang back, ult as many peeps as possible, and then run in and use double up and finish em off with E and W and Auto Attacks and more Q. Of course there is a lot more to it than that, and the thing I like about her more than ashe, is she can take punishment and continue dishing it out. As one MF I played with said "All I have to do is survive the initial burst". You do that and you win. Just keep an eye on mana, when double up is gone your lifesteal goes down quite a bit. Ignite is also a bitch. But other than that, if you supliment your build with a GA you can even frickin be initiated on and come out with full hp.

  • Farming

    last hit only, never use E to farm early. Pushing is bad for your everything. Use double up and strut to control the lane. If they come at you, attack as normal and use double up as they fall back to get an extra shot in that hits super hard. They won't come at you again much after that.

    Once you have lane control, just free farm and try to obtain legendary perfect creep score so when team fights start, it is a breeze.

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