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Regret's Advanced Guide To Veigar - The Tiny Master of EVIL!!!

written by Regret

Veigar Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Welcome to my very first guide. Let me give you some information about myself and League of Legends experience. I first joined LoL while it was in Beta Testing, my favorite champions to play are Caster and Skill-Shot champions. When Veigar came out, I was excited. I quickly found myself liking this champion more and more. I am happy to say that Veigar is my most played champion, I have played over 500+ games with him and know him inside and out. I hope you all enjoy my guide and give me feedback of what I need to improve. Thank you.

    -I will be updating this guide as I do not have time to write everything I want to say right away. So I will leave version numbers starting with....

    Version 1.0
    I will be working on actual footage this weekend, hopefully I will have it up by 3/29
    Version 1.1
    Videos ADDED!

    Patch v1.0.0.109
    No changes to Veigar this patch.

    Patch v1.0.0.110
    No changes to Veigar this patch.

    Patch v1.0.0.111
    No changes to Veigar this patch.

    Patch v1.0.0.112
    Primordial Burst ability power ratio increased to 1.2 of Veigar's ability power and reduced to 0.8 of his target's ability power

    Patch v1.0.0.113
    Added a funky new dance for Veigar - rock on!

    Patch v1.0.0.114
    Fixed an issue on the Leprechaun Veigar skin where the enemy Event Horizon still had green pillars

    Patch v1.0.0.115
    No changes to Veigar this patch.

  • Abilities

    Veigar's mana regen is increased by 0.75% for each 1% of mana missing.


    This passive is VERY VERY important for Veigar, since he is mana hungry early game, this passive lets him stay in the lane longer with increased mana regen.

    Baleful Strike
    Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing magic damage. If a unit is killed, Veigar gains some ability power permanently.
    Active: Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.6) magic damage. If the target is killed, Veigar gains 1 ability power.

    Passive: Veigar gains 1/2/3/4/5 ability power when he kills a champion from any source of damage.

    75/75/75/75/75 Mana


    Some Veigar guides would say, "Oh, this is Veigars bread and butter."..NO. This skill is only good for ONE reason. The +1 ability power per minion kill.

    Dark Matter
    Veigar calls a great mass of dark matter to fall from the sky to the target location, dealing magic damage when it lands.
    After 1.2 seconds, dark matter falls from the sky to the target location, dealing 120/170/220/270/320 (+1) magic damage.

    100/110/120/130/140 Mana


    This skill is Veigars bread and butter, oh yes. With a AP ratio of 1:1, this spell will do ALOT of damage early and mid game. Level this one first.

    Event Horizon
    Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for a short duration.
    Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds.

    80/95/110/125/140 Mana


    Ah, one of the best AoE stuns in the game, for a full 2.5 seconds, your enemys will either be stunned of trapped in its RING OF DOOM panicking and not knowing what to do.

    Primordial Burst
    Blasts target enemy champion, dealing magic damage plus the combined AP of Veigar and his target.
    Blasts an enemy champion, dealing 250/375/500 (+1) plus his target's AP in magic damage.

    150/200/250 Mana


    And finally, one of the best ultimates in the game. You are the anti-mage, you are a burst down mage, you will make the enemy run like little panzy when they see oh little Veigar with his ultimate off of CD. This my friends is...a NUKE.

  • Masteries + Runes

    A standard 9/0/21 caster build is what I use, picking up the improved teleport and flash.


    I use three types of rune pages depending on "how" I want to play Veigar that game.

    Greater Mark of Insightx9
    Greater Seal of Clarityx9
    Greater Glyph of Focusx9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitudex3

    This is my basic Veigar rune page, I use this rune page when I want to play a nice first game and get adjusted to the game more. These runes provide mana regen and health early game, as well as some CD.

    Greater Mark of Insightx9
    Greater Seal of Clarityx9
    Greater Glyph of Potencyx9
    Greater Quintessence of Potencyx3

    Now some people may say, "Well, why not use the AP per level runes, they are much better late game." True they are great late game, but with this rune page we are focusing on early ganks and early kills. With a total of 24 AP from runes and masteries alone, your chance at a kill early game is 24% better???

    Greater Mark of Insightx9
    Greater Seal of Vitalityx9
    Greater Glyph of Focusx9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitudex3

    Say you are getting your butt kicked every game and the enemy pantheon target you early game cause you have hmmm 500 health. This rune page guarantees that you wont die so easily early game and you won't have to go back to base every minute.

  • Skilling Order

    There are two ways I like to level Veigar's skills.

    This is my favorite and mostly what I use in most of my games. This insures that you get more damage with your Baleful Strike early game, and if you need to help a lane partner out or save yourself you can with Event Horizon you get at level 2. This skill build focuses on Veigars Dark Matter which is his bread and butter.

    This one focuses more on his Baleful Strike, and getting that one stun at level 2 again insures that no suprise ganks come at you. I recommend this skill build if you are still getting use to playing Veigar, as this insures you don't have to line up your Dark Matter with your Event Horizon.

  • Spells


    These two spells are usually what I run with Veigar, flash gets you to quickly flash to your enemy and initiate a gank. Teleport allows you to spawn to creeps and farm that AP.
    Some other spells that are viable with Veigar are...

    Clarity If you are not sure that you will have enough mana regen or simply want more AP early game then run this spell. This will help with Veigars mana hungry problems.

    Cleanse This spell is always useful especially because you are a squishy mage that everyone wants to get a bite of.

    Heal Can never go wrong with this spell, use it to trick enemys or save you and your teammates.

  • Items

    I am still working on a Twisted Treeline Item build.

    There are two builds that I like to run.

    Start off with a [item=Meki Pendant] and Health Potionx2

    If you farmed good buy yourself a Giant's Belt. If you did not farm well then grab a [item=Kage's Lucky Pick].

    Buy yourself a Fiendish Codex and Boots of Speed.If you keep dying buy a Doran's Ring.

    Finish up your Deathfire Grasp and Sorcerer's Shoes.If you did not farm well then buy Giant's Belt and/or Boots of Speed.

    If you are getting alot of kills, or expect to get alot, then grab yourself a Mejai's Soulstealer. If not, then buy yourself a Blasting Wand

    Finish up your Rylai's Crystal Scepter and work towards a Rabadon's Deathcap.If you are lacking mana regen then invest into a Tear of the Goddess.

    By now the game should be over, if not then stack some Archangel's Staff.If two or more enemy champions have over 100 Magic Resist, invest into a Void Staff, and the enemy has alot of AP champions, invest into a Abyssal Scepter.

    Quick Item Build Reference

    [item=Meki Pendant] Health Potionx2

    Deathfire Grasp Boots of Speed----Optional Mejai's Soulstealer

    Sorcerer's Shoes Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    Rabadon's Deathcap

    Archangel's Staff or Void Staff or Abyssal Scepter

    Alternate Item Build

    Doran's Ring Health Potionx1

    Tear of the Goddess Boots of Speed

    Mejai's Soulstealer Sorcerer's Shoes

    Archangel's Staff

    Rabadon's Deathcap

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Void Staff or Abyssal Scepter

    This build sacrifices health for more burst damage early and mid game. Only use this build if you are confident that you are going to get alot of kills and/or finish the game before the 45 minute mark.

  • Videos


    I know that these videos are filmed with Bots. To make my points with this guide, I have chosen to go against Bots instead of film an actual game. Yes, it would make sense to put up a normal game with other people because that is what you will be doing, but common, Bots are dumb and I can get the footage I need without making 200 videos of normal games, just to get that ONE moment I can in 1 Bot game.

    Thank you,

    This video demonstrates and explains how to effectively last hit minions with your Baleful Strike. Your Baleful Strike does 80 base damage at level 1, so aim for hitting the minion at 80 health to get that much needed 1 AP.

    These two videos show how to time your Event Horizon and Dark Matter together. You can either lay your Event Horizon first then follow up with Dark Matter, or use Dark Matter and follow up with Event Horizon(WARNING: This way takes some practice to do effectively)

    These video show how to use the Veigar combo and maximize your damage. Veigar is a glass cannon, and can crush a tank in two with the right amount of timing and AP.

    This video show how easy it is to farm minions and creeps with Veigar. Easy as 1,2,3!!!

    This video shows a bad tower dive with Veigar. Veigar is VERY fragile and can easily die to towers if you don't look out.

    This video show a good tower dive with Veigar. Although as stated above, Veigar can take a few hits and still get his kill.

    This video shows Veigar can easily get Multi Kills. You just have to make sure you don't die to the Shen!

    This video show how to save yourself and/or teammates with Event Horizon. Veigar's Event Horizon is one if the best stuns in the game(if not the BEST), so using this to help your teammates and /or yourself is a good move.

  • Farming

    THIS is the MOST important aspect of Veigar, since he needs gold to get items faster, and AP to make him beefier, why would you not farm?

    Veigar is one of the most interesting spell casters to play as, since his Baleful Strike gives 1 AP per minion kill, and 1/2/3/4/5 per champion kill WITH ANY SPELL. It would be retarded and dumb to NOT get this spell first(not saying any of you guys are retarded or stupid...).

    This is how it works, say you start out with 24 AP, and you get a total of 126 last hits on minions with his Baleful Strike, lets add that up.

    24AP + 126AP = 150AP

    150AP, that's almost 4 Blasting Wand's. That's like buying a Rabadon's Deathcap without the added Unique Passive.

    Welcome to Publix, you saved a total of 3400 gold.....yeh.

    So why would you NOT last hit, I don't know, you tell me.

  • Tactics/Combos

    I will go over some tactics and hopefully start making videos and putting some footage up on this.

    Here is the classic Veigar combo:

    Baleful Strike + Event Horizon + Dark Matter + Primordial Burst
    Another Baleful Strike if needed.

    Well guess what ladies, we are gonna add about 200+ more damage to that combo. Oh yes.

    Baleful Strike + Event Horizon + Deathfire Grasp + Dark Matter + Primordial Burst

    If you see a Veigar without Deathfire Grasp slap him in the face and rearrange it to a donkey, cause that is what he is.

    Not only does Deathfire Grasp give you 200+ more damage, it also offers you CD reduction, and CD reduction is ALWAYS welcomed with any caster, except Soraka...cause she sucks anyway.

    Some Tactics I like to use with Veigar is by using his Dark Matter to scout bushes, cause if an enemy champions is there, I can guarantee that his sorry butt will move, or come out of the bushes with half his life gone.

    I also like to use Event Horizon to block off a champions getaway, if you think a champion is going one way and you can't reach him, drop a Event Horizon. Remember, you don't have to be so close to your opponent to use Event Horizon

  • Creep Jungling

    I won't go into full detail with this, other than last hitting and farming, you can use your Dark Horizon to take down the wraiths and wolfs with usually one shot at Dark Matter level 5.

    Also remember if you are having trouble with mana regen, grab the golem(blue buff) if your teammates are not jungling.

  • Working in the team

    Veigar is one of the best casters in team fight, an AoE stun, a Nuke, and crap falling from the sky hitting many champions at once cause they are so focused on the team fight.

    Your stun can either save you or your teammates life, or you can use it get a kill or assist. Remember, Veigar's Event Horizon has a 2.5 stun at skill level 5.
    your stun can be the outcome of the team fight, so your teammates will be depending on you for support.

    Another role Veigar can play in the team is by EXTERMINATING the enemy caster. With his ultimate, you can easily kill any caster that has 300 or more AP without using much of your spells. Dropping the enemy caster fast, insures that your team can focus on the lesser folks.

    Warning: If you attract too much attention to the enemy and kill their carry, they "might" get mad and start to target you, this is where your stun comes in.

    Pro Tip: In team fights, it is not a good idea to "run away" when you are below 20% health, get back in there and Do or Die, you will do more good if you can dish out more damage then running like a panzy and the enemy blue pilling and kicking your butt at tower.

  • Summary

    Thank you for reading my guide guys, even though this may not look like it. This is only my second guide(first on leaguecraft). All comments are accpeted, and constructive criticism is always welcomed.

    Thank you.


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