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Shen, The Vanguard of Justice

written by perfectrecord

Shen Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Runes for Shen

Masteries for Shen

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This build is optimized for the Shen remake.

    Shen is a tank, tier 1 hero, ninja. Before you play this guy, you need to make sure you have the guts to initiate fights, and have good control of the map VIA mini map and pinging. You also need to have a "superior judgement" and figure out when to start fights, and when and who to casts your incredible ultimate on. Shen is overall, a solid, durable hero, with shields, and a taunt who is a tank, and secondarily a support. He doesn't need much farm considering all his spells don't scale well.

  • Abilities

    Ki Strike
    The new buff... made this so godly. It literally scales so good, you will be doing around 200 per Ki-strike with this build.

    Vorpal Blade

    Damn good early game if your top, but it's pretty useless lategame and bot lane.

    Use it on big truck to heal your DPS. Using it on mobs might disorient your DPS, depending on what they are looking to adjust the lane to, so I don't recommend using it on mobs unless you have vent or good coordination.

    USELESS. Use it if you have spare energy and your Vorpal Blade and Shadow Dash are on CD. Use this right when you use shadow dash to soak some dmg.

    Shadow Dash

    Beast spell. Without this, Shen is not a ninja. The damage reduction makes it great for initiating.

    Overall great gap closer, escaping tool, intiator, and get-closer tool.

    Stand United

    Really beast. Simply beast. Will get nerfed, I garantee it. Simply too strong medium-late game. Very powerful, be sure to watch the map for conflicts and get ready to use it. During a team fight, use it on THE ONE BEING ATTACKED in team fights.In other words, prioritize Irelia taking 300 dmg a second vs Twitch in the back not taking dmg. Reason is, you want to teleport into the crowd, and because people are killing Irelia, the crowd is there.


    Also, don't use ult on people you know are dead. (Unless it's team fight, cause stalling death is very powerful)

    You might teleport to them and die, and its burn of cd.


    Very powerful if someone else initiates, and you use it. You will definitely be in the crowd and he will definitely be focused if he is tanky dps. (Udyr, Rammus, Cho'gath, etc.)


  • Summoner Spells, Masteries, and Runes

    Spells - Flash, Heal.

    You use flash cause it's op.

    You use heal cause you save lives, especially when you ult+heal.


    Masteries - 9/21/0 - Getting 9 in offense tree helps you get better CDR, more powerful Vorpal Strike, and most importantly, even more powerful Ki Strikes or sunfire capes and wit's end. Defense tree is maxed for for tanking, health buffs, lane strength, and overall the best tree to master for Shen.


    Runes - 9 Yellow armors, 9 Armor penetration red, 9 Blue glyphs of seal 1.49 MRES, 3 Health Quints +26

    Armor penetration works with this build. The DPS and Shen's natural immortality makes getting the AD penetration helps him be an anti-carry.

  • Skilling Order

    Max Q and E first. Fuck W, still useless. If you are bot support.

    Max Q, get 1 E, and max W if you are top.

    You can go skill build 1 if you are dominating easily top.

  • The items and the cores

    Shen is a tank, and therefor has health boosters, support, or more resistance as his cores. He doesn't require many cores as he is a tank, and simply needs to Shadow Dash and cast his ultimate. His cores are:

    1. or? = Get mercury treads if they have lots of CC, get ninja tabi if they have alot of AD.
    2. = Provides health, defense, MRES, and most importantly, a excellent AOE buff.
    3. = Simply get this. It is immense, and makes you an anti-carry as well.
    4. [item_icon=Heart of Gold] - If you are support, get it. If you aren't, don't.

    These items are a MUST for Shen. Even if they have 5 dmg dealers or 5 mages, get these. They give incredible stats and synchronizes best with Shen. Get them at all costs, and get them first.

    The other 3 items are completely flexible, and should be continuously changed depending on the situation, the enemies, and your allies. These items aren't as important as your cores and should be obtained last.

    Against MRES =
    [item_icon=Force of Nature] = Gives good magic resistance, and fairly good health regeneration.
    = Not a bad item, get if theres a galio or Ammumu.

    = Don't get this if you don't have frozen mallet yet. It works very both defensively and offensively. Get it if they have lots of AP or if your doing good and not dying.

    Provides good MRES, the top 3 highest I think. The AP scales well with your ult and greatly improves feint as they scale 1:1. However, get this only if your team is 2+ AP, or if you are doing extremely well.

    Against MELEE =

    = Probably the best item, and this THE core against melee if they have 3+.
    = Paying for unnesecary mana, but get it if no one else will and they have lots of AD. Not as good as Randuin, but better then Thormail and GA.

    Not bad. This previously was my core item for Shen in older versinos, but it got slightly nerfed. Still worth it though as a last item, as long as your not dying.
    = Not so bad, but pretty bad compared to the other 4. You really shouldn't get this.. unless they have 2+ ranged AD or a Yi.

    = You really shouldn't get this. I don't know why I'm posting this here. Takes too long fo farm.

    Warmogs is quite unacceptable for me because it'll take so long for Shen to farm it. Even with the mega HP scaling buffs with Ki strike. Even if you are top. Don't get it. Period.

    Item Path -
    1. Great starter item! Go top/support with this.
    3. / If you already have boots, just upgrade it to these. If not, grab boots and upgrade asap.

    3a. [item_icon=Heart of Gold] Get this if you are bot.
    4. , , Get these items in priority of left to right, and then upgrade to
    5. Get a phage and upgrade.

    Your 5th, and 6th items should be based on your team and opponents. Get the items above stated.

  • Gameplay

    pick Shen you rape and win any game, he is 100% banned in all ranked games.


    Stick to a squishy enemy after dashing the horde. Press Q on him and drain the blood. Have R ready, but again, stay focused on that one squishy enemy. If you cannot get to the squishy because your E missed, hit whoever you can that is squishy, and when the squishy comes, you go to the squishy and attack, taunt him again even.

    The slow from Frozen Mallet disorients the sturdiest of souls.


    f you are top, you really can wreck havok without being gank cause it's pretty hard to gank Shen, but be sure to ward if you are 1500 Elo+ game. Spam Q on them, last hit, Q enemies to heal when needed.

    If you are top and losing, stay back, Q weak minions, wait for gank.


    If you are bot, stay back, Q only the big truck when your dps wants heal. Ward frequently. Stay healthy. Your powerful combo E+Q+Ki Strike deals 250 dmg, so you can easily intimidate your foes in the brush, or kill them very fast.


    If you're jungling, you can gank quite easy. Don't gank 3/4th + people sitting next to turret, and don't gank when it's super dangerous or visioned, you'll be wasting your time. Unless it's noob game, and they are a bit away from turret.


  • F.A.Q

    Why no warmogs?

    It sucks, takes too long to farm, and not cost efficient.

    To get this item is to completely destroy my guide.

    My guide's foundation is not getting warmogs.

    Don't get warmogs.

  • Credits

    V.1.0 - Initial release - 2/10/11
    V.1.1 - Edit - 3/1/11
    v.1.2 - 5/12/11 - Updated F.A.Q. and Item section, both about thornmail.
    v.1.3 - 10/8/11 - changed items and skills and summoner spells
    v.1.4 - 10/24/11 - small edits.
    v.1.5 - 11/16/11 - updated guide for season 2 masteries.

    v.2.0 - 3/26/12 - COMPLETE REMAKE! It has been simplified but this means that I can actually edit it more because I don't like editing big clompy messes like my previous Shen guide.

    Thanks for reading my Shen guide.

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