Heimerdinger Build Guide

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Heimerdinger, WHY did you blow them up again?

written by Pryotra

Heimerdinger Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Techmaturgical Repair Bots
    Keeps you healed, your turrets somewhat healed, and gives your towers and teamates just a little more staying power.

    H-28G Evolution Turret
    Heimer's Godsend. Still really useful if used right. Now with ganking capability!!! Updates came in, and on top of AI updates, they changed the order of his lvling and gave this skill an ammo system. At lvl 18 your ult reduces the timer on the ammo replenish to 17 seconds with the setup I have with my build. and as of yet runes and other CDR do not seem to be affecting the timer past 15 sec, So late game CDR is not as useful for this skill.

    For the love of god and ALL that is holy, DO NOT SPAM THIS SKILL!!! even though you can technically lay to at a time, use it as a last resort. Always try to leave at least 1 ammo when you place a turret, as a common mistake to make is to place both turrets at the same time, then have the fight move away. however, if you try to keep one with you, you can move with a fight, OR add extra firepower to save you from a ganker. Doing this allows you to always have a turret to place, so if the situation calls for another turret to be thrown down, you can do so, and have another already slightly cooled down

    Hextech Micro-Rockets
    Heimer's 3 target nuke. VERY good nuke lategame, and good harrass early game. Now with 5 target mode, courtesy of the new and improved UPGRADE!!!

    [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade]
    Your Stun and blind. I usually try to save this for when they rush me at my turrets, as its hard to miss and it allows me to escape. However, if you think you can hit someone to get the kill, just remember to shoot where they will be. Now has an increased speed mode with UPGRADE!!!

    Totally upgraded UPGRADE!!! Now, using this allows you to not only heal your turrets and give them slowing shots, but allows you to shoot 2 extra rockets for a total of 5 and increases the grenade speed. it can be a life saver, and I have seen it turn the tide of battle more than once now. It is a better ult, but you have to think more carefully about using it now, as if you just use it to heal, you may need the faster grenade or the extra rockets later, but UPGRADE!!! will be on CD, therefore denying yourself a kill.

  • Introduction

    This guide is my first, so constructive criticism only. Also it is a work in progress, so please be kind as it is not quite done yet. However, I have been doing really good with this build on Heimer, so I wanted to share it with the community as they seem to believe he is UP atm. I don't think so, so I am giving them a build that will work. This build has now been updated for his new buff, but the skill descriptions on this site have not. Also note that this is still a work in progress.

    Update Log:
    -changed runes for enhanced earlygame CD
    -added my take on Skilling Order
    -added more info on RoA vs Rylai's
    -added a tankedinger section.

    -Added the update log
    -changed runes to allow for faster turret placement. Apparently there was a bug in the games I used to collect some data, so I have fixed the discrepencies
    -added a great deal of info to the Summoner Spells section
    -Updated turret use info
    -Updated turret info
    -Updated UPGRADE!!! info
    -Updated Farming info
    -Added a new scenario to the item build

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Masteries I usually run a 9/0/21 build, taking one from the monster buff mastery to put it into the flash mastery. as I usually run with flash now.

    For Tankedinger, go 9/21/0.

    As for Runes, I run with this setup:
    Greater Glyph of Focusx9 for Reduce earlygame turrets CD
    Quintessence of Fortitudex3 for increased surviveability
    Greater Mark of Insightx9 for increased damage
    Greater Seal of Clarityx9 for increased staying power

  • Items


    I usually run with this build, but I will adapt it to another team when neccesary. Start with 2 mana pots and the mana regen pendant. Build Tear of the Goddess, then your S. Boots, then Archangels Staff. From here look at what the opposing side is building.

    I usually get the Rod of Ages or a Rylai's first depending on how long the game has lasted. 21min, I would go for rylai's. I would also go rylai's if we are lacking CC on our team. I used to run with Rylai's, or possibly void staff depending on the other team, but I am going to have to recommend Rod of Ages in Normals for several reasons.

    1)Gives you mana that synchronizes with Archangels.
    2)Gives you more Hp at 5 min after the purchase.
    3)Usually get this at about 20 min. Most people say never get rod after 15 min. That being said, I usually have my matches last around 35-39 min, and it maxes out at 10 min, so I still get all the benefits.

    In ranked, I would go rylai's as games tend to not last that long.

    Still, if this bothers you, get it after the tear and boots, then after completed finish the archangels. I then look at how I have been doing, and what the other team is building.

    Scenario 1: You have been dominating, and the other team might just starting to get magic resist.
    Get void staff. makes your spells go BOOM!!!, compared to boom. Also makes them build a ton of magic resist or get pooped on by your missiles.

    Scenario 2: You have been doing ok, but the enemy team can survive your damage output and has built enough AP to really hurt.
    Get Abysmal Scepter. has the magic resist you need to live, and the magic pen you want to do more damage.

    Scenario 3: You have been doing ok, but the physical dps/tank is giving you real problems.
    Get Zhonya's Hourglass. This new item give you a nice amount of armor, and gives you the ability of stasis, which next to your turrets, can turn a certain death into a kill or two. this is a good thing to do between your turrets when you are focused.

    Scenario 4: You have been doing poorly, as the AP Nuker on their team always focuses you first.
    Get Banshee's Veil. has health and mana, but not as much as RoA. It also has MR which is nice, but the real want for this item is the spell shield. This can save your life on occasion, but as it doesn't significantly improve your damage output, I only recommend this for if you feel you are dying far too much.

    Scenario 5: CC is keeping you from escaping, as they always stun lock you
    Just grab a Quick Silver Sash. It is THE BEST item against CC, and is essentially Cleanse+MR in an Item. If it still bothers you, replace your S. Shoes for Merc Treds.

    Scenario 6: You have been doing poorly, as tanky dps 1 and 2 focus you to death b4 teamfight gets into full swing.
    Get a Thornmail. This should make them think twice about killing you, and in all reality should allow you to get kills. It doesn't synchronize too well with alot else, but it does add to your damage output while keeping you alive more.

    Scenario 7: You have been doing extremely poorly, and need more survivability, as the whole enemy team focuses you immediately.
    Get a Guardian Angel, as the revive process itself shouldn't kill your turrets, and this gives your teammates to focus them while they attempt to kill you turrets (they should be able to do this pretty fast, so make sure your team knows to jump on this distraction ASAP). when you revive, if yo can replace a turret do so and it will be like a gank in the middile of a team fight, as the whole thing gets crazy.

    Once you get a forth item, that is usually the end of the game right there. but if not, continue to ask the question on how you are doing, and getting the appropriate item. An example of a good game that lasts too long will look like this:

    Archangel's Staff
    Sorcerer's Shoes
    Rod of Ages
    Void Staff
    Abyssal Scepter
    Zhonya's Hourglass

    If you manage to do poorly but well enough to keep the game running your build might look like this:

    Archangel's Staff
    Sorcerer's Shoes
    Rod of Ages
    Guardian Angel
    Banshee's Veil

    Note: The second build is more tanky, so keep in mind you damage wont be stellar but you will be extremely hard to kill.

    Feel free to change any Item in this build, it is after all a guide, so don't go around saying "HURR DURR, IMA STICK TO THE BEST CASE SCENARIO BUILD WHEN THERE IS AN EVELYN IN GAME. ORACLES ARE A WATE OF MONEY!!!" I actually recommend you get the oracles if needed as Heim, as he has AMAZING farming ability, and 400 gold isn't that hard to get from minion farming as Heim.


    I will adress Tankadinger here.
    He is a funny chap, but completely viable if you have a mastery of the champ. I have run with him in 1 match, and the results weren't bad.

    Start with Meki pendant and mana pots like usual.

    Then build chalice.
    Build merc treds unless there is VERY little CC and the other team is pretty much ALL auto-attackers/AD champs/AS champs, then go ninja tabi.
    Then get aegis of legion. helps keep your turrets and team alive.

    Then look at the other team.
    If more magey/ balanced with a hint of MR stacking, go Abyssal Scepter.
    If more balanced/attack damage dealing, go with Zhonya's Hourglass. A fair item for tankedinger if you keep dying JUST as they die, just don't use it the moment you are focused.
    If you need CC/HP, go with Rylai's
    If you feel you need HP/Mana, go with RoA.
    If you need more of MR/Armor, Go with Guardian Angel. Another GREAT item for Tankedinger.
    If you need more MR/CC protection, go with QSS. AWESOME TANK ITEM.
    If you need Armor/Mana, get frozen heart.

    Really, what you want to do is get focused, then dance around your turrets, laying another down if one does die and ulting when they are near death. dtun them in turret range when the turrets have been aggro'd, and just overall be annoying. this is how tankedinger works, as you provide aura's to keep HP up, and you have a reliabe ammount of CC there. HOWEVER, I do NOT recommend this build to those starting on Heimer. You will die often and probably be called a nub.

  • Skilling Order

    The priority order for you skills are as follows:
    Evolution Turrets

    Put one skill point into grenade at lvl 4, just for the stun. after that follow the priority chart

    A skill build I have been runing lately with great effect is
    Evolution Turrets
    Grenade & Rockets every other chance you get. I run a slight emphasis on the nades, but if you have a real hard time landing it without the ult, then you might as well follow the other setup.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I run with Flash and Ghost now. both are good escape mechanisms, and Heimerdinger needs these bad.

    Other Good choices:

    Still a viable choice, but I feel that ghost will allow me to get places well enough, and I need an extra escape mechanism. Note: you can use this one your turrets to make them invulnerable for a few seconds, allowing a minion wave to get closer and possibly save the turret.

    This spell gives Heimer a slow and a weakener ability, allowing him to nuke them better in turret range. Only worth it with the Mastery, however.

    Not really bad on ANY champ, and some people love it. However, if I am ever experiencing that much problems with CC, then I pick up Quick Silver Sash.

    OK Spells for Heimer:

    Ok, yeah, you have an extra heal for your turrets. However, since your turrets are so weak, I don't consider this to be a good choice, but I wouldn't say its a bad choice either. I just see it as a crutch.

    Again, I see this as a crutch, as you shouldn't have real mana problems after your second return to base. As long as you are NOT spamming your abilities, which you REALLY shouldn't, you should be fine. still, it is a little nice, but not really worth it in my opinion.

    Well, it is never bad to have map awareness, but with Heimers AWESOME farmiing ability, he doesn't need to have a free temporary ward if he can purchase the candy easily whenever he Blue Pills back. its still OK, just better on other champs.

    Not so good choices on Heimerdinger:

    Better left for other champs like tanks. However, if no one else has it, it can be ok on Heimer as it makes him even HARDER to push. Too bad the mastery is at the bottom of the defense tree, otherwise this would be ok. Good for Tankedinger.

    so you get a buff, but it is not at all viable unless you have the mastery. and if you get it, you will be at least halfway down the defensive tree. Good for Tankedinger

    Only useful if you are jungle Heimer, otherwise you don't need it. I may type a jungle guide for him later, but until I figure it out, I dont suggest it unless you know what you are doing.

    YAY! You can get first blood easy! In reality, it could gimp your game, as to get the mastery, you would need to go too far down the offense tree, and you need the cooldown redux and magic pen to help you. That, and you might need the excape mechanism more. However, If you are facing a Mundo or Vlad, by ALL means take it.


    So, you PLAN on dying? Remind me to never play with you...

  • Pros / Cons

    AMAZING pusher
    amazing staying power in the lane
    Turrets now attempt to protect you
    can turn the tide of team fights
    can get exp and gold for farming without being in a lane.
    can out farm almost anybody

    squishy early game
    Turrets are easy to kill and must be protected.
    mid game power takes a small punch.
    Late game will not go well without being fed/farmed, but since you farm so well this shouldn't be an issue.
    If your turrets are focused by the enemy too much, then you run out of mana really fast early game.
    Really mana hungry early game

  • Working in the team

    Team fights almost require you to have at least 1 turret stored so that you can throw it down when the fight starts, but try to always have 2. other than that, it is all about outlasting the opponents. Your grenade can really help if you land it, as stuns always help you in team fights. Other that that it is all about living and damaging the enemy. Your team fight combo should be Turret, Turret, ult, grenade, rockets. if done the second the actual fight starts, you will almost always claim dominance of the battle field, causing the other team to either retreat or let your turrets mow them down. It goes from a 5v5 to a 7 v 5 with 2 on your side being extremely squishy. With magic pen and arch angels, landing your rockets on the other team will almost always result in a kill or assist, as long as it is doing the damage it should be capable of.

    Heimer is now a much larger threat that is more easily focused after this patch. Try to keep your towers together, and make sure to protect them, but not at the cost of your life, as they don't benefit you at all if you or they die. since turret ai now prioritizes champs, they will focus you more often. I cant tell you how many kills I have gotten by someone trying to kill me next to my turret and all I do is throw a nade at their feet point blank, then ult and rocket while backing away from the danger and watching them just die attempting to escape.

    Another thing I feel I should address is ksing, as it is sometimes impossible to NOT ks someone due to your turrets. If you ks someone, even if it was your turret, apologize. tell them you are sorry, and if it was your turrets tell them that you would have told them to stop if you could. I have done this a few times now, but usually people understand that if the turret kses them then you couldn't control it, unless you just threw it down. Besides, very few people mind having a fed Heimer. Fed + Farmed = GET THE F*CK OUT!!!

    However, if YOU get ksed, ignore it the first kill or two, then if it becomes a problem ask them nicely and not accusingly to stop. Whatever you do, save the blame game for post game chat. If a team starts to blame each other then they will lose. Period.

    Another thing you should always try to do is stop arguments before they get to full swing. If someone overreacts to something, try to calm them down, nicely reminding all that this is a team game, and if a team is fighting itself it will fall to any other team. The only reason I want to address this is because I have noticed a startling increase in trash talking on the same team. I have heard ashes on the other team asking us to report X player, complaining that they are feeding intentionally, when in reality their team only has a few kills and all of them are negative. I am imploring any and all who read this guide to help solve the problem by keeping this out of in game chat.

  • Unique Skills

    This should really be labeled "ANY SKILL HEIMER HAS", as he has some unique skills.
    Lets Start with his turrets.
    With the turrets, its like setting up shop in a new neighborhood: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. For your first turret throw it down right behind your melee minions IF THAT IS A SAFE AREA. I have heard too many people complaining about how long it takes to set up a new turret, when in reality the only way it will take forever is if you are constantly throwing them down. Spamming turrets has never been a grand idea, as this wastes mana early game, and now with this ammo system if you are placing them down every chance you get even late game you are going to have problems. Once you can have 2 at once (lvl 5), you can start marching them up, once you have 2 ammo and enough mana to place both. try to move them one at a time, and ALWAYS allow yourself to have at least an extra turret ammo at all times. This allows you to escape and possible get some kills. Since He now has only 2 turrets, it would be best to keep them somewhat close together, so that they can help you at the same time AND back each other up. If you HAVE to leave lane FOR ANY REASON, LEAVE A TURRET OR 2 behind the minion line but in range of the enemy minions. This will keep you farming and lvling while you aren't even in a lane, and prevents the minions from pushing. This also allows you to gank with very little penalty if timed right. another thing to note about turrets is that they are most effective rather close. Therefore, you must ensure that while you are pushing that you keep the turrets somewhat close together as you march them forward. This is amazing for discouraging ganks. however, keep in mind that if you march them too far foward you can still get easily ganked, so be aware of the map and make sure you aren't pushing alone when 3 of them are mia. Also, if you are sitting between your turrets and you are getting into a 1v5 scenario at the end of a LONG game, you can hit the active on zonya's while between your turrets and let them go to town while your team comes to help you.

    use them to harrass early game, and to nuke after archangels. Also keep in mind that while it will hit 3 targets, they will be the closest targets, so don't spam them on minions early game. Now that these can shoot 5 rockets at once with ult, it is best to ult in a team fight when they have more than three, as then you will hit all of them, and do a fair ammount of damage.

    This stun is actually easier to hit with than most think, as long as you are near your turrets that are slowing him. at that point its easy, while getting even easier the closer they are. I will wait until the start attacking me while they are between the turrets and right next to me, thinking that they can out dps me and my turrets. 1 grenade stun later I usually get a kill/assist. it is even easier to hit them now that when this happens I ult, then do this they never have time to escape. however, since you wont always have your ult up, and you will want to stun the majority of the time, you might consider getting in a practice match with a friend so that you can practice getting this stun off with out and with your ult if you are having trouble with landing it.

    Now that this skill has been buffed, their are many more uses than just using it to heal your turrets, so you will always have to ask yourself if it will be more worth it to ult or to lay a new turret. early game, it is usually better to lay a new one, as most likely you will have lvled the skill, if you place them right, and it will make the turret stronger.

  • Farming

    Farming comes naturally to Heimer, as you can farm with him even if you aren't in lane. Just lay down a pair of turrets and walk off to gank. This should take a little longer, as you want to allow yourself a backup turret to save you, just in case. Just keep an eye on they're hp, as if they die, you lose that farm.

    Try to get last hits when possible with the auto attack, but if your turret is attacking a minion, then help it get the last shot and then it will focus on something else.

    Not much more to say here. Except that I would save my rockets instead of farming with them until later in the game, as they wont do enough damage to be worth the precious mana early game. Also, since you are an amazing farmer early game, you should be the one to buy the wards if you have the money (you should) and the Oracles(if neccessary).

  • Summary

    That is all you really need to know about Heimer. I hope that this guide is helpful, and constructive criticism is always welcome. Thank you for reading this wall of text. I hope to write a Shen guide soon, depending on what I learn from this one.

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