Udyr Build Guide

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Udyr - Tanking with the speed of light, in depth guide of Udyr's jungling and damage. And mathematical walkthrough.

written by rebelblood

Udyr Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Monkey's Agility
    Castin an abillity will give you AS and dodge chance. Very useful for jungling and for further attack speed when your abillities are spammable.
    Maximum: 3 stacks to give 30% AS and 9% dodge

    Tiger Stance
    Scales off 1.7 of AD. Using this in the brush and then rush out with bear will give you 5 seconds to benefit from it's active and will make you have a good initial damage on your target.
    499.7 at rank 5 in level 18 before defense mitigation. And without any items at all.

    Turtle Stance
    220 hp shield. This scales off AP. But it takes damage mitigations. Meaning if you got 50% reduced physical damage from armor. This shield protects you for 440 physical damage.

    Bear Stance
    Movement speed, stun. Very nice abillity for ganking and interruption of ultis. Also nice 1on1. But when there is nothing to interrupt or chase. You will probably not use this abillity a lot.

    Phoenix Stance
    Main damage ability. This ability gives you: 229.76 DPS at rank 5 in level 18. Without items. With Wit's End and Malady. Your DPS should be around 600 while in this stance.

    Procs every third hit and on activation gives you more AP and AD. And an AoE damage, like a sunfire cape.

  • Introduction

    Yeah this is my second Udyr guide. Removed the old one because with the new patches, physical Udyr was made useless. But i saw a new light shining! AS/Off-Tank Udyr.

    This guide goes through jungling with Udyr. Building him with 2 AS items which gives him maximal damage output. And the rest will be tanking items.
    I will go through the mathematical details about what makes this build and guide so superior.

    But please notice that it takes mind to play Udyr. Hes easy to fail with. And in this guide i often take it that you must be a bit self-thinking. Taking that you yourself can figure out what situational items will be best in what siuations as an example.

  • Brief info of the Tiger Udyr parts!

    I have added small bits of how to go tigerstance Udyr. I will make this into a seperate guide later if it gets to fill too much.
    Tiger stance Udyr gives a great damage on a single target. Tho' going tigerstance with him have it's pros and cons during the game. I will mark every place that is relevant to tigerstances with a [Grr] tag!

  • Masteries + Runes

    So for masteries i go for
    Taking some survivability to give a better start in jungle. And for tankyness later on. Taking dodge mastery because it synergies with hes passive, and nimbleness with give him a slight movement buff in the jungle.

    Runes i go for:
    9x Greater Mark of Insight
    9x Greater Seal of Evasion
    9x Greater Glyph of Celerity
    3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    Fortitude because this helps to give a safe jungling in the beginning. Also makes it easier to take a tower shot at early ganks.
    Evasion because dodge synergies with hes passive delivering more procs on nimbleness as well.
    Celerity because CDR both affects his spell cooldown and global cooldown. And makes him able to stance dance. more giving you more activation effects.
    Insight because a lot of your damage will be magic damage, and you want to get as much out of it as possible.

    A very viable option on Udyr is Greater Glyph of Shielding which greatly improves his effective health. And makes you in less of a hurry to rush some MR.

    [Grr] If you are going tigerstance, definetly go for Greater Glyph of Shielding and you might consider go ArPen in marks. Haven't really decided whats best yet.

  • Items

    Start with
    Cloth Armor & 5x Health Potion
    Go through jungling route described below.
    First back get Boots of Speed and 2x Sight Ward the rest for health potions.
    Second back make Cloth Armor into [item=Heart of Gold]
    Then get as the game progresses i will write my usual order here:
    Giant's Belt
    Sunfire Cape
    Wit's End
    From here on build whatever defensive items the situation takes.
    However i strongly recommend building a Banshee's Veil it gives mana, HP, a spellshield and most important: magic resist. So far this build haven't given you any magic resist besides wit's end except if you have bought Mercury's Treads.
    If they have a lot of magical and lack of physical, sell [item=Heart of Gold] and get a [item=Force of Nature] or another magic resist item.
    You should make sure to have a balance of armor and magic resist at around 140-150 of each and a portion of hp.

    Notice: you can take almost any AS items instead of these 2. I just found these 2 best, especially early game. They are very cheap, shreds the enemies magic resist, and gives you magic resist. Also gives a lot of damage on hit. And a little bit of ap.

    Thought i needed to get this sorted out as this keep getting discussed in the comments section.
    Yes a [Item=Madred's Bloodrazor] is indeed viable on udyr. Very viable indeed! But early on a malady and a wit's end is simply better. I do recommend selling one, probably wit's end and replace it with a Madreds. But early on the madreds doesn't do enough damage as alot of champions have 1500 hp and some kind of MR to reduce Madreds damage.
    The AD Madreds give do increase tiger stance.
    But the MR malady shreds, even further increase tiger stance.
    This also increases Phoenix stance damage.
    So late game sell your wit's end in favor for MBR.

    For tiger stance:
    Start with Cloth Armor & 5x Health Potion
    Go through jungling route described below.
    First back get [item=Madred's Razor] or Wriggle's Lantern whatever you can afford at the time.
    Second back get Boots of Speed
    Third get Giant's Belt
    Then get the following items i'm listening them here in the order i use:
    Trinity Force
    Atma's Impaler
    [item=Force of nature]
    Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet

  • Skilling Order

    You shouldn't alter much from this path. But if you choose to, you should follow these guidelines:
    Turtle at level 2 and bear at level 4 is crucial! Don't alter from this
    Phoenix is really good dps and one of the main focuses in this guide. Not recommended to go tiger jungling.
    The 2 last points in bear stance isn't worth it compared to Tiger DoT, Phoenix DPS or Turtle shield


    When going tiger stance, your phoenix stance will get skilled too late, and therefore losing it's potential as a dps stance. Also going Tiger Stance does rely more on the AS from tiger stance and thus' not getting alot of AS items.
    Therfore i choose to skill up bearstance fully, despite of the decreased effectiveness of the last 2 points.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost and Smite
    Yeah you can jungle without smite.. But don't! It's very important to jungle as fast as possible with all the resources you got!
    You really need ghost for ganking, chasing, initiating, defending. Very important to get this on Udyr! You got no ranged abilities so the faster you get to your enemies the better! Also this + bear will get you out of most tight situations.

  • Build Example

    LeagueCraft is bugging so i can't add runes atm..
    Also this builder tag isn't working.
    I will give you a link so far.
    But this should give you an example of what your stats will look like!
    Here is the build!

    Here is the build!

  • Pros / Cons

    *Flaming DPS! Literally!
    *Good survivability
    *Good mobility
    *Good jungler and ganker
    *Melee only, have to rely on speed or ambushes to get to his enemies.

  • Creep Jungling and ganking

    Remember to have your teammates watch out for you. If you worry for a teamfight and don't think it will bring you any good. You can let your teammates place themself in bushes close to their lanes! As the image shows below. This will give you total overview of all entrances to your blue buff.
    External Image

    Blue buff
    When you are taking blue buff you should use phoenix stance whenever you are able to. Try to stand as close to the small minions so they are hit by the sunfire like effect from phoenix activation.

    After taking blue go for wolves.
    Use phoenix stance to give some damage on the big wolf, usually you will hit all 3 wolves with your AoE. After getting first proc on phoenix stance, switch to turtle stance. This will save you most possible hp and let you regain some.

    After wolves go to wraiths.
    When you take wraiths, you should activate phoenix 2 times then go to turtle and leech hp from them.

    If you have 4 bar hp or more you should be able to take lizard, else use a healing pot until you have 4 bar or more.
    Same progress as with golem, only this time you will want to switch a bit between phoenix and turtle stance. Turtle stance gives hp and leeches mana which you will need to stance dance through lizard.

    1½ bar or more hp and you should be able to take the 2 small golems.
    Phoenix stance once and then turtle you through them
    It might get tight sometimes, then run a bit away, wait for mana and turtle again.
    If this route went well you should still have 1 health pot left.

    After this route you are level 4.
    You got your bear stance and boots and you are ready to go.
    You should also have bought 2 wards by now. Take a brief look over minimap before going anywhere.
    Are enemies overextending anywhere?
    Are your allies in trouble?
    If possible you will want to gank bot first. Rush down there, put a dragon ward and bear stance + ghost in!
    Try not to head directly for the enemy, but rather run towards their bush and block their escape. bear stance + phoenix is all you need. Take a tower shot if it's worth it but never take more than one tower shot!

    External Image
    This image should give an overview of how to gank.

    Sometimes your teammates are having a hard time and you will want to make a poor initiate just to let the enemy be scared of you and not to gank.

    From now on everything should be easy enough. Remember to place nashor and dragon wards for as long as you have bag space. They protect both bot mid and top lane. And will protect some of the entrances to your and their jungle.
    And ofc gank whenever possible!

    Going tiger stance makes it a bit easier to take the jungling route, but also a bit slower.
    However the increased time to take the jungle is compensated for, by the ability to get madreds in first back.
    However bad thing is you will get back to spawn when lacking 15-10 gold. Forcing you to decide whether to slack that gold, or get back in the jungle.
    I usually slack and compensate for it by ganking a lane then leech a little bit of exp from it before returning to jungle. (Only leech from solo lanes tho)
    When ganking, you can pre tiger by activating Tiger Stance in brush. Then ghost + bear out it will give you 5 seconds to apply the tiger DoT on bear stance hit. It's a very effective way to improve bear stance!

  • tl;dr

    Soo if you don't want to read the in-depth jungling above heres a smaller version:
    Care for overextends and ask your teammates if they are struggling and need an emergency gank. Place dragon and nashor ward as often as possible.

  • Playing in the team

    You are a tough DPS with lots of movement speed. But you are melee only, so don't make a frontal assault on the enemy team. They don't even have to stun you, they can simply slow you to shut you down.
    This is how to handle different scenarios in teamfights:

    If you are the on to initiate you can do 2 things:
    1st ( risky way )
    Make a frontal assault on the enemy team, let them focus you. Eventually die or slipping out with 5% hp left. Hope you have made so much ravage that your team can take out the other team with ease.
    No, this won't be working most of the time.
    So given that they are having 1-2 tanks in front, their pokers just behind the tank and the ranged carry in safe distance.
    Make sure your team is ready, bear stance+ghost into the jungle, in a matter of seconds you should be behind the enemy. No hesitations just rush in on their ranged carry. Their tanks now have 2 options. Sacrifing their carry, or moving in on you, breaking formation and letting your team take their pokers and eventually you will get their carry anyways. This will cause enough trouble for the team to force them on retreat.

    When in teamfight:
    You can choose to go for their carry or go for whoever is closest to your carries so you can be at your carries within a blink of the eye. If you have a tank that is good at keeping your carries safe, definetly go for their carries as you should shred their hp in seconds.

    Your team initiate a teamfight where you outnumber the enemy:
    If you have vision of the enemies that hasn't participated yet. Rush on to them! Don't care if you are going into a 2v1, as long as you keep yourself alive and your teammates take down the rest of the enemies!

  • Mathematics of Udyr

    Yeah, i had a thread running were i did some mathematics on Udyr considering if hes OP:
    Heres the mathematics from that page. This is based on not having any items at all:

    Tiger Stance
    Udyr's base damage at level 18 is 111.
    At rank 5:
    200+(111*1.7)+111=388.7 magical + 111 physical -> 499.7 in total.

    Phoenix Stance
    At rank 5:
    200/3 = 66.66 damage per hit.
    He makes 1,121 hits per second at level 18. So per second he hits 191.091 without any items at all. + Activation bonus from phoenix = 42 dps and that gives him 24 ad and 48 ap.
    This gives another: 42*0.25=10.5 damage per second + 42*0.25*1.121 = 11.77 damage per second + 24*1,121 = 26.9. This sums up to:
    191.091 + 11.77 + 26.9 = 229.76 damage per second

    I will add some mathematics on what the damage is with items if it's requested.

    But i can tell you i once calculated it to a sweet 600 damage per second.

  • Reason for the chosen items

    Thought i might add some discussion on why i use the items i use, as i were told in comments a couple of times to go madreds bloodrazor because it would give more damage.

    [item_icon=malady] This item will give you a nice AS with a little bit of AP. Also this items shreds your targets MR increasing both your, and your teammates magic damage significantly. It also give 20 magic damage on hit.

    This item will give you again, nice AS. As well as 30 MR and 42 damage per hit. The manaburn is a small bonus but rather useless. It's really useful because with this build you will buy [item_text=Heart of Gold] and Sunfire Cape Really making you need a boost to MR.

    [Item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor] I am NOT choosing this item early on because: The damage it gives against a target with 3000 hp is almost the same as Wit's End and Malady combined. At the same time, They cost the same. And Malady shreds their MR which is way more useful early on. And increases damage of both you and your team so overall those two items deal more damage. Also usually madreds bloodrazor won't be very effective untill they get a decent amount of hp. Which is only in the mid/late game. You can always change Wit's end or Malady into a madreds later on in the game.

    [item_icon=Heart of gold] This is simply becauseit's a cheap item that gives hp and armor. With a sunfire cape you should be able to towerdive early on. It gives a little bit gold. after 32,5 minutes it should have paid itself back. I don't recommend upgrading this to randuins unless they got a lot of physical. Rather sell it and get some more hp. But keep it 'till late game so it can pay itself off.

    If you have any further speculations on the items i choose please question it in a comment.

    Tiger stance needs no reason to it's chosen items! Atleast not before i have the time for it.

  • Item Mathematics

    Madreds vs Malady + Wit's End
    Malady + Wit's End = 3975
    Madreds = 3800
    Additional Stats:
    Malady + Wit's End = 25 AP, 30 MR, MR reduction.
    Madreds = 25 armor
    DPS Stats:
    Attack Speed = 1,377
    AD = 141
    Item damage = 4% of maximum hp
    Given 3000 hp as average = 120 damage per hit.
    Phoenix 66,66 dph
    Per hit damage: 327,66
    DPS = 451,18
    Malady + Wit's End:
    ATS = 1,697
    AD = 111
    Itemdamage = 62
    Phoenix 66,66 + (25*0,25)/3 (= 1,67) = 68,32
    Per hit damage: 241,32
    DPS = 409,52

    Difference between damage is 41,66 in Madreds favor.
    But, Madred bloodrazor is heavily reduced by MR.
    And Malady shreds their MR which makes everyone damage more. And Madreds is not very useful early on. And if the target has less than 3k hp Madreds is not viable for this situation.

    [item=Heart of Gold]
    5 gold per 10 seconds
    1 gold per 2 seconds
    975 gold * 2 seconds per gold
    975*2 = 1950.
    1950seconds / 60 seconds per minute.
    1950/60=32,5 minutes

  • Thats all folks!

    Please request if you think i miss anything. I easily forget some things when writing in general.
    And please comment, rate and tell me what i can do better!

  • Changelogs

    *Started logging from 09/01-2011
    *Added an image of the ganking route
    *Added 'Playing in the team' section
    *Added basic information about tiger Udyr, upgrading this to a seperate guide later

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