Singed Build Guide

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Singed the Crazyman

written by Razmuffin

Singed Build

Starting items

Core Build

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  • Empowered Bulwark
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Runes for Singed

Masteries for Singed

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This is the singed build I have been using since beta, it has not changed much and the math still checks out for those of you that won't take my advice at face value. White text is easy enough for everyone to understand and should be read. Green text will assume you know every champion's abilities and will provide helpful insights for high level play. Purple text will be in-depth reasoning and can be skipped over unless you think you know better. I will give credit to all changes to this build if anyone would like to criticize/rage about/attempt to improve my Crazyman build.

  • Changes

    7/8/2012:  New video guide is up and ready for viewing at

  • Abilities

    Empowered Bulwark
    This passive will make Tear of the Goddess into an HP item, 1 cast grants 1 HP. Not tons but enough of an HP boost.

    Poison Trail

    The only League of Legends skill that promotes being French, RUN AWAY.
    Make sure this ability is on during all engagements, and with the Tear of the Goddess Mana will not be a problem after level 10.


    Mega Adhesive
    Miniature ranged Amumu ult that deals no damage.
    See "How to Use Singed" video to see the effective use of this ability.

    If they aren't afraid they will be soon.
    Use this ability to save escaping allies, and to doom enemies that can't run away fast enough.

    Insanity Potion
    Simplest and most useful explanation: grants speed and the equivalent stats of two level ups.
    This allows you to outrun enemies in bad situations (soon will be a good situation with poison on), and catch up to enemies for ganks. It is conceptually hard to understand how extra armor, Ap, health regen, Mana Regen, Magic Resist, will change the up-comming battle. This is why it is much easier to imagine that you are at level 6(+2) when engaging with your ult.
    As an added bonus you get added crowd control reduction of 10/20/30% while ulting. This makes Singed an even better candidate to engage team fights and has the ability to get out alive.

  • Videos

    Videos are easier to access and give plenty of insight into how to play the game as a certain character:
    This is before the main section of the guide to help clarify what I am expecting/hoping readers of my guide will become as players.  This was recorded directly before the Jayce patch released,  there are a lot more jumpy characters now than there were for the original singed video.





    This is what activating Tear of the Goddess will look like:
    This video can be skipped if you follow the:
    "reserve mana>600 Therefore cast fling and mega adhesive" rule.

    All other guides dismiss Tear of the Goddess because they are incorrectly assuming that singed will not get enough activations to make it worthwhile. This is false, the video proves this.
    58 stacks is the number where it is more cost effective to get an archangel's than a Rabadon's Deathcap.

  • Summoner Spells

    Summoner's Rift and Twisted treeline: get Ghost and Flash

    Dominion: Ghost and Garrison

    In Dominion there is much less gravety placed on the survival or split second engages of Singed and therefore living with 400 HP after flashing out is not as great an achievement.  Garrison though allows for singed to at least once cancel the enemy capping a point or deal bonus tower hits on a champion thrown into it.

  • Lane Phase

    Duo Bottom lane:
    Singed acting as the Support in a common support-carry setup:

    Choosing a lane mate is not always up to you. Every allied champion can help Singed but the single most important feature in a lane mate is the amount of damage they deal. Singed can contain an enemy for 5 seconds with puddle, throw, puddle all that is missing for a kill is damage.

    Singed is a weird champion, please throw out all of your preconceived notions and board the crazy-train.

    For a kill, there are two things Singed wants to happen in the lane phase:
    1. The enemy to melee creeps.
    2. The enemy to be away from creeps.

    1. The enemy to melee creeps: This means that if you close the distance and throw the meleeing champ three things will happen.
    a. Enemy champ will be hit by your throw, poison, and at minimum 2 melee hits (if he walks out of your creeps)
    b. Your laning partner will use his abilities, damage, CC, whatever, and will get in 2 melee or 1 ranged hits.
    c. The enemy Champ will realize he is in your creeps and try to escape, or he will autoattack you or your ally and be dealt 95.25dmg/s (3 melee, 3 caster) from creeps.

    Note that if the champion waits until he is out of your creeps, this is plenty of time to get out of range of retribution.

    2. The enemy to be away from creeps: This has two advantages.
    a. Enemy Champion 1 is far away from the action when you throw Enemy Champion 2 into your creeps. Enemy Champion 1 is unable to render quick assistance and/or retribution.
    b. Enemy Champion 1 is far enough away from the creeps that they do not target Singed and his buddy. Puddle, throw, puddle is 5 seconds of containment for your ally to deal damage. Doing this in creeps before level 6 is too much creep damage to for your squishier ally to handle after the recent debuff of creep champion damage.

    2 enemy mistakes Singed is happy about:

    1. Rapidly pushing enemy champions. If the enemy is pushing the lane towards your tower let them. This will allow Singed to potentially fling an enemy into your tower. At level 6 Singed will also have more room to chase down and poison the enemy as they run back to their base.

    3. Massive buildups of enemy creeps. If the enemy is only last hitting and their creep wave is approaching over a dozen get in a position to poison the entire wave as it heads towards your tower. This helps prevent tower damage, and grants Singed plenty of gold, that wouldn't have been grabbed by ally, as well as bringing the fight close to your tower.

    If the enemy makes no mistakes in favor of Singed:

    If your team obtains equal last hits to the enemy champions your lane is winning. Waiting for an enemy mistake and protecting your ally is your primary goal. Your lane is going to come out ahead when you reach level 6.

    Let me say this again, "No deaths in your lane and not being denied XP until level 6 is a victory for Singed."

    The more balanced the skill level between you and your enemies the less mistakes they make. Everything mentioned before this point is how to exploit mistakes. This next section is for those enemy summoners that know what Singed can do almost as much as you do.

    1} Singed's ult is better than the enemies'.

    Here is a look at Singed's ult in regards to how much gold it would take to get the same benefit:

    35 AP = 761 gold (Amplifying Tome)
    35 MR = 539 gold (negatron cloak)
    35 AR = 583 gold (cloth armor)
    35 movement (complicated :))
    35 HPregen = 1015 gold (regrowth)
    35 MANAregen = 1950 gold (maki Pendant)
    10% CCR (Complicated)

    soo, 4849 gold and a movement buff and 10% CC reduction.... Chogath only gets -300 HP (dmg) and 90HP to cho, i.e 1029 gold (Ruby crystal). Think about the 4849 gold and compare it to the ultimates of the enemy and how gold wise they don't even compare. Remember this bonus is only during your ult, and a bunch of scattered items don't all translate to a single powerful punch. Also, 4849 gold doesn't mean much with 300 HP, make sure you have enough HP to survive at least the first 5 seconds of battle. But at level 6, consider yourself "slightly" more farmed and just got back from a shopping trip.

    2) Let your lane partner set the pace.

    In the end they will be dealing the damage and they need to be on board for the engage.

    Singed will be up close and personal for the throw, if your ally isn't on board your going to lose health and your threats lose credibility.

    3) Bushes grant + 20 to scariness.
    The range of influence Singed has increases when ever he is in a bush. This is best explained with the following image and descriptions of each situation:

    External Image

    Position 1: This is the default position, both sides last hitting, and all is well.

    Position 2: Enemy tough moves up on your ally, you have 2 options.

    Position 3: Engage the enemy tough in your creeps while enemy squishy is out of range of your ally

    position 4: Enemy squishy moved up to engage your ally, throw into creeps and into ally's range. Enemy tough must chose who to attack, save squishy or continue to engage your ally.

    Position 5: Enemies throw skill shots at singed that he must dodge but more of a chance to hit Singed than to hit his ally.

    Position 6: Poison cloud when they check the bush.

    Position 7: enemy tough checks bush and gets thrown to ally out of range of enemy squishy

    Position 8: enemy squishy attempts to stay close enough to enemy tough to prevent Position 7, and gets thrown instead.

    Moral of the story, do less as singed, but don't get XP denied. Your ult is worth a fortune, and let your ally last hit.

    Solo Lane Top
    The name of the game top lane is last hitting and posturing.  The same basic concepts apply from bottom lane except that the entirty of your retrebution is from your own damage.  If you threaten the enemy with any amount of damage when he is going for a last hit, he will not get the last hit.  The same goes for you, if the enemy will damage you for a last hit, don't get it.  This trade off seems overly cautious but the most common situation is that both players can either last hit or hit the enemy champion, they can not do both.

    Lets go back to Basics:
    1.  Last hit.  If the lane is in the middle or towards your side the jungler will have a better chance killing your enemy than you.

    2.  Posture to prevent the enemy from last hitting, go up to them and throw if possible,  but always remember to come out of the fight relatively better off than your enemy.  (remember there are other champions in this game, i.e. Karthus ults :P and similar things.)

    3.  Consider future last hits.  If you take damage now for a last hit, but impairs you from getting two last hits a minute it was not worth it.  The benefit is calculated at the point of purchasing the next item,  you do not get interest on your balance if you hold it in your purse.

    4.  Ganking, If the enemy seems overconfident but you're not sure, assume they have a a jungler in the bush below and reassess.  Conventional wisdom would say you should fake weakness when your jungler is comming up but this more often than not gives you away.  The thing that people notice is a change in behavior not any posture oneway or the other.  The best thing to do before a gank is act like nothing has changed while being close enough to assist without scaring the enemy away.

    5.  In case of enemy death:  If there are no enemies in your Lane Push with poison the best you can.  The logic behind this is the same with all champions, if there is no enemy around when your creeps die to the enemy tower, then that is denied XP.  It also allows you to damage the tower, and when they return you may be able to go back to base.

    That just about covers the basics and rather than trying to hypothosize what would be the best advice to perfectly replicate my own gameplay I'll leave it at the basics and let ya'll run with it.  In the case of a 2v1 top just bide your time as best you can until level 6 or a jungler comes to assist. 

    Worst case other than dying: IF the enemy is only last hitting and denying you creeps don't worry. These actions will create a huge enemy creep wave that you should be able to poison once it makes its way to your tower. Poison it all and you'll get quite a few last hits to makeup for your loss of XP. you will still get to level 6 faster than the two enemies if you don't die, or slightly behind the enemy Solo. And just imagine the 4849 gold equivalent from your ult with high HP and mana (I have not been denied a kill in a 1v2 with my ult vs 2 level 4s.)

    Moving Past the Laning Phase:

    What is typical of many top lane champions and support bottom champions is that staying in thier lane past level 7 is a very good idea.  This is not the case with Singed.  At level 7 Singed wants to be out and about pushing towers and ganking carries.  What my team typically does around level seven is for my jungler to come top lane and gank.  Singed then leaves the jungler top lane while heading to middle lane and then pushing the tower.  Despite what happens to the middle tower and sololaner under it the middle champion recalls and then takes over top lane from the Jungler whom goes back to jungling.  This swap middle for Singed is effective against many midsolos especially Leblank, Annie, and Ezreal.  They can harrass Singed less and ganking middle becomes next to impossible.  My ally now solo top is also benefitting from a change of enemy champion and is under little threat of a gank because wards are easily purchased at this point.

  • What Insanity Potion Does

    Insanity Potion is a very strange ultimate to fight against and to use. This section will hopefully help explain how to use this ability to its full potential:

    As mentioned in the ability section Insanity Potion is a speed buff and the equivalent of 2 level ups.
    What Insanity Potion doesn't give you:
    1. Instant kill powers
    2. Indefinite tank
    3. Immunity to stuns

    What Insanity potion does give you:
    1. A speed boost
    2. A giant target over your head. (if the enemy is competent)
    3. Surprising amounts of damage over time (if the enemy is incompetent)

    Giant target over your head turns you into a tank. Not because you are beefy, have armor, or Magic resist, but because competent enemies will target you first. This allows your ally(ies) to deal as much damage as they can while you take the brunt of the blow.

    Surprising amount of damage over time is the flip side of a giant target. If the enemy doesn't target Singed, he be dealing 57dmg/s (level 3 poison with ult and no items) to every enemy that didn't flee the moment they saw Singed.

    This is best explained with an example:

    Singed (hp 1029) and Ashe (hp 933) VS Taric (hp 1128) and Malphite (hp 1035):

    Everyone just got level 6 and since Taric and Malph completely dominated the lane no one has gone back and everyone is at full health:
    External Image

    Malph ults, shards and ground pounds the Ashe (933-470 = 463A). Taric runs up to Ashe casts dazzle and shatter (463-280 = 183A). Ashe ults Malphite (1035-250 = 889M). Ashe runs back to the tower. Singed ults, puddles to cover Ashe's retreat, and throws Taric away from Ashe (1128-135 = 993T). Singed poisons both enemies (56dmg/s) as he runs towards Ashe. Taric and malph chase the almost dead Ashe for 2 seconds, then turn their attention to Singed who ran back and auto- attacks Taric (993-224=769T, 769-210 = 559T) (889-224= 665M) Taric auto attacks and heals (1029-79 = 950S) (559+60hp=619T). Singed runs to the lane bushes, delay 3 seconds (619-224= 395T) (665-224 = 441M), Taric and Malph get off dazzle and shard (950-190 = 760S). Singed poisons enemy creep wave and runs towards the river, Delay 3 seconds (441-224=217M) (395-224=171T). Taric and Malph head toward tower. A CRAZY SINGED appears from river bushes. Puddles Taric. Malph Shards, ground pounds and melees (760-340 = 420S), Taric dazzles, shards and heals (420-280 = 140S) (171+60 = 231T). Singed throws Taric(231-135 = 96T) Singed runs towards enemy tower, wait 3 seconds (217-224 = -7M) (96-224 = -127T). Ashe complains about Singed kill stealing. This is how your life as Singed will end up, the enemy will ignore you, and you will be blamed for kill stealing, or the enemy will focus you and your team will wonder why you are not a tank.

    This is one of my simplest engages where both sides are evenly matched but they chose the incompetent decision and went for Ashe. The strategy of going into the bushes and away from the fight is unique to Singed for a few reasons:

    1. Poison loves people chasing, 1-3 seconds of the effect while the enemy gets reinfected as they check bushes and try to close the distance.

    2. The majority of Singed's damage is from poison, the majority of all other champions is from auto-attacking and/or casting abilities. In order to auto-attack and cast abilities (even skill shots) the enemy needs to see where Singed is. The more in and out of bushes, the more distance you can keep from your enemies (while they chase and are in poison) the more damage you deal and the less damage they deal to you.

    3. There is nothing more pesky than a Singed running around when you can't hit him back. Enemies will try to finish Singed off even if it will kill them in the process. (pretending to miss click and head in a bad direction will keep their hopes up, but you better know what your doing, and have a flash in reserve).

    4. Insanity Potion makes you faster than most champs at level 6, with puddle used effectively the enemy will have to Jump/flash, in order to escape. Start an engage without your ult and the enemy will burn their flash to avoid a throw, next time you can engage with an ult and no enemy flash.

    Here is the outcome:

    1309 damage to Taric and dealt 659 (-120 heals)
    1349 damage to Malph and dealt 980 damage
    889 damage to Singed and dealt 2272 damage
    750 damage to Ashe and dealt 386 damage

    This was a 14 second fight, 11 seconds left on ult, might as well push the tower now. Ashe dealt 386 damage. Singed ran away the entire time and dealt 2272 damage. In all reality they should have targeted Singed because he deals more damage, but what happens if they target Singed? They still get poisoned, puddled and flung, but then one enemy champion is being auto-attacked by an Ashe.

    This is the line you must walk as Singed:
    Singed vs multiple enemies will deal the most amount of constant damage in the game.
    ------Therefore Singed "should" be targeted first.
    Your ally will deal more damage to a single target.
    ------Therefore your ally "should" be targeted first.

    Conclusion: Make the enemy team be constantly switching decisions between attacking Singed or attacking his allies. Enemy prioritizes Singed, he becomes a tank for his allies. Enemy Prioritizes allies, Singed poisons enemy team while puddle/throwing enemies off allies.

    Rule of thumb: If they attack your allies, get their attention, if they attack you, duck and weave in some shrubs, the more they chase the more you damage them.

  • Strategy before Crazyman

    Arrive at lane you have three things that are worth your time:
    1. puddle, throw, puddle on laning champion.
    2. poison creeps up to tower.
    3. threat of throw to damage tower.
    Things that are not worth your time:
    1. Waiting for the next creep wave.
    2. Harassing enemy champions.
    3. deterring a gank.

    If Singed is not Actively ganking a champion, poisoning a creep-wave or killing a tower he should go to another lane.

    Singed is bottom. Poisons creeps to tower.
    Singed runs middle. Puddle, throw, puddle mid champ, (Flashes to avoid throw), Poisons creeps to tower.
    Singed heads top. Poisons creeps to tower. Threat of throw to damage tower.
    Singed heads middle. Puddle, throw, puddle mid champ (no more flash for you), champ dies. Pushes creeps to tower.
    Singed heads bottom. Puddle, throw, puddle on champ attempting dragon, (middle comes to assist).

    Singed's speed and ability to contain a fleeing champ for 5 seconds (puddle, throw, puddle) will help keep all lanes pushed to the enemy towers. This does cause some problems if your team's solo-laners are easily ganked, best thing for them to do is stay on the side of the lane that Singed just left (or suck it up and buy wards). The direction Singed just left was recently checked and will be checked again shortly when Singed comes back.

    Using your poison on the creeps will push the lane quickly and grant gold and XP even as you run to another lane (you killed it can't get out of XP range). Be greedy, getting singed to CRAZYMAN level will make your poison deal the same amount of damage as a level six fiddlesticks ultimate while you run away. This being said, you will get more creeps and less complaints if you move on to the next lane once you reach the enemy tower.

    Team fights before Singed reaches crazyman are not advised. If the enemy team recognizes the poison AoE damage output you will be priority targeted before you can poison or fling anyone. Once you become a CRAZYMAN you will be able to tank damage from 5 enemy champions for a decent amount of time.

    If there are 5 enemy champions mid you should be middle when there are enemy creeps under your tower. after repelling the creeps (i.e. no team confrontation) you should head to the bottom lane and quickly poison the creeps and then head back to middle.

    The logic behind this is simple:
    If Singed's team is balanced and 5 enemies will not tower dive 4 allies (singed not there)
    Singed will help deflect the creeps off tower and can go to a lane for 6 creep kills = 114 gold and XP.
    Singed will be back in time to deflect the creeps off middle tower from the next wave. (While the side lane has creeps pushing the tower (creeps dying to tower = no gold/XP for enemies).

    If Singed's team will win a 5v5 they can time it when Singed is around.

    If Singed's Team will lose a 5v4+tower, Singed will arrive while the enemy is under the tower. Poison and Ulty on while coming from river, either the enemy squishies can retreat through your poison, take the long way and run to the sides or can seek protection from their less damaged allies (more targets to poison). (If they tower dove) Person tanking the tower can get a puddle throw puddle back into the tower.

    If your team engages drop what you're doing and head middle. (ult and ghost as you arrive, speed durring the fight is more important that getting there 2 seconds earlier.) Your allies may not understand that a standoff middle will benefit the team with Singed, but they are still your allies and 4v5s end badly.

    Arriving mid fight is also an opportune time for Singed. Coming in from the side or back of a team fight forces the enemy to retreat through your poison or take a longer way around (your speed benefits you more). Also, as you team was probably the more battered side, the enemy is chasing them down and this means that with poison on singed can run with his allies and deal damage. (yes, using allies as bait is legit :).

    This logic of delaying 4v5 in middle is true for all champions to go to the lanes, but Singed is the best at it because he is fast, and Singed only needs to run around the creeps once and can start heading back to the middle.

  • Strategy After Crazyman

    Crazyman is activated after the core build is competed. This should take place around the 25 minute mark, but the earlier the better.

    Singed's primary job in team fights is to divide the enemy team between champions that are afraid of Singed, and those that are not.

    Clarification of afraid:
    1. The immediate reaction of an enemy champion to your aggressive action directly before an engagement.
    2. Champions that seek to gain distance from singed are afraid.
    3. Champions that seek to use a CC and then gain distance from singed are afraid.
    4. Champions that can "poke" and then will "jump" away are afraid.
    5. Champions that stay behind another champion (to not be a primary fling target) are afraid until fling has been used.

    "poke" = cast a ranged ability and/or attack to deal damage without a full engage.
    "jump" = ability or spell that moves a champion from one location to another. (Tristana, Kassadin, etc.)

    All other champions are not afraid of Singed. Teach them to be. The more they are afraid of you the more you can control the flow of battle.

    What "should" make players afraid of Singed:

    1. Poison exposure will reduce your health to be within "one-shot" range from another enemy champion.
    2. being Flung to (insert champion on singed's team) will cause your death within 2 seconds.
    3. Mega Adhesive will slow you to the point of temporary uselessness as you have few ranged abilities and "jump" abilities.
    4. Singed can "tower/people dive" you and get out

    "one-shot" = The average damage a champion can deal in a micro-moment.
    "should" = not all players react the same way to a well played Singed.

    "tower/people dive" = The redefinition of enemy champions as unique towers. The same logic that goes into tower diving can be applied to enemy champions. These unique towers use CCs and deal damage in varying amounts but can be predicted with an abundant knowledge of characters and items.

    The second regard that champions can be regarded as towers is that they will target the first person in their range. Unique towers have a different targeting priority when they have options, they seem to target the allied champion dealing the most damage. The study of unique towers is a like studying wildlife, all olafs act similarly, but their survival skills vary.

    The better you can determine the viability of diving unique towers the more the enemy players will be afraid of you under reason #4 to fear Singed.

    Teaching enemy players to be afraid of you is a matter of executing the 3, 4 reasons that they should. Poisoning the enemy team, flinging enemies to your more damaging allies, and slowing the enemy champ most effected by it are the three ways to approach team fights.

    Option #4 is very hard to pull off, but will offer the best results to your team; plan to unique-tower-dive with a good 1000 HP so that you can reengage in the team fight.

    Psst, the buffer zone I use for my unique-tower-dives is 400 HP and I typically don't plan on using flash. After doing this effectively the unique towers will probably change their targeting priorities, so watch out.

    Don't be a gank-a-holic, if you scare off two champions in a 5v5, you can run back to your allies and your poison will deter the enemy champs from getting back into the fight immediately.

    This should be restated to remind everyone what you just read:
    Singed's primary job in team fights is to divide the enemy team between champions that are afraid of Singed, and those that are not.

    (When everyone present is afraid of Singed it is a gank, not a team fight.)

  • Skill Order Reasoning and Alternatives

    Why is Fling first?

    • 1st reason: This spell gets the enemy champion into your creeps and if they auto attack you the creeps will be doing more than 22dmg/s (level one poison).

    Poison ticks 4 times after inhalation. It also deals damage to multiple enemies while you run away.  At high enough level it can kill creeps in a single puff, but I always make sure they feel the poision cloud for at least one tick to make sure the creep will die.  The worst feeling is when you see 6 creeps at no health all die with no gold for you.

    • 2nd reason for Fling, poisoning creeps before level 3 poison is equivalent to rapidly auto attacking creeps, it will push the fight towards the enemy's tower and the poison's damage isn't enough to kill the creep wave on its own. Level three poison will start killing caster minions with a short puff.
    • 3rd reason for fling: Flinging into tower at low level = win. Don't expect it to just happen, but it is a valid threat to the enemy.

    Mega Adhesive can be grabbed at level 3, if the CC will let your lane partner and/or ganker deal or more than an 12dmg a second.

  • Farming

    With level five poison and my build, Singed will be able to hit creeps with a single puff of poison to die. This allows singed to run up a lane with poison on and kill everything without stopping (fling the cannon creep).


    When solo top lane after level six poisoning the creep lane and pushing to the tower is a good posibility.  By doing this Singed is denying his jungler from ganking but there are many benifits.

    • First: Singed can poison the creeps while fighting the enemy champion.  This means that thier creeps die and Singed has a small horde to assist in dealing damage.
    • Second: Singed is well equiped to prevent last hitting while the enemy is under thier tower.  The most comon practice is to autoattack the caster minions before and after the tower shoots them.  In the case of a melee champion this is plenty of opprotunities to throw them out of tower range and get some poison damage on them.  If they are far back from your throw range go ahead and enter the tower range turn on a puff of poision then quickly leave.  If the enemy is smart they may trigger the poison damage and get a tower hit, but if done right they will either avoid the area (preventing CS) or take damage just as you leave tower range.
    • Third: Enemy jungler is encouraged to gank you.  This is fun and a generally great time if you're expecting to be "supprised". Having a jungler there encourages the enemy laner to come out, and this means following Singed (if the laner doesn't come out there will probably be rage on the enemy team).  Use the top bushes to run back and if enough poison has been swallowed or has been baited out far enough you can head back in: puddle, fling, puddle.  Don't over commit, after re-engaging run back twords the river if victory is too close to call.  Singed's ult will outlast whatever they have activated. and that jungler is being worn down as well. 
    • Fourth:  Even if you don't get a kill from jungler's coming to get you Singed can escape much easier than any of his lane partners.  If Singed is being ganked it means his allies are not.  Remember that as soon as the jungler leaves Singed should push the lane and hard.  There nothing more frustrating as a jungler than walking away from a lane with the enemy at his tower.


    If Singed succeeds at killing the top tower with his own still intact he can push into thier base to take out the next minion wave.  This allows him plenty of time to run middle lane and assist there.  Just remember to go back top lane and keep it pushed away from the friendly tower.  This is when Singed can get his CS up and afford his core build.

    Also refrance Video Guide #2 but it will depict the far-a-way-never-to-be-seen-again-meta

  • Creep Jungling

    Up until level 18 your only quick source of jungle gold/Xp is the ghosts. poison them all and fling the big one. This is about as fast as running down a lane with poison.

  • Items: Indepth

    The Initial Build:

    Sapphire Crystal and 2X Health Potion

    The 200 mana will allow for an extra fling + puddle, and if you have engaged 4 times (4 flings, 4 puddles) you will need to go back for mana and health at the same time.

    Your fling does not deal enough damage to be worthwhile on its own. Use it so your lane partner, creeps and/or tower will assist in damage.

    The first time back you will want to get Boots of Speed at the minimum, and Boots of Swiftness

    This will help facilitate your ability to close distances early game. You don't need to charge up to the enemy champions and fling them, they just need to know that you can. As Singed I puddle, run up, and fling someone at the same range as a never missing blitzcrank grab.

    Next you will want the Tear of the Goddess. It is important to activate the passive when you have "spare mana".

    This is white for a reason:
    Spare mana is having greater than 600 Mana.

    If you have greater than 600 mana, it is spare. Start casting Mega Adhesive and Fling on creeps.
    Casting during your game should look like "Activating Tear of the Goddess" video.
    With Tear of the Goddess every spell other than toggling poison will give you 4 mana and 1 health stay above 600 mana though.

    **turning poison on and off does not activate Tear of the Goddess**

    600 mana = Insanity Potion, Poison Trail toggled on. Mega Adhesive, and Fling. 10 seconds later Mega Adhesive and Fling, 5 seconds later mana is out. This is enough to win or escape any team fight.

    Tear of the Goddess is why this build blows all the other out of the park. If you want Proof, read the boring text in purple below, if you want to get to the point, skip to the next white text.

    The Core Build:

    Rod of Ages is the next priority of the core build.
    Go for Blasting Wand first if you are in control of your lane,
    if not, get Catalyst the Protector for staying power.

    This is all of the stacking items over time and enough damage to get you by. Completing the Archangels' staff will double your Ability power, but tank items may be required to remain effective in your team.

    If you get your Archangels your fling damage should reliably deal 500 dmg, with poison dealing 120 dmg/second (typical magic resists included in these figures).

    This is when the Crazyman starts to take over:

    The best item is [item=Force of nature] as your 4th. Get it if the following do not apply:

    If the enemy has: 3 attack dmg based characters (garen, panth, gangplank, malphite, ect)
    Then Sunfire Cape as 4th.

    If the enemy has:2 auto attack based characters (ashe, Tristana, Master Yi, ect.
    Then Frozen Heart as 4th.

    If the enemy has:6 Crowd controls (stuns, silences, slows, knockups ect.)
    Then Banshee's Veil

    (auto attack champs still count as attack dmg champs.)

    (singed should not be auto-attacked by melee characters, he is too fast and has a better slow, Master Yi is the exception due to his ult, if there is only one auto attack champion you can control him easy enough with your fling. (don't get Thornmail, one tick of poison is equal to it's effects.

    5th item:

    If no Archangel's Staff, then get Archangel's Staff

    If no [item=Force of nature], then get [item=Force of Nature]

    Next, Determine if the enemy is more attack damage based, magic damaged based, or speed based*.

    Attack damaged based = get Sunfire Cape
    Magic Damaged Based = get Banshee's Veil
    Speed based* = get Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    * Rylai's Crystal Scepter is only needed if your team's CC isn't enough to keep the enemy from escaping.
    (this is Rare)

    *Speed based is for the rare occasion that even with your insane movement speed and slows, the enemy team is out running your backup. It is not about the enemy outrunning you, it is if your team is left so far in the dust that it turns into singed (and maybe one or two fast allies)
    vs the entire enemy team as your slower allies are huffing and puffing to get in a single attack.

    Final Item:

    If you don't have Sunfire Cape yet, get it.
    If you have 2 other powerful AP character on your team and no one has Abyssal Scepter, get it.
    If no one has Frozen Heart, get Frozen Heart
    If none of the above apply, get Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

    Stacking further AP is not advised, because Sunfire Cape = 133.33 AP to get poison damage to 40more/second

    .3dmg/AP for poison per second.

    1AP = .3dmg/s => 1AP/.3(dmg/s) = XAP/35(dmg/s) => 116.67= XAP

    116.67 more AP to get the same worth as a Sunfire Cape out of poison.
    Don't go gripping about the extra Fling damage 117AP grants you because that is a single target. If you are poisoning/ Sunfire Capeing two people the worth of 117 damage every 10 seconds to a single target is less than an ignite's worth of damage at level 10.

  • FAQs

    Q 1. Why Tear?

    A 1. Well, this is certainly the most asked question and the simple answer is that it is GREAT. Now there are a few bullet points to back this up:
    > Most mana for least price.
    > Good early game mana regen.
    > Works off of initial item (sapphire crystal).
    > Grants scaling HP throughout the game at the 3rd lowest cost. (Leviathan, Warmongers)
    > Cost
    Please elaborate on what specifically you have a question about; I have had too many echo chambers show up that thought they had a coherent argument backing them up.

    Q 2. Catalyst vs Tear, the Passive of Catalyst is much better why don't you recommend it?

    A 2. Thank you for a question that provides an alternative build suggestion. The first thing I have to bring up is that I do not argue Tear over Catalyst. I argue in favor of Sapphire Crystal then Boots of swiftness then tear. This distinction is important because by the time you have gathered the 1000 gold from the lane the benefits of Catalyst have greatly diminished and only then is there the question of "tear vs Catalyst". At this point in the game I will argue that tear is a better option in regards to mana while the issue of health is solved by engaging effectively and knowing the enemy's damage. This is at least level 7 by the time we're talking about 1470 gold purchased and what item next.

    Q 3. Boots of Swiftness provide extra speed but aren't Mercury treads better for a Tank? especially with Singed's CC reduction Ult?

    A 3. I favor boots of swiftness for the constant bonus of map mobility and the ability to outrun enemy champions. There is a fine line between being faster than an enemy and and slower than an enemy even if it is only by 2 movement speed. In the case of enemy auto attack champions they may get off 4 hits or 8 hits depending on if they can keep up. Speed is the key and the debate is over whether Mercs or swiftness will grant you this greater speed. Please ignore anyone that adds in "but what about the MR" because they are side railing constructive conversation by wondering what color bullets travel the fastest.
    Merc treads without a doubt grant better overall movement if the enemy uses stuns and snares. Reducing movement to 0 is always in favor of mercs. The tricky thing to consider is the effect of merc treads on slows. If you are slowed while chasing or running away from an enemy (one or the other is happening) what matters is not your movement but your movement relative to the enemy. In other words is the gap changing in your favor. This gap change is the greatest when using swiftness boots along with Mega adhesive because their speed will be reduced along with Singed's speed. Given both parties being slowed for equal duration it comes down the speed while slowed and swiftness boots will grant greater speed while being slowed. Silences and fears also are in favor of merc treads for the record, but the relative speed while both parties are slowed is the most common appearing issue and most important when playing a speed based character.
    Finally Tenacity and Singed's ult have a multiplicative effect leaving the CC reduction gained by Merc treads at 6.5/13/19.5% during his ults making mercs actually giving less effect on singed than on other champions.

    Q4. Archangel's staff vs other AP items, If you wanted AP aren't there better ways of getting it?

    A4. First thing I'll get out of the way is that Singed needs AP, without it he can be ignored beyond his two abilities every ten seconds. What I lay out in my build is that a Single Rod of Ages is typically enough AP to keep the enemy worried about poison. The merits of an early tear can be defended on their own but one of the side benefits is a compact option if the enemy is shrugging off poison damage. So we need some more AP? now lets bargain shop, what grants the best AP for ratio:
    Rabadon's Deathcap costs: 3,600 gold for 140 AP + 66 AP (given 80 AP from RoA) = 17.48G/AP + 1 slot
    Archangel's from ToG: 1,860 gold for 45 AP + 64.5-94.5 (given 0-1000 mana from ToG) = 16.99G/AP>X>13.33G/AP. + .5 slots
    Needlessly Large Rod: 1,600 gold for 80 AP = 20G/AP + 1 slot

    So given the situation where ToG is purchased Archangels is the most cost effective means to gain more AP.

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