Tryndamere Build Guide

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Power of Chinese King

written by wcyou

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Updates

    Guide written on 1 Jan 2011

    1 Jan 2011
    **Thanks to Fenhryz who spotted my error.
    **The skilling was done wrongly before, I've edited it to the correct one.

    2 Jan 2011
    -Added replay video on laning against Teemo 1v1, who's has blind, and is pretty painful..
    Video recording ends at score 12/2/3, Demostrating how this build can bring a big change to the game, when successfully executed.
    This video includes multiple tower diving and 1v2 situation.. With just youmuu ghostblade..[ Like I mentioned you feed yourself.. ]

    -Added 1v1 Enemies to watch out for

    14 Jan 2011
    Edited grammer, thanks to correction by Ansikp

  • Introduction

    Tryndamere's referred to as Chinese King in this guide.. Just because that's how I refer to him.

    This guide is written for solo lane Chinese King. I strongly believe that he is strongest in solo lane.[Top lane]

    Chinese King is an extremely powerful champion in normal game and extremely fun to play
    He is strong early game/mid game/late game.. Okay he is just extremely strong..
    And it is almost impossible to stop him singlehandedly..
    [Can't say for top tier 5v5 games]

    [ A lot of people say Tryndamere is strong only late game... What??? Are they like kidding me??
    If you follow this guide, you will be able to earn your own kill from early game... and not... get fed as what most people says ]

    If played right, he can own 90+% of the games. And he is one of the few champion that can make the entire team win singlehandedly. [Of course depending on the situation and stuff]

    And, Chinese King doesn't need to gank people, he takes them out singlehandedly.

    Anyway, if you are using my guide and learnt Tryndamere the right way, this is the kind of score you can expect to get... These are what i just grabbed off my most recent plays, when I am using Chinese King
    External Image
    The 15/8 match was in elo hell with my udyr friend.. the other 3 solo queue teammate were all negative score like crazy.. it was almost like i was playing back in the days when i was level 5-10.. That match was crazy.. I was taking a video capture, but somehow there's an error.. damn..

  • Masteries + Runes

    3x Greater Quintessence of Malice
    9x Greater Glyph of Malice
    9x Greater Mark of Desolation
    9x Greater Seal of Malice
    12% crit 15 armor pen
    Crit and armor pen are the 2 main thing Tryndamere needs

    External Image
    The offensive part is a must..
    For defensive side I figured he is better off a little tank-ier and having chance to dodge/increase speed. Which helps him a little more in getting out after team fights.

  • Items

    Starting item
    Brawler's Gloves x 1
    Health Potion x 2

    Core Item order
    *** shows the finished product
    Brawler's Gloves
    Health Potion x 2
    Avarice Blade
    *** Vampiric Scepter
    *** Berserker's Greaves
    *** Youmuu's Ghostblade
    [item=Emblem of Valour] Could ignore this if you are not going for stark's fervor
    B. F. Sword
    Cloak of Agility
    *** Infinity Edge

    Basically, after this item set, Chinese King can own enemies with any other item, so I will say feel free to use whatever you think is best. Personally I think life steal is the best, to get your health back quickly and get back into team fights again after getting out using your ultimate.

    Youmuu is extremely important, as it reduces your cooldown, helps to pierce more of your enemy armor, increase your movement speed when you need to kill, and increases crit chance/ damage/ attack speed.

    It's the ultimate item for Chinese King; everything he needs is there. Owning early-mid game means getting Chinese King way stronger for the entire game.

  • Skilling Order

    1 Bloodlust
    2 Spinning Slash
    3 Bloodlust
    4 Mocking Shout
    5 Bloodlust
    6 Undying Rage
    7 Bloodlust
    8 Mocking Shout
    9 Bloodlust
    10 Mocking Shout
    11 Undying Rage
    12 Mocking Shout
    13 Mocking Shout
    14 Spinning Slash
    15 Spinning Slash
    16 Undying Rage
    17 Spinning Slash
    18 Spinning Slash

    Blood lust is super essential to add first since it helps a lot in single lane.. The healing matters a lot.
    Spinning slash is the most worthless to add since its main use is to maneuver, so only add it at the last point
    However, Spinning Slash is added first at level 2, since it's makes Chinese King versatile in early game.. as Mentioned in the Tutorial on how to play him..
    You use Spinning slash to chase up to enemy/ get away from enemy/ avoid critical skill shot.. from level 2..
    It's extremely vital to get it at level 2.

  • Summoner Abilities


    These 2 are the 2 best Summoner Spell for Chinese King. Both of them help your survivability and killing ability, making Chinese King more versatile.

    Cleanse, needless to say, is used when enemy CCs you. You can use it to run or to stop the CC on you and kill them quicker.

    Exhaust, is also extremely important.
    There will be times when mocking shout is already used, enemy cleanse, you just slowed other enemies, or whatever. The slow from exhaust helps Chinese King to kill more enemies.
    Also, in trying to clear the team, Chinese King will meet other melee heroes. Exhaust is perfect to help kill them when you are getting low on health.

  • Tutorial on how to play him

    Example walkthrough
    **********EARLY GAME************
    Your focus is to kill the enemy, no matter who they are!

    Stand behind, and get last hit. [ You must be extremely good at last hitting ].
    After 3-4 creeps are killed, you should have 4-5 stacks already

    IF the enemy gets close to the creeps near you when you are last hitting, it is time to strike them.

    Just hit them,

    If your hit crits or if they get low on health: USE EXHAUST IMMEDIATELY, and attempt to take them down at level 1.

    DRINK RED POT immediately if they attempt to retaliate at any point.

    If that does not happen, wait till level 2.

    When the enemy get close enough, its time to spin over and hit them, doing the same exhaust if their health gets to 50-60%.

    Keep trying until level 4, where you have mocking shout to slow them down even more.

    WHEN against strong enemies, who are suppressing you, use the stacks you got to heal yourself whenever need be. REMEMBER that when you initiate the fight, you must get at least 3-4 stacks when doing so.

    If you still do not kill the enemy, wait till you are level 6, your ultimate helps a lot in finishing the enemy, even if it means tower diving them.


    This time around, you will have to stand behind and watch which enemies they are.
    If possible get last hits, if not, wait till they push to your tower and get last hits there.

    Healing is extremely VITAL.
    Do not ever get your health to a low state, if you get to low health you can not even last hit at your own tower.

    That said, after level 2, whenever you are near your tower, if you have 5-8 stacks, more than 50% health, and you see the opportunity to spin out and attack the enemies that are relatively close to your tower. Do it.

    They will not be able to fight you [Unless they are 2 really tough heroes]
    A single crit is enough to dish out a large amount of damage to 1 of the 2 enemies, lowering their health.

    Keep repeating these steps if you have the chance to do it.[Of course you must be aware if you can do so.. Whichever enemy you are up against...]

    You might be able to kill the enemy, but fret not. Once you are at level 6. The 2 enemies will be about level 4.

    Do the same thing as mentioned above, but be more aggressive this time. Use your mocking shout to slow them, and exhaust to slow the same person again, and just keep attacking with your 5-8 stacks.
    You have your ultimate Undying Rage to give you 6 more seconds to slash..

    You could possibly take out 1, or even both of their heroes, and spin back to your tower safely.
    At this point, if the jungler does come and help you, it's almost a sure kill with you safely alive.
    *******END EARLY GAME**********

    *******EARLY MID GAME**********
    After getting Avarice Blade, Vampiric Scepter and possibly Berserker's Greaves.
    It's time to shine even more. Get your red buff, tell your jungler you need red buff more than he does. No matter what, Tryndamere needs red buff more than any other hero. Get the red buff, and go kill the enemies in your lane.
    Your red buff slows them, your mocking shout slows them, your exhaust slows them.

    It's like a death sentence for all enemies, even when they are hugging their tower, since you can use Undying Rage, so its a sure kill.

    The next item is Youmuu's Ghostblade.
    Once you get this item, you kind of grow stronger by A LOT.
    With or without red buff, you can easily kill enemy, even if they are hugging their tower.
    Spin, youmuu, mocking shout, exhaust.
    *******END EARLY MID GAME*******

    Well, the rest is up for you to figure out. Since everyone says a fed tryn == GG.
    The early game and early mid game walkthrough should already enable you to be pretty fat.

    ******IN TEAM FIGHT*************
    Chinese King can initiate, but it is even better if he doesn't.
    **If he initiate**
    If he initiates, just dash in and get the carries [ Ashe/ kennen/ MF.. etc ]
    They all die in 2-3 hits.

    Dash = spin in, turn on youmuu, activate mocking shout once the target turns away, keep slashing them, using cleanse when you get stunned/exhaust.

    Watch your life carefully at this point, use ultimate once your health is low.

    After getting your target, and hopefully another enemy at least.[Killed 2]
    Attempt to spin out wherever it's best at the last 1sec, and heal yourself right before your endless rage ends.

    Once spinning out, look for nearest neutral creep to heal yourself up quickly to more than 50% of your health.

    If possible get back into the fight to attempt to get rid of of enemies.


    **If he does not initiate**
    Your team have tank, and are pretty well off. This is easy, everyone is at half health and focusing someone else, just enter and take out the highest threat, lowest health.

    Do as per mentioned above in initiating. But probably you will not need to use your endless rage. If you does use it, you should attempt to wipe out the entire enemy team. Or spin away if need be to heal yourself.

    I will say this. NEVER EVER spin away during your first 1-4 sec of endless rage.

  • 1v1 Enemies to watch out for

    Pantheon *****
    At Pantheon's current OP state, your best bet is to take him down at level 1-2 before he has all his extreme damage spells. If that fails, you will have to be super conservative and hug your tower. If you have the chance to go back, get lots of health potions, so that you can get your health back to full, and attempt to take him out whenever you have 6-8 stacks

    BlitzCrank ***
    He has extreme burst with his hit that sends you flying. Just make sure you keep your health high enough whenever you engage him, and do not get pulled by his skill shot!

    Akali **
    Just be sure not to be overly confident when you engage her as her spell does a lot of damage.

    Teemo ***
    See if you get the chance to take him out at level 1-2, otherwise you'll probably need to be patient to try and take him out. Refer to my video before on how to play against a Teemo.

    Kennen ****
    Gotta just keep dodging his shots, it's possible to take him out, just be careful not to get your health too low, or you will be denied creep kills or even experience.

    Vlad ***
    Vlad is killable before level 8-9.. However if you get too low on HP it could be abit harder, anyway, if he is denying you exp, as long as the jungler come he is sure to die with your mocking shout and exhaust slow.. it's like double slow.. with whatever slow the jungler have..

  • Gameplay Video Replays

    These video replay will hopefully serves as a tutorial, and guide to how to play Tryndamere.

    1v4 Quadra Kill Effective use of all his abilities + summoner spells as mentioned in tutorial

    Effective Red Buff Usage with multiple tower diving/ multiple opponent

    1v2 Top against Lux and Shen [in Ranked ELO HELL ]
    Difficulty 4 star ****

    1v1 Top against Teemo
    Difficulty 3 star ***

    1v1 Top against Gangplank
    Difficulty 1 star *

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