Tryndamere Build Guide

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Jungle Tryndamere: The No Waste Guide

written by idelect

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • In-Game Reference

    You need information RIGHT NOW. Here you go. Come back and read the rest when you get tired of feeding.

    x Greater Mark of Malice
    ɉx Greater Seal of Malice
    x Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    Ƀx Greater Quintessence of Malice

    IF TAKING IGNITE:ï߽o߽�ā�ÂÃ�o߽��������������Á�į߽��o߽�����
    IF NOT TAKING IGNITE:ï߽o߽D��ÂÃ�o߽��������������Á�į߽��o߽�����

    Summoner Spells:
    Smite & Ignite --OR-- Smite & Cleanse

    Core Item Build:

    Skilling order:

  • Introduction

    I've only seen a few Jungle Tryndamere guides and most seem to either be out of date or wasteful in the item choices. My build seeks to avoid waste in the form of armor or an Agility Elixer as a starting item.

    I am not a high level player nor do I claim to be. This is simply something that has worked for me. I've tried many different starting items and jungling paths and in most cases this will allow you to maintain a constantly clear jungle with at or around /B HP over level . This is the "No Waste" guide, because I do not start with typical "Jungling" items such as a cloth armor and HP pots but with an item that will benefit you throughout the game and build into other items late game.

  • Pros / Cons

    Avoid early game harass.
    No "wasted" jungle items such as armor or agility elixers.
    Fills jungle roll to allow for solo lanes.
    FAST jungler.
    Late-game hard carry.
    Does not have to B while jungling.

    Vulnerable to counter-jungling or ganks at low levels.
    Low HP jungling through around level ….
    Countered by focused CC.

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    A great passive for Tryndamere. Since you will be doing much of your fighting at HP, this gives a E�% boost in Crit chance during that time.

    This is your most important jungling skill. You will activate this skill whenever you reach Bloodlust stacks and between most jungle camps. Never let this skill time out, always activate to receive the heal. This is the skill the keeps you from having to buy HP pots or having to go back to base for more HP. The more often you crit, the more often you heal. This also has a ȁ. AP ratio so a little AP goes a long way.

    Mocking Shout
    Great for chasing fleeing enemies and lowering enemy attack damage. Lowering of attack damage is more for your teammates than for you. Enemy damage output is not of huge concern to you as their attack damage only effects when you must activate your Ulti. If you're still in range when your Ultimate wears off and you activate your heal, times out of Ɂ� you're going to die anyway, regardless of how much damage they are capable of doing.

    Spinning Slash
    This skill is a -point wonder and is spectacular at what it does. This skill has many many uses. First it is nice for jungling as it will damage all of the mobs in a camp potentially reducing A hit needed on each monster. It is great for getting into and out of team fights quickly. You can spin through walls so it makes getting around the map that much faster, and makes Tryndamere a superb juker. Also keep in mind that Spinning Slash's cooldown is reduced by seconds whenever Tryndamere critically strikes. If you're being chased by the enemy team, spin through a wall into a monster camp, hit the mobs a few times which should refresh your cooldown, and when the enemies come around the corner to find you, spin back out! You'll have lost your tail and gotten a bit of farm while at it.

    Undying Rage
    Obviously this is Tryndamere's defining skill. Allows you to tower dive at level . It lasts ƅ seconds at all ranks. You will eventually get a feel for it and you'll start knowing exactly when you need to exit fights in order to save yourself a death when this ends. This skill can be activated no matter what CC you are under. Silences, stuns, suppression, etc. will not keep you from activating this skill. You are vulnerable to CC while this skill is active which is Tryndamere's biggest weakness. This spell is on a relatively low CD, usually allowing you to have it up for all team fights. Often you do not need this skill up for it be effective though! If you run into a single champion and know their teammates are not near by while this is on CD, CHARGE THEM. Unless they saw you Ult recently and are confident enough to know it is on CD, most of the time they will run from you thinking it is up. If they run, now you can slow them with Mocking Shout and usually chop them down in a matter of seconds simply because of the threat of this skill.

  • Runes

    x Greater Mark of Malice
    ɉx Greater Seal of Malice
    x Greater Quintessence of Malice
    Tryndamere is all about being able to Crit, especially at early levels while jungling. More crits means more healing, allowing you to stay in the jungle longer, and keeping you safer from ganks.

    Éx Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    The blue crit chance runes give far less of a boost than the reds or yellows, so I decided to go with attack speed which gives a better bang for your buck. I don't mathcraft, but it seems the greater number of swings should result in a higher crit chance per minute than going with crit chance runes would (and if you don't crit more, at least you'll hit a few more times!)

  • Masteries

    IF TAKING IGNITE:ï߽o߽�ā�ÂÃ�o߽��������������Á�į߽��o߽�����

    IF NOT TAKING IGNITE:ï߽o߽D��ÂÃ�o߽��������������Á�į߽��o߽�����

    In offense I take max points in Deadliness, Plentiful Bounty, Alacrity, Sunder, Offensive Mastery, Brute Force, Lethality, and Havoc.
    I take (or o߽) points in Sorcery but could just as easily see putting those points into Archmage's Savvy. I like to reduce my CD on W and E as the more you can use either in a team fight the better.

    I take improved smite for the gold and the CD because I don't see the point being used better elsewhere.

    If you take ignite, I take the improved version for the additional o߽ AP while it is on Cooldown. Tryndamere has a .E AP ratio on Bloodlust, meaning that o߽ AP goes for E additional HP per Bloodlust activation. While it may seem small, this will help you stay in jungle, and stay safer while jungling at early levels when you will often be low on health.

    In Utility I take three points in Good Hands, a single point in Perseverance, four in Spatial Accuracy and a single point in Utility Mastery.

  • Summoner Spells

    Recommended Spells:
    Smite is a must for ANY jungler, especially this one, end of story.

    CC is the bane of Tryndamere. Shaking off that second Rammus taunt, or  second Sion stun means you now get to -shot-kill  of their squishies instead of just . As of patch A� Tryndamere's Ult duration is down from Ɇ seconds to , all the more reason to grab cleanse in order to get back to the killing before that timer is done tickin'.

    There are two (ł) purposes for taking Ignite.
    First, Tryndamere is a killer and Ignite helps you kill. Say bye to your HP regen Mundo. He'll go down in no time. Sometimes Undying Rage wears off half a second too early. Not to worry, ignite will finish that kill off for you.
    Second, with the mastery Burning Embers, while Ignite is on cooldown you gain o߽ AP. This is going to help you in your early jungling phases with +E HP per Bloodlust activation.

    Other Spells:

    Exhaust - In my opinion there are about three uses to Exhaust, none of which benefit Tryndamere. The first is to keep people from hitting you. It doesn't matter a lot if people auto-attack you as Tryndamere, most of your fighting will be done at HP and getting hit more once you're there doesn't hurt any more anyway. The second is to slow someone you're chasing. Tryndamere already has W for this. The third is to slow someone that's chasing you. If you're being chased you shouldn't be running in a straight line trying to outrun your pursuer anyway. You should be spinning through walls or executing other juke moves.
    Ghost - A generally useful skill on almost any champion. I believe that your spin should be enough to get away, and your spin + mocking shout should be enough to catch up to fleeing champions in most cases.
    Teleport - I think there are better options to fill this slot. Good for pushing but that's about it. You don't have a lane to hurry back to.
    [Spell=Fortify] and [Spell=Rally] - I think there are better options than these spells. Useful in certain situations, but generally not as useful as others.
    Heal - You've got one built in with your Q.
    Clairvoyance - This is someone else's job.
    Flash - You already have one on short CD (with crits) that also does damage.
    Revive - No. Your Ult won't be up, people will know this, and you will die very quickly.
    Clarity - You don't have mana. Derp!

  • Core Build Items

    Start with a Vampiric Scepter. This item helps you keep enough health to make it through the first few levels without the waste of HP pots. When you crit you will see a noticeable health return. Armor and health pots gives the same effect, but then you've wasted E� gold on HP pots and ï߽� gold on armor that is completely useless on Tryndamere.

    Often you DO NOT NEED to return to base for HP while jungling with Tryndamere. This allows you to choose when to go back to buy. Here I provide targets for gold to acquire for when you do choose to go back:

    į߽� gold: Brawler's Gloves. Sometimes you will not be able to kill Lizard at level because you didn't crit enough. You should have exactly Ä�� gold if you kill double golems camp, wraithes, wolves, and the two small golems at lizard though.

    Ȃ� gold: Brawler's Gloves & Dagger

    AɅ gold: Zeal

    Eą gold: Zeal & Boots of Speed

    Iƅ gold: Zeal & Boots of Speed & Dagger
    E gold: Zeal & Berserker's Greaves
    Ią gold: Zeal & Boots of Speed & Null-Magic Mantle
    ƒɅ gold: Zeal & Mercury's Treads

    After you've got a Zeal and whatever boots you decided on you'll want to start building your Infinity Edge.

    This is your core build after which you can turn your Zeal into a Phantom Dancer, or start building any other items that may best fit the game you are in.

    Core build with Berserker's Greaves:

    Core build with Mercury's Treads:

    Typical end-game build:

  • Other Items

    Quicksilver Sash - I've upgraded this item over Banshee's Veil. It cost approximately half as much as BV, it now gives MORE magic resist than BV, you CHOOSE which bit of CC to remove, and no waste from added mana as in BV. The cooldown on the part you care about (CC removal) is o߽ seconds vs. ń seconds with BV, but that's still going to be up nearly every teamfight. More and more I find that good teams will lock you down with CC in team fights, and you need ways out of that quickly. If you've got Cleanse and QSS, that team is most likely going to have to direct ALL of their CC at you to slow you down. If they do, the rest of your team should be free to go crazy. If they don't, they'll be sorry after you pick up that Quadra.

    Banshee's Veil - Very useful against teams with a lot of CC (or just a little CC that always finds its way to you). The HP and Magic Resist is nice but you're interested in negating Ł spell. Hopefully it is a long CD stun and not an Ashe Volley. The problem is, good players will take your BV down with a low cooldown, low impact spell, THEN hit you with their stun, suppression, root, slow, etc. I recommend QSS over this item.

    Executioner's Calling - Maybe if you're playing against a Mundo and you didn't take Ignite, or a cheaper upgrade from Vamp Scepter than The Bloodthirster.

    Last Whisper - Cuts through tanks like buttah.

    Phantom Dancer - When it is time to upgrade that Zeal.

    [item=Stark's Fervor] - Team friendly but also requires you stay alive and near the battle for the Aura to effect your teammates. If the other team is playing well they will focus you so that you will be in, Ult, and out or dead along with or ƒ of them as well.

    Sword of the Divine - Attack so fast! Active also eliminates enemy dodges for seconds. When every hit counts, missing one crit of ȇ�� dmg due to a lucky dodge is a big deal.

    Sword of the Occult - You better have a good start and know you can keep the stacks rolling to buy this. Fully stacked would just be silly.

    The Black Cleaver - More tank chewing.

    The Bloodthirster - Build your Vamp Scepter into this or an Executioner's Calling.

  • Skilling Order

    As a general rule of thumb you want to prioritize as follows:
    Undying Rage > Bloodlust > Mocking Shout > Spinning Slash

    In order to jungle, you need to start level -C with the following:

    My typical complete skilling order:

  • Jungling Path

    Path :
    This jungle path allow for the quickest clearing of the jungle, fastest jungling, and quickest levels. It also involves the most risk and requires some luck with crits.

    A. Double golems (smite).
    . Wolves.
    ƒ. Wraithes (smite).
    . Lizard.
    ą. Double golems (smite).
    . Wraithes.
    Ƈ. Wolves.
    . Blue buff.

    In this path, you may or may not be able to kill Lizard. If you have been criting well, you may be able to get the red buff and have maybe ȁ/ of your HP remaining. You will then probably need to wait for smite to come up to do double golems again, then continue your jungle path without too much risk. Only try this path if after your first ă camps you have over approximately /Ä HP. You will still have to crit well in the Lizard camp for this to work.

    Path :
    Same path as path , but if you start red and find you're not going to be able to finish it, after killing the two small lizards, spin out and go B to base. You should have exactly į߽� gold to buy Brawler's Gloves. Head back to red buff and use smite on it, then continue with step five without much trouble.

    Path (thanks for suggestion from lesmurff):
    This is probably the most efficient jungle path and allows for a well timed buy.

    Á. Double golems (smite).
    . Wolves.
    ƒ. Wraithes (smite).
    . Double golems.
    ņ. Wolves.
    . Wraithes.

    Essentially with this path, you go through the small camps once, then wait for them to come up again before you start hitting the big camps. This allows you to not risk the low health you would with my first path. It also guarantees you do not have to go back to base until you want to. I ran through this path once just to try it out and after I hit level dž I went back and was able to buy my full Zeal immediately. This is great because I don't recommend ganking with Tryndamere until you hit level (unless opportunity very readily presents itself) and Zeal is a great item to have on your first gank attempt. As I refine this path I will add more info.

  • Change Log

    Version : Guide release as of LoL version A.�.�.o߽.
    Version Ȃ: Updated for LoL version .o߽.�.o߽ (Ult duration down from Ɇ seconds to ) and corrected error found, thanks to Leonato.
    Version Ń: Added jungle path.
    Version : Changed core build (removed Avarice Blade). Modified Masteries and Runes (swapped HP Quints for Crit Chance).
    Version ą: Moved In-Game Reference to top. Placed QSS above BV and gave reasoning.
    Version : Updated Jungle Path thanks to comments from lesmurff.

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