Dr. Mundo Build Guide

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Dr.Mundo - Garanted ownage!

written by Mithrael

Dr. Mundo Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I would like to post here one short guide - for ones who never played or played just several times - about hero Dr. Mundo. Everything doesnt matter only on these advices, but you need to have some basics about the game style and game playing.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries: Take 4 points in offensive masteries (crit. chance) and the last one use to defence. It is the whole magic.

    Runes: But runes, try to get everytying to hp increase and critical attack.

  • Taking skills

    Cleaver (Q)
    Burning Agony (W)
    Masochism (E)
    Sadism (R)

    1Q 2W 3Q 4E 5Q 6R 7Q 8W 9Q 10E 11R 12W 13E 14W 15E 16R 17W 18E

  • Items

    Start the game with Regrowth Pendant and 2 healing potions. Then i recommend ninja tabi boots which increase you armor and dodge for better defence. And immediatly start to build Warmog's armor. Later build something to magic defence i prefer Force of Nature. Do Burning Cape (later just BC) for increase damaging the enemy in slowing by cleaver's jail. Then make infinity edge or some dmg/crit item, which increases you movement speed. At the end of long over one hour game i usually finish with Angel armor. You can also switch Leviathan for BC if your opponents are too fast.

  • Skilling Order

    On strong lines vs. two range nukers or just dps try to stay behind and use CLEAVER for killing minions. On level 3 start to go jungle in the forest for some buffs. With good items u can kill on level 11 the Baron alone.

    But how to get enemy to cleaving wave? Just try to place cleaver into target, use ghost or flash and switch on burning circle around you. Chase you enemy with cleavers, second spell and raised amount of dmg until you assasinate its hero. Use ultimate spell when your HP goes lower than 1/3 of max. HP.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I always pick Ghost + Exhaust. But other options instead of Exhaust would be: Flash, Cleanse, Teleport or Ignite.

  • Abilities

    Adrenaline Rush
    I know better passives....

    Infected Cleaver
    First ability is his strongest weapon, so be as accurate as you are able to be. Cooldown is low - Also you can damage enemies behind the wall or trees what is good for little raising the chances of winning the small team fight.

    Burning Agony
    Use it from the start of the game on long time period only with ultimate because it costs big amount of HP.

    Very good spell for stealing the kills in chaosed battle between minions where is so hard to kill champ with cleaver. Raised dmg is very huge f.e. in first minutes of the game. And your creeping is more effectivness and easier.

    Use it with brain. Good timing could win the team fight and also the game.

  • Build Example

    Ninja Tabi, Warmog, Force of Nature, Burning Cape, Infinity Edge, Angel Armor

  • Farming

    The same like i said at the beggining. Good for farming a jungle or in lines vs minions after lvl6 or tanking the Baron.

  • Pros / Cons

    Strong vs Tanks
    Strong vs Mages
    Strong vs Stealth
    Strong vs Support
    Weak vs DPS
    But. The fighter or this carry must have over 300dmg and 50% crit. chance to make some wounds to him. Or just be overfeeded from other players of your team.

  • Working in the team

    Mundo isnt made for solo killing like other heroes do. But the important thing is plaing with your team. You need some disablers/dps like Ryze/Tryndamere and a win is supposed

  • Summary

    Mundo with exact items like in my example could be good tank with huge damage. And ultimate + burning cape + burning agony = gg

    In fact he is not a real tank with 5000-6000 HP but his damage is useful in gangs or PvPs. My chosen items are one of the best choices of hybrid tank-attacking dmg dealer hero. So have a nice play. Try it and write me your experiences of this tactic later.

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