Nunu Build Guide

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A Guide to Competitive Jungle Nunu *Revamped

written by Wararchon

Nunu Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Good skill that will help your jungling considerably.

    Your jungling skill. Basically a smite on shorter CD with health return. Only 1 level of it will be needed early on.

    Blood Boil
    Bomb ass support skill. Put this on your dps and watch as he juggles people in the air. Or put it on anivia and watch her not struggle to move a foot.

    Ice Blast
    Your nuke. Early on its a damage dealer, later on its a permaslow and an anti-dps. Try to use it on the dps in teamfigts or on whoever is trying to run. 60% movement reduction and 25% attack speed reduction is not to be taken lightly.

    Absolute Zero
    Look at that AP ratio. That means your not gonna be stacking AP. It already has all the damage you'd want. Positioning and timing will be difficult though.

  • Introduction

    Jungle nunu. I haven't seen many till recently in ranked games. Nunu is a very good jungler that is hard to gank and does not require the user to be on low health when jungling. His slow is very good in ganks, as it makes escape extremely hard, and its spammabilitiy is top notch since you slow for 4 seconds and it basically has a 4 second CD. His ulti can be a fight changer, and his tankiness means that he can serve as a good tower diver/ support caster. His role is almost identical to jungle rammus's, with the exception of less tank for more damage.


    Been trying different setups and starting items and decided to revamp the guide. Although the setups are all different, the old build is still completely viable and useful. However, going armor pen+attack speed does give your jungle speed quite the boost.

  • Summoner Abilities

    What to pick:
    Flash + Smite is the preferred way to go. Smite has to be taken to jungle, and flash allows for escape, chase, and ulti placing.

    Also viable is Ghost, although Blood Boil already gives you and another ally a movement speed bonus.

    Exhaust can be situational as well, as there might be a time when playing against tryn or twitch where you might have to take exhaust for the team.
    What not to pick:
    Ignite - You are not an AP caster. No reason to take this since you shouldn't concern yourself about more damage. While ignite in a situation might be a kill, a flash in the same situation will guarantee that kill.

    Teleport - You can't stop or start a push well unless you waste ulti, so taking this wont't help much.

    Cleanse - A stun is still stun. You want to prevent the stuns and silences, not to shorten them.

    Shouldn't even be considering any of the other skills like Rally or Revive.

  • Masteries + Runes

    You go 1/8/21. Everything in utility helps, and you'll be plenty tank already with this build so no need to dive too deep there. Strength of spirit is amazing so we get that. We only take smite in the offensive tree since not much else will help with early jungle that much.


    Greater Seal of Resilience
    Greater Glyph of Shielding
    Marks and Quints: It is a split of at least ~12ish armor pen and the rest attack speed however you want to split that among the marks and quints. You can add in one health quint if you want, as long as you maintain the armor pen.

    The reasons for this is that you need the armor penetration to help with your jungling and damage output, as most of the creeps have around 12 armor. The armor will help A TON in jungling, with you almost always having at lest 50% health. Magic resist per level because you wont be facing formidable magic damage till mid game teamfights, so per level is the best way to go. You get attack speed because that will help proc your passive more.

    Some people might want AP runes, but remember that nunu shouldn't be played as a caster, since his only reliable damage is Ice Blast, and thats not worth replacing other runes for AP runes. Same thing with magic pen as i've realized. Surprisingly, the armor pen and attack speed rune build will also allow you to jungle faster than going straight magic pen.

    Other people might want mana regen runes, but he really does't need any. Nunu's skills are not mana intensive, and if you follow my jungle method, you will not be short on mana during jungle. Just don't be spamming Ice Blasts for no reason.

  • Items

    There are now two viable builds in my opinion:

    Ruby Crystal- Why you ask? It simply makes you alot tankier and 475 gold closer to your RoA/Banshees. Although potions would give you more health in the long run, I'd rather have over 300 health throughout jungle than be at 100 or 200 while trying to heal. It intimidates and gives you a sizable advantage when confronting other junglers/getting through harass.

    Or(For a more aggressive approach with good allies)

    Boots of Speed+Ward+Health Pot- With blood boil, you'll basically have movement speed 2 boots on, allowing you a very fast jungle. This build is very suited for counterjungling, and you'll see this often in premades where you'll use the ward to steal/gank their blue or red.

    Boots if you havent gotten them

    Catalyst the Protector- Lots of health, lots of mana, and regen when you level up. Suits you perfectly.

    Boots if you havent gotten them[bold]

    Banshee's Veil

    [bold]Then upgrade boots.
    It'll usually be Ionian Boots of Lucidity. If the other team is extremely CC heavy, go for merc treads.

    Your next item choice will be situational.

    Spirit Visage- its a very good all around item, get it early if your gonna get it. Gives you a better heal, some magic resist, and some much needed CD. Whats not to love?

    Abyssal Scepter-Good if other team is stacking AP/MR. The aoe debuff is very valuable, so is the added MR.

    Frozen Heart- Against extreme DPS comps. You can now spam away without mana worries.

    Randuin's Omen- Against heavy dps as well, if your main tank isnt getting it for some reason. Remember to use its active early on in teamfights!

    Shurelya's Reverie- Your team won't get kited. A useful item if your team lacks chasing /escape potential.

    Guardian Angel- why not? Helps if your being focused down very fast. Which is a good thing as a tank.

    Rabadon's Deathcap-In case you get fed and want some fun.

    Other decent items are Sunfire Cape and [item=Void Staf]

    As you can see, my build is all about being a support tank. That is your role, so build like it. The items besides the core items are all dependent on situation. Pick accordingly.

    Core Items:

    Against AP teams:

    Against DPS teams:

    Why no Zhonyas? Because it cancels your ulti and makes you un-targetable, and why would you not want the other team to target the tank?

  • Skilling Order

    2 Levels of Consume is all that is needed for early jungling. The questions now comes down to whether to go bloodboil or ice blast as your second skill. This will depend on which build you used and where you started. If you think you will be ganking at level 3 (for example you decided to start at the double golems and finish golem at level 3, you have an opportunity to gank top), then yes you should skill ice blast second.

    If you think you are gonna try to jungle as fast as possible or counterjungle, then get bloodboil, as it will speed up your jungle. It will also move across the map faster so theres less chance you will be caught be their jungler or anyone else. (For example, you start at golem with some help from allies. Then you bloodboil and go directly to their wraiths, eat the big one, and ward lizard).

    There are downsides to both builds: ice blast early means a slower jungle and a slight disadvantage in counter jungling. Blood boil early means no early ganks.

    So either:


    I prioritize bloodboil after ice blast more because its a insane doublebuff for your team, ensuring fast tower pushes, a huge boost to your dps, and it makes sure no one can get away from you unless they ghost/flash/use some other escape spell. All that for just more damage to one creep and a little higher healing? Nah. However, if you want to add a couple levels of consume in if you feel like you need it, go ahead.

  • Jungling!

    Theres now two ways to jungle:
    Original way (very safe, but small chance your golem might get stolen, no counterjungling)

    Jungling with Nunu is easy and safe. Ask your bffs to watch your golem for wards. However, you will start at the two golems, then wraith, then wolves, then golem. Maybe a gank, then a trip back to fountain, and then lizard and maybe a gank.

    So order goes:

    2 Golems -(consume and smite 1 golem as fast as possible, hit the remaining golem till its below 500 health, then run around a bit and consume it. Dont run too far as to make it go back and heal. You should have >600 health remaining).

    Wariths -(Wait for consume CD, then consume big wraith, run to bushes and smack the little wraiths that follow. 1 will go back, so you'll be against 2 little guys. Once your visionary passive activates, use it on the one your killing. Smack the other one to death and consume the third. Around 700 health remaining)

    Wolves (Wait or consume CD, eat the big wolf and maul its face. Then smack the other dogs, using ice blast when visionary activates, consume the other dog.)

    Golem (ice blast the shit out of the big golem. Ignore the baby reptiles. Then consume+smite it. Consume/kill the rest.

    Look if top needs gank, if not then:

    Go back for boots, health pots, and a ward

    Lizard (Same way as golem, your smite will be up just in time)

    Then either go gank or finish two golems and then gank. However, you don't need lizard or blue to gank, since your just spamming blood boil and ice blast and thats not very mana dependent. Gank whenenver someone pushes too far. You should be able to get catalyst on your second trip back.
    Second Way(counterjungling involved, allies involved, requires you start with boots build)

    PLEASE NOTE: this will not work against all junglers, just ones that start at golem. If the enemy jungler does not start at golem, then you might have to make it that you ward their golem instead and steal their wolf instead of their wraith. Make smart changes according to what their junglers are doing.

    Have allies watch golem and start there. Have top lane hit first and then pull back. Due to changes, the golem will no longer reset if their original target runs away. This will give you a huge health advantage and you should be able to finish golem with a health potion with pretty decent health left.

    Take bloodboil, go straight to their wraiths and consume the large wraith. Ward their lizard. Check if their doublegolems are there. If they are, kill one and the enemy jungler should show up to liz. Also, where going to the doublegolem, watch out since the creeps can see you. This happens around (15 seconds or 45 seconds). You can also look at how far your own creeps are to judge if they can see you. Steal lizard/get a kill if possible. If not, just take a fountain trip and finish your own creeps.

    Also, you can't take dragon solo till level 6. Ask for help anyways to finish it as fast as possible. Ward it as well. Remember to blood boil yourself and an ally (if nearby) constantly as it well help get visionary up for a free ice blast.

  • Special Mentions about Skills

    Consume- Its almost instant, so use it all the time. Even in teamfights, just munch on some minions if they are nearby for an instant health gain.

    Blood Boil- It activates on yourself if you use it on an ally, don't forget that.

  • Ulti Placement

    1. This one takes experience and knowledge of the game. Although nunu ulti is a slow and has a large AOE, do not waste it o initiate with it. Your not galio or amumu, and your ulti can do very precious damage if done well. It goes through walls and cliffs, and its not seeable when you are in a bush and your enemy isn't. Use this to your advantage in a teamfight.

    2. Do not worry about getting everyone in the AOE. You want to do the most damage possible with least chance of your ulti being stopped. Do not put urself in a bad position just so you can ulti everyone.

    3. Keep track of opponent stuns/silences. I usually wait 2 or 3 seconds into a fight to use it. By the the stuns are usually wasted, and even if one is reserved, that is what veil is for.

    4. Do not initiate with it.

    5. Do not initiate with it with a flash.

    6. Its very good in smaller fights as well. When you gank, dont worry about wasting it on a single person. It has decently short CD.

    7. The slow is EXTREMELY POWERFUL. If will almost stop all chases , even with ghost. That warwick wont be chasing anyone after his ulti.

  • Enemy Junglers

    Other junglers can't touch you after you ice blast them in the face. They can only steal buffs due to your high health during jungle. Always pull liz and golem to the bush so that you dont get it stolen by someone standing in the bush. Due to all junglers being melee, you can kite them with ice blast constantly till an ally comes to help.

    Maybe except rammus. Only cuz hes imba.

  • Picking/Banning in Ranked

    Bans: Amumu, Panth, Malph, Rammus, Shen, Zilean, Irelia, maybe even janna if your doing aoe comp.

    Picking Nunu: Do not pick him first or second. Maybe not even third. He can be countered if the other other team decides to go mass CC comp. Pick for someone else and then swap.

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