Rammus Build Guide

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Rammus, God of the Jungle

written by Frosty716

Rammus Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    My favorite tank to play, I haven't seen a recent/viable build for jungle Rammus, so here is my take on him.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries, I go 0/21/9. Hardiness, Resistance, Evasion (you're damn right), Nimbleness, Defensive Mastery, Harden Skin, Veteran's Scars, Perseverance, Good Hands (1), Awareness, Meditation (1).

    Runes, I go flat armor reds and yellows. Blues you could go flat armor, magic resist, mana regen., CDR. I find the armor blue godly in the jungle. Flat CDR glyphs good too. You don't notice the mana regen blues that much. Flat HP Quints.

  • Items

    Start with Cloth Armor and 5 potions. This will give you 77 attack damage and 77 armor. Godly. Green elixir or Red elixir is still viable as well, but I don't recommend it because you want to build Aegis of the Legion right away, to give you that much needed mid game magic resist. Blue elixir is no longer viable, as his W doesn't scale with AP anymore. I recommend Mercury Treads for almost any champion. Rammus is situational. If the other team is all physical, and doesn't have much or any CC, you could consider taking Ninja Tabi. The dodge makes you such a pain in the ass against a physical melee champion, who would say wait for your DBC to turn off to unload on you, only for you to dodge half of it then walk away.

    After Aegis and Tier 2 boots, I would recommend Randuim's, Banshee's, Guardian Angel. Depends on how much phys/magic damage they are dealing and how much CC they have. Banshee's is great all around, but if you already invested in a Heart of Gold, and you find you are getting CCed alot, then Quicksilver Sash is the way to go for a third item. Thornmail is always a solid item for Rammus, but I find Randuim's Omen better all around.

  • Skilling Order

    WQWEER. After that, max his taunt, putting a point in his ultimate when available. Then max DBC, then powerball.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Smite and Flash. Once Flash isn't a viable option anymore, I would recommend Ghost, or better yet probably Cleanse.

  • Build Example


  • Summary

    You can super jungle with this build, and get to level 6 very fast. I find Rammus is better in the jungle, as he is very poor laner early game (he's nothing but a meat shield, has no harassing abilities outside of melee range until level 6)

  • Pros / Cons

    If done correctly, you will out level everyone in the game who chose to be in a lane with a teammate.
    You will lower the morale of the other team, because once they know you are jungling, it's only a matter of time until you pop out of the bushes with your powerball, and gank their carry.
    Heavy amount of armor makes you take very little damage from jungle monsters, and increases his passive.

    Trying to gank a lane with 2 heavy AP champions early to mid could prove disastrous. Rammus's magic resist isn't that good at this point, to take on a Vladimir and a Lux, say for example. They will harrass and rape him. A warwick, ashe, or xin zhao, will turn right around and run as fast as they can towards their base.

  • Creep Jungling

    There are 3 options you can do for a jungle Rammus:

    1.) Smite blue wraith, kill 2 golems, then red buff, then the rest of the wraiths, then wolves, then blue buff, repeat opposite side.

    2.) Start at blue buff, smite Master Golem, kill wolves, 2 golems, wraiths, red buff, repeat other side.

    3.) Start at red buff, smite Lizard Elder, kill 2 golems, wolves, blue buff, wraiths.

    I find the first one the fastest. Remember, if you use powerball, you will get around faster, and if done at the proper angle, you can hit all 4 wraiths with it.

  • Working in the team

    Let them know when you're "rolling out", so the team knows when to place an ultimate, or ignite, and plans the gank around you. Activate powerball, and sit there in the bush for a second or two. The longer the skill is active, the faster you move, and since it's small distance from your opponent to a bush, the faster you move the less time they have to react. If they make the mistake of running into the bush, flash over the minion wave to connect. If they run straight back, then just roll around them. Now taunt the squishy, and walk BEHIND your teammates, because the taunted champion will continue to run in the opposite direction. If the other champion in the lane is fighting you to the death to help his squishy lane mate, then you should activate DBC before this becomes a problem, then taunt. Remember, powerball slows your opponent after it connects, so you usually have time to hit "W" before you taunt, unless they have a way to remove the slow.

  • Unique Skills

    Flash allows you to jump a whole creep wave while in powerball, remember that because it's the godliest way to gank someone. His powerball slows the targets after it knocks them up, remember that too.

  • Farming

    His ultimate is great for farming. The cooldown is short. However, it's best used for pushing turrets, it's really a judgement call, when to use it or not. Without his ultimate, Rammus isn't a good farmer at all, until he has some serious armor stacked up, at which point minions kill themself before your DBC runs out.

  • Abilities

    Spiked Shell
    His passive. Makes you godly against jungle monsters at level 1 if you stack armor. (77 attack damage, for a tank!)

    Your initiator. Use with Flash or Ghost. If using to escape, use with Cleanse.

    Defensive Ball Curl
    Your main skill to start the game, this keeps you alive, while damaging incoming physical attackers.

    Puncturing Taunt
    Another disable? Isn't Rammus godly enough? These are all viable questions. The armor penetration debuff isn't too bad either. They fixed it so you can target a champion and not worry about it not working. Also, note, is the longest taunt in the game with 5 points in it. Just use it on some squishy attacking your tower, and start walking back BEHIND your tower, and let them auto attack you once before it runs out, because they will take 3 or even 4 hits from the turret if done correctly.

    Use to level a turret in 8 seconds. Use to mow down a whole creep wave in 8 seconds. Use it to mow down 5 champions in 8 seconds. I've seriously gotten a quadra kill with Rammus using this ability at the right moment, with the help of my team to snare/CC them of course. I've also knocked down 3 turrets back to back to back after helping my team score an ace, using his ultimate for the inhibitor tower, to powerball away just as they all respawned. That's 450 global gold!

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